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Hong Kong Goolagong

David Berg

—The Battle of the Bosoms!DO 98026/3/81

—By Father David

1. I DREAMED I WAS IN AUSTRALIA & I WAS FIGHTING THESE EVIL FORCES, these evil spirits of the Aborigines, the gods or the devils of the Aborigines, & that's when I started coughing, while we were trying to pronounce this word or name or something. It sounded like "Goolagong." I wonder if that could be a name? I'm pretty sure that was it. It was while I was thinking about it & trying to pronounce it that I had the attack.

2. IT'S FUNNY, IT WAS LIKE EVERY COUGH WAS A WORD & LIKE EVERY WORD WAS SHAPED LIKE A NIPPLE with all the nerves running up to the nipple. Hallelujah! I think we got the victory! It was just like a battle & we were really fighting, but we won! Hallelujah! TYJ! They've got some really powerful spirits down there! I had to come back. I had to fight! It was the strangest thing, every word was like a nipple & a mountain we had to climb.

3. IT WAS A BATTLE, HONEY, BUT WE WON IT! We agreed together & we won it! It was a real big bad black Australian devil! I wonder if that was his name? (Maria: I was wondering the same thing.) Goolagong! (Maria: Whoever it was, rebuke him, Lord, in Jesus' name!) It was all like a bad dream, but we won! See, you have to pray about everything, even grabbing a tape recorder‚ or the Devil can really make you make mistakes. I didn't know what it was talking about‚ those funny words I'd never heard before.

4. IT MUST HAVE COME THROUGH THAT AUSTRALIAN TAPE OR COME WITH IT. You've got to watch out for these little hitchhikers! Please tell Keda to pray over our tapes before she sends'm. We don't want to bring any devils from all those devilish countries! You know, things like that can act as a vehicle. They've got to sanctify'm, with prayer before they send them‚ & we've got to be sure & sanctify'm here before we touch them.

5. I WONDER IF THAT'S AN ABORIGINE WORD, kind of sounds like it. Goolagong. I don't know if it was good or bad, but I was having a hard time saying it. And when I finally got it, we got the victory! I don't know whether that was its name or what. I had a funny feeling like maybe that was its name & I had to resist it by name, & we got it. TYJ! We made it, Honey! TYL! Rebuke Goolagong, in Jesus' name! TYJ! We did it, Honey, with Jesus' help!

6. IT KEPT BUBBLING UP IN MY THROAT! It was like a word. It kept bubbling up in my throat just like a word, & every time it did, it made me cough, isn't that something? (Maria: I could tell that one time especially it sounded like a bubble just before you coughed.) It's spiritual‚ it's a battle, a spiritual battle. I've got to pray over these tapes before I touch them or see them, & rebuke the Devil in Jesus' name! Please remind me.—Especially tapes from those countries where the Devil's so strong. We don't want him to get at me through these tapes.

7. THEY'VE GOT TO REMEMBER IT'S SPIRITUAL & THEY'VE GOT TO PRAY & TAKE IT SERIOUSLY & sanctify those tapes before they send them‚ & cleanse them of any evil spirit that would try to hitchhike on the tape clear around the World to get at me. It's true! They're pretty smart. It all happened in this sort of a jungle but I don't think they even have any jungles in Australia. Maybe they used to, huh? In the days of the past before the evil spirits destroyed the land? Such a beautiful country! It's a horrible country now‚ land of devils & demons & evil spirits & vipers & poisonous pests of every kind!

8. YOU'VE GOT TO WARN'M ABOUT THOSE FLIES, THEY'RE DEMONIC! Imagine how they attack them while they're trying to make us those tapes! It's demonic! They shouldn't laugh about it or make a joke of it, they're demons! Little devils!—Landed right on their faces trying to crawl in their mouths while they were talking about Jesus! People don't realise how serious those things are!

9. JUST LIKE EVERY ONE OF THOSE FLIES WAS A DEVIL, & every one of those poisonous creatures is a demon of Satan‚ & they've got to watch out! They can't just brush'm away like they're not important. It's a dangerous country to live in, it's full of devils & demons that turned those Aborigines into savages! They weren't like that when they first went there. They got like that from those devils, those demons & their devil-worship, you know? Like the Africans. They're a lot like Africans.

10. THE AFRICANS WEREN'T LIKE THAT AT FIRST. They were Noah's own son & grandson! And the Egyptians were a high form of civilisation, very intelligent & brilliant, scientific, powerful, beautiful, & look what they degenerated into—those African savages! Isn't that horrible? Just like the Australian Goolagongs! Goolagong. Goolagongs. I wonder if that's a tribe or a name or a name of their god, one of their demon gods? I think maybe it is.

11. I DIDN'T GET THE VICTORY UNTIL I GOT A GRIP ON THAT NAME & USED IT, & then I really got the victory! PYJ! TYL! They've just got to pray over those tapes, because those devils know they're coming to me. It's a strange thing, you know, they need vehicles! Remember "The Talisman"? We've got to get that out, Honey! (Soon, D.V.!)

12. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO TIMOTHY? That damned devil hitchhiked on that package from Deb to him & subverted him because he didn't receive it, he didn't receive the message. He didn't really personally rebuke the Devil‚ he didn't believe what I told him, & he didn't like destroying that picture. He resented it. So he was the door, the opening, see?—The crack in our armour.

13. THAT DEVIL HITCHHIKED FROM HER TO HIM THROUGH THAT PICTURE, & when he couldn't get into me, he got into him & even bothered poor little David for awhile, really tried to attack him, you know? Wasn't it David? (Maria: He started wetting the bed.) Yes. And then when you all prayed over David he got the victory. See, the Devil seeks the weakest link, the weakest chink in the armour, a crack in the wall or the hole in the dike, & he tries to get in somewhere through anybody or anything that he can use as a vehicle, & he got to Tim & look what happened!

14. HE DESTROYED HIM, HE'S GONE! BECAUSE HE LET HIM IN THROUGH HIS UNBELIEF & his rejection of the truth of the Word of God of the Lord's Prophet about the Talisman! He rejected it because he didn't like it & he didn't want it, so he didn't receive the truth. So it jumped onto him & the Lord let him have strong delusion that he might believe a lie, which was that what I said was not the truth.

15. SO THE DEVIL GOT ON TO HIM, & IT WAS RIGHT AFTER THAT THAT HE FAILED, RIGHT? (Maria: Yes, that's right.) He was pretty strong before that & he went through a lot with us. And he was strong & loyal & faithful & courageous, & he suffered persecution & he protected us & he helped us. But that horrible spirit from Rachel, see, Deborah was carrying it & she sent it in that package with that picture to destroy him. It was like it was charmed with her evil sorcery to try to get him back. She was deliberately using it to try to soften him up by sending him that picture. You know, it was all very strange how it happened!

16. YOU SHOULD PRAY OVER EVERY PILE OF MAIL YOU GET BEFORE YOU OPEN IT, before you even touch it, Honey! They ought to pray over it even when they're picking it up at the post office & rebuke every devil, every demon of Satan in Jesus' name, & not even touch it until they've prayed! It's dangerous! They brought that Goolagong home with that tape, & he jumped on me & made me cough in the night!

17. WE WERE WALKING THROUGH THIS JUNGLE & HE KEPT COMING UP IN MY THROAT. It was like a gurgle, & I kept seeing these words that were like titties & nipples, isn't that funny?—That I somehow had to grab & conquer, like you conquer a woman, you know? And I kept grabbin'm one after the other every time they made me cough, especially that bad one that kept coming up in my throat‚ until I finally got the name & was able to say it & resist it by name. TYJ! So you'd better tell them not to send me any more tapes with any more Goolagongs, amen? (Maria: Amen.)

18. LOOK HOW RACHEL'S EVIL SPIRIT CAME VIA DEBORAH & VIA THAT PICTURE! See, Rachel carried that evil spirit & she gave it to Deborah‚ & she gave it to that picture & she put it in the box & she sent it to Timothy & it entered him & destroyed him! Timothy could have been pretending to destroy it & pretending to put it in the garbage & slipped it in his pocket. I mean‚ Daniel wasn't that smart. Daniel would have hesitated to act like he was snooping or spying on him while he put it in the garbage.

19. I BET TIMOTHY NEVER PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE! Maybe he pretended to & slipped it in his pocket. Even if he did throw it away & destroyed it, if he still didn't believe it & didn't want to, he resented having to destroy it. He did, he really did! Boy, that was a battle! Oh‚ that place Australia is full of devils! (Maria: I think our kids need to realise that! I bet they don't realise, because it's English-speaking, it's more civilised & more progressive.) It's full of devils!

