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Dad's Little Diamonds

David Berg

—By Father DavidDO 994Compiled June 1980

1. I WOULD RATHER DIE FOR FREEDOM than live for slavery. Freedom is worth dying for!—If it's freedom in the Lord to preach the Word!

2. THE PURPOSE OF MODERN EDUCATION is to educate yourself clear out of everyone's understanding but the elite!

3. SPHERES HAVE A CERTAIN POWER something like pyramids. Spheres also have power to draw these radiations. ... They swore up & down if you string beads, anything around your bed, you'll go right to sleep!

4. THE MOST ANTI-SEMITIC BOOKS IN THE WORLD are the Book of Acts, the Gospels of the New Testament, & the Prophets of the Old Testament!—They'll soon be banned!

5. REGARDING TIPPING: If I am going to show these guys anything, it's that God is more generous than the Devil! That's why I always give more than is expected & always give the Lord the credit by saying "God bless you" or "Thank God."

6. FEBRUARY 1977: "Kiss thy father while thou mayest kiss him in the days of his glory!"—For soon I'll be gone!

7. "THERE LEAVE YOUR BLESSING"—it's something that stays with people who receive you. There have been many instances where people have told us, after a mere social visit to see them at which we have tried to do some witnessing for the Lord, that after our visit their lives have been changed & they have been more together & there has been more love in the family after we have been there. (Lk.10:5,6.)

8. GOD DOES SOME THINGS TO YOU TO MAKE YOU HUMBLE, then He sometimes does the same things over again to see if you're still humble!

9. HUMAN BABIES ARE SUCH ILLUSTRATION OF SPIRITUAL BABIES! They're the only babies that are born just helpless. No other baby animals of any kind are born as helpless as human babies. Nearly all farm animals are born able to immediately stand up & start walking, almost in a way able to take care of themselves except for their mother's milk!—But not us!—Ha!

10. ABRAHIM IS FREQUENTLY QUITE FUNNY & VERY OFTEN VERY SOBER! Sometimes he takes very soberly the things we take lightly. A lot of the times he thinks we're not being sober enough.—Or he takes things we think are very serious & sober, very lightly & humourously & as not even important.

11. IT'S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WORLD, LORD, THANK YOU JESUS! He didn't have to make it so beautiful—isn't that wonderful He made is so beautiful? He didn't have to make you women so beautiful, we would have needed you anyway.—But it's nice you're so pretty! He made a few ugly things so we'd appreciate the pretty things.—A few bad things‚ a few thorns to appreciate the roses. Amen? Thank God for the good!

12. WHEN THEY WERE LITTLE IN THEIR OWN EYES‚ THEN GOD WAS ABLE TO USE THEM & highly exalt them, but soon they thought they were pretty big in their own eyes, big shots. I know how little I am‚ let me tell you! Maria knows hardly a day goes by that I don't wonder how I ever manage, why God ever managed to use me of all people!

13. I MAKE SO MANY STUPID IDIOTIC MISTAKES & blunders & I'm so weak & dumb. I have a terrible inferiority complex, I have very little self-confidence, thank God!—Because I can only trust in Him to do anything. The less self-confidence you have, the more Christ-confidence you'll have, the better you'll be, PTL?

14. IF WE'RE NOT CONCERNED, first of all, how do we expect God to be concerned?

15. IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH!—"One can chase a thousand, but two can but two can put ten thousand to flight." (Deut.32:30.) Nothing destroys liked dissension. Like dear Gideon proved, it is better to have 300 united warriors than 32,000 who aren't united!

16. WHEN I WAS A KID THERE WAS A COMIC STRIP CALLED "ALWAYS BELITTLING‚" & it was about this guy who was always putting everybody down & always belittling everybody, & how he was always getting taken down, sometimes by his own belittling. It was kind of funny‚ but it really had a good moral to it. Watch out about belittling other people—you're apt to get belittled yourself!—Put down & exposed!

