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Sally's Reply

Sally Scribe

DO 954–519/9/80

Dearest Dad & Maria,

GBY! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY VERY MUCH! Thank you so much‚ Dad, for the tapes you made on "Jus the Problem." I'm so sorry he has become such a problem & that you had to take your precious time & energy & strength to deal with it‚ but I am so very thankful that you did & that all these things are now being brought out in the open before all & that something is being done about it.

I WANT TO PUT MY "AMEN" ON WHAT YOU HAD TO SAY & all the things the Lord showed you. They're 100% the truth & I agree wholeheartedly! I just really pray that Jus has it in him to take it & change & repent & bring forth fruits meet for repentance. It's gonna be really hard for him to hear, that's for sure, & if he can take this, then there is definitely some hopes for him still. I think it's gonna be quite a shock to the folks in Spain too who greatly admire Jus, & is a very good lesson for us all on discernment! Lord help us!

I ALREADY MADE YOU A LITTLE TAPE TELLING YOU OF MY DECISION, & that is that I would like to stay here on this team. As I've told you before, I feel like this is where I belong & that I've at last come home to my Father's house! I think this is the place for me as far as being my highest calling in the Lord & being of the greatest usefulness to Him & you & the Family. Since I've been here I've been so happy & can hardly bear the thought of leaving. So my decision is to stay here if you'll have me!

EVEN IF JUS RECEIVES THIS ADMONITION & REMAINS THERE IN SPAIN, I prefer not to go back there with him at all, but prefer to stay here while he takes care of the children. This is such a kind sweet generous offer on your part‚ thank you so much! And if he doesn't take it & he goes back to the States, I still prefer to stay here & not go there to be with the kids or Hart, if it's OK with you.

AS I ALSO SAID ON TAPE‚ I THINK JUS HAS HAD IT IN THE BACK OF HIS MIND ABOUT RETURNING TO THE STATES for quite awhile & has considered that possibility, so I wouldn't be too surprised if that is his decision. Of course I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone, but if he continues in the state he is in now, I think it would be better if he goes. But if he changes, PTL! That would be wonderful & I'd be really happy!

EVEN IF HE DOES TAKE THE REBUKE & DOES BETTER, I REALLY DON'T WANT TO BE CONSIDERED HIS MATE ANY LONGER. You, Dad, are my husband, & the Lord, & I am definitely married to my work & the Words first & foremost. You were my first love, & still are, & as you said on your tape, "Even though it means a separation from her children, even that sets her free to be even more wholly devoted & completely consecrated to the Lord & His work & His Word!" Amen! PTL!

SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY TO RETURN TO THIS PLACE OF SERVICE & FREEDOM TO DO GOD'S HIGHEST WILL in my life! As you pointed out in your tape, I do love Jus as the father of my children—although I don't agree with the way he raises them—& I am really praying that he'll make it. But I don't feel my place is with him any longer.

MY HEART REALLY GOES OUT MORE THAN ANYTHING TO THE POOR LITTLE INNOCENT CHILDREN. I hope & pray that any damage that has been done through this spiritual contamination can be remedied in the future, & thank you so much for the encouraging Scripture about how they are given credit for being clean. Thank God for that!

JUS IN THE PAST HAS THREATENED ME THAT IN THE EVENT OF OUR SEPARATION, he would not let me keep any of the kids‚ but threatened to take all three away because I am an unfit mother. Well, I may not be the best mother in the World but I really love them all so much & want the best for them & want to see them raised in the nurture & admonition of the Lord to be mighty prophets in His Family.

I WANT TO SEE THEM GROW UP TO LOVE THE LORD & HIS WORD & BE USED OF HIM, so I'd like to try to keep as many of them as possible in the Family. Honestly, I don't think Jus would agree to leaving them all, but maybe if worse came to worse, we could keep the majority. I'll really be praying for that.

I DOUBT IF ANY OF OUR CHILDCARE WORKERS WOULD CHOOSE TO FOLLOW JUS IF HE LEFT. I think they'd all stay with the kids‚ even though they were pretty hoodwinked by Jus' charm. Well, I guess we'll have to wait & see what happens with Jus before we discuss the details of how the children will be cared for, but thank you for all your sweet sweet suggestions & even the possibility of them coming here.

WELL, I GUESS THAT JUST ABOUT SUMS IT UP FOR NOW, DAD, & thank you again for taking your precious time on this. Thank you also for all the sweet things you said about me—I feel so undeserving of such high praise knowing what a blow-it I am too, Lord help me! I am just thrilled at how things worked out & that the Lord brought me back to you to work so closely together again on the Words. It's such a miracle & such a blessing & I'm so so thankful & so so happy!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT LOVE & MERCY IN GIVING JUS ANOTHER LAST CHANCE TOO, & may the Lord have His perfect way in this whole matter. I love you Dad, & pray you are feeling well & strong & happy & that your digestion is improving. We all need you so much & appreciate every little crumb you send our way!—Every word means so much to us & for which we hunger & thirst! Love & Kisses‚—Your Sally.

(Dad: Thanks! GBY! ILY! Beautiful!—It sounds even better now than at first!—In view of the utmost price you've had to pay! GBY! He'll repay!—In more ways than one! Amen!—Love, Forever Yours! xxxxxxx!! P.S. Thanks again for that beautiful foto with one peeking out! Ha! Got it on my desk before me all day!—Praying for you!—ILY!—D. 27/12/80.)