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MWM in Spanish

David Berg

—By M&MDO 9631 November 1980

Dear R. & R. & Family:

1. PTL! THANKS FOR YOURS & OTHER OFFERS TO HANDLE THE PRODUCTION OF SPANISH MWM TAPES IN SOUTH AMERICA. We understand you are now in the States accumulating equipment & have a bus for housing & travel in which you have travelled before in Latin America & know the ropes, & so are offering to set up some kind of headquarters in Latin America to handle the production of Spanish MWM Shows & their distribution, as well as, I presume, their Mail Ministry response.

2. I'M JUST SORT OF STATING WHAT MY IMMEDIATE REACTIONS ARE & I was talking to Maria about it & discussing with her what I think about the proposition. It sounds to me like you are fairly well-equipped & you have the experience in a Latin American field—travel, language & so on. I don't know how well you speak the language‚ but I presume after as long as you were there you must speak some. You have the contacts there, know the field, know the people‚ & I presume know the musicians from what you say, & have talent in mind & so on, which you could combine with the numbers from a regular English language MWM Show.

3. WE NOTICED EVEN LIVING IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES ABROAD that many foreign language radio stations run English or American language music frequently. I'd say it seems that almost half the music they have on radio in Europe is in English, not just the language of the country, particularly since it's popular American music, rock & so on. But not only in Europe do they use English, but they also use English musical numbers & vocals in many others places throughout the World‚ & of course dear Simon is broadcasting to Asia from Ceylon & covering Ceylon, India, Bangladesh & so on, which all seem to speak English & understand his show & give a very good response.

4. WHEN WE WERE IN TENERIFE A LOT OF THE MUSIC WAS ENGLISH LANGUAGE that was played on the juke boxes & the PA systems & by the orchestras in the clubs—they quite frequently sang in English & had English language numbers. So what I'm saying is you could very easily incorporate a good deal of the English language music of MWM which is already recorded & well done & combine it with Spanish music. I would say the music we heard in Tenerife & Spain was at least one-third English language‚ because it was popular music which mostly came from America or England where it originated, rock & whatnot, & therefore you could incorporate a good deal of the MWM music in your shows, splice it in or record it from MWM tapes as well as local talent‚ real Spanish talent that could sing & play well in Spanish & give it a local flavour which would make it more popular, of course‚ in the Spanish–speaking countries.

5. YOU HAVE THE BURDEN FOR IT & WERE THE FIRST TO APPLY, although we've had a vision for this for some years, in fact, which has never quite materialised. The Family in Latin America have produced a lot of live shows & a few recorded ones for Latin American countries, both radio & TV, & they have had a few regular radio shows on their own which appeared at least weekly with the local talent & so on. I don't know how long they lasted or how many are still on, but there were a few.

6. BECAUSE AS YOU SAY, THE SPANISH LANGUAGE STATIONS ARE QUITE HUNGRY FOR TALENT & MUSIC & something different & other shows, & of course especially if it's free! And this has been a burden of ours for some time, to put out some type of a Spanish language MWM-type show which could cover those very hungry stations of Latin America who are quite ready to use almost anything that comes along, particularly free, since they are poor countries & haven't much money‚ to buy standard shows, etc. So that particularly if you could use Latin American or Spanish local talent or otherwise, I think these shows would be very acceptable if made of a good quality & on good equipment, well-recorded, well-synthesised with a good Spanish speaking MC—that's one of the first things you're going to need: A good Spanish-speaking DJ!

7. MUSICAL TALENT SEEMS TO BE RAMPANT AMONGST THE LATINS, nearly everybody Latin sings & plays there's lots of good Latin musical talent, & there are a lot of good Spanish songs that the Family has composed & developed, as well as a good many Latin Family musicians. But the key to the whole thing is an excellent, top-notch Spanish-speaking fluent DJ-preferably native Latin American with Spanish as his native tongue.

