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Ultimate Religion, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidDFO98630 November 1980

—A Family Communion Talk!

1. AND THAT NIGHT JESUS TOOK THE BREAD, & after He'd blessed it, He broke it, & said, "Take, eat, this is My body which is broken for you." PTL! Thank You Lord for this bread symbolising Thy Own flesh that was broken for our healing. Make it a blessing to others here, in Jesus' name. Amen. We've got just about as many here as Jesus had disciples there! Jesus had 12 disciples, & after Judas left there was just 11, so they were just 12, including Jesus—about what we've got here tonight, haven't we?—12. So there you are. He said, "Take‚ eat, this is My body which is broken for you." PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! (Sings: "Break Thou The Bread of Life.") TYL!

2. HE SAID, "TAKE, EAT‚ THIS IS MY BODY BROKEN FOR YOU", for your healing, so if you need healing tonight, you take it, & trust the Lord He's going to heal you from whatever ails you. Pray especially for Mama who's trying to not catch cold again. TYL. In Jesus' name, amen. Give us healing‚ Lord, by Thy precious body broken for us. TYJ! Give them faith to trust Thee for it & expect it, Lord.

3. AND AFTER THE SAME MANNER HE TOOK THE CUP, & when He had supped He said, "This is My blood shed for the remission of sins". How does he say it exactly as Paul put it in Corinthians 11th Chapter? Somebody read it to me. (Sara: "This cup is the new testament in My blood: this do ye as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of Me.") So what are we doing tonight? We're remembering Jesus & we're remembering how He suffered for us & shed His blood for our sins.

4. HE SAID, "THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME. As oft as ye do it‚ ye do it in remembrance of Me." PTL! And after He had supped He said‚ "Drink ye all of it"—all of you drink of it, in Jesus name. Thank You Lord for Thy blood shed for our sins. TYL for this wine which symbolises it & for Thy Love & Salvation, in Jesus' name, amen. TYJ! PTL! (Sings: "Power in the Blood", "Nothing but the Blood" & "There is a Fountain Filled with Blood.") Amen, PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

5. WE'RE ALL SINNERS, AREN'T WE? AND WE'RE ALL GUILTY, RIGHT? We all deserve to be punished for our sins, don't we? But Jesus shed His blood for us. He died in our place & took our punishment for us, so all we have to do is receive Jesus & His blood & we're all pure & clean again, all forgiven & all cleansed of all our sins. PTL? Isn't that wonderful? And if we have faith in His body broken for us, we're all healed too. We take the bread, we get all healed, & we take the blood & we show that we're all saved. Isn't that wonderful?

6. AND THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN PARTAKE OF IT UNWORTHILY IS IF YOU ARE NOT SAVED & you don't really believe in Jesus' body & His blood, & I'm afraid there are lots of people who go to churches & take communion or the Eucharist or the mass who don't really know they're saved, don't really understand what they're doing, don't really believe that Jesus has cleansed them from all sin.

7. LIKE THE VERSE I GAVE THAT CATHOLIC GIRL: "The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." (1Jn.1:7.) "Oh no," she said, "that couldn't be true, because we still have to pay for some of our sins! We've got to do penance for sins & we've got to do good works for sins & we've got to go to purgatory for sins & we've got to do a lot of things about sins!" I said, "No‚ the blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanseth us from all sin—past, present, future—all sin!"

8. SHE SAID‚ "I'LL HAVE TO ASK THE PRIEST ABOUT THAT. He must have some explanation!"—And I've always wondered what kind of explanation he gave her! Did you ever have one explain to your Catholics what that meant? I don't think they quote that verse very often, do they? Like they probably don't quote Eph.2:8 & 9 very often either: "For by grace are ye saved through faith, & that not of yourself. It is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast." That's a good one for real graceful salvation.

9. WE HAVE A GRACEFUL SALVATION! PTL? FULL OF GRACE! You know how we know that Mary was graceful? "Hail Mary full of grace!" You guys that used to know the rosary & say so many "Hail Mary's"‚ you didn't know you were quoting Scripture, did you? Certainly! "Hail Mary full of grace, blessed art thou among women." (Lk.1:28) It's not all Scripture, but it's Scriptural, & the first part is pure Scripture. And who said it? (Dora: Elisabeth.) Yes, Elisabeth her cousin when Mary came.

10. IT'S IN WHAT'S CALLED THE MAGNIFICAT, which was inspired by the Lord, the Holy Spirit, in Elisabeth. Baby John leaped within her womb when he heard Mary's voice & Beth uttered the Magnificat! "Hail Mary full of Grace, blessed art thou among women!" Well, it's Scriptural anyhow, not exactly‚ but it's Scriptural. So when you sing "Ave Maria" you're really singing Scripture. Ave Maria means "Hail Mary." (Sings:) "Ave Maria, gracia plena." That's a beautiful, beautiful song that Andy Williams sings on his tape, & Angelo & Sara sing on our MWM Christmas tape!