17. EVER SINCE I WAS A KID & I HEARD THE STORY OF SOLOMON, I ALWAYS PRAYED FOR WISDOM. I figured if that was the best thing‚ that's what I'd pray for, & I guess the Lord gave it to me!—Here it is! PTL!

18. THOMAS WOULDN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT WHEN JESUS APPEARED! "I'm not going to even believe it until I can stick my fingers in the holes!"—Can you imagine a guy with such a morbid curiosity? But the Lord was merciful & He satisfied him anyhow. So the Lord even has mercy on the Doubting Thomases. Another doubter was the man who came to Him about some healing & the Lord said, "All things are possible to him that believeth" & he said, "Lord‚ I believe, but help thou mine unbelief!" (Mk.9:23,24.)

19. SO DON'T CONDEMN ALL DOUBTERS! They're pretty aggravating & quite a nuisance & ask you a hell of a lot of questions, unnecessary things & everything else, & you've got to give them Scripture after Scripture & proof after proof. But that's important! "Be ready to give an answer to every man that asketh thee!" (1Pt.3:15.)—Some really wanna know!

20. I BEGAN TO HAVE MY DOUBTS ABOUT BILLY GRAHAM WHEN HE GOT SO DAMNED POPULAR & everybody spoke well of him.—And it was apparently true, because as his popularity grew, his convictions seemed to slacken. And when he compromised politically with a scum like Richard Nixon, that was the last straw! It showed how political he was getting—talk about Balaam!—for advantage! (2Pe.2:15; Jude 11.) "Beware when all men think well of you!" (Lk.6:26.) If you're not suffering any persecution or having any trouble, you must not be doing anything! "They that live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." (2Tim.3:12.)

21. ONE CHARACTERISTIC OF ALL JEWS: They want to cry on your shoulder & want you to sympathise with them for how mean God is to them!

22. SOME PEOPLE DON'T LIKE TO TAKE THE CREDIT FOR THINGS because they don't want to admit they did you a favour. There's a certain amount of indebtedness in saying, "You're welcome!"—That's admitting you did somebody a favour.—Ha!—Right?

23. IF THE LORD DIDN'T WANT ME TO BE SO SEXY, why did He make me so sexy? Whoopee!

24. PROPHECY WHILE WRITING A LOVE LETTER: "What wonderful things I have given unto your father!" Just concentrating on that picture has given me a lot of inspiration! It's almost significant that she is listening to that seashell (a famous painting).

25. JUST THINK, IF THE FAMILY OF LOVE COULD INFLUENCE THE FAMILY OF VIOLENCE (MAFIA), WHAT A MIRACLE THAT WOULD BE! The Lord could do it, thank You Jesus! In a way it's like a religion with them, it's a family loyalty, it's something to live for, fight for, die for‚ you know? It really is! It's like a family, an organisation, they have ideals, they have rules, they have discipline & there's real loyalty. There's real sacrifice even amongst them & there's real discipline & obedience. We're really a lot like them in many ways. They feel there is something in being a family.

26. BUT LORD, WE'RE THE FAMILY OF LOVE & YOU COULD HELP TO INFLUENCE THEM & help them to see that they could have all the same thing—without the violence, without the killing, without the hatred, without the robbing & all the rest, Lord. You could bless this man in his legitimate business so he wouldn't have to have anything else. You could show him that a morsel of bread & quietness therewith is better than always brawling in a broad house.

27. HE SAID, "OH, JUST TO HAVE PEACE!" He's really deep. He said to me, "Love is so much more than just sex, so much deeper, real love." And he said, "The most important thing to me, the thing that I think is beautiful is peace, peace, to have peace, peace of mind." That's one thing these guys don't know much about, those poor guys in their family, they seldom have peace in the Mafia!

28. LORD, YOU CAN DO IT! THE FAMILY OF PEACE, THE FAMILY OF LOVE instead of the Family of Violence & Hate! What a difference! Protect & keep girls, Lord, & help them most of all to show the men Thy love, real love. (Maria: He said, "In my arms you're protected, you don't have to fear anything." You should have told him, "In the arms of Jesus I'm even better protected than by your Mafia!" Hallelujah!

