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Video Ministry, The

David Berg

—Our Vision for Video: Visit Via Video!—By Father DavidDFO 977

(Compiled by James 3/81 from tapes of advice to MWM, Keda, Paul & Marianne & others.)

1. VIDEO IS BRINGING THE SIGHTS & SOUNDS OF OUR HOMES & FAMILIES OF THE WHOLE WORLD TOGETHER so that videos are beginning to unite us in fellowship & in inspiration almost more than ever before! Now we can fellowship with the Homes far away that we never could possibly fellowship with otherwise—Homes on many different fields & in many different climes & situations & with all kinds of different people. I believe the Video Ministry is going to become a truly great ministry to bring the Family together in fellowship, however far away from each other.

2. SO PRAISE GOD FOR THIS AMAZING NEW MEDIUM OF FELLOWSHIP TOGETHER & INSPIRATION, that we can see each other & join together in wonderful inspiration, music, fellowship, testimonies & all the rest—via videos! I'm beginning to be convinced that it's worth it, & when I'm convinced the program is worth it, that real effort is worth it for the Family for its edification, strengthening, fellowship, etc., I'm ready to get behind it & push it all the way so that we can really make it a success & make it go over & be a blessing to all!

3. I WAS A BIT HESITANT ABOUT IT AT FIRST because videos are expensive & the cameras are expensive, & sending someone around with the equipment to do the shows, make the tapes‚ visit the Homes & do all of this camera work is quite a job & quite an art! I'm very tight & chintzy myself about money‚ so I was a bit concerned about going in so deep financially for videos & tapes etc. But WOW! This Video Ministry is exploding! I believe it's going to really pay for itself—if not financially, at least spiritually—particularly in poor isolated Homes who haven't got the fellowship that they need. It can bring us together!

4. SO PRAISE GOD FOR PAUL & MARIANNE, THE PIONEERS OF VIDEO! Hallelujah! This is getting to be their main ministry now going around visiting the Homes & taking pictures, making video tapes of all of our various Homes & precious Families in beautiful colour, & it's been such an inspiration to us, such a blessing! We have just flipped out in praise & tongues & hallelujahs as we have fellowshipped with you in your own Homes, face-to-face, via video!

5. WE'RE ABLE TO SEE YOU & HEAR YOU, & your testimonies & trials & victories thrill us & inspire us & encourage us! It's the pay-off, as far as we're concerned! We're at last actually able to see & hear with our own eyes & ears the fruits of our labours, of which we've had to trust the Lord for so many years. We read about it, we hear about it, we've heard tapes & we've read letters & all, but now it's just like seeing & hearing you face-to–face, actually seeing the results ourselves personally. And that is really the pay–off! It's been thrilling, wonderful, beautiful! Hal! TYJ!

6. IF WE CAN'T ACTUALLY GET TOGETHER PHYSICALLY because of time & space, we're sure enjoying getting together with you all in these videos! It's really a thrill for us because we have hardly ever had any physical fellowship with the Family since we left TSC for Europe the first time! Therefore it's a real treat for us & we're having almost as much fun as if we were right there with you! GBY all! Amen‚ Maria? (Maria: Amen!)

7. IT'S LIKE HAVING A PERSONAL VISIT THERE OURSELVES, which is almost impossible in the flesh, but we're certainly there in the spirit!—Particularly as we're inspired by these videos. There's nothing like seeing you in full colour walking & talking, just like seeing the real thing! The only thing we can't do is touch you because they haven't developed "feelies" yet. They've got the "movies" & the "talkies"‚ but they still don't have the "feelies". But I'm afraid if I could feel you it would be quite a distraction & I might not make it through the tape! Ha! We love these videos! We just are thrilled to pieces! It's another whole avenue of service, a whole new open door, a whole new ministry!

8. IT'S BEEN A REAL REVELATION of how much video tapes can do for the Family & our families, both yours & ours & others in many different areas. What a blessing they can be in joining our hearts & faces in fellowship & giving us a real insight into each other's work & really inspiring us to really get a move on with these video tapes!

9. I THINK THAT'S GOING TO BE OUR NEW MINISTRY, VIDEO TAPES FOR THE FAMILY. We've been using them now for some time with the leadership amongst the World Service Units, & we believe that with proper work & editing etc., they can be made suitable & safe for the whole Family, at least for those who have the equipment. And I believe the Lord can help you get it, at least perhaps one set in an area as well as someone to take it around & make tapes & show tapes. So PTL for the new VVV Ministry, the VVVM, Visit Via Video Ministry. PTL!

