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Devil Hates Sex, The

David Berg

—But God Loves It!—By Father DavidDFO 99920 May 1980

[HomeARC note (9/98): The Charter is the current source of Family principles, policies and rules regarding relationships, sex and marriage.]

1. THE DEVIL HATES & FIGHTS SEX!—Just the opposite of what the Church teaches! All his pornography & dirty pictures is to downgrade & belittle sex & literally make if filthy! He belittles & downgrades & contaminates sex & does everything he can against sex because it's just about the most beautiful creation of God! The Devil is probably the World's greatest enemy of sex, & for the System churches to have taught that sex was a temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden is one hell of a God-damned doctrine of devils!

2. JUST THINK‚ SEX IS PROBABLY THE MOST SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY THERE IS of everything about the body or the physical that comes the closest to something spiritual. An orgasm is really not just physical but it literally flips you out in the Spirit! It's a spiritual experience, just like a gateway to the Spirit World! With me orgasms are really sometimes terrific spiritual explosions!

3. THE DEVIL HATES SEX!—JUST THINK WHAT A LYING DECEITFUL LIAR HE IS IN THE WAY HE PRETENDS TO PROMOTE IT! He literally pretends to promote it when actually he's fighting it all the time! (Maria: Yes, because people finally come to the point where they just get fed up with only sex sex sex & nothing else & they hate it!) Yes, he pretends to promote it, & all the time he just absolutely degrades it, demeans it, besmirches it & dirties it!—I can't think of a bad enough word for it!

4. I MEAN HE JUST DRAGS IT THROUGH THE MUD!—WORSE!—HE DRAGS IT THROUGH THE SEWAGE! He drags it down to the gutter level, literally. He just makes people like pigs & hogs in the slime, when God meant for it to be beautiful, & it is beautiful! It's just the Devil that makes it ugly & dirty & illegal.

5. I WAS THINKING ABOUT IT WHEN I SAW PHILIPPE LA PLUME'S "REVOLUTIONARY SEX" KOMIC about teaching … how beautiful it is & how true & how Godly & how Biblical & so on. … Whew! They've passed so many laws against sex it's almost unbelievable!

6. THE SYSTEM REALLY HATES SEX, YET IT HYPOCRITICALLY PRETENDS TO PROMOTE IT in their commercials & ads & books & pornography & everything else‚ when all the time they're fighting it, really fighting it! So they make people so sick & fed up with it they don't even want it anymore. My Lord!

7. WHERE DID THE SYSTEM CHURCHES EVER GET THAT DAMNABLE DOCTRINE OF DEVILS THAT SEX WAS EVE'S TEMPTATION IN THE GARDEN & that sex caused the Fall? Imagine! Why the System Church practically bases its entire religious doctrine all on sex!—That is one of the most important doctrines of all, the Fall of man, the entry of sin, disobedience to God, & they base it all on sex.—That sex is the major sin, that sex caused the Fall of man, that sex was the temptation of Eve & that sex was what got them thrown out of the Garden. Imagine! My Lord, sex had nothing to do with it!

8. I MEAN SEX WAS ONE OF THEIR FIRST & GREATEST BLESSINGS! I'm sure when they probably first saw each other naked, why dear Adam being the first & perfect man & in tip-top shape, he must have gone bloop direct immediately!—And God probably showed them how to do it so they'd get busy! It was the first blessing in the Bible, the first commandment! (Gen.1:28.)

9. TO THINK HOW THE CHURCH HAS CORRUPTED THE TRUTH!—You couldn't even say it's corrupted the truth, it's just a plain outright blatant lie to teach that sex is a sin & that sex was the first sin, that sex was their disobedience to God! How horrible! What a terrible thing! (Maria: And nobody's ever corrected it, they must not ever read their Bibles!)

10. WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO TEACH CHILDREN! From the time they're born practically to teach them to hate sex & fear sex & abhor sex & deplore sex & be ashamed of sex & be ashamed of their sexual parts & "No‚ no! Naughty! Dirty! Hide it! Don't ever do that!" (Maria: It's horrible! No wonder people are so perverted now.)

11. THE WHOLE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY PERVERTED, TOTALLY PERVERTED IN THAT ONE HELL OF A WRONG ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX!—That it's something horrible, dirty, filthy, evil‚ sinful & wicked! They are just virtually blaspheming the creation of God—the most marvellous, miraculous & beautiful of all the physical activities! Just think, one that creates life, new human beings! It's almost super-natural!

12. BUT THE DEVIL HAS ABSOLUTELY MADE IT AN ABOMINATION to where it's practically one of the cardinal doctrines of the Church—particularly the Catholic Church—to forbid their priests sex, of all things. Imagine! And it has driven them into horrible perversion till they've become a bunch of homosexual perverts! The Priesthood has fallen into the worst kind of sexual sin—sodomy—because of the Church doctrines against sex! Think of it!

13. MY LORD, IT MAKES ME SO MAD! Whew! I don't think I'm even going to get as mad at the Devil—because he knows it & he knows he's a liar & God knows it & we know it—but how the Church could be so deluded & deceived & so totally led astray & teach such a false doctrine for aeons just makes me furious at the Church!—That they could be so stupid to believe all that! (Maria: Yes, none of them must ever ever read the Bible!)

14. THE ONLY REASON GOD HAD TO MAKE ANY PROHIBITIONS ABOUT SEX IS BECAUSE OF THEIR PERVERSIONS & that perverted attitude toward it. Lord help us! I mean they have so perverted the whole World's attitude about sex that they as good as have everybody convinced you've got to be a wicked sinner & some kind of a demonic sex pervert or sex maniac to really enjoy it!

15. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY I NEVER IN THIS WHOLE WORLD EVER HEARD ANYBODY ELSE TEACH WHAT I'M SAYING!—I guess they probably strung'm up! They probably crucified 'em or martyred 'em if they ever came out with any such doctrine, & that's probably what they'll do to me! (Maria: Well‚ there haven't been too many people that have had such a voice as you have either. Maybe there have been independent people here & there in little groups, but it hasn't gone any further than them.)

16. YES, THERE WERE A FEW LITTLE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES THROUGH HISTORY THAT HAD SEXUAL FREEDOM & taught sexual freedom, & boy, they hounded them literally to death! Look what they did to the Mormons just because of a little polygamy—which is perfectly Biblically legitimate all through the Bible & not even forbidden in the New Testament!—Except by their misinterpretation probably engineered by the System churches!

17. THE U.S. DECLARED WAR ON THE MORMONS! They sent out the Army to slaughter & massacre 'em just because they practiced polygamy, think of that! (Maria: Probably out of jealousy! Ha!) Yes! Well, for one thing their wives were sick & fed up with their System husbands & ran off with the Mormons!—They liked it!

18. THEY LIKED THE IDEA OF HAVING SEVERAL WIVES IN THE HOME & people to help with the cooking, the children, the washing, the ironing, the wood-chopping & everything else! Don't we? We find it extremely helpful for a mother who has a number of children now to have somebody else in the Home to help with the work.—And if she's going to have another woman to help with the work & the children & the cooking & the housekeeping & all the other burdens & responsibilities, the woman might as well enjoy the benefits & the blessings of enjoying the husband too!—And sex!—And more children!