29. I THINK THE HARDEST QUESTION ON THE CQ FOR ME TO ANSWER WOULD BE "WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MO LETTER?"—But I think really I would have to say, "The Warning Tract" because that was my first one! I think I worked harder on that one than I have ever worked on one! We could only get 4 mimeographed pages in those days, so we really had to figure & figure how to do all the news that was "print to fit" on 4 small pages!

30. THAT THING STILL REALLY PACKS A WALLOP! It just tells the whole story from start to finish! I never realised that was 1966 & we had gotten a prophecy about the Jews & how significant that prophecy was! He said, "I shall sell your sons & your daughters into the hands of Judah‚ & they shall sell them to the Sabeans". … Now that is really being fulfilled. … But that really has got the whole story, from A to Z, our whole message in a nutshell! (See No.655.)

31. WHEN THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL MURMURED & COMPLAINED about what they already had‚ the Lord gave them something to cry about!

32. IT ALWAYS BOTHERED ME TO USE THE WORD "CAREFUL" because the Bible says "be careful for nothing"! (Ph.4:6.) Be prayerful!

33. A FUNERAL OUGHT TO BE A TESTIMONY! It could be the first & last chance to take a crack at the relatives with the Gospel‚ to really witness to the unsaved. Tombstones can be a real witness too!

34. IF YOU GET BORED SOMETIMES, MOVE THE FURNITURE AROUND IN YOUR ROOM!—It's like starting a new life. If you can't change the scenery, change the furniture!—Ha!

35. IS THERE ANY NEWS?—We'll rejoice over the good news & pray over the bad!

36. I JUST ABOUT FRESH RAN OUT OF PROBLEMS—I can't think of anything else to worry about! He's taking care of'm all!

37. VISITATION IS HARD WORK!—It's not only just a physical strain, but it's a spiritual drain too. You frequently have to battle the enemy—the enemy within our own ranks & listen to people's problems.

38. DO YOU KNOW THE PRINCIPLE OF THE CANDLE? It's not really the wick that's burning—although it does finally burn a little—but it's the wax, that's why it lasts so long. A good lesson: If you just burn up your own energy you won't last long! In the old days when we used to use kerosene lanterns that ran on oil‚ when the wick began to burn it soon burned up just like that! But if you had plenty of oil, why it's the oil that burns. A good type of the Holy Spirit is oil.

39. IF YOU DO THE BURNING, YOU'RE GOING TO BURN OUT FAST!—But if you let Him burn, You'll last a long time! If things get too rough, maybe you've been burning too much, you haven't let Him do the burning. I believe in that Scripture that Jesus Himself said, "My yoke is easy & My burden is light!" (Mt.11:30.) His yoke is easy, His burden's light. If the yoke gets too hard & the burden too heavy, it's not the Lord. It's either you, or maybe somebody else, or the Devil. The Lord may put you through a few trials once in awhile, but He'll never let it be too hard or too heavy‚ praise the Lord? He'll never suffer you to be tempted above what you're able to bear. (lCor.10:13.)

40. "UNTO WHOM MUCH HATH BEEN GIVEN, OF THE SAME SHALL MUCH BE REQUIRED" (Lk.12:48).—Don't forget that! That Scripture used to worry me even when I was kid because I knew I had been given a lot & I knew I had to do something with it or I was going to be in trouble! So I did the best I could, but it looked like it wasn't good enough, until lately! Well, every kingdom has its problems. They say "true love never runs smooth," & I guess the true Kingdom doesn't sometimes either!—But He does!

41. I DON'T BELIEVE IN DOING ANYTHING WITHOUT ASKING GOD! Some of you guys jump the gun & you get all kinds of great ideas without asking the Lord. You go ahead & do things without asking God because you think you're so smart & you know it all, so you don't have to ask God! So you go ahead & do what you think is best & it's one helluva failure because your best wasn't good enough!