10. I MUST ADMIT THAT HO WAS REALLY THE PIONEER OF THAT MINISTRY many years ago in our earliest days, ten years ago! Then somehow or another one of them got stolen, another broken down, & we left for Europe leaving ours behind, so it sort of dropped out of sight for awhile. But it looks like the Lord's going to revive it now. We really need it for fellowship around the World & for those whom the Lord will honour for their faith & bless them with a video.

11. YOU CAN BUY VERY SMALL ONES that can fit easily into a drawer in your caravan, with a little tiny portable colour TV that's not much more than a foot square & a foot deep which you can set on your dining room table or on a shelf. You can have all the fun in the World, in the Family‚ by enjoying these beautiful videos of Family activities & Homes & ministries, as well as other videos such as news films & even famous classical feature films, educational tapes for your children, etc. There's just a vast field of use for videos in many different ways.

12. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE THE FAITH TO TRUST GOD FOR THE FUNDS to buy one & tuck it away in your trailer, I would certainly recommend them because they've definitely been a blessing to us, particularly in foreign countries where we cannot see movies or the news in our own languages. It has been a blessing even in that area‚ but now even more so in the Family fellowship of seeing you & your Homes & your ministry & hearing your testimony, it's been a real real blessing, the greatest blessing of all! So I think God is going to really use it.

13. AFTER ALL, MONEY'S NOT IMPORTANT TO THE LORD, even if it costs a little bit more & we have to put out a little more, sacrifice a little more to enjoy your fellowship, it's worth it! And to see you & watch your ministry, it's a real blessing! It kind of really brings the whole Family together in one great big fellowship where we can all see each other worldwide & how great we're doin'!

14. SO PTL! GOD BLESS PAUL & MARIANNE & MARIA TOO FOR HAVING THE FAITH FOR THIS NEW VIDEO MINISTRY! I would call it a real ministry for the Lord & for the Family, a real blessing, & I think we're going to have to try to do our best to make it possible & have the faith for you folks out there to have more video equipment.

15. A LITTLE TINY SMALL COLOUR PORTABLE TV IS SUFFICIENT FOR ANY CARAVAN. This will make it possible for us to exchange video tapes of each other & the Family etc. It really is a tremendous fellowship tool, a tremendous inspirational tool, & I think you'll find it a tremendous blessing!

16. WE JUST THRILL WITH IT, OUR FAMILIES HERE! We're circulating them right now for original reaction & comments from the WS Family, to see what they think about them & if they have any suggestions, etc. It's sort of a trial experiment with our circulating library of video tapes. We view them & pass them around amongst WS Homes, of which we have many, & get a tremendous inspirational blessing out of them! We try to have at least one video machine & one colour TV in each area where several of our WS units can gather together & watch the videos, so you don't necessarily have to have one in every home.

17. YOU COULD JUST PUT ONE IN THE BIGGEST HOME WHERE ALL YOUR HOMES CAN GATHER & WATCH THEM. Maybe you could all chip in & help buy it. You can pick them up even used pretty cheap, as these little colour TVs are getting very reasonable even now! They're certainly not too expensive if you have the faith, trust the Lord, & are able to really see the value & the real need of having videos for inspiration, education, fellowship & even for witnessing to others with our Family shows!

18. WE'VE EVEN SUGGESTED YOU HAVE A NIGHT OR TWO A WEEK IN WHICH YOU SHOW FAMILY VIDEOS, MWM videos‚ & invite in your friends & relatives & family & neighbours & other homes. I think they'll all enjoy it & it would be a great blessing & inspiration & testimony & witness. And once again they can say it was the look on your face, that smile, that convincing testimony‚ those words of love which won their hearts! They may not be able to see you in person, but now they can see you on video!—TTL!

19. I THINK THIS MAY BE THE SOLUTION TO THE FELLOWSHIP PROBLEM of so many isolated single Family Homes. So let's do what we can. Pray about it & ask the Lord to help you have the faith for one. They're not too big to carry even in your caravan. We stick ours on a little shelf, put our TV on top of it & we've got a nice little combo right there, plus a little shelf for videos. They don't take up much room, & whatever they take up, they're worth it; & whatever their cost, they're worth it! A $20 video = $500 of 8 mm moviefilm!