19. IF PEOPLE HAD HAD MORE CHILDREN, WHY THE WORLD WOULD PROBABLY HAVE REACHED A POPULATION STATE WHERE THE LORD COULD HAVE ENDED IT MAYBE A THOUSAND YEARS AGO & He could have come then instead of having to wait 2000 years! But they've been slowing down the sexual process & trying to keep from having children enough to populate the World sufficiently to reach the stage where the Lord wanted it to. (Maria: That's right!) This makes me mad! I'm angry! I'm not so mad at the Devil because he knows what he's doing, but at the God-damned stupid idiots who believe him‚ they're the ones!


26. SEX IS TABOO! SEX IS ILLEGAL!—Except within a very very few restricted carefully controlled areas. The Devil is so God–damn afraid of it, & the System is so afraid that people would get out of control & find freedom if they didn't keep it under control! It's ridiculous, just ridiculous!

27. MY LORD, JUST THINK OF IT!—GOD IN THE ORIGINAL CREATION INTENDED FOR PEOPLE TO RUN AROUND IN PUBLIC NAKED in the open air in a Garden with no houses, no bedrooms, no privacy‚ & fuck each other out under the trees on the grass in public!—All of which is terribly illegal & dangerous today! You can't engage in such practices.

28. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY LAWS THERE ARE AGAINST SEX! I used to work in the District Attorney's office & outside of gambling they had more cases on sex than anything else!—I think gambling was the biggest thing & sex was next. Liquor had already been made legal so that was OK. But I bet half the laws in the World are against sex! I don't know, I've never heard any stats on it & they're probably ashamed to stat'm!

29. YOU COULD HARDLY EVEN TELL WHAT THEY MEANT IN THESE CHARGES in these cases in the District Attorney's office. It said, "Exposed his privates…"!—His privates?—Who are his privates? Ha! They didn't even dare mention them on the legal charge! They called his genitals his "privates"! They should have been strictly private & he made them public! Ha! Oh, God help us! It's unbelievable!

30. MY GOD, ADAM WENT AROUND—& EVE TOO—EXPOSING THEIR PRIVATES ALL THE TIME!—There was nothing private about'm! Whew! And then there was so-called "indecent exposure" which could run in Miami in those days anywhere from a low-necked dress to a thin one or a short one, & they used to arrest women on the street for wearing dresses that they thought were immodest & indecent. Think of it!—Actual cases in Miami!

31. MY GOD, IF SOME OF THOSE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS COULD SEE MOST OF THF BEACHES OF THE WORLD TODAY they'd probably go out of their minds!—It's a hopeless situation, almost total nudity! Thank God! At last, freedom! (Maria: That shows people are getting closer to God & His ways, huh?) They're gettin' shook loose, at least, from the Devil's own Church restrictions. (Maria: Because the Devil takes credit for it.) He takes credit for it & they think they're getting away from God that way, when actually they're getting closer to God's own freedom! The Devil stole the whole works‚ & then he rations it out to his people for his favours for worshipping him!

32. AND THE NEXT WORST CRIME IN THE FLORIDA LAW WAS "UNLAWFUL CO-HABITATION WITH AN UNMARRIED FEMALE MINOR."—The guy must have been doing a little mining of his own! In those days they could send you to the electric chair for it, it was called rape!—Even if she wanted it & enjoyed it & asked for it & seduced him into it!—And it's still that in some States of the United States & was until recently in Britain. It didn't matter if it was with consent, if she was under 21 it's classified as rape & they can put you up almost for life—or 20 years! Which is a good hunk of your life!

33. I MEAN, TO TEACH SEXUAL FREEDOM & SEXUAL LIBERTY IS DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS! Look at how the newspapers of Britain have reacted to some of our simple little instructions about how to get the foreskin of your little boy down so you can just wash him! They call that child sex!—Teaching children sex! I guess they want them just to go dirty & become corrupt until he stinks & gets infected! "Don't dare pull down his foreskin, not even to wash it! … Don't dare tell him how to do it or it's a crime!"—Think of it!

34. THE DEVIL HATES SEX, & YET HE'S GOT THE WORLD DECEIVED INTO THINKING THAT HE LOVES IT, & in order to enjoy it they've got to love him! What a lie, what a deceit‚ what a doctrine of the Devil! It's just almost unbelievable how screwed up & twisted the World has gotten over just one thing—sex!—One of the most wonderful creations of God, the most thrilling of all physical experiences, & even spiritual!—The one physical activity that actually is the most marvellously creative of all & will actually create another human being, it creates life!—And yet they just despise it & deplore it & demean it & degrade it & make it illegal!

35. AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED THERE ARE NO MORE SEXUAL PROHIBITIONS HARDLY OF ANY KIND, EXCEPT HE SURE SEEMED TO HATE SODOMY & I don't see where He withdrew that. … God's only law is Love!—And I'll tell you, it's dangerous because the System sure hates it, & the System's laws & everything are geared against sexual activities of all kinds & types. …

36. (MARIA: THE CASES OF SODOMY THAT THINK THEY ARE EXCEPTIONS DON'T USUALLY SEEM TO BEAR VERY GOOD FRUIT.) Yes, that's another thing, some people are always looking for a loophole. (Maria: Even if it's because of guilt that they don't bear good fruit.) It shows they didn't have the faith for it. "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin" (Rom.14:23). … [HomeARC note: The current Charter states that "engaging in any male–with-male sexual activities" is an excommunicable offense (Fundamental Family Rules, 2.B.).]

37. IF IT'S NOT OF FAITH & IT'S NOT IN LOVE, IT'S SIN!—Even if it's right! Even if it's not wrong! Even if legally, technically, according to God's Law of Love it's really not wrong & could even be right, it's wrong for you if you haven't got the faith for it & if you haven't got the love for if! My Lord, how totally messed up the World is! So totally messed up that anybody who wants to fight for openness about sex in any way, legally or in literature, art or anything, has to be very very careful they don't violate the System's very strict rules about sex.

38. —ALL BECAUSE OF THAT BASIC FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINE OF THE DEVIL THAT SEX IS BASICALLY PRIMARILY EVIL!—All sex but System-married sex. All sex but that which is declared legal by the System, the System is in control & you do what they say. (Maria: Even after they get it all legalised they even put restrictions on that, like how many children you should have, when you should stop, withhold if your husband doesn't go to Church.)

39. SEX HAS BECOME THE DEVIL'S OWN TOOL, & HE STOLE IT FROM GOD! He literally hates it, but he uses it for his own glory & his own purposes, trying to destroy mankind when, it was intended to be man's greatest pleasure & his greatest enjoyment in the physical. The Devil has made it his greatest sin & his greatest violation, his greatest transgression‚ & even claiming that that is what caused the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden! What a lie! What a God-damned lie!

40. GOD MADE THEM MALE & FEMALE, NOT THE DEVIL! God blessed them & said, "Be fruitful & multiply!"—in other words, "Go to it, start fucking!—Right out here in the open, in public, in the Garden, on the grass!" I suppose some narrow-minded blue-nosed church people would say, "Oh yes, but that's before sin entered in. That's before they discovered sex & how wicked it was!—And after all, that was also really in private because there wasn't anybody else around yet!" Boy oh boy oh boy! It makes me so mad!