42. UNLESS THE LORD REVEALS IT TO ME, I NEVER LIKE TO TAKE A SCRIPTURE OUT OF CONTEXT & away from its literal meaning‚ unless it obviously has some significant symbolic meaning. In other words, if it can be interpreted literally, then interpret it literally, that's what it means. But, of course, many literal prophecies also do have future symbolism or are symbolic of future things.—Just like there were early types of Christ & the Antichrist long ago.

43. DID YOU KNOW IN THE U.S. DOCTORS HAVE FOUND OVER 80% OF THE KIDS' HEARING IS DEFECTIVE from listening to loud disco music?—And sometimes I wonder about you guys, you listened to that rock & roll music too long‚ so now I have to yell atcha!

44. IT'S A REVOLUTION & WE HAVE TO KEEP CHANGING! Our message & our basic beliefs have never changed, but God Himself is constantly changing methods adaptable to the times or the situations, the people & so on. He'll use any method He can to get the belief across, it never changes. But the methods change constantly.

45. IT'S LIKE THE GOAL OF A REVOLUTION NEVER CHANGES, but the methods of perpetrating it, ways of doing it do. You can use all kinds of tactics & operations & methods, according to the situation, just like any army or a war, which it is. Generals use all kinds of different tactics, drives & attacks, but the purpose & goal is the same, & that's to win! That's our goal, to win souls!—Amen? Hallelujah!

46. THESE PEOPLE WHO BLAME EVERYTHING ON THE DEVIL MAKE ME SO MAD! "The Devil did this & the Devil did that"—it becomes almost a form of Devil-worship when they give the Devil so much credit! It's pitiful! The Devil can't touch you a bit unless the Lord lets him. But your own spirit can sure give you a hell of a lot of trouble! That's the only one that hasn't been conquered yet. The demon spirits are subjects unto us, but our own spirit is the one that we have trouble with! (Lk.10:19,20.)

47. I'LL NEVER FORGET THE TIME I FINALLY CONQUERED THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS! I'd gotten licked in the first encounter when they asked me if I believed in keeping the Ten Commandments & I was dumb enough to say yes! The next time I shocked them by saying, "No, I don't have to keep the Ten Commandments! All I have to do is love & do whatever I do in love. The only commandment I now have to keep is Jesus Christ's own commandment: Love God & love your neighbour & that's it! Period! Nothing else, no more! That's all there is to it, thank God!" As someone has said, "Faith plus grace plus nothing!" (Eph.2:8–9.)—Just LOVE!

48. I DON'T THINK YOU CAN CONTINUE TO USE THE OLD TESTAMENT'S LAWS AS GUIDELINES NOW THAT THE PERFECT LAW OF LOVE & LIBERTY HAS COME. The law was a schoolteacher to bring us to what we have now. You can't even use some of Paul's old hangover ideas either! I feel that I have as much right to speak on some of these things as Paul did, & especially considering some of the boners he pulled which were totally contradictory to his own doctrine that he preached & preached! I'll tell you, his preaching was good, he really preached grace & liberty!

49. HE WAS A FAITHFUL EXPONENT OF THE GRACE OF GOD & THE LIBERTY OF GOD & the freedom which we should have. But when it came to practicing it & letting the church practice it, he kind of chickened out! He probably had some pretty sad experiences with some people that were excessive & went overboard, so he finally just had to clamp the lid down & say, well, if you can't handle it, no more! I did that in the early days of "All Things."—Some went too far!

50. I'M SO THOUGHTLESS ABOUT BEING SENTIMENTAL! I'm not very good about writing notes & remembering people's birthdays. I never care much whether they remember my birthday, so I wonder why they want such a fuss made over their birthdays! It always bothered me to have people make a fuss over me on Christmas or birthdays. I don't like to buy presents, so I figured if they're like me, they don't like to buy presents either, so why do they buy me presents?

51. THE BIBLE SAYS, "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU!" I wish they wouldn't buy me presents, so I don't buy them presents. I do unto them as I wish they would do unto me! I never could convince Deb of that, she was the one who inspired "Spirit Tree," give her credit for that poem! She nearly killed herself with the fuss she made over Christmas! GHU!