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Time Shall Be No More

David Berg

—By Father DavidDfo98129/3/81

1. I NEVER DID LIKE TIME CHANGES! Your body gets used to a certain schedule & your body clocks are all set for that schedule‚ & suddenly twice a year they go changing the time on you, cheating on time, either moving it up or back or whatever & get your body all confused! It's like cheating!

2. YOU KNOW, ROOSEVELT WAS THE FIRST ONE TO DO THAT! He was such a dictator & changed so many other things that there were some fanatical fundamentalist Christians who accused him of being the Antichrist because he sought to change times & seasons! (Dan.7:25.) Well‚ he was kind of a prototype of the Antichrist in many ways.

3. HE WAS SOCIALISTIC, HE DIVIDE THE SPOIL WITH THE POOR, he brought a false peace & then plunged us into the worst war the World ever had! He ruled the United States longer than any other President until he was virtually a dictator & they worshipped him. He changed a lot of things, including the date for Thanksgiving, & probably would have changed Christmas if he thought he could get away with it!

4. HE WAS THE ONE THAT STARTED THE NEW TIME CHANGES IN SPRING & FALL which the United States calls Daylight-Saving Time, & was supposedly made for the benefit of the workers so that they could knock off work earlier & there'd be more daylight left for them to play in.

5. BUT OF COURSE IT ALSO KIND OF SQUEEZED THEM ON THE OTHER END OF THE DAY so they had to get up earlier, actually, & sometimes in some places in the dark. They've also claimed it's a safety measure so that the driving of most workers will be in daylight, which is why they shifted back to the later hour in the Winter so they won't have to get up before dark.

6. I DON'T THINK I LIKE THOSE TIME CHANGES! I remember when they were first introduced. A lot of old-fashioned farmer folk & Christians etc. scoffed at the time change & some of them even refused to change their clocks & called it "Roosevelt's Time", & the old time they called "God's Time". And if you asked them what time it was‚ they asked, "Do you want to know God's Time or Roosevelt's Time?"—And I think they were about right!

7. BUT BECAUSE THE U.S. DID IT, IT LED THE WHOLE WORLD INTO FOLLOWING SUIT, particularly since the U.S. came out of the war as the winner & the World leader, so everybody was following the United States, & even the World economy was dictated by "dollar diplomacy". The U.S. genuinely ruled the World until Russia got the atom bomb sold to them by two Jews, the Rosenbergs—who were subsequently executed for it—but which, of course, won't help the millions, who are going to die as a result!—For which Truman can also take a lot of credit!

8. I DON'T THINK I LIKE ROOSEVELT'S TIME OR WHAT THEY CALL DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME or the new Summer Time. In the States the Summer Daylight-Saving Time was also nicknamed "fast time" because you set your clocks an hour ahead & you got there quicker! Winter time was called "slow time", the old-fashioned Greenwich Mean Time by which the Greenwich Observatory in London still operates, as well as BBC, as well as astrologers when they're figuring your horoscope!

9. SO WHY SHOULD WE CHANGE OUR NATURAL NORMAL SCHEDULE TO WHICH WE'RE ACCUSTOMED & all the children are used to so that they normally get hungry at a certain time or sleepy at a certain time or wake up at a certain time? Why should we force them to change this by one hour backward or forward twice a year? It's really confusing! I really think it's of the Devil!

10. IT WOULD BE JUST LIKE THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM TO CHANGE TIMES & SEASONS! They've managed to change the times, I don't know how they're going to change the seasons. Maybe they're going to change the names or something like they've changed the names of so many countries since the two World Wars that you can hardly recognise the countries on the World map today. There must be at least a hundred new countries & a hundred new names for old ones.

