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Attention All Family Members--Important Notices

David Berg

—By M&M!DFO9661/2/81

1. ARTISTS: Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly to our requests for the final Komix for Volumes 1 & 2. We were thrilled to receive each one of them! They're beautiful! It's wonderful to have many of you back once again working with us! GBY! If you haven't received an assignment that's because we don't know you're an artist &/or we don't have your address. Please send it to us now if you are interested in helping us on the Komix or colour covers & would like an assignment.—Thanks!—If your work is worthy of publishing you'll immediately receive a thank-you gift from WS!—So don't delay! Write today!

2. CATNIP TEA!: Thank you very much for your prayers for us! For three weeks now we have been almost entirely free of indigestion as direct & miraculous answer to your prayers! The Lord led us to start drinking a cup of catnip tea at night in place of our usual glasses of wine, & taking papaya tablets or syrup. Catnip tea is known to be good for indigestion of all sorts & insomnia. It is a very good sedative! Good even for children, & papaya recommended by one of you is the only known food that contains papain‚ a powerful enzyme that aids digestion of protein foods. Through your prayers the Lord led us to try this tea, a simple natural remedy which He has used in such a tremendous way! We also stopped coffee for awhile.—Now we feel like sleeping all the time!—Ha! Guess we need a bit of that to keep us awake! Thank you for all your concern & tips on eating, sleeping, etc. We love your love! GBY!

3. CURES: If you know of natural ways of curing common illnesses, share them with us. If you've lived with the Gypsies who practice the old ways of folkloric herbal cures, share these cures with us, please! Some of our Family could need them!

4. DAILY MIGHTS!: Free copies of the new Daily Might Yearbook have been sent to all of our Tithing Homes. Additional copies for relatives, friends, fish, etc. may be obtained from WS at cost!:—$3 per copy Surface Mail to your door or $5 per copy air mail to your door. Please send your orders to: World Services, DM Dept., P.F. 241, 8021 Zurich‚ Switzerland.

5. DEATHS!: Please send Graduation Notices direct to FN with the full name, age, sex, circumstances of graduation, a bit about the loved one‚ plus a photo of them, which we'll try to get in the next edition of the Magazine. To bereaved mates, children &/or parents of very low income, WS is also sending a small consolation gift to help with your extra expenses at such a trying time. Send specific gifts for this to W.S. Family Aid Fund, PF 241, 8021 Zurich‚ Switzerland. There have been nearly 40 deaths in the Family since 1977. If your Home suffered one of these‚ please let us know; or if you did not notify us, please tell us about it now.—Thanks.

6. EVIDENCE!: Send confirmations of what you read in the MO Letters! We've heard how some of our Family have been physically attacked by enemies—if you have been, tell us about it. Some of you have been detained & taken to jail. If you have been, tell us about it. Others of you have had police raids where papers were confiscated. If yours were, write us about it & what you learned from it. Dad says if you don't give voluntarily, God will take a collection!—If He has in your case, write us about it. It will warn & encourage others!—Tks! WLY!

7. FN CONTRIBUTORS: Thanks to all who write!—It's your Mag & your News of your Family! PTL! Send in tips in all areas.—Do it today! Someone is waiting for it!—Us!—GBY! Thanks! If you have anything special to write about, please write for His glory & for the inspiration of others. We all love to hear from you!

8. FOTOS!: Please send sharply-focused black-&-white pictures to FN! Colour pictures are not necessary for publication & are extravagant! In fact, black-&–white is better for publication & reproduction in the Magazine. It is clearer & sharper & very much less expensive—even more so if you have a photographer who can develop it in your own Home & furnish you with proofsheets so you can select only the best ones for printing.


WE ESPECIALLY APPRECIATE THOSE PHOTOS you send to us personally!—You beautiful women, handsome men, precious children & adorable babies!—Every one of you looks wonderful to us!—And we'd like to share you with our Worldwide Family. To enable us to do so, please send us clearly focused black-&-white pictures with sharp contrast & good composition.—Thanks! Be sure to use pencil or let your writing on the back of your photographs dry before placing one on top of the other or before placing in the envelope as some photos we receive are entirely spoiled for publication by ink lines across the faces from the back of another photo!

9. GLP: The Notice that GLP in Hong Kong is closing has caused much alarm from some of you. There is no need for alarm because the Books will continue to be done in a new location under new management, more efficiently & more quickly than before, God willing.

10. IDEAS!: If you know the answer to a question asked by a Family member in the "Family News By You" & "Ideas & Views By You" columns‚ please write your answer directly to the Magazine & not to the individuals themselves, so that your answers can be shared with the entire Family.

11. KIDZ: Please do not neglect to read "KIDZ Magazine"; it's for the big ones as well as the little ones.

12. LIMS & LOCAL LANGUAGE MAG RECIPIENTS—WNs: All WNs do not have to be translated! This is a waste of time & manpower when there are so many more important things that have to be done. Please choose out only the very most important news articles for translation & leave the rest alone. If you wish to read the rest you can do it from the English Magazine.