8. IT IS SIMON WHO REALLY MAKES THE MWM SHOWS. The music is good, of course, & the numbers are excellent & the songs great, the talent tremendous, but without someone to organise it & sew it together, plan it, time it, record it & give it a running narrative, a good disc jockey ride, then you still have just a hodge-podge of God knows what! So one of the first things you need even before you need musicians & numbers, is a good Spanish-speaking disc jockey, one with real talent.

9. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE IN THE WHOLE LATIN AMERICAN FIELD who is capable of MCing the show. He's got to know disc jockeying & how to do it & how to keep a show going & how to think on his feet—or his bottom at least—& how to sew it together & make it consistent & continuative. Radio shows are shows, & they've got to move & move fast! They've got to move with continuity & fluency & they've got to flow & go! So you need a good disc jockey, one of the first things you'll need, & I don't know if you know any.

10. I THINK PARTICULARLY, OF COURSE, IT WOULD BE VALUABLE IF HE ALSO KNEW ENGLISH & could understand it. He could listen to Simon's MWM shows & model them after those‚ to say the least, because we have pretty much helped Simon design some of those shows & his connective narrative & his ads & his message & his music & the length of his shows & his plugs & offers & all the rest—at least the general format & basic content.

11. IF YOU FOUND A GOOD DJ WHO CAN REALLY MAKE IT SWING & give it a good sound punch with impact like Simon does I would suggest you could model it after the English MWM show using Simon's example & method & even translating verbatim perhaps his announcements & offers & ads & introductions & descriptions & MO quotes & appeals & all of these things. He could sit down & listen to all the MWM shows now in existence or as many as possible—I think we're up to about 30 now, plus some of his old ones—& see how Simon does it & how he says it & how he puts it together.—Perhaps also get some more direct information from Simon about how he's doing these new shows.

12. REGARDING YOUR CHOICE OF ECUADOR AS A BASE because of the Quito station there—& of course I don't know what station you were talking about whether you were talking about the Ecuadorian station or the American religious radio station HCJB which reaches around the World but is mostly designed to reach American Christians & church people for financial support & is a strictly commercial radio station where religious groups buy time & then beg for money.

13. THIS STATION WAS FINANCED BY AMERICAN CHURCH CHRISTIANS & evangelists & built by them as a missionary project many years ago, & they brag about reaching around the World & how that it's a great thing to reach the World with the Gospel, but virtually all their shows are American-made & aimed at the American public & particularly the Churches & Christian public‚ & particularly for financial support with strong monetary appeals.

14. I'M NOT AT ALL SURE THAT THAT IS THE TYPE OF STATION WE WANT TO BE ON, although in recent years I understand that the Ecuadorian government compelled them to have more Spanish shows & more shows of local Spanish & Latin American interest. Nevertheless, most of their religious shows are aimed at the USA as well as other English-speaking Christians around the World for their financial support.

15. THEY'RE GOOD SHOWS & YOU HAVE TO FEED THE SHEEP & lots of Christians in the World appreciate them, as I did when I was young, receiving them on my little shortwave set. It was good music & hymns & Christian messages & it was comforting & inspiring when there were no other radio stations at that time broadcasting religion in the early days of the radio. Religion on the radio was something unexpected or unheard of, & therefore to get anything religious on the radio was quite a rare thing‚ so we really appreciated HCJB in those days, about 50 years ago. But I'm not at all sure that they would appreciate us, particularly our type of show‚ especially if they found out who we were, & they're bound to find it out sooner or later.

16. ALL SOMEBODY HAS TO DO IS WRITE IN & they'll get the mail response & they'll receive the literature & they'll soon know who & what we are, & that type of Christians are some of our bitterest enemies—the church Christians, evangelical fundamentalist Christians preaching the Gospel. For some reason or other they hate us‚ & I'm sure they would then do their best to try to get us off even if we got on. Besides, the last I heard, they take nothing but commercial religion, which means paid–for time, which is true of nearly all religious stations. The 13 years I worked for Fred I don't think we ever got on a commercial religious station free. They all wanted money for the time.