20. THEY'LL RENEW YOUR FAMILY FELLOWSHIP & INSPIRE YOUR HEART & ENCOURAGE YOU THAT GOD IS NOT DEAD! The Family is not dead, you're not dead, and we're still going strong, & there are plenty of places where there's lots going on! If you feel dead, then maybe it will help bring you back to life. If your ministry seems dead, maybe it'll inspire you to renew it. And if your area is dead, maybe it will stir you all up again to realise that we're not all dead & there are lots of us still going strong for the Lord—witnessing, litnessing, inspiring, fellowshipping & being a great blessing & testimony to the World & each other! So get with it! Don't be a deadhead or a dodo or a pinch-penny! Ask God to give you the faith to get a video to stick in your caravan, camper or whatever.

21. YOU CAN EVEN GET MODELS THAT RUN ON 12–VOLT BATTERY PACKS! We used to have one in the Cruiser that operated independently on our 12-volt system for hours, ran it right off the two batteries that we had for the motor! I used to play the tapes on a little shelf over my feet in our bedroom where we had the video & the tiny little TV right there on the shelf that we built especially for them, right over our feet at the bottom of the bed so that we could have the inspirational blessing of watching you folks around the World! It was a great blessing when we were travelling with our camper, wherever we were. Even if we couldn't get TV, we could always have video, & it certainly was an inspiration & blessing!—Try it!—You'll love it!

22. SO I'M ALL FOR IT, I'M SOLD! I'm really thrilled with its possibilities & potentialities of this great new Video Ministry that Paul & Marianne are helping to pioneer‚ with Maria's backing, & now they've just about got me sold too. So I hope I'm selling you, praise God? Hallelujah! Get that video & get with it, & if you can, get a camera in your area or borrow one, beg one, rent one‚ buy one—I wouldn't steal one—but maybe you can provision one.

23. YOU ONLY NEED ONE CAMERA FOR MAYBE A WHOLE AREA OR COUNTRY. You could pass it around with a video backpack & take pictures in your area. Maybe you VS's can have the faith for it, or get some Homes to chip in together to buy you one so you can go around to all the various Homes taking pictures & sharing them with us & others & Homes around the World & around your area as well. I think you'll find it a very great blessing!—We do!

24. YOU CAN SEND YOU & YOUR WHOLE FAMILY THROUGH THE MAIL for just a few cents in one little tiny package, many many miles away, to other Homes to be a blessing to them!—A trip which would cost a terrible lot of money if you had to all go there in person. Now you can go there virtually in person & the Spirit via video with just one little video tape in a nice package & only a few cents postage, as against colossal fares! You can visit each other by video! Visit via video! That's a good phrase!: Visit via video!—Visit back & forth by exchanging videos through the mail!

25. VIDEOS—THE BEST BARGAIN EVER! The Video is the biggest bargain in photography that the World has ever seen! You can't beat the cost-savings of the use & convenience of video compared to home sound/colour 8 mm movies, which are terribly expensive in comparison!—$10 for only 31/2 minutes! Videos are only $20 for 3 hours!

26. WHEN I FIRST FIGURED THAT OUT I said, "We'd be crazy not to go in for video! We'd be losing money not to go into video when it's so cheap & convenient & easy for us to use!—We've already got a television, all we need is a little video player!" Of course, now we're going for cameras too so we can take our own videos, but goodnight, that's at a fraction of the cost of 8mm movies! How could we have ever taken movies of long meetings‚ dinners, lessons, dancing & singing with the kids & all that stuff with 8mm movies? You couldn't even think of taking that much on movies! 8mm! It's cost a fortune!

27. VIDEOS ARE ACTUALLY MUCH CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN, & MUCH BETTER IN MANY WAYS! You can use & re-use the tapes. If you make a mistake you can go back & erase it & do it over, & you don't have to wait long weeks for then to be sent away & developed & maybe get lost in some faraway place. You can have instant replay & instant re-use, & if there is anything worth while on TV you can even record that—some news or music or whatever you like!

28. BUT BEST OF ALL YOU CAN RECORD FAMILY ACTIVITIES & FAMILY MINISTRIES & Family testimonies & Family inspiration & Family fellowship & all the wonderful things about our Family & share them with each other around the World! So I'm really sold on this Video Ministry, the VM, praise God! We've got VS's & now we can have VM's too—VS's maybe with VM ministries! That way you can share one video machine & camera with a whole area & a lot of Families & Homes, & the VS's can take them around from place to place.