20. REMEMBER THAT MOVIE "PICNIC" ["Picnic at Hanging Rock"]? (Maria: Yes!) That strange experience I had about it? How the Devil got into those people, those demons did in those rocks? You see, that was some kind of a sacred temple or worship mound or rocks that they worshipped or something, full of demons, & those girls got in there & met those fellows.

21. I SAW THEM IN THE PICTURE! Remember, I swore that picture was somewhere! I thought it was out in the foyer on one of the posters, remember that? (Maria: Oh yes, that's right!) Did you ever write that down? (Maria: I think so, but we never found the picture.) But I saw it as clear as anything! Those girls were making love to those two Aborigines guys‚ remember? And that woman teacher. And they went off with them & they never found them again! (Maria: But it didn't show that in the movie.) But I saw it!

22. I SAW THE PICTURE & I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN & I TOLD YOU, because I thought I'd seen a poster hanging out in the foyer, one of the advertising pictures. I saw it just as clear as anything like it was a part of the movie, & I was waiting for the movie to come to that part & it never came!

23. I THOUGHT, "OH, THEY CENSORED & CLIPPED THAT OUT!" Remember how I told you guys I wanted to go down & see where I saw that? And we searched the whole foyer & all the pictures & we never found it! Because I could have sworn that I'd seen the picture! But see, it's something the Lord gave me so that I saw what happened! See, the Lord showed me what happened.

24. IT WAS A GREAT MYSTERY TO EVERYBODY‚ WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE THREE GIRLS. There were four girls & one of them came back terrified & she never would tell anybody what happened, right? She nearly lost her mind. And the other three disappeared completely along with the teacher. One or two guys or something came back for awhile, remember? And one guy got drinking. One guy I think was British, & the other fellow was an Aborigine, wasn't he? Remember? There were two boys that had something to do with it. Remember the two boys? (Maria: Yes.)

25. AND THE THING THAT CAME TO ME SO CLEAR was that the two boys, they all made love up there with the teacher & the girls. The teacher made love to one of the girls, & the two boys made love to the other two girls‚ & then they helped the teacher escape with the three girls. (Maria: And the search parties & investigators never found them.) They never found a thing except her petticoat. Remember that schoolmistress that sort of went crazy, got drunk & went crazy?

26. I MEAN, THAT PLACE IS FULL OF DEVILS, IT'S A LAND OF DEMONS, DEMONIC! Bless & keep us & protect us, in Jesus' name, from all those things there, or anywhere, Lord, from any of those demonic countries!—And even to handle all that mail, you've really got to pray over it, huh? (Maria: Yes, I see that.) I mean it, you've really got to pray over it! It's what can cause you to be sick & weak or tire your eyes & all kinds of things. I mean, I believe in those things, Honey, I know they're true, it's the truth! That's the way the Devil works. TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name, thank You for the victory! Thank You for helping us!

27. LOOK HOW THAT ATTACKED ME IN MY SLEEP! It's like we were going through this jungle & this hit me in the throat, it kept trying to come up in my throat & choke me to death! I don't want any more Goolagongs! That word sounds familiar. Have we ever heard that word before? (Maria: Not that I know of. Are there lots of demons that can do that? Like the Lord gave us something on Ashraf, that he was a god of war that had tried to choke you before. Are there other demons that try to do the same things?)

28. OH HONEY, THAT'S ONE OF THE MOST COMMON FORMS OF DEMONIC ATTACK IS BY CHOKING! (Maria: So they all like to try it‚ huh?) I've heard of many, & those who've studied anything about demonology, know that many people choke to death by demons! I've seen it personally in several cases, particularly in Pennsylvania & Canada where they've got lots of Witchcraft. Pennsylvania is rife with Witchcraft! And up in Northern Canada where the Indians lived & worshipped devils, it was just full of demons! Our children need to know those things are real! They're real powers that they have to fight & battle in Jesus' name!

29. WE WERE LIKE A WHITE SAFARI GOING THROUGH THIS JUNGLE, & this thing attacked me with these words shaped like nipples. Isn't that peculiar? It was like I had to grab every one of them & conquer them, just like a woman. You know, there are female spirits, female devils, did you know that? (Maria: Yes!)

30. TYL! LORD, WE PLEAD THY BLOOD OVER EVERYTHING HERE, every piece of mail, every tape, against every enemy & every evil spirit, every evil thing. No evil thing shall touch us, Lord! No evil thing shall come up against us, in Jesus' name! No evil thing befall us, Lord, You promised! In Jesus' name. PTL! Help us, Lord to be instant in season & out of season, always to pray & not to faint! Rebuke the Enemy & all of these things to flee from us! (Ps.91:10; 2Ti.4:2.)

31. JESUS HELP US, LORD, TO BE FAITHFUL IN PRAYER, TO CLEANSE THESE THINGS BY PRAYER BEFORE WE EVEN RECEIVE'M & take'm into our hands & our homes, lest they get into our hearts, Lord, in Jesus' name! Help the people who send us mail & stuff to pray over it & cleanse it from evil spirits before they send it. Rebuke the spirits in Jesus' name that try to hitchhike on it to get to us, that have to have vehicles to go from place to place, so it's always been. (Mt.8:30-32.)

32. HELP US, O GOD, TO BE FAITHFUL TO PRAY & REBUKE THE ENEMY & THE EVIL SPIRITS that would try to enter our home in the mail with these tapes. Help the people that send them to cleanse them in prayer before they mail them so they can't get this far, Lord. Rebuke them & cast out every one in Jesus' name! Help them to go someplace else, Lord, somewhere else! Better into the dogs or the pigs or the rabbits or foxes or something, Lord, than to stay here in our home. In Jesus' name, rebuke them! Deliver us from them, Lord! Send them away, we command You in the name of Jesus!

33. WE COMMAND YOU GOOLAGONG & ALL YOU EVIL DEVILS TO GET OUT OF HERE & stay away from our house & our home & leave this property, in the name of Jesus! In Jesus' name! TYL! And any other devils or demons that would try to be here, we resist you in the name of Jesus! We rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus name! Be gone! Leave us alone, in Jesus' name! Amen, Lord. Please send them away from us, wherever You think best, Lord, You tell them where to go‚ in Jesus' name. Please help it not to get into the farmer or his family‚ just to go to wherever they already belong to the Devil & where they can't cause us any trouble‚ in Jesus' name. TYL!

34. CLEANSE THIS HOUSE & OUR HOME & EVERY PART, IN JESUS' NAME! Every thing, every item, every tape‚ every piece of equipment, every piece of mail‚ every book‚ everything, Lord‚ deliver us completely, Lord. Rebuke all these demons & evil spirits that people have been sending us without even knowing it, Lord, because they haven't prayed, they haven't recognised Thy Word. They haven't seen the work of the Devil, Lord, & they haven't been conscious of his evil works or aware of his evil dirty tricks, & they haven't prayed as they should have, Lord, before they sent these packages to us. In Jesus' name, help, Lord. Deliver us, Lord!

35. HELP IT NOT GET INTO ANY PEOPLE HERE‚ ANY WEAK CHARACTER, anyone who has a weakness or a crack in their armour, spiritual weakness. We know You especially protect our children, Lord, with Thy angels, thank You Lord! But those grownups, Lord, who are weak, don't let them get in & cause us any trouble, in Jesus' name, letting the Devil in in any way, Lord. Rebuke them in Jesus' name! We rebuke Oplexicon in Jesus' name! We rebuke Goolagong in Jesus' name! We rebuke all those evil spirits, in Jesus' name!

36. LORD HELP POOR YASUKO, she's having some kind of spiritual battle, she hasn't got peace, she's troubled, she's upset. She's worried, Lord‚ she hasn't got Thy full peace. Rebuke the Devil‚ Lord, & the demons that attack her from that demonic land of Japan, a whole nation of devil–worshippers, demon–worshippers‚ worshippers of evil spirits. Lord Jesus, deliver her, Lord, from these attacks of Satan! Rebuke the Enemy, Lord, in Jesus name!

37. DELIVER HER‚ LORD, FROM THESE DOUBTS & FEARS & THESE TERRORS BY NIGHT & GIVE HER PEACE, Lord, to know what it is. Lord, You know what's causing her to have this problem, that she's upset, worried, not resting in You, Jesus. Help her. Lord Jesus help‚ in Jesus' name. Help, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYJ!