17. WELL‚ IT MIGHT BE CHEAP, I DON'T KNOW. HCJB has a pretty big name, it's a pretty big station reaching around the World & I wouldn't be surprised that time there is no longer cheap since they know they have a Worldwide audience of English-speakers, because nearly all their shows are in English, particularly the religious shows. But they might, we might get by with it for awhile, offering them a free good youth music show, & particularly since it's religious & we're pretty conservative on it & careful with what we say.

18. AS WE'RE DESIGNING THIS MWM SHOW FOR A GENERAL AUDIENCE WORLDWIDE‚ there's a possibility they might accept it. However, I don't think Quito's HCJB is sufficient excuse for being in Ecuador or using it as a base or a headquarters. Communications & post there are somewhat uncertain & the citizenship & visa situation would be difficult, importation of goods would be difficult, equipment & so on.

19. WE FOUND THROUGH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE THAT THE BEST BASE FOR LATIN AMERICA IS PUERTO RICO if you are American citizens, which you are. Puerto Rico has a lot of advantages. The only advantage I can see to Ecuador is Quito's HCJB or whatever station it was that you were talking about, & I don't think one station there is of sufficient advantage to make your whole Spanish MWM headquarters in that one country.

20. WE FOUND THAT THROUGH YEARS OF HEADQUARTERING OOTA & LATER CROOTA IN PUERTO RICO, we were able to usually operate there with American citizens without any visa problems, citizenship problems, residence problems, even without persecution or any opposition, & without any business or legal problems. There's no taxation for new businesses—15 years tax-exempt if you bring in a new business into Puerto Rico—& particularly, of course, if your business comes mostly from the outside & your income mostly from the outside.

21. THE POSTAL SERVICE IS EXCELLENT, USA, & the telephone system is American—which means it's excellent—& of course your security situation is better there, I would say, than as strangers in a strange land. Also the living there is fairly inexpensive, houses are not expensive. Also since you're starting out in your bus, campgrounds are plentiful & good & well-protected & cheap & they're accustomed to campers. It's also a very beautiful place & a beautiful lovely climate, mild tropical climate which doesn't require too much clothing or food, & Puerto Rico has a tremendous amount of advantages regarding a base for MWM to operate & to reach Latin America.

22. SO I'D HIGHLY RECOMMEND PUERTO RICO FOR YOUR BASE for all of these reasons‚ as we're not just interested in getting on one station in Quito, but we're interested in getting on hundreds or perhaps even thousands of stations throughout Latin America‚ & in this case Spanish-speaking America with the Spanish MWM show. Your approach to the stations could be Continent-wide through the Family.

23. IF YOU MAKE A GOOD MWM SPANISH SHOW I'm sure they'd be happy to accept copies to plug on the local radio stations & do your booking for you. You don't have to depend on just your own efforts with just one station with a few local contacts that you know. That's good, but that's a much smaller Spanish MWM Ministry than we had in mind! We're thinking Continent-big & I noticed you are in some of your statements‚ as you say from Los Angeles to Patagonia & back to Miami.

24. SO I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND PUERTO RICO FOR YOUR BASE due to the citizenship situation, post, telephone‚ expenses‚ security & all of these reasons. We have used it as such for many years, as I say, first OOTA then CROOTA‚ & have had no problems there. If you have to do any particular banking that you want to keep selah, it's possible to do your banking elsewhere by mail in such places as Panama which have rules similar to Switzerland's of banking secrecy, although I understand that Puerto Rico has just recently opened to outside foreign banks but just how much you can depend on them for secrecy I don't know. You might be able to use Swiss banks there, but of course you would be under American laws & might be open to investigation if you should arouse any curiosity or interest by the local authorities.

