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Video Vision

David Berg

—A Final Warning!—By Father DavidDFO971 27 February 1981

1. ONCE YOU'VE GOT YOUR VIDEOS, PARTICULARLY IF YOU'VE GOT THESE PORTABLE VIDEOS, YOU'RE NOT DEPENDENT ON LOCAL TELEVISION & you're not even completely dependent on local electricity. You're only dependent on the mails—or couriers if we have to resort to that. I think it's the most lasting possible type of visual ministry that we could have, because it's not wholly dependent on either radio or television or any things that could be easily affected by a catastrophe. You could even run your video on your car battery!

2. THE ONLY THING WE'RE DEPENDENT REALLY ON THE SYSTEM FOR IS SOME MEANS TO CIRCULATE THEM, & we might have to go back to the old & New Testament methods of personal couriers. It's only been a hundred years since the World was almost totally dependent on couriers for the mails & messages‚ & it wasn't anything unusual for Paul to have to send his letters by individual travellers that were going that way. They took them from area to area & copied them & spread them around. People that have videos could even make copies in their local area if the postal system became difficult, & circulate them locally.

3. WELL, WE CERTAINLY HAVE GOT TO GET OUR VIDEO MINISTRY BETTER ORGANISED & I'm really waiting on this commercial sample to see how they do it‚ to see how they circulate their library, because it's going to be a little more complicated than just sending out magazines that everybody keeps.—Because we can't afford to send out videos that everybody keeps!

4. IT'S GOING TO HAVE TO BE A CIRCULATING LIBRARY WHERE WE MAIL OUT THE COPIES & THEY FORWARD THEM ON, on a predetermined itinerary or circuit like the old circuit preachers, so that they finally come back to the source after everybody's seen them. Then we can either keep them as an archive library or we can erase them & use them for new shows. It's all got to be worked out. It's just in the embryonic stages right now.

5. THE MAIN THING WE'RE LEARNING HOW TO DO RIGHT NOW IS PRODUCE SHOWS AT ALL, & you're doing a good job of it! MWM has produced some beautiful shows! And a few of our roving video-camera teams have sent us some fascinating videos of the Family in certain areas which were very interesting.

6. (MARIA: IN THAT CASE THEY SHOULD SEND US THEIR ORIGINALS, because if we're going to edit & we're going to take off parts to send to the whole Family & all the World, whoever is going to do the editing on the equipment would need to have as good a copy as possible. So they almost have to send us their originals, which is about the only thing we can copy well.) Yes‚ of course you will have to keep a copy & send us the originals.

7. (MARIA: AND OF COURSE TO MAKE A COPY IT TAKES TWO MACHINES. They might be able to take theirs into a shop somewhere maybe & just make a copy, provision a copy off another machine some way because it's a little difficult in some places.) Well, whoever is really in the business of producing shows like MWM ought to have a couple of machines. (Maria: Yes‚ MWM, but I mean people like Keda or Zach & Lamb.) Or you can always wait until you get to somebody who has one on your circuit & make a few copies and then send us your originals.

8. YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND THE ORIGINAL WITHOUT KEEPING A COPY, because we've sadly lost one or two already, & you should never send them without either insuring or registering them & honestly declaring the contents for customs. Or you might be able to rent a machine just for one day or so, even go down to some professional video studio or dealer & ask them to make a copy.

9. I BET YOU COULD EVEN PROVISION COPIES FROM VIDEO DEALERS. It's not costing the video dealer anything except to run one of his machines for an hour or two. (Maria: That is of course if they're in the country that has the same system as they have on their machine, so that's another consideration.) Yes.

10. YOU CAN ALMOST TELL WHICH PARTS OF SOUTH AMERICA ARE DOMINATED BY THE U.S. BY LOOKING AT THE TV MAP. Countries that use U.S. television & its system are obviously closer linked to the U.S. & U.S. TV dominates them. Whereas the more independent countries & the more European countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay etc. use the European system, PAL.