29. MAYBE YOU HOMES CAN GET TOGETHER & TRY TO BUY A PORTABLE VIDEO FOR YOUR VS's so they can go around & take pictures in all of your Homes & share them with all of you to increase your fellowship & your inspiration & your communication with each other, as well as with the Lord, amen? And on top of it, make them a blessing to others—friends, family & relatives that you can invite in to view them, to inspire them as well!

30. MAYBE THIS VIDEO MINISTRY WILL GIVE YOU VS's A NEW VISION FOR A NEW MINISTRY to go about & take & show videos of the families in your area. Even if the local Homes can't afford or don't have videos or colour TVs either one, if you haul around your video, camera & a colour TV‚ you can both show videos from other Homes as well as take videos to share with other Homes. That would be a great blessing & we're hoping to help make this possible! PTL! TYJ!

31. (MARIA: WE WERE A LITTLE JEALOUS WHEN WE HEARD THAT SOME PEOPLE HAD ALREADY GONE AHEAD & STARTED TAKING VIDEOS & were taking them around to the different Homes & showing them. We had never received any of them‚ so we were a little hurt that we didn't get a chance to share in seeing our Family.)

32. AMEN! SHARING IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, & IN LOVE! We share love, we share each other, share the Lord & His Love, & we like to share the videos too. So please tell anybody who's got videos that when they get tired of looking at'm, send them to us & we'll be happy to pass'm around in the Family, particularly the WS Family right now, & trust that there are no security breaches of any kind. If we keep'm right in the Family, I don't think you have anything to worry about, & we certainly do enjoy them.

33. KID POWER VIA VIDEO! We're getting more videos all the time, & we are sold on videos, how they're an excellent teaching tool as well as recreational tool, & very good for the children if you have the right material. We realised how easily adaptable many of the Komix would be to flannelgraphs & then transferred to video & easily re-used that way with a minimum of replay effort. We were just thrilled to think of the potential of beautiful colour videos of both Bible stories & the story-like dreams that we've had for children such as "Alice in the Magic Garden" which was just absolutely beautiful!

34. WE ALSO SAW WHAT TREMENDOUS DRAMATIC POSSIBILITIES it has for children in copying the various Komix that are particularly suited to children, if there are sufficient illustrations. If not, we might have to supply a few additional to fill out the story, then add the sound.

35. MWM TV SHOWS! Now that we have plenty of radio shows in stock to keep our radio stations happy for six months or more, we can turn our greater attention & time & effort toward making more video shows for both the Family & friends & relatives & outsiders & perhaps even television! Hallelujah!

36. WE'VE SUGGESTED THAT YOU JUST SIMPLY FOLLOW THE SAME SCRIPT as you have on the radio shows, so that you don't have to rearrange the music or the dialogue or anything. Just use the same format & the same script, save a lot of trouble & time, & they're just as good, only we get to see'm!—And the whole Family & the whole World can see them!—On simple videos!

37. IF WE MAKE THREE-HOUR VIDEO TAPES CONTAINING SIX VIDEO SHOWS PER TAPE, this ought to keep any family happy for quite awhile! Keep it in circulation amongst the Homes, starting off as a test balloon trial-run itinerary with WS Families and Homes. We're trying to make sure that each WS Center of one or more Units has a video with colour TV available so that they can play these tapes & feel closer to you & know & understand you better & pray for you more, as well as use them for witnessing tools for other Homes to show to friends & neighbours & relatives & prospective disciples, fish, etc.

38. I WOULDN'T SAY THAT THE CHRISTMAS SHOW WAS OF TELEVISION STATION QUALITY, but it was mighty good, & it certainly is good enough for the Family who already love you & will forgive you for the few little blips & flips & a few of the not-quite-as- professional items. Anyhow, that was a good Christmas Show, folks, & GBY for it! With our rather amateur equipment & considering it's all new to us trying to make a TV Show—at least most of us—I think you did mighty well.—Beautiful!

39. IT'S CERTAINLY GOOD FOR THE FAMILY & anyone that they want to show it to. With some of those video & audio breaks, that particular show of course couldn't be very well shown on commercial television or even public service television—at least in the U.S. where they're very particular about quality. But I wouldn't be surprised if maybe some of the smaller stations in the poorer countries wouldn't be so finicky & might even use it.—We can try. What a tool!