25. HOWEVER‚ IN ALL OUR YEARS THERE WITH BOTH OOTA—Office of the Americas—& then later CROOTA—The Central Reporting Office of the Americas—we've never had any problem. You might discuss with Shaul how he did it, who was our most recent representative there, but they have just closed up just this past month to be incorporated with one of our European offices to economise & make the operation more efficient. I understand they gave up their house there already & he has gone to the U.S. to buy mobile equipment for doing VS work at large since we've closed up CROOTA. He & Abiah are no longer there, but I understand they have left some of their equipment behind which might be useful to you, such as printing equipment or something like that, & therefore it would be to your advantage to be able to use it as it still belongs to the Family.

26. AS I SAY, THE PARKING IS VERY PLENTIFUL & CHEAP FOR MOBILE HOMES in which you could start to see what kind of progress you make, & even houses & apartments are cheap to rent, which you may find you'll need in the long run with all that kind of equipment & its operation & doing studio work, recording live & even recording mechanically—just tape dubbing & tape duplicating & so on. You're going to need quite a bit of space & you're going to need office space & I doubt if even a couple is going to be able to handle all of the correspondence & work involved.

27. I EXPECT A SPANISH MWM TO BE A BIG OPERATION, second only to the English MWM‚ covering the next largest language area of the World outside of English. More countries speak Spanish than any other language in the World, so that I believe a good Spanish MWM Show would really go over, could easily be booked on those program-hungry stations in Latin America, especially if it's free. They have a hard time getting good shows & variety & new shows especially, & they've always been very open to us as a Family.

28. WE'VE HAD LOTS OF SHOWS THERE LIVE—BOTH RADIO & TV—& a few regular weekly shows, some even daily I understand, but they've been operated mostly by amateurs & I don't know how long they lasted or how they came out or what response we received. We never had too much information on it except some of their stories that you've seen in the FN, & there hasn't been any persistent, consistent effort that has been maintained over any length of time with a genuine full setup with a full top-notch well-recorded show with good artists & a good DJ.

29. AS I SAID, YOUR FIRST & GREATEST NEED IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DISC JOCKEY if you're going to record live, which you'll have to do to some extent; even if you used nothing but already produced Family & MWM music in English & put in Spanish plugs in between, you're going to have to have a good disc jockey.

30. SO I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND, SINCE YOU ARE NOW ALREADY IN PUERTO RICO, I understand, or will be there this month of November, that you sound out the possibilities of locating there. Talk to the folks, if there are any left, who were working closely to Shaul or with Shaul or knew anything about the operation, or try to get ahold of Shaul if you can & ask him about it & how he did his operation, handled his mail‚ his banking & all the rest—because it would be a similar office operation on a whole new musical aspect.

31. SO THAT'S MY OPINION ON IT & I suggest that while you're in Puerto Rico, rather than go to the tremendous expense of shipping your bus & all your equipment to Ecuador & then trying to get residency there at great expense & then trying to get on one single station in Quito‚ perhaps also at an expense if it's that commercial religious station, that you rather locate at a more international headquarters such as Puerto Rico & have a more international vision of reaching all the countries of Spanish–speaking Latin America & as many radio stations as you can—hundreds throughout Spanish–speaking Latin America with a good Spanish MWM Show.

32. THE FIRST THING YOU'LL HAVE TO DO IS PRODUCE SOME SAMPLE SHOWS & give us some idea of what you have in mind‚ since you're already there & there is some local talent there‚ I'm sure, even in Puerto Rico that you might use; or you might summon some of the talent over to Puerto Rico, which would be much less expensive for you than having to ship you & your family & your bus & all your equipment to Quito.

33. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU DO AS WE HAVE DONE IN GREECE: We have invited musicians from all over the World to come there & record, & they have come & been happy to do it. We help pay their expenses at least & give them some little musical artists reward, those who are non-resident‚ for coming & recording as much of their music as we can for use on MWM. Once you've got a good stock in trade of this music, then you can start putting shows together, & then get up a good repertoire of a good series, which you will have to do.