11. SO IF YOU'VE ALREADY GONE AHEAD & MADE THE MISTAKE OF BUYING AMERICAN SYSTEM, you might as well get rid of them, because they're not going to be any good after America goes down anyway. You'd better get PAL-VHS & definitely not Betamax.

12. BUT I REALLY BELIEVE IT'S GOING TO BE ONE OF THE FAMILY'S PRIMARY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION & FELLOWSHIP and all the more so when it becomes difficult to travel from country to country due to the war, etc. Although travel was greatly restricted during the war, post was maintained throughout the war even in war areas because it was considered just as vital to communications as telephone, telegraph & transportation.

13. THE WORLD HAS SIMPLY GOTTEN TO THE POINT THAT IT CANNOT DO WITHOUT SOME OF THESE MODERN ESSENTIALS FOR VERY LONG, such as electricity & various means of communication & transportation, of which ships & the post are some of the very earliest & considered vital necessities. So electricity‚ travel & the mails will probably be some of the first necessities to be restored after the war or even during the war if interrupted at all.

14. AND AS WE SAID, YOU CAN EVEN PLAY YOUR PORTABLE TVs & VIDEOS ON BATTERIES if electricity is temporarily interrupted & each Video Family should always have a few videos on hand that you can play for yourselves & others for your inspiration & encouragement & as a witness.

15. SO I DON'T EXPECT THE WAR TO INTERRUPT THE VIDEO MINISTRY any more than it's going to interrupt communication & transportation, once you've got your videos & equipment. However, during any war such equipment is apt to be considered a luxury item that is eliminated or the manufacture of which is eliminated or temporarily halted in favour of greater necessities & war industries.

16. PUBLIC UTILITIES‚ COMMUNICATIONS & TRANSPORTATION WHICH ARE TEMPORARILY INTERRUPTED by any kind of catastrophe are the very first public necessities to be restored, because it's considered that modern man cannot live or function without them, & I don't expect them to even be interrupted in areas outside of the war zones to which we've advised the Family to flee & where I expect you to be able to continue to operate your videos & enjoy the magazines in spite of the war, providing we get our sources & general distribution centers out of the war zone also.

17. BUT IT WON'T DO MUCH GOOD TO GET THE BODY OUT OF DANGER, IF WE STILL LEAVE THE HEAD EXPOSED TO THE CROSSFIRE! So we not only need to get the Family out of the war zones but the leadership as well, & as soon as possible, & which we're now in the process of doing‚ God willing, so that our creations, production & distribution centers will not be affected by the war & be able to continue to function & minister to the Family wherever God wills.

18. RIGHT NOW NONE OF THESE HEADS ARE IN WHAT I WOULD CONSIDER THE MOST PRIMARY & VULNERABLE WAR ZONES, but they are in the secondary war areas which would be definitely immediately affected & hindered & hampered if not actually destroyed. So we need to move all of these operations further South as soon as possible.

19. THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE IS THE DANGER AREA, not only as war zones directly affected by the conflict, but also indirectly by fallout & secondary effects due to their proximity to the war zones. The only fairly safe areas likely to be least affected by atomic warfare are in the Southern Hemisphere & Far East.

20. AS WE HAVE EXPLAINED BEFORE: SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTHERN AFRICA, THE EAST INDIES, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & SOUTH PACIFIC should be the safest, unaffected by either atomic strikes or fallout. The secondary areas which may be safe if there's not too much fallout, & will probably be safe at least from direct hits, are most likely Central America, the Caribbean‚ Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Japan & the North Pacific, except for those areas in which there are actual U.S. bases which would be targets.

21. SOME OF THESE WOULD ALSO LESS LIKELY BE AFFECTED BY CONVENTIONAL GROUND WARFARE due to the general war & Communist takeover but which could possibly at least be avoided for awhile in some cases. I didn't mention the Middle East because it's an area which is already at war & will be constantly at war until the Antichrist takes over & settles the whole thing with his new World Government.