41. THE THING THAT MAKES ME MAD IS THAT MAN HAS ALLOWED THE DEVIL TO DECEIVE HIM LIKE THAT & has been such a stupid idiot as to believe the Devil's lies that sex is evil & sex is the worst sin of all & must be the most prohibited. The Devil would certainly like to prohibit it completely if he could, & he has restricted it so that things have not moved as fast as they should have.

42. NOW THEY'RE EVEN GOING TO RESTRICT THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN & in some countries like India they have even been performing vasectomies by law & by force, maiming the men to make it impossible for them to have children!—Sterilising them so they can't have babies & making it permanent & certain that they can't recreate life. (Maria: That must be as horrible for men as abortion is for women!) It virtually almost kills half of him, or maybe more than half of him because that's such an important part of life & such an important part of creation. It's getting right down to the nitty-gritty of defeating God & God's purpose & His creation right at the very foundation—sex!

43. LOOK AT THAT PRETTY PICTURE!—JUST BECAUSE IT EXPOSES THE SEXUAL PARTS THEY CALL IT PORNOGRAPHIC, meaning it graphically portrays the porno parts‚ coming from the Greek forno, or maybe it's Latin—it would be just like the Latins & the Latin Church—meaning "hot parts," literally. I remember when I was taking Spanish in High School how it embarrassed our Spanish teacher trying to get her to explain to us what the word "California" meant! We had gotten to the point where we were beginning to understand some of these words from the Latin & she turned all kinds of colours! She was a dear Latin herself, poet laureate of the State of California, a beautiful poet, very pretty & very sexy!—So,

44. WE ASKED HER WHAT CALIFORNIA MEANS & SHE NEVER COULD TELL US BECAUSE IN THE VERNACULAR OF THE STREET IT LITERALLY MEANS "HOT COCK"! It must have been a place for hot cock in the early days, & still has that reputation of sex & sexual freedom! How the hell did they ever get a Governor like Reagan anyway, as narrow-minded & conservative as he is! It shows you how hypocritically self-righteous they are on the surface & when they a double standard they have, when they are about the wildest State in the country besides New York! God help us!

45. LOOK HOW THE DEVIL ATTACKED THE VERY FOUNDATION OF CREATION FROM THE VERY BEGINNING—SEX!—And tried to destroy sexual activity between men & women so they couldn't have any children. He was all for destroying the children from the beginning, & if he couldn't stop them from having babies, they took them & threw them in the fire to the god Moloch as soon as they had'm!

46. THEN THEY MAKE ALL KINDS OF LAWS PROHIBITING ALL KINDS OF SEX. Imagine the churches teaching that they can prove by the story of Onan in the Bible that you shouldn't masturbate & that God struck him dead from masturbation! It wasn't anything of the kind! He wasn't masturbating‚ he was fucking his brother's wife & he withdrew prematurely & spilled the seed on the ground so he wouldn't have children by her & have to divide the inheritance of his children with her children!—That was Onanism!

47. IT WASN'T MASTURBATION, IT WASN'T JACKING OFF!—IT WAS PURELY A SELFISH MERCENARY PECUNIARY FINANCIAL ACT! The law said that if your brother died you had to take on his wife & have children by her, & thereby divide the land & your inheritance with her & her children—& he didn't want to do that. So every time he fucked her he pulled it out & spilled the seed on the ground instead of letting it go in her, ejaculated on the ground.

48. —AND GOD WAS FURIOUS AT HIM!—Not just because he spilled the seed on the ground‚ but because he wouldn't let her have children & didn't want to divide the inheritance! That's what God was furious at—his selfishness! He wasn't jacking off‚ he was fucking!—But he didn't want to have children by her, so withdrew.

49. OBVIOUSLY HE DIDN'T MIND FUCKING HER, HE MUST HAVE BEEN ENJOYING THAT, but when he got that far he decided he didn't want her to get pregnant & have kids that he'd have to divvy up the wealth with & share the wealth with, that was Onanism!—It wasn't masturbation or jacking off or goosing! It wasn't even just because of the principle of withdrawal—although I'm sure God's against that—but it was because of his selfishness in not wanting to divide his money or share his wealth with his sister-in-law's children.

50. JUST THINK, IN THOSE DAYS THE LAW REQUIRED YOU TO MARRY YOUR BROTHER'S WIDOW in addition to your own wives that you already had, & take care of her & her children & share your wealth with them, but the law of today actually absolutely prohibits it! If your brother dies & leaves his wife stranded & a poor helpless widow with a bunch of orphans to support, she can go to hell as far as the law of today is concerned, they don't give a damn what happens to her!—But you certainly can't marry her, that is absolutely totally prohibited & would be considered a form of incest today to marry your brother's wife!

51. WHAT WAS THE LAW OF GOD IS ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY AGAINST TODAY'S LAWS OF MAN not only in that area but in many areas. Virtually all of man's sexual laws & sexual prohibitions are totally in total rebellion & violation against the natural laws of God! (Maria: Look at the laws for rape!) Think of it! Why even under the Law of Moses or even under the early days of the Patriarchs, if a guy got caught fucking one of the local girls out in the field, if the family didn't like it, all they could demand was reparation, pay them some money for it.

52. THEY SAID, "IF THEY WANT TO MARRY, LET'M MARRY!" It didn't condemn them for it, it didn't prohibit it, it didn't make it a crime, it didn't put them in prison for life or in the gas chamber or the electric chair or hanging on the end of a rope! It just said if they want to do it OK, let them go ahead & get married, but if she doesn't want to marry him, then let him pay her some money. (Maria: Even if it was without her consent, even with force?) Yes, exactly, just pay her, that's all.

53. THEY DIDN'T EVEN SEND HIM TO PRISON OR ANYTHING, IT WAS JUST LIKE A FINE, ONLY IT WAS A FINE THAT THE GOVERNMENT DIDN'T GET.—Somebody got the benefit of it besides the government. Why do all these fines go to the government for all these crimes?—They don't go to the poor victim, they go to the victimising government!—To whom they are both criminal & victim. We're all victims of the God-damned‚ anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti–nature illegal System government!

54. IT MAKES ME SO MAD HOW MANY POOR GUYS HAVE BEEN SWEATING IT OUT FOR YEARS IN PRISON FOR OBEYING GOD'S NATURAL LAWS, just because they violated some God-damned System law based on the doctrine of the Devil that sex in some way is evil! Boy, how the Devil hates sex & how he has taught the World to believe it's evil! The whole idea was to teach the World that in order to enjoy sex you had to love him & worship him & disobey God. He taught a false doctrine so they would believe it was a sin & believe it was evil, therefore to them it was sin, he made it a sin.

55. THE DEVIL HIMSELF MADE SEX A SIN BECAUSE OF THAT FALSE DOCTRINE! He made it wicked & evil & wrong because he made them believe it was all of that‚ therefore it was that to them as long as they thought it was wrong & thought it was evil & thought it was wicked & thought it was sinful & thought it was in violation to the rules of God, as far as they were concerned it was!—And therefore they were sinning!—All because they believed the Devil's God-damned false doctrine that sex is sin‚ that sex is evil! What a horrible lie of Satan!

56. WHAT A DOCTRINE OF THE DEVIL THAT SEX IS WRONG! Virtually almost all forms of sex are wrong as far as System laws, except a little tiny minuscule percentage of legalised sex that you've got to go through all kinds of laws & ceremonies & expenses & everything to finally get around to the marriage bed!