11. YOU KNOW SOME PROTESTANTS SHAKE WITH TERROR & FEAR WHEN YOU START TALKING ABOUT MARY! They're scared to death to give her any credit at all. They've gone to the opposite extreme. But my goodness, if Elisabeth her cousin could say, "Hail Mary full of grace", why can't we? So at Christmas time we should be hailing Mary too! We ought to say a few "Hail Mary's" along with "Hail Jesus!", amen?—And a few "Our Fathers" too. PTL?

12. I MEAN, WE'VE GOT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING!—The best of the Catholics & the best of the Protestants, the best of what the Devil claims—sex!—It's not even his, he hates it! We've got the best of everything, everything God gave us. The best of Catholicism, we've got the best of Mormonism, we've got the best of Pentecostalism, best of Protestantism. We're like a little bit of the best of everything all rolled together in one! Why not?—We're the ultimate religion!

13. ALL THOSE YEARS I STUDIED ALL THOSE RELIGIONS I FOUND SOMETHING GOOD IN ALL OF THEM. So finally the Lord got us together & He put it all in ours! We've got the best of everything—best of every religion, best of all their best things! PTL! TYL! Amen? We've got the Eternal Security of the Baptists, the Holy Spirit & healing of the Pentecostals, the Fore–ordination, Pre-destination of the Presbyterians & the Free Will of the Methodists! We've got the "Hail Mary's" of the Catholics, & we've got the salvation by faith of Martin Luther, the Second Coming of the Adventists & the Witnessing of the Jehovah's Witnesses! We've got the government of His Kingdom by God, the Episcopalian Theocracy‚ sort of a hierarchy, dictatorship. You've even got your own Pope! Ha!

14. WE HAVE THE POPE & WE HAVE MARY & WE HAVE JESUS & WE'VE GOT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING IN OUR RELIGION, AMEN? PTL! Why not? We've got multiple marriages like the Mormons, we've got Free Love like the hippies, we've got the best of everything! PTL? TTL! So, Hallelujah! TYJ! (Sings:)

"Praise the Lord‚ my soul is filled with glory!

Praise the Lord! I love to tell the story,

Of His grace that keeps & gives me victory

And I'm shouting glory till I get Home!"

15. NOW WE CAN SING AN "OUR FATHER"! We've said a "Hail Mary"—we didn't say quite all of it, but we said part of it—& now we can sing an Our Father, shall we? In closing? So we'll sing together the prayer that He taught us to pray: (Sings the Lord's Prayer.) "The Lord bless thee & keep thee and make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace, in Jesus' name. Let the words of our mouth & the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, our strength & our redeemer." In Jesus' name. Amen. "The Lord watch between me & thee while we're absent one from the other." Amen. We've got the best of everything, the benedictions & the mizpahs & all the rest! PTL! Hallelujah! (Num.6:24-26; Ps.19:14; Gen.31:49.)

16. SOME OF YOU CHILDREN MIGHT WONDER WHY WHEN WE SAY THE LORD'S PRAYER WE SAY "TRESPASSES," AND WHEN WE SING IT WE SANG "DEBTORS." Well, there's really not any difference! If we forgive others their trespasses as we want to be forgiven, that means we forgive them their debts to us. If you sin against anybody you owe him something, you're a debtor. But it just happens that the word debts & debtors fits the song & the tune better than the big long word "trespasses." Trespasses is three syllables & debtors is only two, but it means the same thing.

17. IF YOU TRESPASS ON SOMEBODY'S PROPERTY YOU'RE GOING TO OWE THEM A FINE, so you're going to be a debtor. So trespasser is like debtor, & that's why we sing the word debtor. And because in one Gospel it says "trespasses" & in another Gospel it says "debtors," so it means the same thing.

18. I'LL NEVER FORGET THE POOR LITTLE HOLINESS METHODIST MAN THAT CLAIMED THAT HE HAD BEEN FULLY SAVED & SANCTIFIED & he was perfectly holy now & he couldn't sin anymore. He was so full of the Spirit of God he couldn't sin any more. And I said, "Do you pray the Lord's Prayer?" He said‚ "Of course." I said, "The one Jesus taught His disciples to pray, huh?" "Yes." "Well, do you leave that part out about 'forgive us our trespasses'—meaning sins—'as we forgive those who trespass against us'?" "Oh no, that's not sins, that's just mistakes!"

19. WELL, I THANK GOD WE'VE GOT A GOD BIG ENOUGH TO FORGIVE NOT ONLY MISTAKES BUT SINS!—Trespasses‚ sins, debts‚ whatever you want to call'm, the Lord forgives'm. PTL? And we've just partaken of the bread which can cure you of any disease, which is payment for your sicknesses & diseases & illnesses & heals you. And the blood which cleanseth you from all sin, TTL, & always has & always does & always will, forever & ever & ever! But I'm not going to last forever tonight! Forever is not tonight. We still have a little time & space to go through yet before we get to where we can last forever. I'm finished tonight, & poor Mama & me haven't even eaten supper yet, so we'd better go! Thanks! GBAKY! WLY! Thank God for our Ultimate Religion for the Endtime!—Amen! PTL! Hallelujah!