40. YOU CAN ALWAYS GIVE'M A TRY! You folks are the greatest salesmen in the World, because you've got the greatest products‚ PTL: Jesus & the Gospel!—And you! These shows really show that you're like! You're the proof of the pudding! You are the products of the Gospel & the love of Jesus! I really enjoy'm‚ I really like them, they're really beautiful & I know the Family will love'm, as well as your guests & friends & relatives & folks in your neighbourhood or folks in your trailer park, campground, churches or wherever you may show them.

41. WE MAY NOT HAVE THE PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT & PROFESSIONAL STUDIOS, BUT WE SURE HAVE GOT THE PROFESSIONALS! So even with our amateur equipment & studio we may not be able to book particular commercial or public TV stations, but we can sure book those of the Family that have videos & put them on the video circuit for the Family & their friends! They can have special "MWM Night" shows maybe once a week with their friends & relatives & invite them all to the house for the show! See some MWM shows & have refreshments! We can try out the first ones on the Family‚ friends & relatives first‚ & really get the Message across, & someday maybe we can graduate to real TV stations! Amen?

42. WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT SOME KIND OF FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT by which everybody that's got videos can afford them‚ & MWM can afford to produce videos for them: Maybe a kind of lending library idea, a circulating library where you don't buy them—it would be a little bit too expensive for anybody to stockpile a library of them—but play them for friends & relatives & neighbours & circulate them then on to other members of the Family, other Homes, keeping a constant turnover & variety.

43. THIS WAY THEY CAN BE SHARED BY ALL, & THE EXPENSES CAN BE SHARED AS WELL, so that it doesn't make it too heavy a financial burden on any individual Home that has a video. Of course if you've got a video, you should be able to afford to pay something for the use of the video tapes. I'm sure probably a lot of you folks back in the States or rich Europe, some of you stable Homes who are working at jobs & earning good money‚ can afford videos & tapes. We are sure going to try & supply them so that you can make them a tool for the Lord & a blessing to others if you can help us pay for them.

44. SO SIMON, YOU'RE NOT ONLY THE FATHER OF A RADIO SHOW, but it looks like you're going to become the father of a Video Show, which may turn into a TV Show, PG! So let's see one of those video shows at least once a week, okay? Can you do that, so we can put it on the circuit & make it a blessing to the whole Family & all their friends & neighbours & relatives & the World!—Amen? PTL! GBY! Keep trying!

45. WE SURE ARE IMPRESSED WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL LOOKS & APPEARANCES! "Man looketh on the outward appearance" & you make a big impression on people! Of course, God looks on the heart, & that's where the power has to be, to make the outward appearance even look what it should. So really try to gear now for aiming at producing good videos as well as good audios for both radio & TV stations!

46. OUR FAMILY THEN COULD SUPPLY A HALFHOUR SHOW TO YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, RELATIVES & NEIGHBOURS once a week in your Homes‚ or even in local club halls or churches or camps, in order to arouse interest & appetite for the Show, get across the Message & win friends & influence people & use it as a tool‚ an avenue of witnessing & an instrument for serving the Lord, to get out the Message with real meaning in a vivid video as well as music!

47. EVEN A MOBILE HOME WITH A VIDEO can show them publicly in the trailer parks & campgrounds & tourist camps etc. It would be quite an attraction in the evening when vacationers don't have very much to do & are easily brought into a crowd by almost any kind of entertainment. You can either show it as though you were showing it privately in your own little yard under your own little awning or outside your caravan, & deliberately try to attract a little attention of your neighbours or even invite them!

48. TURN IT UP GOOD & BRIGHT & LOUD, & I'm sure you'll probably have some...somebody started to say complaints! Ha! Well, you don't want to show it too late at night so that you disturb your neighbours, but in the early evening after dark when they can see it best, or perhaps even in the daytime you can turn'r up & turn'r on a bit loud so that it attracts a little attention, & I don't doubt you'll have some extra viewers!

49. YOU CAN EVEN INVITE FOLKS OVER FOR A SHOW YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE! "Some of my friends have made a TV show‚ would you like to see it? It's a good music show!" Tell'm you're going to have it at a certain time & invite'm over. You might even print up a little card or post on board‚ or write it by hand & distribute it around in the campground to every camper, or each campsite, & tell'm that you're going to have a special musical show at Number so & so at such & such a time in the evening & they 'd be welcome.

50. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT IF YOU HAVE A LARGE ENOUGH TV that the camp management might even let you use their community hall or someplace like that to show your show, & I'm sure that most folks would enjoy it—even if there were a few blips & slips, I don't think anybody's going to hold them against you. They'll realise that we're more or less non-professionals‚ as least as far as the camerawork & our equipment is concerned.

51. MOST NORMAL MOVIES LAST AN HOUR-&-A-HALF, so you might be able to show a whole half of a three-hour tape which would be an hour–&-a- half of three MWM video shows, which I think would certainly be a good heavy dose of our music & spirit & message—Music with a Meaning! PTL? Hallelujah!—Amen! I'm all for it!

52. OR IF YOU ARE IN A MORE PERMANENT SITUATION, invite your friends & family & relatives, enemies & foes & whoever, to see the show. They'll love it! Maybe you can serve them a few little refreshments, drinks, have a nice little chat & talk & maybe even close with a little word of prayer for their souls‚ & then do some real good strong witnessing individually afterward!

53. SO LET'S GO TO WORK ON THE VIDEO SHOW!—Amen? I want to see more of those gorgeous videos! They're beautiful! You're really learning how & the scenery is gorgeous, the background & the music is gorgeous, you people are gorgeous & your love & loving message is gorgeous too. PTL! On with the show! GBY all for doing such a good job & doing as well as you are doing with such simple home video equipment, not really professional equipment, at all, & we're certainly not professional photographers‚ but you're certainly learning! GBY! We love'm!

54. I PRESENT THE POSSIBILITIES & YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND THE WAYS, GBY! I don't know many of the answers, all I know is the questions, but I know we'll find the answers, & you have a lot of them already. PTL! It just takes time & experience to learn anything, & this medium is a whole new art for most of us, with which we're still becoming familiarised. Just pray that we can learn how to use those cameras & our equipment so that it keeps getting better all the time.—Amen?

55. AND THANKS TO P&M & YOU OTHERS FOR THIS WONDERFUL NEW VIDEO MINISTRY! Praise God? Amen? Give'm a hand! Amen! Hallelujah! GBY all & continue to make you a blessing with this beautiful new Video Ministry that God has led you into! It certainly has been a blessing & inspiration to us, & really really set us on fire! So keep'm rolling! Amen? We'll help you all we can to make sure you are able to do it, & hope you can travel after making these videos everywhere you possibly can.

56. WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE THE REST OF THE FAMILY, the rest of you who do have videos, if you could possibly either borrow or rent or even perhaps buy a camera, to make local videos in your area. Perhaps you can get one of those portable videos which are not too expensive that you can carry in a backpack‚ just like Ho used to do in the early days. We had a video then, a couple of them‚ & they went around taking pictures of the various Homes.—Terrific!

57. THANK GOD FOR PAUL & MARIANNE'S WILLINGNESS TO MAKE THE SACRIFICE, carry this heavy load of all this equipment place to place, & go through all the difficult technical details of setting up & making the videos. They do such a good job both technically & on stage! They're excellent MCs & interviewers, & their beautiful love & precious concern for you just draws you out & helps you to understand their sweet questions & keeps the ball rolling & the information coming. So keep those videos coming! We're thrilled with them! Thanks!

58. WE'RE MAKING TAPES ON THIS END TOO, & some day, God willing‚ you may be able to see the Old Rascal himself in action! WOW! Some of you may remember me from past days‚ past times when I was a little more active amongst you, face to face. But I'm sorry we can't do that now for the sake of security. But at least you've got some representations in the Komix & the Letters in the good characterisations the artists draw, which aren't too far off!

59. BUT SOME OF THESE DAYS MAYBE AFTER I'M GONE, dear Maria will release these tapes to let you see the Old Rascal himself teaching our local Family & emoting a bit on this end! So she's got a lot of things up her sleeve that she's saving for after I'm gone! You should see all the colour photos she's got, our whole life history in pictures, & stacking up the video tapes, etc., etc. So there's more to come! So hang on Folks!—The show's not over yet! It's only beginnin'!

60. WELL, I GUESS THAT'S ENOUGH SAID! I've had your picture, dear Marianne, on pause here for a long time until it's about to wear out! But it was your inspiration that inspired me to give this little talk on videos! PTL! GBY all! WLY! Go via video! Visit via video!—VVV!—Amen? Viva la Video! Hallelujah! GBAKY VVVing!—In Jesus' name‚ amen! WLY!