57. THEY MAKE A GREAT BIG THING OUT OF IT & IT COSTS MONEY & IS EXPENSIVE & a man's practically got to mortgage his life away to a woman in order to get it legally—especially the more religious the country, whether it's Christian, Jewish or Islamic! The more religious it is the more religious its government, & the more religious its laws, the more prohibitive they become of sex!

58. IT JUST SHOWS YOU THAT THE WORLD'S GREATEST FIENDISH DEVILISH RELIGIONS ARE THE TOOLS OF THE DEVIL!—The more religious they are the more they prohibit sex, showing how he hates it! He really hates sex & all of his Systems hate it, & all of his laws fight it. The Devil hates sex! And of course as long as people believe their laws & believe the Devil & believe his church doctrines, denying & against sex, as long as they believe that & then they break'm‚ then it is a sin for them. If they think it's a sin, it's a sin! If they believe it's a sin, it's a sin to them—even if it's not in the eyes of God!

59. THE DEVIL HATES SEX, & BOY HOW HE'S MADE THE SYSTEM HATE IT & PROHIBIT IT & MAKE IT A CRIME!—Which shows his biggest victory was his propaganda victory, just like it was in the Garden of Eden. What was his biggest victory there? What made the sin possible, not sex, but her disobedience to God & taking of the forbidden fruit, which was not sex. It was the knowledge of Good & Evil, whether it be sexual or otherwise, that's what was the sin, & the major sin was disobedience.

60. BUT THE THING THAT LED TO DISOBEDIENCE & THE WORST SIN OF ALL WAS UNBELIEF!—Unbelief in the Word of God & believing the lie of the Devil‚ that was her first sin that led to the action. Her first wicked‚ horrible, heinous sin was the sin of the heart & of the spirit of unbelief, which of course then led to faith in the Devil & his lie. That is the sin for which God holds the World responsible. That's the major sin‚ the cardinal sin. It's not all these other things that the Devil & the World & the System call sins.

61. THE MAJOR SIN IS UNBELIEF!—REJECTING THE WORD OF GOD & BELIEVING THE LYING PROPAGANDA OF THE DEVIL! That was his major victory was to slither in & slink around & lie his slimy lies, & her biggest stupidity was to believe him, that was the worst thing of all! Whew! That's the worst sin of the World, is that they would believe this!—That they would reject the Truth of God & believe the lies of the Devil, that sex is sin!

62. THEY REJECT THE TRUTH OF THE NATURAL LAWS & PROCESSES OF GOD & natural decent healthful sex, & believe the God–damned lies of the Devil & his System, & make it all as illegal as they can & prohibitive as they can! And so to the people‚ like Eve, who believe his lies & disbelieve God & His Word & His natural laws, of course then it becomes a sin because they believe the Devil's anti-sex lies & propaganda. So their God-damned fiendish devilish demon-inspired System makes laws & persuades the government to make laws against it because they're persuaded it's wrong. Think of it‚ how the Devil hates sex!

63. I MEAN THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY REGAIN THE FREEDOM & THE LIBERTY THAT ADAM & EVE HAD IN THE GARDEN & the total freedom from guilt & any guilt complexes about sex, is to find God & the Truth of God & have the Lord & be led of His Spirit & to know the Truth of the Word!—That all those Mosaic laws & prohibitive laws & strict regulations are all gone & totally superceded by the Love of Christ, the Law of Love, that as long as it's in Love it's legal with God!

64. MAN HAS ALMOST MADE THE WHOLE SYSTEM SO THAT ALMOST EVERYTHING IN LOVE IS ILLEGAL. What a mess the God-damned System is in! The only way you can get back to freedom—the freedom of the Garden, the sinlessness of the Garden, the perfection of the Garden‚ the liberty of the Garden, openness of the Garden—is to get back to perfect fellowship & relationship with God & belief in His Word, faith in Him & faith in His Creation & obedience to the Lord's law of Love!

65. WHEN ADAM & EVE WERE FIRST CREATED & FIRST SAW EACH OTHER NAKED & WENT AT IT, THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY GUILT COMPLEXES or guilt consciousness that they were doing anything illegal or wrong or that there was anything the slightest bit wicked or sinful or evil about it! It was all the marvellous wonderful freedom & creation of God, all made for them to enjoy, & they knew it & they loved it & God enjoyed watching them!

66. I SUPPOSE THE SYSTEM TODAY WOULD COUNT GOD AS SOME KIND OF PERVERT because He liked to watch Adam & Eve fuck! My Lord, He made the sexual organs so they could! I suppose that really is perverted, to have created sex, the cardinal of all evils! "God? You mean God made sex? God made the sexual organs?—He made the most evil of all our parts & the most horrible wicked & sinful thing!—Sex!—God Himself made it? He must be the greatest sinner of all! He must be the greatest pervert of all! He must be the greatest sex fiend of all if He made it all & created it for us to enjoy & enjoys us enjoying it!"

67. HE PROBABLY TAUGHT ADAM & EVE HOW TO DO IT! Ha! He probably didn't even have to teach them, one look at Eve did the trick! I bet she even enjoyed watching his erection. All they had then was the knowledge of good & there was nothing evil about it, so they must have understood it! They didn't know it was supposed to be evil until after the Devil taught them that. It all goes back basically to the fiendish lies of the Devil about sex because he hates it, because it's one of the greatest most wonderful creations of God & one of the greatest tools of God to accomplish His purposes!—To have babies & even spiritual babies & win souls.

68. MY LORD, GOD USED SEX ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BIBLE! He had His Patriarchs using it & His Prophets using it & His Kings using it & everybody using it for His glory & for His Purposes to accomplish His plans—& the Devil fought it every inch of the way to try to make it wicked & sinful & violations & all kinds of things! The Devil hates sex!

69. THE ONLY WAY TO GET FREE OF HIM & HIS LIES & HIS PROHIBITIONS & GUILT COMPLEXES ABOUT SEX is to get rid of his lies & his lying propaganda, his anti-sex propaganda‚ & believe the Lord & His Word & His Creation & God's Love & His freedom! ...

70. THE DEVIL HATES THE TRUTH, HE DOESN'T EVEN WANT IT TO GET OUT! (Maria: And just because it's in the Bible doesn't make any difference.) Nope! (Maria: The Bible is against the law of man too!) Oh good night, the Bible is against all kinds of laws today! And the [ACs] will get to the point one of these days—the law is so much in their favour & they have so much power—that they'll declare the Bible an anti-Semitic book!—And if they don't get to it first, why the anti-porn laws & the anti-obscenity laws & the anti-sex laws will declare it a pornographic obscene book & have it outlawed!

71. YOU WAIT & WATCH & SEE, & I DON'T THINK IT'S GOING TO TAKE LONG! The Devil's getting the laws all ready, he's working all around the fringes & all around the Bible in his big plot of encirclement with his anti-Semitic laws & anti-anti–Semitic laws & his anti–porn laws & anti-obscenity laws & all this‚ to where one of these days it'll probably be the [ACs] that attack it on both fronts as being an anti-Semitic pornographic obscene book! (Maria: The idea is already there, they just haven't put it into law yet.) Yes they have!