38. CLEANSE EVERY PART OF THIS LITTLE HOME, LORD, & every part of our big home & the other homes, all our homes, Lord, especially where we're responsible. Rebuke every devil & demon, every messenger of Satan that tries to buffet us, Lord, & hinder us. Deliver us, Lord, in Jesus' name. Rebuke the Devil‚ in Jesus' name! We rebuke Satan, in Jesus' name! We rebuke Oplexicon, in Jesus' name! We rebuke Goolagong, in Jesus' name! Rebuke all the emissaries of the Enemy, in the Name of Jesus!

39. HELP US TO PRAY MORE DESPERATELY BEFORE WE GO TO SLEEP, LORD. Forgive us last night. I don't remember if we prayed, did we? Out loud? (Maria: I don't remember if we did.) I don't think we prayed very definitely for the Lord to protect us & keep us, cleanse & deliver us, in Jesus' name. Amen. Help us, Lord. Help us all to get more definite in our prayers to resist the Enemy so he'll flee from us, in Jesus' name. Resist the Enemy, Lord, in everything we do‚ the mail & everything‚ Lord.

40. IT'S FUNNY, WE WERE LIKE A WHITE SAFARI GOING THROUGH THIS DARK JUNGLE & we kept being attacked by these bosoms, & I kept having to grab each one & squeeze it like I was conquering it. And they were like words.—And this big one I had the biggest trouble with until I learned its name. Each one was a word & it came up in the nipple, & you had to squeeze it to conquer it. See‚ we have to reach out by the hand of faith & really attack, you see? We can't just laugh it off or brush it aside & act like it's not important.

41. THAT THING CAME THROUGH THAT TAPE & INTO MY SLEEP & TRIED TO CHOKE ME! You have to pray over the mail, Honey, before you touch it! And have our children pray over it before they receive it at the post office. I'd rather leave those devils at the post office & let them enter those children of the Devil that are already there. Rebuke it & cleanse the mail before they pick it up. Before they even touch it they should rebuke the Devil & command him to leave any item of mail or any package they receive, in the name of Jesus. They don't necessarily have to do it out loud right in front of the postman‚ but they can do it in their heart & their mind & spirit in silent prayer.

42. THEY'VE GOT TO REALLY PRAY WHEN THEY GO TO THE POST OFFICE! The postal service is so important to us & we can't let it be a vehicle for the Devil. It's a great vehicle for us & for God's Spirit to reach the Family. It's just like an angel of God, a spirit of God goes with every Letter & every Magazine to the Family as a comforting spirit‚ a comforting angel of God if they believe it & receive it! A good spirit goes with our mail that goes out.

43. I WANT YOU TO PRAY DEFINITELY THAT WITH EVERY PACKAGE A GOOD ANGEL WILL ACCOMPANY IT & keep it & get it into their hands with good, you know? And that no devil can attack it or hinder it. But then when they write us letters & send us packages from the field, they need to pray over every one of them, that it doesn't act as a vehicle to let some devil hitchhike with it to reach us.

44. IT'S A STRANGE THING, I DON'T UNDERSTAND MYSELF, but I know it's a thing I've learned, & it's common in demonology‚ anyone who knows anything about those things‚ or animism or whatever you want to call it, demon-worship, it's even in the Bible, they have to have vehicles. They have to have bodies or carrying vehicles, you know? (Maria: Like "Chinese Spirits.") (No.273.) Yes. (No.623.) (Mt.12:43-45; 8:29-32.)

45. THEY CAN'T JUST TAKE OFF ALL BY THEMSELVES & JUST GO THROUGH SPACE. They're sort of like they're confined to certain things & vehicles & objects, & that's why it's so dangerous to have those damn idols that people have. They buy those African idols & stick them in their homes as decorations or they buy those Oriental idols & Buddhas & stick them in their homes as decorations & ornaments!

46. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT BUDDHA THAT MY MOTHER FELT THAT BAD SPIRIT FROM that was in that rich man's yard? Did I tell you about that? It was sitting out beside this beautiful pool in his garden, so she asked this rich Christian, "What are you doing with this idol there?" He said to Grandmother, "That's not an idol, that's just a souvenir I brought back from Japan when I was over there during the war!"

47. SHE SAID, "IT'S AN EVIL IDOL & IT HAS AN EVIL SPIRIT THAT I DON'T LIKE! You ought to get rid of it!" He said, "Oh‚ I wouldn't think of getting rid of it! I paid a lot of good money for it & it's a very valuable souvenir! It's a valuable souvenir that I bought in Japan. It's considered a very beautiful thing!"

48. SHE SAID, "WELL, IF YOU WON'T GET RID OF IT, I'M GOING TO PRAY AGAINST IT! I'm going to pray against it like the god Dagon"—the Philistines brought the Ark of God into the House of their idol Dagon—"that it will fall down & break its neck in the night!" (1Sam.5:1-5.) And he laughed at her. He thought she was being really funny. But he went out in the garden the next morning & found it had fallen off its perch to the ground & smashed to bits! She had prayed against it!

49. I TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT HORRIBLE HINDU TEMPLE IN CALIFORNIA that stood over the cliff where they had these evil spirit rites, but a girl out of that temple got saved in our church. So we went out & walked around it, & Grandmother just felt a terrible spirit off of that place, so she just rebuked it in Jesus' name! She quoted that verse, "You said, Lord, that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say to this mountain be cast into the sea & it shall be done!" (Mt.17:20.) She said, "Lord, I've got faith that I should cast this mountain into the sea, in Jesus' name!"

50.—AND ABOUT TWO OR THREE DAYS LATER WE PICKED UP A NEWSPAPER & HERE WAS A PICTURE OF THIS HINDU TEMPLE SLIDING INTO THE PACIFIC! The whole cliff had collapsed & the temple was half-buried in the ocean! And my mother just jumped up & down with joy! It nearly scared me silly! My God! Whew! It made me realise those things are very real! I mean, you don't just play around with them or laugh at them or think it's some kind of a joke or foolish superstition!

51. LOOK HOW THE DEVIL GOT AT TIM THROUGH THAT PICTURE & through those phone calls he was making to Deborah! Think how sly he was! He went in the elevator & phoned from there because he thought nobody would know or catch him or overhear. I mean, those things are so real & so dangerous! It was so dangerous for him to talk to Deborah on the phone, just like listening to the voice of the Devil!

52. "HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH THE EVIL WORKS OF BELIAL! Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers & have no fellowship with the evil works of the Devil!" (2Cor.6:14-15; 1Cor.10:20.) We ought to shun them like the plague, & we really need to pray before we go into those places, even to witness to people in those places. Pray for protection of the Lord to cleanse us & our children & protect us from all those evil spirits. It's a battle, it's real, very real!

53. WE WERE WALKING THROUGH THIS JUNGLE & THESE THINGS WERE ATTACKING US, these demonic nipples, words, till finally that one got in my throat, isn't that funny? I mean, it's not funny! (Maria: Oh yeah!—The words got in your throat!)—Till finally you prayed with me & I got that name. I guess in my sleep I must have rebuked it in Jesus' name, because that came back to me, you know? I told you after I woke up.

54. IT'S FUNNY, IT WASN'T UNTIL I GOT THE NAME!—IT WAS LIKE A HANDLE , LIKE SOMETHING I CAN GET A GRIP ON & REBUKE BY NAME, you know? That happened a lot of times in the Bible, Jesus said, "What is thy name?" (Mk.5:9.) It's as though He had to know the name in order to be specific. And I've heard of that with a lot of people, in Pentecost & all‚ that they asked the demon–possessed person or the demon in them their name, so they could rebuke'm by name. Any when I finally got ahold of that name I resisted it & it fled & I woke up!—Like Tyndale Martin!

55. (MARIA: I FEEL LIKE WE DIDN'T QUITE GET AS MUCH AS WE SHOULD HAVE ON THAT OTHER ONE THAT TRIED TO CHOKE YOU BEFORE. He's more present, we should be rebuking him by name a lot more maybe. Maybe he's to blame for a lot of things.) He could have ridden in on that thing about the Vikings, you know? (Maria: That's right! I think you said he was a god of war.) These things are very real. The Lord is going to have to protect us & keep us. "He gives His angels charge over thee to protect thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." (Ps.91:11,12.)

56. THANK THE LORD I'M COMPLETELY DELIVERED! PTL! We need to rebuke the Devil more often & those evil spirits. They're very real & we need to face them & confront them in the name of Jesus & resist them & cast them out, out of the house & out of the mail, even out of the food! That's why we need to pray seriously over our food before we eat it. I think that's like what happened at that ungodly restaurant, we didn't really pray seriously. The Devil got into that food & choked me!