34. YOU'LL HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST A DOZEN SHOWS READY—a dozen tapes of two to four shows per tape—before you dare go out booking stations, lest you find you have started to build a tower you can't finish! You're going to have to have at least a dozen tapes fully prepared before you can start booking stations, because you're going to find out that those weeks roll around awful fast & they're clambering for the next show & you haven't got it ready.

35. SO THE FIRST THING YOU NEED IS TO ESTABLISH A BASE HEADQUARTERS‚ a recording studio, a good stock of music—both English & Spanish—& a good disc jockey to put it together. Plus a good working office established to handle the correspondence both from the Family regarding the Spanish Show, as well as from the radio audience in response, to be followed up with a good mail ministry. It's a big operation & I would expect it to become almost as great as MWM English! I think that MWM in Spanish might even get a greater response than the MWM English Show.

36. SO YOU NEED TO GET SET UP! Since you have the burden & you're the first applicant & you sound like you know what you're talking about & you feel called to it & seem to have the faith for it & the initiative & the courage to make a try, I suggest that you look into the possibilities of establishing a base there in Puerto Rico while you're there before you up & off to South America somewhere where you'll find it much much more difficult.

37. I WOULD NOT REALLY BE IN FAVOUR OF ESTABLISHING A BASE ANYWHERE ELSE IN SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRIES where the security & citizenship & visa situations are uncertain, the post & the telephones are uncertain, & the law & legal situations are uncertain & so on. We have become fully convinced over the years that any international base for Latin America is best located by Americans in Puerto Rico.

38. PUERTO RICO IS SPANISH & SPANISH-SPEAKING & has much more liberal laws than the U.S. itself, especially for a business & taxes & so on, & you'd be much more welcome there & have less opposition there than you would in the States. And it's close to Latin America & the mail service is good, telephone service is good, banking is good, the security is good, expenses are low, & the situation we have found through years of experience is excellent in Puerto Rico as a base.

39. SO PTL, THAT'S MY OPINION & I SUGGEST THAT THAT'S WHAT YOU DO!—If you 're really dead in earnest & you really want to do it, then I suggest you tackle the job right there in Puerto Rico before you leave. And the very first thing of course we would want is, having now heard your vision & your burden & your faith for it & obvious desire to take the initiative & seeming courage to see it through as a pioneer, we suggest you produce some results now!

40. WE SUGGEST BEFORE WE CAN TIE THE THINGS TOGETHER & confirm the franchise‚ so to speak, of letting you handle the Spanish MWM Show, I'd like for you to put together a sample show with what talent you can find, or even just using MWM music plus a Spanish-speaking DJ. I would like to hear what kind of show you have in mind & to see how close you can come to the format & quality & type of show that MWM is already producing in English.

41. SO I MIGHT SAY‚ BEFORE WE GIVE YOU A FINAL ANSWER on making you the official representatives of Spanish MWM, that you show us what you can do. Produce at least one tape or at least one show‚ preferably a one–hour tape or at least a half-hour show or even a quarter hour show. We do it, of course, one minute less each time, in these 14–minute or 28-minute shows, in order to give them time for commercials for local stations or if somebody wants to sponser the show locally, it gives time for a commercial.

42. WE FURNISH IT TO THEM FREE & we let them also have the tapes free, the stations, & we pay the postage‚ but what we get out of it, we insist that they accept the show as it is with its plugs & offers & appeals for mail response & the name & address of the show to which the hearers, listeners can write. That's what we get out of it‚ & they shouldn't object to that as long as they're getting such a good show free & get to keep the tapes free too with their music, & which they can repeat at any time they wish & as much as they wish.