72. THEY JUST HAVEN'T DARED ATTACK IT YET BECAUSE IT HAS SUCH BIG FRIENDS! Even though the Church doesn't believe it or teach it & violates it‚ it's supposed to be the Church's basic law & book, both of the Christians & the Jews, & even the Muslims are supposed to believe in it. So since the World's three greatest religions are based on it‚ the Devil's forces haven't dared attack it completely yet. There have been days in the past when they did, when they burned Bibles—& they will again—because the truth sets people free. Jesus said, "If you continue in My Word, you'll know the truth & the truth shall make you free!"—if you obey Him. (Jn.8:31,32.)

73. BUT THE DEVIL'S PREPARING HIS ATTACK ON THE WORD OF GOD, THE TRUTH, THE BIBLE, & you watch & see if they're not going to outlaw it one of these days under the excuses that it's anti-Semitic, pornographic‚ obscene, illegal & all the rest! But they're just waiting till they get the upper hand & get the power, & the Church & Judaism & Islam get weak enough that they can attack it & take over & use those excuses to do it.

74. LOOK AT THE ANTICHRIST, ONE OF HIS GREATEST CHARACTERISTICS IS THAT HE CARES NOTHING FOR THE DESIRE OF WOMEN—maybe he has a desire for men! How is it put there in Daniel?—"Neither shall he regard the desire of women" (Da.11:37)—sex, in other words. He doesn't care for sex & he doesn't like sex because he is the Devil incarnate & therefore he hates sex!

75. SEX IS ONE OF HIS GREATEST ENEMIES BECAUSE SEX IS THE FRIEND OF GOD & the creation of God, therefore the Antichrist, the Devil in person, is going to hate sex & probably outlaw sex even worse!—Probably try to put a complete stop to the human race & outlaw babies! (Maria: I guess that's why we have to hurry up & have'm now!) Yes, as fast as we can! We need to have them while we can. PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!

76. OH‚ IT JUST MAKES ME ANGRY & MAD AT THE DEVIL & ESPECIALLY HIS DEMONIC SYSTEM & HIS DIABOLICAL ANTI-GOD LAWS, anti-nature—that which is against nature! Prohibition of sex is against nature, God's natural laws & God's natural creation‚ & the only way to get freedom is to know the truth, & the truth shall set you free. Praise God!—In which all things are lawful, Paul said so!

77. Yes. He said, "Against such there is no law" (Gal.5:23)—against those things that are done in love. How can there be any law against love? Well, because of the Devil, he hates it.

78. SEX IS ABOUT THE NEXT THING TO LOVE, in fact what the World calls love. And if God is Love, then He's also sex, so the Devil hates all three: God, Love & sex! So he's fighting all three as hard as he can—God, Love & sex.—Because sex proves the existence of Love, & Love proves the existence of God! Hallelujah! TYL!

79. MOTHERHOOD IS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST ANGELIC, SPIRITUAL‚ IDYLLIC, IDEAL‚ SAINTLY OCCUPATIONS IN THE WORLD—even by the Church, of all things‚ which deplores the sex which makes it possible! Church plays down the man & really tramples all over him, & glorifies the woman & the mother & the babies. Well, what the hell do they think made it all possible but the man & his fucking penie! But oh on, that's evil!

80. THE CHURCH ALMOST AS GOOD AS TEACHES THAT WOMEN ARE BASICALLY ANGELIC & MADONNAS FOR HAVING BABIES—almost like Mary having Jesus—but the man, he's basically evil & his sexual activities are vile & filthy & dirty & kind of a necessary evil just so the woman can have babies. In fact, the way they glorify women & children, babies & motherhood & Madonnas, you'd think men had nothing to do with it! It's almost unbelievable!

81. THANK GOD FOR THE FREEDOM OF THE SPIRIT & THE FREEDOM OF THE TRUTH & the freedom of the flesh as a result, & that's the only way you can ever get it!—And God knows you'll never get it completely in this World as long as the System's around & its Devil & its diabolical anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-sex laws!

82. THEY CALL SOME OF THE SEX CRIMES "CRIMES AGAINST NATURE." My Lord, they're the ones who commit the crimes against nature by passing such laws! You know that guy Chessman who spent about 12 or 13 years in jail waiting for execution & they finally put him in the gas chamber in California, do you know what his crime was?—A crime considered so vile in those days & so murderous & so horrible that it was punishable by death?

83. IT WAS TECHNICALLY CALLED IN THE CALIFORNIA LAW "A CRIME AGAINST NATURE." He made a fairly frequent practice of going into this Lover's Lane in a police uniform with a pistol & pretending to arrest these young couples who were out there having "illegal carnal knowledge of unmarried females & males"—"Unlawful cohabitation with unmarried female minors" & what not—& threatened to arrest them & take them to jail, but then would let them off if they'd give him sex! He'd fuck the girls while he held a pistol on the boys, or make the girls suck him!

84. THEY SHOVED HIM IN JAIL & KEPT HIM IN PRISON FOR ABOUT 12 YEARS I think it was‚ & he wrote a book about it. He was a very brilliant intelligent guy. ... Then finally, because her family were influential & powerful & put up such a fuss—& of course the blue-nosed narrow-minded System too—they put him in the gas chamber & killed him!

85. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE SPECIFIC CRIME WAS FOR WHICH HE WAS FINALLY EXECUTED, kept in prison all those years & executed?—They said it was a heinous horrible vile crime against nature!—In her particular case he held a pistol on 'em & made her suck him off! (Maria: That was even worse than fucking, huh?) Oh yes! That was the most degrading, the most horrifying, the most corrupting, the most diabolical of all sins, to force a girl to suck you off at the point of a gun! (Maria: Do they still have laws like that now though?)

86. WELL, OF COURSE, BUT EVEN HIS BOOK I THINK HELPED TO LIBERALISE SOME OF THOSE RIDICULOUS LAWS. See, both things they got him on at that time would have put him in prison. It was considered worse than rape‚ & rape in those days—not only murder—but kidnapping & rape were all capital crimes subject to capital punishment or death, execution, in California & many other States.

87. IN SOME STATES RAPE STILL IS A CAPITAL CRIME & THEY CAN EXECUTE YOU FOR IT, but in other States they've just made it a life sentence, 20 years or something like that. Even if the girl seduced you into it & wanted it & everything else, it doesn't matter if she consents, if she's under age & the parents didn't consent to it, well then it's rape.

88. MANY A PARENT HAS CHARGED A YOUNG MAN WITH RAPE & SENT HIM PACKING OFF TO PRISON over the girl's objections, because she loved him & even wanted to marry him! In a case in England recently the girl loved the boy & wanted to marry him & the parents wouldn't let them marry, so when they got together sexually, they got rid of him by charging him with rape of an underaged girl & sent him to prison, to make sure they didn't get married!

89. PARENTS [CAN BE SOME OF] THE GREATEST CRIMINALS OF ALL! Modern parents today are forcing their children into sin, literally forcing them to do things which are illegal because they refuse to legalise it. (Maria: And then punishing them for doing it.) Yes! Whew! I mean it's just like I remember someone saying years ago when I was young, it stuck with me:

90. WHO'S GUILTY, THE ONE WHO BREAKS UNKEEPABLE LAWS OR THE ONE WHO MAKES THEM?—The person who breaks a law he can't keep, or the government that makes a law that's impossible for him to keep. that's why God had to change His whole System, He found out they couldn't keep the laws & rules, it was impossible!—So He made a way of escape of mercy, forgiveness & grace, salvation. (Maria: But the thing that was different about Him was that He knew that in the first place & just did that to show them.) Yes, He did that to show people that they couldn't be good.