13. MAGS!: Mag 33, your Flannelgraph Mag‚ was mailed on January 26th. There was no other mailing in January because the "Daily Might" was held up in the bindery, but it was mailed on February 4th. Good news!:—From now on, God willing, we hope & plan that your Mags will be mailed to you twice a month, on or immediately near the 1st & the 15th of each month, so you will be able to count on getting them regularly. Your next Magazine (35) will be mailed, God willing, on March 1st.

14. MUSIC!: Thanks to you who send us good instrumental music tapes—to Apollos for his "Magic Flute of James Galway", to Paul & Marianne for Piano music by Richard Clayderman, & to all of you who send us inspiring‚ beautiful, instrumental/orchestral music. We are happy to receive any such non-vocal tapes that you'd like to send & we love to play'm!—Tks!

15. MUSICIANS!: Can you help us find these folks whether now in the Family or out!: Fernando—"I Want to Sing"; Alex Peru—"Everybody Can Be Happy"; Little Black Zaccheus—"Shangri-la"; Jeroboam—"There Is Born a Child"; Ahaz—"David's Mighty Men"; Ruth Selah—"Prince of Peace".—They have WS gifts awaiting them for their musical contributions!

16. MWM RADIO STATION BOOKINGS: Sorry, but Family members who are insisting that MWM radio show tapes requested by radio stations be channeled exclusively through them to be distributed by them, are not following our instructions! Family members are to do the original booking, & then all further business will be carried on between the station & MWM directly. Read again 924, 929 & 930 regarding this.

JUST SEND US THE FIRST BOOKING CARD signed by you & the Station official, & MWM will do the rest: We'll send their first two tapes with a Confirmation Card for the Station officials to fill in & sign specifying their starting date, programing day & time & expected length of run—three months, six months, or a year.

IF MWM DOES NOT RECEIVE THE STATION'S CONFIRMATION CARD before the 2nd Month's tapes are to be sent, a notice will be sent with these second tapes that they will receive no more unless MWM receives the Confirmation Card before the next mailing date. This gives the station two months grace to get their Confirmation Card in before we cancel the tapes, & this should be more than sufficient! MWM will handle all further correspondence with the Station thanks!—You monitor!

YOU JUST BOOK IT WITH YOUR LITTLE SAMPLE TAPE—DON'T LEAVE IT! Try to set starting date for the following Month so MWM will have time to mail the Station their first tapes. If you book too soon, you may lose your samples or disappoint the Station!—If you do have to start'm immediately with your samples, phone or write MWM at once for more & to give MWM advance warning of the early booking!—Thanks!—We want to be sure of giving the Stations good service! GBY!

17. NAMES!: Use only Family names when writing to the Family, & only legal names with outsiders. Otherwise, we don't know who you are! Whatever you do, don't use both names on any communications!—It's very bad security!

18. NEWS & PRAYER LETTER WRITERS: Please do not give commercial businesses or donors credit or thanks by name in FN for provisioned goods, help, donations, etc. They can be awfully concerned about this & it can get them in serious trouble sometimes from our enemies & stop their contributions!

19. PAPER: Please use lightweight paper when writing to us or other WS Units. This will save you postage as well as us the extra expense of having to forward bulky mail. If you send us heavy bulky letters & cards, it may delay our reception of them. The same goes for heavy bulky Christmas or Birthday cards. Please either try to find lightweight cards or put your birthday or Christmas greetings on a piece of lightweight airmail paper which is faster‚ less expensive & better security in the post.

20. PRAY!: In your Family Fellowship each Sunday, please don't neglect to pray for our whole Family, Missionaries‚ Artists, Musicians, MWM Shows, WS Units, VSs, LIMs, LIT-PICs‚ Creations Units who work on the Words, the Magazine & the mail‚ & all our supporters around the World!—Amen? GBY! Tks!

21. PORTA POTTIES: They should be flushed once before using & at least a couple of times afterwards. This will keep bowl cleaner & reduce odours. Also by using only for BMs & emergencies, some couples have found they can use one for a week without emptying!—Also when camping out in the wilds, a hole in the ground only 1/2-meter square & 1/2-meter deep can usually accommodate four emptyings for a month! Cover with dirt always!

21a. HEAT: Each caravan should be equipped with a gas heater as well as electric heaters, as electric heaters are not sufficient in very cold weather or if the electricity should be cut off somehow, which can happen for hours in some areas, during which time you could get awfully cold without gas heat! Do not try to heat with your cook stove unless well-vented! It could gas you to death! Use only a well–ventilated gas heater with an exhaust pipe for its poisonous gasses!

22. POSTAGE!: Someone has written us that U.S. Postal Rates are going up to 40 cents per half-ounce‚ but this fact has not been widely advertised, so don't miss your Mag & lose your marbles because your own Home Report is late because of insufficient postage! Check with your local Post Office before mailing! Be sure to use the exact postage required for air-mail to the country to which you send your TRF!—Or we may not get it for weeks!—And your Mag may be cut off!—Sorry, but you must use correct postage!—We do!