22. SO THE MIDDLE EAST IS AN AREA TO BE AVOIDED IF POSSIBLE, EVEN NOW, unless you're not afraid of war & have the faith for God to spare you in it because you're so sure of your calling there. But I would certainly say that you'd surely have to have a direct revelation from God or some supernatural burden or calling to remain anywhere in Europe or North America or the Mideast!

23. EVEN THE NORTHERNMOST AREAS SUCH AS CANADA & SCANDINAVIA will most likely be directly affected by immediate fallout even though unlikely target areas, & may find it difficult to survive without fuel for awhile until the distribution of fuels & utilities are restored.

24. THE VERY SAFEST AREAS OF COURSE ARE THE TROPICAL & SUB- TROPICAL AREAS with warm climates which do not require heat & fuel nor even public utilities & where you have natural sources of food & water & require little or no heat & clothing. So it's back to the jungles & the tropical isles & the primitive life of the simple natives if you want to survive & continue your ministry for the Lord & others!

25. OF COURSE IF YOU'RE TIRED OF LIVING & WEARY OF THE BATTLE ALREADY, just stay put & both will be over soon & you probably won't even know what hit you unless you're unfortunately in a fringe area of great suffering which did not receive the blessing of direct hits!

26. SO TAKE YOUR CHOICE: Sudden death, sudden glory; slow agonising death with the war-zone survivors; or a very slow lingering sick death in the fallout areas; or a dodge'm-if-you-can run-for-safety & constant flight in the minor conventional war zones!

27.—OR ALMOST COMPLETE FREEDOM & SAFETY FROM THE HORRORS & THE TROUBLES OF THE NORTH in the simple primitive life of the tropics & some Southern Hemisphere where we hope the major public utilities, fuel, food & water & electricity supplies will be unaffected or only barely temporarily if at all—including communications & transportation—especially electricity & the post upon which our videos & our magazines depend at present & will continue, God willing‚ even if we have to resort to personal couriers & battery operations!

28. WHICH REMINDS ME, YOU SHOULD BY ALL MEANS LOOK INTO WIND– DRIVEN ELECTRICAL GENERATORS FOR YOUR REFUGES whether in or out of the danger zone. These are already widely in use throughout the World & purchasable from commercial manufacturers. So that the same wind which generates your electricity & stores it in batteries for continuous operation can also pump your water from a deep well if necessary if no other natural sources are handy.

29. SO THERE'S NO NEED FOR ANY OF YOU TO BE WITHOUT THESE NORMAL NECESSITIES if you make proper preparations in the right areas, as we have recommended for many years. So if you die or suffer & your ministry is hindered or ended by the coming war, it will be your own fault because you did not heed our warnings & follow our suggestions & make proper survival preparations.

30. AS FORM ME & MY HOUSE, WE EXPECT TO CONTINUE TO SERVE THE LORD UNTIL HIS COMING despite all the Hell that's going to be let loose in the Northern Hemisphere in the Coming war & the chaos that will follow, which will little affect, if at all, the peaceful, primitive lives of the simple natives of the tropics & Southern Hemisphere.

31. SO WE WARN YOU AGAIN THAT IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE THE COMING HOLOCAUST & CONTINUE YOUR MINISTRY FOR THE LORD, YOU'D BETTER MOVE SOUTH SOON, because the war clouds are gathering & getting blacker every day as the U.S. & Russia prepare to shoot it out soon.—As the skies grow redder with warning & the clouds blacker with dangerous darkness‚ the Great Confusion draws nearer every day & will take millions by surprise!

32. BUT YOU NEED NOT BE CAUGHT IN IT NOR YOUR FAMILY NOR YOUR LITTLE ONES nor cause them suffering if you have heeded ours & the Lord's warning & fled South to safer areas where you are better prepared to survive & continue our ministry to the millions remaining‚ as we expect to God willing. Don't delay, do it today!—Tomorrow may be too late! GBAKYAMYAB till Jesus comes, in Jesus' name, amen.—We just have to repeat for you sheep the same simple commands over & over again & it finally sinks in! The Bible repeats & repeats.—So here it is again!:—GO SOUTH NOW!