57. IT'S A BATTLE, IT'S A WAR, & WE HAVE TO FIGHT THE ENEMY ONE BY ONE, EACH ADVERSARY! I mean, the Bible talks a lot about it. Saul rejected the truth & an evil spirit from the Lord entered into him! (1Sa.16:14.) So I tell you, you sure need to stay close to the Lord lest He allow you to be afflicted with some evil spirit! You really need to pray for His protection & stay in His will & be obedient & remain within His tower of protection & not go running around without prayer or without being sure you're in the will of God, lest the Devil really burn you or singe you because you're running around where you shouldn't be! Remember that angel in 'Frisco? (No.56)

58. WE NEED TO REALLY PRAY OVER THE MAIL BEFORE WE TOUCH IT‚ & especially before we bring it home into our homes, that we don't bring any hitchhikers with it that are hard to get rid of, like some of those unwanted guests we've been reading about. I mean, those people need to take a definite stand! They said they didn't want to offend them, they didn't know how to get rid of them or cause a stir with these guests who come & mooch off them & won't work & just move in & do as they please.

59. THEY SHOULD TAKE A STAND AGAINST THEM & REBUKE THEM IN JESUS' NAME, & if they won't get to work & obey & share‚ they ought to cast them out! The Bible says to cast them out! If they won't hear you & they won't hear witnesses & then they won't hear the congregation, then they're to be cast out as an heretic & as an heathen, which they are! (Mt.18:15-17.)

60. IF THEY WON'T OBEY THE WORD OF GOD & THEIR HOSTS & they won't even help share the work or anything, it's ridiculous for people to put up with the Devil like that & his damned little hitchhikers! I mean, the people are letting the Devil into their house that way if they let people like that in & don't compel them to obey the rules. It's their own fault for not rebuking the Devil, for not rebuking those people. It's their own fault! God help their children!

61. DON'T COMPLAIN TO US ABOUT IT! We can't do anything about it! Asking us what to do about it, isn't that ridiculous? Here we are halfway around the World & they want to know what to do about it! Rebuke them in Jesus' name‚ & if they won't obey‚ then kick'm out, cast'm out‚ if you have to throw their baggage out the door or the window & lock it after'm!

62. DON'T LET DEVILS LIKE THAT LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE WITH YOUR CHILDREN & ALL, they're avenues of Satan & they can bring all kinds of trouble into your house! Any rebellious spirits & disobedient people, people who are not yielded to you or the Lord, I wouldn't have them in my house! They're a channel for Satan, they're an avenue for evil, & you either have to pray over them & with them to get the victory & to repent & get filled with the Spirit of God & get rid of the Devil, or throw'm out!

63. IT'S RIDICULOUS TO BE SO NAMBY-PAMBY ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE THAT! People like that who don't repent & don't get right with the Lord are absolutely full of the Devil & are channels for Satan! They get into your home & attack your children & can bring all kinds of grief—just like Timothy got to be!—A contrary spirit!

64. WHEN HE FINALLY HAD TO COME TO A DECISION OVER THAT LETTER, THEN HE RESISTED THE TRUTH & the Lord sent him strong delusion to believe a lie, & he left rather than repent! (2Th.2:10,11.) Rather than be loyal to us he retained his loyalty to the Devil's own crowd, & look what's become of them, ugh! Rachel, Deb, Jeth & all!

65. (MARIA: ON THE OTHER HAND, THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE HOUSEHOLD NEED TO BE SURE THAT THEY'RE RULING IT IN LOVE & WISDOM & not just start kicking everybody out that doesn't come up to their rigid standards or their little personal whims or desires, because we've had a lot of that too where people have gotten kicked out, maybe a little bit weaker who have been trying to do their best, but who weren't helped along in love & compassion, so that's a big problem too, but it takes lotsa love.)

66. THERE'S ALWAYS GOT TO BE SOME KIND OF STANDARD OR CRITERION OR RULE, & of course it's right in the Bible. Now if you can bring your complaint to the person & they won't hear it, then the Bible says to go with two or three witnesses. In other words, if you can find several other people that agree with you, that you're right & they're wrong, then you're to take them to the person & tell them. If they won't hear them or receive them, then you're supposed to bring them before the whole congregation, & the congregation then, in other words, make a decision on it—the whole Home.

67. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE JUST YOUR LITTLE PERSONAL AFFAIR OR MATTER, but it's a matter of the agreement of the church & the saints on it. If the whole congregation agrees that you're right & they're wrong & they refuse to repent, the Bible says you're to throw'm out, treat them like an heathen & an heretic! Get rid of them‚ they're a tool of the Devil, a channel for Satan! Honey, you've got to get some sleep, Sweetheart! Hallelujah! TYJ!

68. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE VICTORY! PYL! That was so strange, so strange! Help us Lord, in Jesus' name. Help us now to get some more sleep, Lord, according to Thy will. You gave us the victory, Lord, now help us to take advantage of it & get some rest, in Jesus' name. We can't just stay up all night & not get our rest. Thank You for the victory, Lord, in Jesus' name. Now help us to go to sleep. Amen. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! "Resist the Enemy & he'll flee from you! When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him. Perfect love casts out all fear." (Ja.4:7; Isa.59:19; 1Jn.4:18.) PYJ! TYL! In Jesus' name.

69. ISN'T THAT FUNNY? I HAD TO GET UP REAL CLOSE TO YOU TO FIGHT! Remember? I mean, I really clung to you, I really hold on & depend on your prayers. We really fought together! Amen? (Maria: Amen.) TYJ! We really need to fight together on those things, "If two of you shall agree ... for where two or three of you are gathered together." (Mt.18:19,20.) We really need help sometimes from our brother or sister to fight the battle together against the Enemy. "One shall chase a thousand, but two shall put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30.) Amen? PYL! TYL! I wouldn't have liked to have battled 10,000 of those nipples, even a thousand is bad enough!

70. THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING THE BATTLE WITH ME, HONEY! I was really really having a battle! The Battle of the Bosoms! Isn't that funny? I wonder why that symbolism? The bosoms are what nurse the child & carry the milk, like the sincere milk of the Word. But these are all like lies, see? Like they were bosoms that were pretending to nourish but instead they were liars that damn‚ even the names of evil devils & evil spirits! I love you, Honey, TYJ!

71. I'M SORRY, HONEY‚ IT WAS A TOUGH FIGHT BUT WE WON! I'm sorry you missed so much sleep, but I really needed you, I really needed your help to fight all those bosoms! You better be sure your bosoms are giving forth the true Word of God & not the lies of the Devil! One demonic angel resisted Michael for about two weeks‚ something like that. (Dan.10:13.) (Maria: I wondered why the Lord wasn't answering our prayers cause we were rebuking the Enemy & claiming Scriptures, & it kept recurring, you'd keep waking up choking again & I was getting frustrated.) It's a fight! It's a fight! Sometimes it takes a long time. ILY‚ Sweetheart! Thanks for your help in the battle! It was a real battle in the spirit! (Later: )—that Dream!

72. IT KEPT RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD! That was before I woke up. It kept going through my head, so I just let it so I wouldn't forget it, Honey. You won't think I'm crazy‚ will you Honey? (Maria: No, not at all!) Well, I'll try to remember it, but Honey, you'd better drink your buttermilk. (Maria: No, not yet.) I'll try to remember just this little bit as best I can.

73. WE WERE WALKING ALONG AGAIN IN THAT SAME PLACE, SORT OF LIKE A JUNGLE, & we came to this clearing. It was like a burial mound, & this like a native voice kept saying—I'm not exactly sure of these first two words but it rhymed anyhow. I don't see why they should call him Hong Kong. It said, "Hong Kong Goolagong! Hong Kong Goolagong!" Was that the name of the thing last night, Goolagong? (Maria: Yes!) I thought that that's what it was. "Hong Kong Goolagong! Very bad, very big one! Hong Kong Goolagong‚ he very big one! Got to bury very deep. He very bad one, strong one! Hong Kong Goolagong!"

74. AND WE WERE BURYING SOMETHING, SOMETHING THAT HE'D GONE INTO, & I don't know what it was. (Maria: What's that mean?) Something‚ it was just something. I've been trying & trying to get what it was. (Maria: Something he'd gone into?) Yes, like a talisman, you know? (Maria: Oh, I see, yes!) And it kept coming & ringing through my head: "Hong Kong Goolagong! He very big one! Hong Kong Goolagong! He very bad, very strong, must bury deep. Hong Kong Goolagong!"