43. THE SHOW'S NOT RESTRICTED TO ANY PARTICULAR TIME OF DAY nor any particular day of the week nor any minimum number of runs. It's a completely open show, but it's a free public service show. But the stations must promise, as you've noticed probably already in our ads & literature & so on, to book the show regularly at least once a week—although I doubt if we'd turn'm down if they'd say once every two weeks or even once a month. But we try to shoot for at least once a week at a regular time of day on the same day of the week every week. In other words, a regular booking date, consistent, to which people can tune in & expect to hear the show every week at that time on that day.

44. YOU CAN GET SAMPLE BOOKING CARDS FROM MWM from Simon or Hosanna at their official MWM address that you've heard on the tapes perhaps: CPO 220 Athens Greece. That's their official international address & I suggest you write to them there for anything you want to know about the show & its content & makeup & format & how he does it, ask Simon. If you want to know about the office & business operation & how to handle the mail, duplication of tapes, packaging, mailing‚ servicing of stations & response to the listeners, handling listener response, the Mail Ministry of the sending out of offers & literature & answering of correspondence & so on, then ask Hosanna, he's the one that handles the office & the business. Simon handles the show.

45. YOU COULD ALSO ASK SILAS, WHO IS AT MWM, & who has just recently come from Puerto Rico & watched & participated in our operation there at CROOTA with Shaul. He would be able to give you a lot more information on Puerto Rico & how to handle a base there with the mail, banking & all the rest than I can.

46. IN FACT, MARIA'S JUST SUGGESTED that perhaps if you wanted to go to that great expense or that much trouble & have the time & the money for it, it would be very helpful to you I'm sure, & inspiring, to visit MWM itself—you alone. You'd have to leave your family behind, as it would be too expensive to bring everybody, but park them there in Puerto Rico in your camper & leave them there for a week or two while you take a trip to Europe.

47. THEY'VE GOT SOME PRETTY CHEAP FLIGHTS I UNDERSTAND FROM PUERTO RICO—the airbus to New York is very cheap, plus very cheap charters from New York to London, & then some fairly cheap planes from there to Greece. Or, you might even be able to fly more directly. You can find that out there on your end.

48. BUT IF YOU COULD VISIT MWM IN GREECE, I THINK IT WOULD BE OF GREAT ADVANTAGE to you & an inspiration, good fellowship, & learn just exactly how they do it from Simon there & so on. In fact one of the best ways you could possibly operate‚ of course, would be there where they already have the studio recording facilities, music in stock‚ a large office to handle the business & the correspondence & the stations & the tremendous job of duplicating & mailing tapes & keeping up with the stations & listeners & all the rest. So it might be more practical actually, since you have the burden, to locate right there at the MWM headquarters & summon your Spanish-speaking talent.

49. THEY HAVE ALL THE FACILITIES, THE STUDIO, THE MUSICIANS, THE RECORDINGS, THE OFFICE & office equipment & everything prepared to handle the station & listener response as well as Family response. This could save a great deal of money in facilities, logistics & equipment‚ as well as personnel, & centralise the whole operation there with a common address, a good mailing address. That CPO 220‚ Athens, Greece is a very easy address to remember & an excellent one that they've even put to a jingle.

50. YOU COULD TRY YOUR HAND AT PRODUCING A SPANISH MWM SHOW RIGHT THERE AT MWM by bringing in your talent or inviting in their cassettes of their talent. The only thing you would actually need there then would be you & your little family & a good Spanish DJ, if you could manage to scrounge the music in Spanish by cassette from everybody throughout all Latin America & even some from the States of those who are Spanish-speaking & can send you in Spanish numbers. We use a lot of shows, as you've noticed, on MWM‚ from around the World who send us the cassettes, and those that are worth recording we use. Some are of poor quality, but we manage to get enough that are of good quality that we can use them on the radio.

51. SO THINK ABOUT IT‚ PRAY ABOUT IT & DISCUSS IT, & of course if you can make a trip to MWM in Greece it would be a great advantage to you, a great education, inspiration & edification to learn how they do it‚ in case you should want to go back & set up such a base & headquarters for a Spanish MWM in Puerto Rico. Or, consider the possibility of locating in Greece with a Spanish-speaking disc Jockey & get your Spanish music by tape from all over the Spanish-speaking World.