91. OF COURSE YOU COULDN'T CONVINCE THE JEWS OR BEGIN OF THAT TODAY‚ they still think they keep them & that they're very good people, murdering the Palestinians & bulldozing down the homes & completely evicting their whole families & making them live in squatter's camps because the kids threw rocks at the occupying repressive Israeli police force! They should have thrown more than rocks at them & they had a right to!—They're stealing their country & their homes & oppressing & murdering their families.

92. TO MAKE LAWS THAT PEOPLE CAN'T KEEP IS MORE EVIL & WICKED THAN THE PEOPLE WHO DISOBEY THEM & CAN'T KEEP THEM! Well, praise God for freedom of the Spirit & the Lord, & that's the only place there is any freedom. There's no freedom in this World anymore, let's face it! Sitting right here in this supposed free country—civilised, modernised, educated, enlightened, even supposedly revolutionised—we're probably breaking all kinds of laws just sitting here‚ just by being here, & perhaps with some of the relationships we have, even in the privacy or our own home with our own family & our own friends!

93. IT'S POSSIBLY ALL ILLEGAL, UNLAWFUL, WICKED & SINFUL ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF MAN.—The demonic, fiendish, anti-God, anti–Christ, anti-nature, anti-sex laws of man—demonically & Devil-inspired laws of man—because the Devil hates God & he hates Love & therefore he hates sex! Boy, that's a shocker, I don't think I've ever heard anybody say that!

94. THE DEVIL IS THE WORLD'S GREATEST ENEMY OF SEX—LITERALLY! THE DEVIL HATES SEX!—But just look how he's given the World the impression that he loves it & that it's his own device & creation & his domain & his kingdom, & in order to really enjoy it to the full & freely & with liberty and with zest & tremendous enthusiasm, you've got to worship him & love him and you've got to be a sinner and break the laws of God and violate the laws of man and transgress the laws of the Church and Bible to fully enjoy it!

95. WHAT A LIE! WHAT LYING DEVILISH, FIENDISH PROPAGANDA OF THE DEVIL WHO HATES SEX to have persuaded man now for thousands of years that sex was evil & vile & sinful & wicked & wrong, & had civilisation after civilisation pass laws against it to make it wrong! And worst of all, persuade the people in their own minds & hearts that it's wrong & evil with his lying propaganda, so that they really believe it's wrong so that therefore they are sinning & breaking God's laws of faith by doing what they think is wrong!

96. THE ONLY HOPE & THE ONLY FREEDOM & THE ONLY WAY OUT IS UP THROUGH FAITH, & the only way we'll ever be free of the Devil's lies & propaganda & restrictions is in the kingdom of God! We are free in our hearts now, we are free in privacy, & that's about all, & we mightn't be free if they discovered what we do in private! The only freedom we'll have, really total freedom, is when the Lord comes & delivers us from this vile wicked demonic evil diabolical sinful disobedient unbelieving World with its Devil-inspired, anti-God, anti-sex, anti-Love, anti-Christ laws!

97. (MARIA: CAN YOU EXPLAIN HOW SEX PROVES LOVE if sex is supposed to be an animal instinct & one of the basic needs of man & they do it anyway?) That is one of the doctrines of the Devil that sex is animalistic & a basic animal instinct! That is a doctrine of devils! (Maria: You mean you wouldn't have sex if there weren't love?) Well, sex is a physical instinct, that's true‚ but that doesn't make it an animal instinct without love.

98. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IF THAT EVEN IN THE ANIMAL WORLD THERE'S LOVE BETWEEN MATES! It's been proven now by scientific research & investigative observation today. We saw those documentaries on the wolves & foxes & so on, how that in sex when they have a child—a little wolflet or foxlet—they really react to each other in love‚ take care of each other & take care of the child very lovingly.

99. THEY HAVE A REAL LOVING RELATIONSHIP & CONCERN ABOUT EACH OTHER! And in the wolf community where they run in packs there's even a family concern, a group concern about the mother & the child & her protection & her feeding & her happiness & her well-being, even amongst wolves! My God, if there's that much love amongst wolves‚ how much more there ought to be amongst human beings!

100. SO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW SEX PROVES LOVE? Well, look at any mother, look at any child—well, maybe not any—but any normal mother & natural child & the love between them. You don't have to be taught theory or doctrine or law or anything to see that you love Techi & she loves you!—And yet it all began with sex! Sex proves the existence of love. Sex results in love, right? And the true kind of sex, the right kind of sex, natural God-given sexual instinct is brought on by love.

101. ONLY THE PERVERTS GO AROUND FUCKING PEOPLE THEY DON'T LOVE! There are a lot of perverts in the World, & they're probably the majority now because of evil & wickedness & sin. In fact‚ "fuck you!" has gotten to be a hate expression instead of an expression of love! I'm talking about normal natural God-given sex, not perverted sex. You don't normally go around fucking people you don't love!

102. SEX IS THE ULTIMATE IN PHYSICAL FULFILMENT OF LOVE! You fall in love with somebody, the whole World goes for that! It's the basis of all kinds of romance & love stories & books & movies & whatnot! You fall in love‚ so eventually if you love somebody what do you do? Fuck'm! You have sex with them.

103. THE SEXUAL APPEAL IS A STRONG PART OF THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR THEM, SEX APPEAL!—And man's own diabolical God-damn evolutionary doctrine condemns this & denies it & says it's pure animalistic instinct, it's pure fleshly lust, it has nothing to do with anything finer, it has nothing to do with love, it's just plain, you might as well say rape, when genuine love usually results in sex, right?

104. HOW DOES SEX PROVE LOVE?—Because usually you don't have sex unless you have love—normal natural people who have a proper relationship. (Maria: That's the trouble‚ like you said, most of the World doesn't have proper relationships anymore.) That's because they are not properly related to God, so how can they have love if they haven't got God when God is Love?

105. BUT IF THEY HAVE A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, & HAVE GOD‚ THEY'VE GOT LOVE, & GOD'S LOVE RESULTS IN SEX & sexual activity & fucking! How does sex prove the existence of love?—Look at any romance, any love story, what's the last thing in the movie? Well, in the good old-fashioned movies it was the final kiss, before they finally lay down on the bed out of sight of the camera! I mean how is a man supposed to prove that he loves a woman?—By fucking her! That was the good old ideal & the way it was supposed to be, that a man proves his love by fucking!

106. THIS WAS IN THE "OLD CHURCH, NEW CHURCH" LETTER! (No.A.) The Old Church said "I love you" but never went to bed with Him or never fucked Him or had any sex with Him. How do you prove you're married?—With a piece of paper? No! God intended for you to prove it by becoming one flesh, by fucking! That was intended to prove your love, that you were willing to go all the way, paper or no!

107. EVEN ALL KINDS OF SONGS EXTOL THAT PARTICULAR VIRTUE—IF YOU LOVE ME, SHOW ME! LOVE ME?—FUCK ME! Go all the way! It's no good if they love you unless you go all the way! That's the old song dear old Sinatra used to sing‚

"When somebody loves you,

It's no good unless they love you—

All the way!"

—Even the songs preach it!: Love goes "all the way"!