75. WHAT I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT IS WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS HE GOT TO DO WITH HONG KONG? Hong Kong's a long ways from Australia! But that's what it sounded like. I thought maybe it was "bong-bong" or "ding-dong" or something else, but it was "Hong Kong"! (Maria: Well, they might have some words like that, it rhymes with Goolagong, so those might be words in their language.) Of course she made a lot of that tape in Hong Kong, you know? (Maria: Yes, but you did definitely say it was like an Australian Spirit.)

76. OH YES, IT WAS AUSTRALIA & IT WAS LIKE IT WAS MANY AGES AGO when it was covered with jungle before it was a desert. Very long ago! But I kept wondering why. I just thought, "No, it must be something else, it couldn't be Hong Kong! What's Hong Kong got to do with Australia? It doesn't make sense!" But it said, "Hong Kong Goolagong, he come from Hong Kong!" & I could hardly believe it because it doesn't seem to make sense!

77. IT WAS LIKE A NATIVE TALKING, LIKE AN ABORIGINE & it rang through my head almost like a song or a chant: "Hong Kong Goolagong, he very big one! He very big & strong, he very bad one, must bury very deep, Hong Kong Goolagong! He come from Hong Kong!" I wonder if any Aborigines ever went to Hong Kong? I never saw a Black person in the whole bunch! Or maybe it means originally they came from Hong Kong? (Maria: Originally it would have to be, because you said he's an Australian spirit.) It was very very old.

78. I NEVER KNEW AUSTRALIA USED TO BE COVERED WITH JUNGLES! Today it's desert. But you know the S.W. United States used to be beautiful fertile valleys & rivers & trees & forests & farms & so on till the Indians got to worshipping the Devil & all kinds of Witchcraft, & today it's a desert! I mean, Australia is like it's accursed, absolutely accursed! Hong Kong's beautiful! You saw Hong Kong—beautiful beautiful country, rivers, lakes, forests, farms, trees, beautiful! Most of Australia is a desert!

79. YOU KNOW WHAT AUSTRALIA FIRST WAS, WHAT THE BRITISH MADE IT AT FIRST? It was a criminal colony‚ later when the Australians began to be farmers & legit & more like colonists‚ & England wanted to keep sending her criminals there, the Aussies refused & sent all their criminals to the island just south called Tasmania.

80. YOU KNOW, THERE'S A TERRIBLE ANIMAL IN TASMANIA CALLED A TASMANIAN DEVIL! It's so freaky! It's a real animal, but it's called the Tasmanian Devil! Did you ever hear of it? My Grandfather had pictures of them because he'd been in Australia, & they scared me to death when I was a boy just looking at them! But it was just almost like a chant, almost like it rhymed:

81. "HONG KONG GOOLAGONG, HE VERY BAD ONE! He very big & strong, Hong Kong Goolagong! We bury very deep so we sure he keep!"—Like that. (Maria: We bury very deep?) In other words, to keep him from causing more trouble. You know, they used to go through a kind of exorcism with things to get rid of evil spirits‚ & they either buried them in the ocean or they buried them in the ground, or they had them assigned to some rock or tree or something, you know—bound. Oh "bound"! That was one of the words! I forgot that one! It was so poetic!

82. I THINK SOME MORE WILL COME BACK. It was like a poem, like a chant, like an exorcism chant‚ you know?: "Hong Kong Goolagong! He big, must be bound!" I can't get it all. Something like: "Where he can't be found. He must be very deep, some place his spirit keep." Maybe I can get it straightened out later, but it was something like that. It was just like a chant, like a poem kept going over‚ like this voice was like a priest or shaman or—I don't like to say witchdoctor—but sort of, you know? And like a warning!

83. HONEY, DO YOU BELIEVE ME? (MARIA: OF COURSE!) ILY, Sweetheart! All I know is it happened‚ I can't explain it. I don't have to explain it‚ do I? (Maria: Oh no!) That's all I know: "Hong Kong Goolagong! Must be buried very deep, some place his spirit keep. His spirit must be bound, where he can't be found! Hong Kong Goolagong!" It was just like a chant. Isn't that funny?

84. WE WERE WALKING THROUGH THE FOREST OR THE JUNGLE TO THIS BURIAL GROUND & he'd gone into something & we had to bury it there. What could they have done to have called up his spirit? Huh? (Maria: Made him mad maybe with Sharuhen, our only Aborigine disciple, going to see her mother, wanting to go back & minister in the Interior to the Aborigines. She said she was going to go pretty soon & minister to them.) Oh‚ that's something! Well, I hope somebody warns her that those things are very real & she'd better not fool around! (Maria: Dangerous business!) Yes, a real fight!

85. I WAS ASKING A QUESTION: BUT WHAT HAS IT TO DO WITH HONG KONG? It was just like his people had come from Hong Kong. Well, the Blacks spread from Africa across the islands, but the Shemites across the mainland like Chinese & Indians. The Indians, you know, some of them are quite black too. The blacker they get, they get that strange look in their eyes. She's still got a tiny bit of that fear.

86. IT'S ALMOST SCAREY TO LOOK INTO SHARUHEN'S EYES, have you noticed? It's like she's been liberated, but just sort of newly so, you know?—That there's still the characteristic, sort of inherent, born in, like she's looking out of deep darkness. Like I said once about Davidito: They've come out of such darkness! They still look at you sometimes like they're peering out of the dark into the light!

87. BUT YOU TAKE INDONESIA & ALL THOSE ISLANDS JUST ABOVE AUSTRALIA, the East Indies, a lot of them are pretty dark. So maybe some could have come from the Mainland, huh? See, Mainland Hong Kong is just north of those islands. Even some Filipinos are pretty dark. Or could it be because it was on the Hong Kong tape or something? But that seemed like what I got when I was wondering. It's pretty farfetched, but anything's possible in the realm of the Spirit! Honey‚ you've got to eat!

88. YOU REMIND ME OF SOME SCRIPTURE ABOUT "I LOVE HIS WORD MORE THAN MY NECESSARY MEAT." (Job 23:12.) Well‚ Honey, you've gotta have your necessary meat too‚ that's enough Word! We had it during the night & we've had enough now, but I just wanted to give that to you before I forget it. (Maria: It's so exciting! Wow!) Exciting? Well, I'd just as soon not have that kind of excitement myself! (Maria: The things of the Spirit are so fascinating!) Well, don't get too fascinated!—The old adage about "speak of the Devil"!

89. BUT THERE MUST BE SOME REASON FOR IT, IT'S SOME KIND OF WARNING. Maybe it's a real warning to her to be careful when she goes back in those areas amongst those demon-possessed people, you know? To watch out for Hong Kong Goolagong! Maybe they didn't bury him deep enough! (Maria: And obviously the Aborigines must be very difficult to reach because we only have one in the whole Family!) Yes, apparently there aren't too many of them that are Christians. I haven't heard of any Aborigine churches, have you? (Maria: Well, no, but there might be.) There could be‚ I don't know. (Maria: But she was quite a case evidently before she got saved. She said she was taking drugs & a motorcycle biker.) Gangs & everything!

90. WHAT A MIRACLE OF GOD! WHAT A PRECIOUS MIRACLE! What a precious miracle that the Lord reached out to find her!

"Oh, the Love of God is greater far

Than tongue or pen can ever tell!

It goes beyond the highest star,

And even to the lowest hell!"

Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, amen!

91. EVEN THE NAME GIVES ME THE SHIVERS! The name's enough to scare you! You should have heard the way he was saying it‚ it was like a chanting witchdoctor or something: "Hong Kong Goolagong! He very big bad one! He very big & strong, Hong Kong Goolagong! He must be bury deep"—something about bury deep or very deep, something about "spirit keep." "Must be bound where he can't be found‚ Hong Kong Goolagong!" Those people may not know the ways of the Lord, but they sure know the ways of the Devil & what they have to do to try to appease him or get rid of him or whatever! (Maria: That's a real revelation!)

92. THAT SOUTHEAST ASIA AREA IS REALLY INHABITED BY THE ANCIENT SPIRITS! Remember about the "Chinese Spirits" & King Tut, Egypt & all that stuff? (Maria: But it's such a surprise about Australia! I never thought that was included.) I've always wondered why that place was so terrible, so infested with vipers & poisonous pests of every description, even some they've got no place else in the World! They've got certain kinds of peculiar animals & things there that are no place else in the whole World!