52. AT LEAST PERHAPS SEND US A TAPE & GIVE US A LITTLE IDEA OF WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND. If you can find a few Spanish numbers, I'd say if it was even 50/50—MWM English music & all kinds of Spanish music, whatever you can get ahold of in Spanish, MWM Spanish music—& let's see you get up at least one show, one good show of 14-minutes‚ or maybe two on one side of a tape, half-hour, to see just what you have in mind, before we agree to go ahead & more or less put you in charge of the operation. I think that's fair enough, amen?

53. "LET HIM THAT PUTTETH HIS ARMOUR ON NOT BOAST AS HIM THAT PUTTETH IT OFF!" In other words, you can't brag as well before the battle as you can afterward. However, of course, every pioneer has got to have the vision & the faith & the initiative & the courage first before he can pioneer & he's got to believe he can do it & have the vision for it, the ideas for it & be willing to be the first to try it & to have the courage to tackle it, which you seem to have & the burden for it.

54. SO WE'RE QUITE WILLING TO LISTEN TO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO SAY FURTHER ON THE SUBJECT & particularly to hear some kind of a tape which you have in mind to produce for the show to circulate in the Spanish-speaking World. This would not only include of course just Spanish-speaking Latin America, but it would also include Spain & several other places in the World where Spanish is spoken.

55. SO THERE YOU ARE, IT'S YOUR BABY, NOW LET'S SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT! Let's hear a show from you, shall we? And if you don't feel capable of producing the show right now & you haven't got the talent or the equipment for it or you don't yet have a Spanish-speaking disc jockey who can really swing it, like Simon, perhaps you could go to MWM in Greece & learn how it's done; & this would have to be at your expense right now as far as we're concerned until you can produce something more solid in the way of an actual show or results, to see what you can do & what you have in mind before we can settle definitely on the franchise, so to speak, of putting Spanish MWM in your hands to really carry the ball.

56. SO PTL! GBY & THANK YOU FOR YOUR LETTER & its inspiring content & that you do seem to have the vision which has given you the faith for it & the burden for it & the courage to desire to take the initiative & try it, so we suggest you do!—Try it!—Maybe we'll like it!—I'm sure we will, I hope so, particularly if you can find yourself a good Spanish DJ. That is the main problem. We have already been looking & have tried some, & thus far we have not found anyone Spanish-speaking who really knows how to swing a radio show like Simon does!

57. SIMON IS THE ONE WHO MAKES THE MWM SHOW! All the good music in the World & all the good musicians & all the good composers could ever make the show without a good disc jockey, & without Simon there would be no MWM show‚ except the Lord should find someone else to take his crown. He proved himself by faith first without our help, & he had the faith & the burden & the vision for it in India‚ & he did a tremendous job, tackled it all alone by faith with no direct help from us except that we were thrilled with his vision & his plans & his accomplishments & the terrific response he got from his early radio shows & that he was able to carry on by faith & finances even without our help for a long time before we finally saw that he really had something that was worth investing in & taking over as a Worldwide program‚ internationally, for the Family, for the sake of reaching the World with the Gospel & millions of people who otherwise may never hear or we could not reach personally, or even with lit. So we're now helping MWM to go Worldwide.

58. SO THAT'S THE PROPOSITION & THOSE ARE THE PROBLEMS & those are the conditions & those are some of the possibilities, & "all things are possible to him that believeth" & without such faith, really nothing is possible, but nothing is impossible with God! So may the Lord bless you & keep you & make you a blessing with a real good Spanish MWM Show that we'd like to hear as soon as you can pack one together—& any further ideas you have on the things which we have mentioned as to its operation‚ content‚ methods, location & so on.