23. SONGBOOKS!: Many of you have been asking for Songbooks. Don't despair!: Work has begun on one! In the meantime we are going to try to start publishing songs in each new edition of the Magazine.

24. SPANISH MWM!: Regarding the MO Letter entitled the "Spanish MWM" Show in this Magazine: The Spanish MWM has already begun to roll! The couple whom we are answering in this Letter have produced their first two radio shows & done very well indeed! They will be supervised by Faith & Juan & Dave & Carmen. Please give them all the cooperation & help that this huge project will require. Spanish-speaking Homes will be sent your first sample radio tape soon free‚ DV. Special gifts for Spanish MWM ministry may be sent to: World Services, Spanish MWM Ministry, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.

25. TEENS & PRE–TEENS: We would like to hear from you! Please write your testimonies & send your stories, fotos, poems & ideas to the Family News Magazine, c/o Maria Campos, APDO 46131, Madrid, Spain.

26. TESTIMONIES: Send in your short one-page testimony: Do you have a good birth testimony? A flirty fish testimony? A pioneering testimony? Your personal conversion? Did you quit college to join just a week before graduation? Did you have run-ins with 10:36 parents? Were you deprogrammed & escaped? Were your children kidnapped? Were you healed from a serious illness or a physical handicap? Did you get a greater victory in some area? These are thrilling, exciting experiences! Tell us how the Lord worked things out for you in any way & any interesting answers to prayer.—Don't delay!—Write TODAY!

27. TYPEWRITER QUEENS!—OR KINGS!: We are looking for fast, faithful, loyal typists & transcriptionists in love with the Words of David who would like to do fulltime transcribing &/or final typing. Must be single or willing to Luke 14:33 for a new Selah job! We've looked everywhere, but maybe we've overlooked you!

PLEASE WRITE TO US with your burdens & talents & include some good photos.—Your testimony, history, education, jobs, language, parents' attitude‚ experience etc.

WS GIVES FULL SUPPORT, housing, meals‚ clothing, personal needs etc., but can allow no litnessing nor identification with Family in any way because of our tightly-guarded security!—You will be totally isolated from other Homes‚ family & friends & permitted only infrequent censored correspondence!—Can you take it?—If you love His Words & us, you'll love the Job!—Don't delay!—Write today!

28. VIDEO CAMERAMEN!: To eliminate the squiggly interruptive screen lines & static between scenes, instead of using the STOP button between scenes, use the PAUSE button on either machine or camera. This may be the solution to your problem. Your video can be kept in this PAUSE position for several minutes while you change scenes or persons without interruption.

HOWEVER‚ MOST VIDEOS WILL AUTOMATICALLY RETURN TO STOP OR PLAY-RECORD IN FIVE OR TEN MINUTES, so don't dilly dally! Change sequence &/or subjects quickly, or the Video will go to STOP!—And your smooth photo sequence is ruined! Of course this can only be done in a set location where you don't have to move all your equipment before the next scene!

YOU CAN ALSO GET SOME AMAZING MAGIC EFFECTS THIS WAY! Sudden appearances or disappearances or changed subjects instantly for laughs! But for smooth changes, use a fade-out fade-in lens on your camera, or have interviewer or commentator take over while changing scenes. Happy videoing!

29. VIDEOS!: If you have not rented or purchased a Video machine, please wait until reading our Video Letters which will appear in Magazine 35 & 36, God willing. These will give you all the necessary details & knowhow to make an intelligent choice & obtain the proper equipment for playing our Family videos. Just remember it must be a VHS-PAL System or combo.

30. VSs: You who have qualified VSs in your area who visit you at least occasionally‚ be thankful. Don't complain. We have many areas of the World which have none! You who have none‚ be thankful also, & "Let the Letters be Your leaders!"

31. VSs: Please send good black-&-white photos of those you visit, for use in the FN. Some of you are falling down on the job! We need to see some soon! Showing us your families is part of your ministry!—Amen?—Thanks! GBAKY all!

32. Like these Notices?—A new special feature of your FN! We have so many little things to tell you, we though we'd make a special section for'm!—OK? Good idea?—Got any others?

33. MO LETTERS coming soon! Look for: "Abide In Your Calling", "Prodigal Prodigies", "The Unguarded Moment", "The Medusa Touch", "Why Disasters?", "Home Videos", "Satan—King of Empires"‚ "Happy Daze", "Super Dupers", "Rewards", "Punishment", "The Devil Hates Sex", "The Lord Loves Faith", "The Lion Farm" & many other exciting Letters for you.

The universal Latin name by which you can ask for the herb, catnip, in any country is Nepeta cataria.


1. MWM BOOKING AGENTS: Please be sure to report the estimated audience of all MWM Shows you book on your Monthly TRF Report‚ in the Media Witness Section. Thanks!

2. HOME SERVANTS! Please be specific on indigenous Pubs your Home prints each month telling what type of Pub it was, whether a Komic (TK), entire Letter (Ltr), a Tract (Tr), or whatever it was.

3. NATIONALITY: Please note that the TRF Report now asks for your PASSPORT NATIONALITY instead of Country of Birth under the Personnel listing of Section 6. Thank you!