93. AND IT'S A VERY WEIRD TYPE OF ABORIGINES THEY HAVE THERE that you don't find anyplace either. They're almost scary even to look at in those movies we saw about the Aborigines! Even she looks a little bit weird, but she's got light though. Like sort of the light coming out of the darkness, or the darkness coming out into the light. Maybe I should put it that way‚ like she's coming out into the light. It must be some kind of a warning for her. (Maria: I'll call Keda about it.)

94. (DAD WEEPS:) TYJ! PYL! WE'RE NOT WORTHY, BUT YOU USE US ANYWAY AS THY INSTRUMENTS TO WARN THY CHILDREN, to inform them, Lord. Hallelujah! TYJ! I'm such a poor channel! I'm such a poor channel‚ Lord forgive me! I don't even always get it all straight, but at least I get it. PTL? (Maria: Amen! TYJ!)

95. THAT'S ENOUGH OF HONG KONG GOOLAGONG! I don't even like to hear his name, it's scary! I wonder if I can ever get that out of my head? It just ran through my head like a song: "Hong Kong Goolagong! Hong Kong Goolagong!" I mean, if it had been in a ghost movie or something it would have scared you half to death! "He very big bad one! He very big & strong! Hong Kong Goolagong! Must be buried very deep, where the Earth his spirit keep! His spirit must be bound, where Hong Kong can't be found!" Something like that. In a way it was pretty because it was like a chant & rhymed, but deep & scary!

96. WE WERE WALKING THROUGH THE FOREST LOOKING FOR THIS BURIAL GROUND WHERE WE WERE GOING TO BURY HIM. It wasn't his body, it was some object we were going to bury. And I tried & tried to see what it was but never saw it. (Maria: I wonder why they didn't destroy the objects instead of just burying them?) Well, even evil spirits have their rights. I've told you before that some are consigned to Hell & some to various strata in the rocks.—Or some to trees or houses or objects—as punishments.

97. (MARIA: I SUPPOSE IF YOU DESTROY THE OBJECT THE SPIRIT MAY JUST LEAVE AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE ANYWAY.) Exactly, exactly! (Maria: So they'd rather just bury it so it could keep its resting place.) They're consigned to their places, & you just have to follow the rules, whatever they are. I'd just as soon not know. I don't think I want to know much more about it, really! Ha! Sweet Baby, you've got to get up & eat your breakfast, Honey! You'd rather have the Word more than your necessary meat, Sweet Baby! xxxxx!

98. WELL, WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? So what? What's he got to do with us? Hong Kong Goolagong! (Maria: Well, for one thing, it'll for sure warn the Australians! We've never said much about the Family there even. I think for one thing even just the personal interest, the personal interaction with them will be a real help.)

99. WE NEVER SEEM TO HAVE MANY UNUSUALLY STRONG DISCIPLES THERE. (Maria: Well‚ a lot of our Australians are in Indonesia & have gone other places.) But I mean most of the ones who stay there don't seem to be very strong, sort of like the ones who stay in America or the ones that stay in England, that don't go someplace else as missionaries. (Maria: They're strong people‚ but I don't know how strong they are spiritually.) That's what I mean.

100. LOOK HOW LONG THEY'VE BEEN THERE ON THAT ISLAND & THEY HAVEN'T EVANGELISED THE WHOLE FAR EAST! I mean, look how there are millions of them & they could have evangelised the whole Far East! But what have they done? I'm talking about for centuries they've been there, Christians. Of course‚ they didn't get off to a very good start with a bunch of criminals! (Maria: Maybe that was it. And the criminals were obviously much more open even to those spirits than others would have been, they were already ready to receive them.)

101. LOOK HOW THE MODERN WORLD'S RECEIVING THIS NATIVE "WALKABOUT"! (Maria: David is his name‚ that Aborigine.) Isn't it just like the Devil to name some of his false prophets by that important name?—In these last days! (Maria: I wonder if that was even his real Aboriginal name?) Probably not. (Maria: They probably changed it when they put him in the movies.) Oh Honey‚ we're still human & sooner or later we've got to get up & walkabout, so eat your breakfast!

102. THOSE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN IN AN ATMOSPHERE LIKE THAT FOR CENTURIES HAVE TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL‚ THEY ACT AS CHANNELS! Just like people who have been in demonism & Witchcraft & spiritism & so on. Long after they're saved I've known devils to try to plague them & bother them & get back their old channels. (Maria: So it's especially important for them to be in an atmosphere of faith & in the Word to be strong against the Devil!

103. (LIKE EVEN WITH DAVIDITO, the Lord must have known how important it was for him to be constantly every minute surrounded, just grow up in such faith & love, so he wouldn't have problems, you know? Otherwise when they've been in that darkness for so many centuries it must be...) I remember how often I used to look in his eyes‚ like there was a little timid thing there peering out of the darkness into the light, you know?

104. WELL, YOU MUST HAVE ASKED THE LORD FOR IT, HONEY, OR I WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN IT! I always get whatever you want. I don't like those demonism things, but He does say in the last days those things are going to get worse & worse! My mother used to say that the Devil was really going to cut loose in the time he has left!

105. GOOLAGONG SOUNDS FAMILIAR, WASN'T IT THE NAME OF THE WOMAN WORLD CHAMPION TENNIS PLAYER that was champion not too long ago? The Aborigine? It was even worse because it got stuck in my head because I kept trying to remember it to tell you when you woke up! It's almost kind of symbolic, like people's pasts really have to be buried or they're apt to plague them later.

106. HOW MANY GREAT CHRISTIAN INDIANS OR GREAT CHRISTIAN NEGROES HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF? They seem to be pretty weak. We haven't even had disciples from Tenerife that continued. You know those Islands, Tenerife & the others, were a real heathen, pagan land for centuries until just recently! They never even were evangelised until 500 years ago! They weren't even evangelised until a little before Columbus discovered America!

107. GET WORD TO JEREMY THAT HE SHOULD QUIT TRYING SO HARD! I don't try to get these revelations, I don't work hard at it & try to work it up!—I don't even try to pray it down! Normally I don't even ask for them, I just get them! I'm not even expecting them! That's God's business to inspire you! You can't inspire yourself. He just needs to live in the Word & close to the Lord, & if the Lord wants to give it‚ He'll give it!

108. IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT THAT BIG HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC STAR TOLD ME when I was in Monterey High & he was the bigshot, the big-man-on-campus, you know? I was having a little trouble with constipation in those days, nerves, & I used to have to sit in the boy's toilet room sometimes for half-an-hour, almost the whole lunch period! You know how long it usually takes me!

109. HE'D BEEN IN THE TOILET & OUT & GONE OUT TO PLAY BALL & HE CAME BACK IN when the school bell rang to go pee-pee before he went to class. He said, "Dave! Are you still here!" I said, "Yeah, I'm still trying hard!" And he laughed & said, "Don't work so hard at it! If it come, it come—if it don't come, it don't come!" He was kind of a cotton-picker, rough-tough guy. It's a funny thing, I often thought about that afterward. Well, if God wants it to come, it'll come! If not, it won't come! So quit working so hard at it!

110. "THE BATTLE OF THE BOSOMS"! I wonder if that's got anything to do with denipplisation? They were all cut–off bosoms! I remember one of them was trying to choke me! Come to think of it‚ I think they do have some jungles in Australia! There was jungle in that film we saw about the alligator hunting around Darwin‚ & up around the Darwin area are where most of the Aborigines live. The more I think about it, Goolagong was a female demon! We couldn't even dream up a thing like that, it's so far out! A ghoul, by the way, is a ghost! (Dad reads from the New Columbia Encyclopedia about the Aborigines:)

111. "OF APPROXIMATELY 200,000 ABORIGINES THERE HAVE BEEN ESTIMATED FROM 100 TO 600 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, although they do have similarities." So it must be that every little different tiny community spoke its own language. If they were right, at an estimated even 200 languages, that would mean that every thousand people spoke a different language! "Many of the Aboriginal languages have already died out. They do have a small common vocabulary between them. Very few of those languages have been studied. There are six major groups of them‚ & they have no writing."

112. IT SAYS, "THE GROUPS COMPRISING ABORIGINES ARE THOUGHT TO HAVE MIGRATED FROM S.E. ASIA," WHICH IS WHERE HONG KONG IS!—Confirming what I got about Hong Kong Goolagong! I mean, I have the strangest dreams anybody must have ever had! Not even Bible prophets had such crazy dreams! "Hong Kong Goolagong!" TYL! I'm not complaining, Lord! TYJ! Amen. You can send them all You want, the crazier the better!—As long as they mean something & they have a message or are worth something.