59. BUT REMEMBER‚ THAT'S THE BIGGEST PROBLEM YOU HAVE & ONLY GOD CAN ANSWER IT: Where to find a really good fluent Spanish-speaking DJ. I don't mean an American who can speak a little Spanish with a strong American accent which is not going to be too popular anywhere in the Spanish-speaking World. I don't mean even a Spanish-speaking Britisher with a strong British accent, that's not going to go over too well either. English & a British accent is going over well with the English-speaking World with English-speaking MWM‚ but I doubt if anything but a genuine native Spanish-speaker is going to go over as a DJ of our Spanish MWM Show.

60. SO BY FAR THAT IS THE MAIN REQUIREMENT & the main thing you need, is to find yourself a good Spanish or Spanish-speaking DJ who has got the Holy Spirit, saved, is sold on his product, convinced of it, he's got the vision‚ the burden, the faith, the initiative, the courage, like Simon did, to really put something across, & is willing to sacrifice & work hard to put it together. It's a tough job, it takes a lot of hard work & a lot of know-how & a lot of good equipment & studio & recording equipment, as well as the music & so on, & it's going to cost a lot of money too.

61. IF YOU CAN GIVE US SOME ENCOURAGING ANSWERS on some of these things, we might even be able to help you, but we'd like to see first of all what you can do, like we did with Simon. You seem to have the faith for it & I'd like to see how great is thy faith, & to see just what you can do before we sink anything into it.

62. BUT MAY THE LORD HELP YOU & HONOUR YOUR FAITH & VISION, if it's from Him, & may He bless you with the courage to take that initiative & pioneer the field of Spanish MWM! God bless you & make you a blessing to many in Jesus' name. Amen! God bless you & your family too, & any others with you. May the Lord bless & keep you & make you all a blessing, & His will be done. God willing, may you make it‚ in Jesus' name, amen.

63. THERE WAS A FELLOW, RAFAEL IN CHILE, who had a daily Family show—which is a real grind & I don't know if he managed to hold out or not—& of course it's better if you can find somebody like him who has already had radio experience‚ already knows how to do a show‚ is an experienced DJ, even if he's never done anything for the Family like that, or maybe you could even go out & get one converted & inspire him to do it for you! But of course it really does take someone who knows the Lord very well & has the Holy Spirit & knows the World already, like Simon, & can really speak from experience & knowledge & in the Spirit & from the Word.

64. SO IF WE CAN FIND ANY FAMILY MEMBER WHO'S BEEN WITH US FOR LONG ENOUGH to really be trustworthy & inspired & led of the Lord & with the knowledge & experience of how to do a radio show, that would be a tremendous leap forward. So far‚ we haven't found anybody personally, we haven't been looking too hard but we have been feeling around here & there. We've been so busy with the English show first that we haven't had time to go into that‚ but a Spanish MWM is our next step—D.V.

65. SO YOU MAY BE THE ANSWER!—IF YOU CAN FIND A GOOD SPANISH–SPEAKING DJ!—And that's your first need & first requirement. You have the vision for the show & swinging it‚ let's see you rake up a good DJ!—That'll be one of your first needs & one of the first things you'll have to do. So rake up a good Spanish-speaking DJ & put a show together & send us a sample, & we'll let you know from there. PTL? God bless you! In Jesus' name, amen.

66. (WELL, IT'S BEEN NEARLY THREE MONTHS SINCE WE HEARD THIS FROM THIS DEAR COUPLE! Maybe they saw it was too big a job for them alone.—Maybe they need your help.—Or maybe you know someone who can do it.—Maybe you? If you're a good native Spanish-speaking DJ or know of one, please write & tell us!—Or if you can send us tapes of good Spanish Family or Gospel Music, please do! We'll be glad to reward you for anything we can use on MWM. Don't delay! Do it TODAY! Write or send to: Spanish Dept., MWM‚ CPO 220, Athens, Greece. Thanks! GBY!—Love,—M&M.)