11. THE DEVIL REALLY LIKES TO KEEP CHANGING THINGS & GETTING YOU ALL MIXED UP because he's the author of confusion (1Cor.14:33), & it certainly confuses me to change time just because the government time tells me it's an hour later! I don't think that's going to help me wake up a bit earlier or get hungry earlier or sleepy earlier. Neither do I think that in the Fall when they change it back again that I'm going to wake up any later in the Winter or my stomach's going to wait for dinner or I'm going to be able to stay awake any longer!

12. I REALLY DON'T LIKE THESE GOVERNMENTAL TIME CHANGES ORDAINED BY MAN! I prefer the original times set by the natural elements, one second being one beat of the heart, one minute being sixty beats, which makes approximately 12 hours a day & 12 hours a night!

13. IN THE TROPICAL REGIONS CLOSER TO THE EQUATOR THERE'S NOT SO MUCH DIFFERENCE, there's not so much difference between night & day things are more natural & normal & not extreme as they are in the far North where the days & nights sometimes last for months & the sun stays up all day & all night or it's dark all day & all night for months.

14. THIS IS NOT NATURAL OR NORMAL & GOD DIDN'T INTEND FOR PEOPLE TO LIVE IN SUCH HORRIBLE PLACES & CLIMATES where this kind of condition held sway, & in fact, I believe that perhaps the Earth's axis was not even tilted in the beginning before the Fall or before the Flood or before the Cataclysm which divided the Earth in the days of Peleg & sank Atlantis. (Gen.10:25) Perhaps in the beginning everybody's days were about the same & nights as well.

15. BUT AT LEAST WE KNOW THERE WAS NOT A GREAT DEAL OF DIFFERENCE WAS NOT A GREAT DEAL OF DIFFERENCE IN THE MIDEAST, the Fertile Crescent from the Arabian Gulf to Egypt. This is the ancient area where man began & where life & time & climate & living conditions were fairly normal & what could have been considered reasonable & easily survivable, still much like the Garden of Eden.

16. I BELIEVE THAT BOTH THE FLOOD & THE CATACLYSMIC DIVISION OF THE EARTH & the disappearance of the waters above the firmament which shielded us from lethal cosmic rays have made a drastic & dramatic difference in the climate, weather, soil & living conditions of man throughout the Earth, particularly in the colder areas & desert regions.

17. WHEREAS THE RAIN FORESTS OF THE TROPICAL BELT ARE PROBABLY STILL MUCH AS THEY WERE IN THE BEGINNING OF CREATION when God made the Earth a Paradise in which to live, like the Garden of Eden, when the climate was so mild man didn't even need clothes‚ & food was so abundant he could pick it off the trees, & the weather so pleasant he didn't need shelter!

18. MAN'S BASIC NEEDS OF TODAY FOR FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER FOR SURVIVAL WERE PERFECTLY SATISFIED IN THAT DAY with plenty of food & no need for clothing or shelter & no rain, no cold, no storms, but with sufficient humidity to water the surface of the Earth with a gentle mist.—There were no deserts & perhaps not even the severe mountains of today which could have been thrown up by the Cataclysm of the division of the Earth when Atlantis sank, or carved out by the draining off of the waters of the Flood, & when there was not nearly as much sea.

19. FOR WE KNOW THAT GOD'S IDEAL FOR THE FUTURE OF THE EARTH IS GOING TO BE A VAST LAND AREA WITH NO MORE SEAS! God's Word says so specifically, "And the high mountains shall be made low." (Isa.40:4, Rev.21:1.) And I'm sure the climate will be perfect & heavenly & the surface of the Earth like the Garden of Eden, because the Bible says so & I've been there!

20. I'VE SEEN IT & I KNOW IT'S BEAUTIFUL & IT ALREADY EXISTS THAT WAY in what we call the future‚ but which God calls the New Heaven & the New Earth "when time shall be no more"! (Rev.10:6.) It already exists in another dimension which I have visited in dreams & visions, & it's glorious & beautiful & marvellous & wonderful‚ & man can't change the time any more because there won't be any!—Only God's great Eternal Now & Forever & "time shall be no more"! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name‚ amen!