113. "AUSTRALIA WAS FIRST DISCOVERED BY THE EUROPEANS ABOUT 1600 & the Aborigines had already been there for‚" they claim here in the encyclopedia‚ "for 20,000 years!"—Ha! Probably 2,000! Just think, it's only been populated by the British a little more than 200 years! I mean, even North America was discovered 500 years ago! "1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue!" But Australia wasn't even discovered until the 1600s, 200 years later, & wasn't settled by Europeans until just 200 years ago!—1788, the first British settlement, a Penal Colony at Sydney. By 1829 the whole continent was considered to be British, a British possession.

114. EVONNE GOOLAGONG, THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL CHAMPION TENNIS PLAYER [IN THE '70s]! She won the Women's World Championship at [Wimbledon in 1971 and 1980]. Yvonne Goolagong! (Maria: You said you thought that name sounded familiar, & that came to you that maybe her name was something like that, at least. And then you asked James to look it up, & he had just seen an article a few days ago in the Herald Tribune, & since he follows tennis he'd read it. Then he went back & was able to check it out & find out what her name was. Her name was Goolagong Cawley. She got married.)

115. (TONGUES & PROPHECY:) "Thank You Jesus for the things Thou hast revealed unto thy little father!" TYL! TYJ!

116. THE CONTINENT WAS ONLY CROSSED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 1862, a little over 100 years ago. Goodnight‚ Honey! Why they had settlements on the West Coast of the United States, the Spanish & whatnot, & had been all over the place as early as 1500 & 1600! "It was used as dumping ground for criminals, bankrupts & other undesirables. Minerals, sheep & grains form the basis of the economy." It didn't have a constitution until 1898, & it wasn't even adopted until 1901!

117. "THE NORTHERN TERRITORY WAS THE LAST TO BE DEVELOPED & ADDED TO THE FEDERATION, as late as 1911"—think of that! So that really makes it the most recently discovered & populated & Western-developed continent in the World!—How about that! I mean recent! Its history is much more recent than that of the United States! North America had been explored & settled by the time the Europeans first discovered Australia!

118. JUST THINK, ITS FERTILE EAST COAST WITH ITS TEMPERATE CLIMATE WAS NOT EVEN DISCOVERED UNTIL 1770 BY CAPTAIN COOK! In other words‚ Australia was really just getting discovered by the British about the time of the U.S. Revolutionary War to free it from the British. And the first British settlement in 1788 was about the time of the first U.S. Constitution of the organised settled governmentally self-governed United States, the former British colonies! Goodness!

119. AUSTRALIA IS ABOUT 200 YEARS BEHIND THE REST OF THE WESTERN WORLD, & it wasn't even 'til 1829 that the whole Continent was claimed by the British! It was only crossed for the first time in 1862, by which time the U.S. already had trans-continental railroads! They had the first big gold rush in Victoria in 1851. Isn't that funny, that's about the time of the California & Alaskan gold rushes too!

120. BUT IT WAS ONLY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAST CENTURY THAT IT REALLY BEGAN TO BE PERMANENTLY COLONISED BY RESPECTABLE CITIZENS FROM BRITAIN, instead of the old penal settlements! It says here that the Northern Coast cities were bombed & shelled by the Japanese in World War 2 & it would probably have been invaded if it hadn't been for the Allied Coral Sea naval victory. I see here where it made the mistake of helping the U.S. with its invasion of South Vietnam!—Shame!

121. BUT ANYHOW, IT SAYS THAT THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT 125,000 ABORIGINES LEFT, & only 45,000 of these are pure stock, & 80,000 of mixed blood. I guess a lot of those convicts down there couldn't find any other women. "Most of whom live in the semi-desert Northern Region of the Northern more tropical part," where there's also some jungle around Darwin, I understand. You know we saw it in that movie where they had the crocodiles? It kind of looked like Florida. The largest Aborigines' reservation is Arnhem Land.

122. AS WE READ BEFORE, "THE ABORIGINES ARE THOUGHT TO HAVE MIGRATED FROM S.E. ASIA"—& that's where Hong Kong is! How about that!—"are related to ethnic groups of South India & Sri Lanka." I was never really interested in the Aborigines in Australia before because they always looked so ugly & weird & were such peculiar very primitive people, almost more primitive than the Africans! Until we saw that beautiful girl Sharuhen who's become one of the Family there, then I suddenly got this strange revelation.

123. "THEY A PRIMITIVE CULTURE & THEIR NATURAL STATE IS ADAPTED TO HUNTING & GATHERING FOOD, including with the noted boomerang." They apparently don't know much about their religion or anything. It says "their religious & social structure is very complex, involving totemic rituals & intricate classification system defining kinship & regulating marriages." Apparently they haven't even been studied very much, you know? Books about them have only been written as recently as beginning in the '50s & '60s, isn't that something? They're such an amazing & strange people! They're one of the last actual primitive cultures of genuine primitive aboriginal natives! I mean‚ they make the Black Africans look like civilised people!

125. GUESS WHAT THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM IS? You won't believe it! "Waltzing Matilda"! It was voted in 1973 to replace "God Save the Queen"! It's really kind of a crazy country! Ha! Can you imagine! Well‚ at least it's not as warlike as the "Star–Spangled Banner"! I think "Waltzing Matilda" is a very pretty song, it's a cute little song to dance to, but it's kind of inane for an anthem! Ha!

126. BUT WE'VE GOT A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL FAMILIES THERE!—We've just seen'm on Keda's latest video!—& beautiful country too!—Sorry, but we'd never really seen all Australia before!—Its gorgeous East & West Coasts!—All the System movies ever show you is its deserts & vipers!

127. GBY ALL! YOU'RE A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE & COUNTRY AFTER ALL—But watch out for HKG! He's a big bad one!—& we got'im reburied there in the jungle somewhere, so don't resurrect'im!—& look out for his buddies!—They're still around! You need a lota prayer to avoid'm!—Do you pray? GHU!


128. WE HAD THESE DREAMS & RECEIVED THIS REVELATION OF "HONG KONG GOOLAGONG" IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT EARLY THURSDAY MORNING THE 26th OF MARCH. The following Sunday night on the 29th after our Fellowship Communion‚ our Fellowship day with the Family‚ we were attempting to make a video of a Grandpa Story of "Grandmother's Battle for Healing," continuing her healing testimony which the Devil had fought so much by trying to choke me to death & make me very sick, vomiting, coughing & so on during the previous intervening week when after the previous Sunday night video about Grandmother's salvation we had promised on the next Grandpa video story to tell about her healing.

129. SO ON THIS NEXT VIDEO WE ALSO TESTIFIED HOW THE DEVIL TRIED TO KILL US THAT WEEK before we could even give the story of her healing, making us very sick & having such a bad cough so that I couldn't talk or make a video. Even while we were making this Sunday night video about Grandmother's battle for healing & testifying how the Devil tried to kill me before I could give it, I told also how the Devil often tried to kill Grandmother or stop her in some way every time she tried to tell that story!

130. THE DEVIL HATES IT SO BECAUSE IT HAS RESULTED IN SO MANY MARVELLOUS SALVATIONS & HEALINGS & had such a marvellous effect throughout the World & has borne such good fruit! He really hates that story of her healing, her salvation from atheism & healing from her deathbed! So right as we were talking about how the Devil had been fighting us against getting out that story on a Grandpa story video, suddenly out of the quiet grey sky came a shattering lighting bolt that put out the lights! It had been raining that day & it was cloudy, but there had been no thunder at all‚ no lighting whatsoever, not the slightest faintest rumble.

131. BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN THERE WAS ONE TERRIFIC CRACK OF THUNDER & A BOLT OF LIGHTING that almost exploded in the living room where we were making the video, & one of the Family told us that there was a bright flash of lightning, a regular ball of fire under the washbowl in Techi's room that moment of the crack, so that it almost seemed like the lightning bolt had actually hit the house & followed the plumbing to the ground!

132. IT IMMEDIATELY KNOCKED OUT OUR ELECTRICITY FOR A FEW MOMENTS‚ & YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED AN INTERRUPTION IN THE VIDEO of Grandmother's battle for healing, & we commented on it later on the video. The Devil was really mad! Well, we had no sooner restored the electricity & had resumed taping when "Boom! Crash! Bang!"—Another big loud crack & a bolt from the grey night sky without the slightest warning & it knocked out the electricity again!