108. SEX IS THE PROOF OF LOVE, SEX PROVES THAT LOVE EXISTS! (Maria: Yes, but you see you have to teach that to today's young people because they've grown up in such a perverted atmosphere that they don't even know what's the right thing.) They don't know what love is, so they can have sex without love. In fact, they can even have hate sex, fuck somebody because they hate'm!

109. THINK OF THAT, HOW THE DEVIL HAS PERVERTED SEX! That's all a result of his doctrine that sex is evil & sex is wrong, therefore if you really want to do somebody damage, why have sex with'm! Fuck'm! Rape'm! (Maria: Get'm pregnant!) Oh, that's the worst sin of all, to get them pregnant!—That is the absolute ultimate revenge against somebody you hate: Get'm pregnant! Just think how the Devil has completely perverted & twisted the whole thing & destroyed the whole original intention & creation of God!

110. I'M TALKING ABOUT NATURAL NORMAL GODLY LOVE AS MANIFESTED IN SEX. ... Whew! Wow! The System really stinks! It is a pit of lies & deceit & fiendish propaganda against the laws of God & the Love of God & the Sex of God! It's almost totally against nature!

111. JUST THINK, GOD HIMSELF HAD SEX WITH MARY TO HAVE JESUS!—The Catholic Church doesn't like that brought out! The Mormons teach that God took a human form—the word "theophany" or "God-body," like an angel—God Himself took human form & literally fucked Mary to make her pregnant with Jesus! Why not? But the Church would say‚ "Oh!—Because fucking is pleasure & feels good, an orgasm & the pleasure of it is a sin!" The Catholic Church literally teaches that to have pleasure in sex is sinful & wicked! In fact, Catholicism virtually teaches that any kind of pleasure is a sin!

112. THINK OF HOW TWISTED THIS WORLD IS & HOW COMPLETELY PERVERTED & DECEIVED & PROPAGANDISED IN BELIEVING THE DEVIL'S LIES! Of course sex proves love, you prove your love by sex! "Husbands love your ought to love your wife like your own man ever yet hated his own flesh!" (Eph.5:25-29.) And if you love your wife like you do yourself, you'll goose her like you jack yourself off—or fuck her like you want to be fucked! That's love, it proves the existence of love!

113. THAT'S THE PROOF OF LOVE‚ THE ACT OF LOVE, RIGHT? (Maria: Yes!) That's the way it's supposed to be & ought to be & God intended for it to be—an act of love—the ultimate act of love!—Human love‚ physical love. The ultimate spiritual act of love is to even go further than creating life, saving life, loving life, & is to sacrifice your own life that someone else might live. But in a way, that's what you do in sex, particularly a woman & a mother:

114. SHE LAYS DOWN HER OWN LIFE THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE—her husband & her child. She sacrifices all the time. She nearly dies to have a baby, so that's laying down your life. (Maria: Does that mean she should get weaker & weaker with each baby?) Oh, I don't think any woman ought to get weaker & weaker with each baby unless she has them too close together & maybe if she's not strong enough to have them that close together. (Maria: But the Lord makes that decision, doesn't He?)

115. OF COURSE OUR MODERN WOMEN ARE PRETTY WEAK SISTERS because of the corruption & the perversion of the age & its junk foods & its unhealthy living & all rest‚ & she also inherits the weaknesses & the sins of her parents which result in whatever kind of health or unhealthiness she inherits, so therefore she's probably not as strong as she ought to be.

116. THAT'S ONE THING THEY SAID ABOUT THE JEWISH WOMEN IN THE DAYS OF EGYPT, that the soldiers couldn't get there quick enough to kill the babies because the Hebrew women were more lively than the Egyptian women. (Ex.1:19.) They had their births quicker & faster before the soldiers could get there, & would hide them! They were more lively, & they were probably more lively sexually too. Jewish women, in fact, are notorious for being very aggressive & lively sexually.—Probably because they eat all that clean food & keep God's health laws!

117. BUT I DON'T SEE WHY WOMEN SHOULD GET ANY WEAKER FROM HAVING BABIES‚ they ought to get stronger! In fact, they usually do get stronger when they're pregnant, & it's usually the healthiest they ever are if they're normal, natural & the way they ought to be. (Maria: The Lord is giving practically all our mothers babies one right on top of each other!) Hallelujah! All right then, even if it's a sacrifice to the mother's health, God must want those babies even if it costs a lot!

118. HE WANTS TO POPULATE HEAVEN WITH HIS CHILDREN!—And the faster we can have them right now the better, as far as He's concerned, obviously! (Maria: Are they supposed to get stronger or are they supposed to get weaker?) Well, it's hard work & maybe if they're overworking & overdoing the mother may suffer for it, but at least God's Kingdom prospers & is blessed. So, if she has ten babies & it kills her, well, there are ten more souls for the kingdom of God!—Shocked?

119. (MARIA: THAT'S THE QUESTION OUR PARENTS HAVE, if they're not going to be able to take care of five children because they're going to be so weak after the fifth one!) Oh blah blah blah! I think that's just an excuse! That's a lot of baloney! (Maria: Not really, because you do really worry about your children if you have to take care of them by yourself.)

120. ALL RIGHT, IF THEY'RE TOO DAMN WEAK TO BOTH BEAR'M & CARE'M‚ well, they can have'm, & having performed their service, go to be with the Lord, & the husband can marry a nice strong young woman who's got the health & strength to take care of'm! (Maria: It's not that simple, you don't just die!) Why not? Death of mothers was quite frequent when I was a kid. It was not at all unusual for a man to have had two or three wives, not because of divorce & remarriage but because of the women having so many children & such hard work that she finally wore out, or he wore her out, & she died & he married somebody else! Does that shock you?

121. WELL‚ PRAISE GOD, IF SHE PERFORMED HER SERVICE & SHE DID HER JOB & it got finished earlier than most people & the Lord took her, well she's all the better off‚ PTL! She never had a chance to even grow old, & he can get a nice young wife with a lot of strength & energy that can finish the job! I mean death is not such a terrible thing! (Maria: Not death, but some of them just get pretty weak & it's hard for them, it's not just a question of dying.)

122. WELL, THE OTHER PEOPLE OUGHT TO PITCH IN & HELP THEM‚ THE SELFISH SINGLES who are running around footloose & fancy-free & shiftless & shifting instead of getting married & having babies‚ they ought to pitch in & take care of them & help them! They've got nothing better to do. (Maria: Well, I guess I just always thought that the Lord would do a miracle—like the Hebrews with the children—if you're living for the Lord you ought to get stronger after each baby instead of weaker.) Well, my mother certainly did. She said she was stronger after me than she ever was in her life! (Maria: It shows the Lord can do it in some cases.) "According to your faith!" (Mt.9:29.)

123. IT SHOWS YOU THE LORD CAN DO IT IF THEY'VE GOT THE FAITH & OBEY THE LORD & FOLLOW HIM & DO HIS WILL! If God gave them the children, He'll give them the strength to take care of them—unless they don't trust Him & don't obey Him & complain about it. Of course if they keep grumbling & complaining & whining about it‚ why God will do like I used to do with my kids: "If you don't shut up I'll give you something to whine about!" Be thankful, not murmuring!