133. THERE WERE VIRTUALLY NO WARNING RUMBLINGS OF THUNDER, JUST SUDDEN BOLTS FROM THE SKY!—Just like the Devil was really mad & tossing his worst fiery darts at us that he could muster up, really big lightning bolts, & there was a big bang & boom & out went the lights again! So as you noticed on the video when we came back on again we told you what a battle we were having trying to make that video about Grandmother's battle, & how the Devil fought us all week & tried to kill us & made us so sick & coughing & vomiting & so on, & how we were having a real battle trying to make that video about Grandmother's marvellous‚ miraculous, supernatural healing which the Devil hates so much!

134.—THEN THESE SUDDEN LIGHTNING BOLTS OUT OF A CALM SKY! There was no storm, no rain, no nothing! They came totally without warning & were absolutely so obviously supernatural & satanic, not at all normal whatsoever, that everybody was immediately convinced that the Devil was really taking some pot shots at us! So then as you recall that on that video of Grandmother's Battle, we told about the battle we'd been having with the Devil during the week & right then that night making the video despite his fiery lightning bolts! "Fiery darts!" (Eph.6:16.)

135. I TOLD THEN HOW I HAD RECEIVED THE HONG KONG GOOLAGONG DREAMS when the Devil tried to choke me to death during the night a few nights before. Davidito was sitting there listening as he sits there to hear the Grandpa story & he was drinking it all in with awe & wonder & eyes wide open when suddenly came these big sudden explosions of the Devil's lightning bolts & lights knocked out!—& I was talking about this weird demon Hong Kong Goolagong & the Devil trying to choke me to death in the middle of the night & being sick & all these things. Apparently it made more of an impression on poor little David's mind than we realised & really frightened him & put fear into his heart, although at the time he seemed to be very happy & was laughing & smiling at the victory the Lord had given us.

136. BUT THAT VERY NIGHT JUST AFTER THEY'D ALL GONE TO SLEEP, SUDDENLY DAVID WOKE UP CHOKING & GURGLING & CRYING FOR HELP! Davida woke up too & called for help for David. She was looking right at him as he was choking & almost hysterical & almost fainting, & she said loudly: "It's an attack of the Enemy!" She got the point right away! She's very psychic & spiritually sensitive & sometimes really grasps things almost quicker than we do, & she said:

137. "IT'S THE PESTILENCE IN DARKNESS."—& she began quoting Scripture! Of course Sara & Alfred came immediately & began praying for David & praying with him, & thank the Lord he was quickly delivered. But for a few moments it was a real battle royal with the Enemy & a real struggle with the Devil, a hand-to-hand conflict as he tried to kill David right in the middle of the night the same way he had tried to kill me a few nights before!

138. IT WAS DEFINITELY A DIRECT PHYSICAL ATTACK OF THE ENEMY JUST LIKE THE LIGHTING BOLTS THAT NIGHT that had knocked out our electricity while we were trying to make that show on Grandmother's healing! Because at the very same time he was having his battle in his room, I was also having a real battle with the Enemy, really upset & very very nervous & on edge & couldn't sleep & almost felt like screaming I was having such a battle with the Devil!

139. BUT THANK GOD MARIA ALWAYS STANDS BY ME & PRAYS FOR ME & WE ALMOST ALWAYS GET IMMEDIATE RELIEF or very soon. So after I had struggled to go to sleep for nearly two hours, she finally put on her beautiful Scripture tape that I love so much, of her own sweet calm voice reading so reassuringly those beautiful beautiful Scriptures with such faith-inspiring confidence! That was finally the only way we got the victory & the only thing that put me to sleep.

140. SO WE HAVE BEEN HAVING A REAL BATTLE WITH THE DEVIL AROUND HERE! He really hates this video series on Bible prophecy, & especially Grandmother's story! Though Hong Kong Goolagong is buried, some of his fiendish little cohorts still seem to be quite busy trying to hinder the Lord's Work here at the very source!

141. SO PLEASE REMEMBER US IN YOUR PRAYERS FOR THE LORD'S PROTECTION for His servants here, that we will be protected from these attacks of the Enemy in order to continue to serve Him & feed you, PTL!—And don't forget to pray for yourselves while you're at it! You need it too, for you're not ignorant of the Devil's devices & we need to constantly pray for the Lord's protection. PTL!

142. IT'S A WAR! THERE'S A REAL BATTLE GOING ON!—And not only here on the physical plane but also in the heavenlies, there's "War in Heaven" (Rev. 12) & was on Earth, & we're fighting to the finish! Hallelujah!—And we're bound to win, PG, in spite of all the battles & opposition of the Enemy! TYJ! He can't stop us now! TYL! Hallelujah!

143. BY THE WAY, I PRAYED & ASKED THE LORD TO PLEASE REVEAL TO ME WHAT THAT OBJECT WAS that we were burying which contained the spirit of Hong Kong Goolagong in the dream, & some time during the night last night I got it just as clear as anything! I looked down like in the dream again while we were burying it & it was his, guess what?—His boomerang!—You know, that funny–shaped weapon the Aborigines use that they throw at their game or enemies & it circles around & comes back to'm! I couldn't quite grasp it in the previous dreams because it was an unfamiliar object & it didn't quite click or make sense or register. I couldn't quite savvy what the object was that was being buried.

144. SO I FINALLY REALLY ASKED THE LORD LAST NIGHT, "WHAT WAS THAT THING?" & the Lord showed it to me again as clear as anything as it was being buried again in the dream, & it was his boomerang! So, thank God Hong Kong Goolagong's boomerang is buried, & him along with it, but there are a lot of his dirty little devils still in circulation around the whole World, & we are often being plagued & annoyed by these emissaries of Satan! But thank God they can't stop us! They're like flies & mosquitoes, little pests & nuisances‚ but they are annoying & they do sometimes delay or hinder us temporarily. But we always win the victory in the long run! TTL!

145. BUT DO PRAY FOR US & YOURSELVES & THE LORD'S WORK & OTHERS AROUND THE WORLD that the Lord will certainly gives us His protection in order to carry on His loving ministry of bringing His love to the World! PTL! Hallelujah! The Devil really hates it!—Which is a pretty good sign that we're doing the right thing! Hallelujah!—Amen? The Devil is really mad!—Which shows the Lord is really glad! So that shouldn't make you sad! PTL? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL for the victory in Jesus' name‚ amen!

146. PPS.—EVEN WHILE I WAS MAKING THIS TAPE describing these recent experiences of battling the Enemy, it seemed like the Devil got into our neighbour's dogs & they just nearly went wild barking! They've done that before, particularly when I'm trying to dictate or I'm writing or telling you a story or a dream or anything that really requires inspiration & the Spirit of God‚ then the spirit of the Devil really gets busy in those dogs & they just go wild!

147. SO IF THE DEVIL CAN'T GET INTO YOU OR INTO US, WATCH OUT FOR THE PEOPLE & THE ANIMALS AROUND YOU into whom he might be able to enter & cause you trouble! Watch & pray! Claim Scriptures against Him like: "Resist the Devil, & he will flee from you"‚ "When the Enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him", Neither give place to the Devil", "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." (Ja.4:7; Isa.59:19; Eph.4:27; 1Pe.5:8.)

148. KEEP YOUR MINDS STAYED ON JESUS!—HE CANNOT FAIL! Heaven & Earth shall pass away, but His Word shall never pass away. (Lk.21:33.) Even the Devil & all his demons are subject unto you! (Lk.10:17,20.) Jesus said, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" (Mt.28:18.)—And you have Jesus & all His power! Hallelujah! The Devil can't touch you without God's permission! Not a hair of your head! (Lk.21:18.) Hallelujah! PTL! TYJ!

149. RESIST HIM IN THE NAME OF JESUS & HE'LL FLEE FROM YOU! (Ja.4:7.) When Jesus was tempted by the Devil, He fought him with Scriptures! So get out your Sword & whack away! HE can't take it! He'll run! "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isa.59:19.) Hallelujah!

150. FIGHT! DON'T LET HIM GET YOU DOWN! HE CAN'T WIN UNLESS YOU SURRENDER! Don't give up! Keep going for God & you can't fail! You gotta win! You just can't lose‚ for Jesus is with you! "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Ro.8:31.)—Not even the Devil! Hallelujah! Sock it to'm!—With the Sword of the Spirit!—The Word!—Amen? That's the stuff!—That victories are made of! Just don't quit, & you can't lose! Hallelujah! Like the old song!



Winners never quit,

But quitters never win!

So let God's Son shine in,

Face Him with a grin!

Open up your heart

And let God's Son shine in!"

152.—AMEN? GBAKY FIGHTIN' TO THE FINISH!—Jesus is coming soon!—Then we'll really take over & sock it to all these dirty little devils forever! Hallelujah! Don't give up! The victory is in view! Hallelujah!