124. (MARIA: ISN'T IT AMAZING HOW THE LORD WANTED US TO START A SEX REVOLUTION IN TENERIFE OF ALL PLACES!—One of the most conservative propagandised-from-birth countries against sex & against anything outside of legal marriage!) In Franco Spain! (Maria: And where the people were about as much on the other side of it as they could have possible been!) It shows you how they really were at heart, especially the men, they were fed up with the System & ripe & ready for the Sex Revolution! (Maria: I guess God wanted to show what a miracle it was that they could break away from something that was ingrained in them since birth & taught to them constantly!)

125. IT'S STILL A MIRACLE THAT THEY'RE GOING ON THERE, THAT WE'VE GOT FRUIT THERE THAT'S STILL REMAINING & still proving that is works! God had to leave some there even though the majority rejected. He had to leave some fruit right there under their noses where they could smell its sweet fragrance all the time to be a testimony against them that they rejected the Truth that works & the Love that works & the Sex that works!

126. THAT'S THE WHOLE BASIC DOCTRINE OF FFing‚ THAT SEX PROVES LOVE! Sex proves the existence of Love, that these girls are willing to go to bed with these men to prove they love them, & that was the convincing proof, that was the convincing thing about it. You say, "Well‚ how does sex prove love?" Well, there you are! That's how it proves love, just by having it!—By fucking'm!

127. AND WHO WERE THE BIGGEST ENEMIES OF THE SEX REVOLUTION, THE LOVE REVOLUTION, THE FAMILY OF LOVE & THE PROOF THAT SEX PROVES LOVE?—Who were the biggest enemies of the Family of Love & FFing & the Sex Revolution in Tenerife in Franco Spain? (Maria: The Church & the System!) The Church & the System!—The Bishop & the Governor & the Judge! I mean the people were crazy about us, especially the men, & the newspapers loved it, all this delicious spicey sex that was going on right there on their little Island!

128. THERE WERE CARTOONS & NEWSPAPER ARTICLES ALMOST EVERY DAY ALL ABOUT THE FAMILY OF LOVE & the girls & everything! I remember that funny little cartoon showing this fat German tourist guy carrying his camera & walking around in his shorts looking ugly like some of them did, & asking one of the native men, "Where's the Family of Love?" And the old Tenerifan codger says, "Oh, they have many branches!" Ha! In other words, which one do you want to go to?—They're all over the Island!

129. TOURISTS CAME FROM EVERYWHERE LOOKING FOR US! That's what they wanted, that's what they were looking for‚ this is what they waited for all their lives is this kind of a sexual revolution, a sexual religion, a religion that promoted sex, because they knew that that's what it ought to be like! The people want it & have a desire for it because they were created to want it & desire it! They want it because they need it & they know they need it, so they came from all over Europe looking for it!

130. SEX PROVES LOVE?—OF COURSE IT PROVES LOVE! But sad to say, with the degeneration of mankind & the diabolical doctrines of the Devil & his hatred for sex, he so perverted mankind to where he's managed to make sex prove hate! Some people fuck because they hate each other‚ for the perversion! What a twist! How crooked can the human mind & spirit & heart become?—As crooked as they have made their sex & their bodies! All kinds of perversions & perverted positions & everything else, filth & uncleanness!

131. WELL, THE DEVIL HAS REALLY SCREWED IT UP, SCREWED UP SEX & SCREWED UP MAN'S ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX & man's beliefs about sex to where the Devil's made it seem to prove hate rather than love—that the act of sex & the act of intercourse, the act of fucking is supposedly an act of hate, like rape! Man has made it a hate-act instead of a love-act because the Devil hates sex! He'd like to try to prove that it proves hate instead of love! Lord help us!

132. BUT SEX CERTAINLY PROVES LOVE! THAT'S THE WHOLE BASIS OF FFING! You don't believe that? (Maria: Yes‚ I do!) Why did you ask me the question? (Maria: because I think young people today need to understand the real true meaning, because just like you said, they've been so perverted that they don't understand that. They've been fucked lots of times, not out of love but just because it's been a selfish need, so that's why we have to show them, like the archeologist digging out the rubble, showing the true basis & the true facts!) Amen, amen.

133. SO SEX PROVES LOVE, TRUE LOVE!—TRUE LOVE IS PROVEN BY SEX! That's one of the major ways to prove it, either by fucking or dying, one or the other! That's the whole idea of FFing, if by sex you can prove there is Love‚ thereby you prove there is God‚ because God is Love. If you can prove to these men through sex that you love them‚ therefore you prove that Love exists, especially if they know it's sacrificial for the girl or they know it's sacrificial for the girl or they have their babies, our "Jesus Babies." GB'm!

134. THEY KNOW IT'S REAL LOVE, SACRIFICIAL LOVE, THEY LITERALLY LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR THEIR BRETHREN, & therefore they know there must be a God if there's such love! (Maria: Yes‚ it's like love can be proven by sex, but also hate can be proven by sex.) That's the way the Devil has made it & how he's twisted it. (Maria: Yes, but true love can be proven by sex.) Amen.

135. WELL‚ THE DEVIL'S GOT A COUNTERFEIT FOR EVERYTHING—FOR LOVE & SEX & TRUTH & THE WHOLE WORKS! He is the counterfeit god & he'll have the counterfeit millennium & the counterfeit christ & the counterfeit kingdom—he's got counterfeits for everything, opposites of everything. But sex certainly can prove true love, & if true love exists it proves the existence of God, that God is Love. And that's been the whole appeal of our FFing, is to prove to these men that Love exists, & therefore God exists, & they prove it by sex, praise God? (Maria: Amen‚ hallelujah!)

136. WELL, I SURE GOT MAD ABOUT THAT THIS MORNING WHEN I LOOKED AT THAT "REVOLUTIONARY SEX" KOMIC & I thought how dangerous it is to publish it even in our book, even when it's the absolute truth & beautiful & Godly & Christ–like & wonderful & marvellous & loving & just gorgeous!—It's dangerous! And why is it dangerous? I just got to thinking about that looking at it wondering, "Why is it so dangerous? Why does the System hate it so?"—& it came to me just as clear as anything:

137. THE DEVIL HATES SEX!—He really hates sex.—True sex, honest sex, Godly sex, sinless sex, beautiful sex, natural sex, he hates it! All he can offer is a counterfeit substitution & a lie!—And it's almost as old as the Bible. His lies are older I guess than the Bible, certainly as old as the Garden of Eden!—What a lie to have persuaded the World that sex was the major sin, the first sin‚ the sin of Adam & Eve in the Garden, that that's why they fell, that sex caused the Fall of man!—And the Church did it, & of course the Devil persuaded them! What a lie, what a perversion, what an absolute contortion of the Truth!

138. ALL BECAUSE THE DEVIL HATES SEX, REALLY HATES IT!—Because it's a wonderful creation of God, the greatest proof of Love & His existence, & the greatest loving experience that creates new life & new immortal souls for the Eternal Kingdom of God!

139. WITHOUT LOVE & SEX THERE'D BE NOTHING! No God, no love‚ no sex, no lovers, no families, no friends, no art, no beauty, no existence at all! Without love & sex there'd be nothing at all but Hell on Earth brought by the Devil who hates'm all!

140. IF YOU HATE SEX YOU ARE ONE OF THE DEVIL'S CROWD! If you think it's evil, then God & love are evil‚ for he created it! Come on, let's love & enjoy it like God does! He loves it!