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Path's Report on Justus Ashtree--A Defecting Editor


DO 954–1 15 June 1980

—From One of Our World Service Secretaries.

Dearest Dad & Maria,

GBY & GOOD MORNING! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, & REALLY NEED YOU! You're really wonderful & thanks for all your love! GBY! PTL!

THANK YOU TOO FOR YOUR COMMENTS ON MY NOTE, & of course it's no bother to do anything for you, & so here's the report you asked for on Jus. I really pray it's a clear picture of what he's been like while here, etc.

FIRST OF ALL, HE'S BEEN A REAL HELP TO GET THESE PROJECTS GOING QUICKLY while Gene's able to do other things, so it's been a blessing for Gene to have his help. He's also helped me with doing some layouts, etc., although that was awhile back when he was first here. Since then he hasn't been working on those but mostly photowork for the past couple of weeks—there hasn't been any layouts lately.

I THINK JUS WAS REALLY SURPRISED WHEN HE FIRST ARRIVED HERE after Peter had gone home. (We picked him up at the train station very late‚ about 1:30 AM on the 13th of May) & Jus realised that it was just our little team here—but no M&M‚ no Peter‚ no David‚ no Sara, no Alfred (like before), etc.—It was just us guys!

JUS REALISED & MENTIONED TO ME HOW IT WAS LIKE HOW HE & SAL USED TO BE, just the little pubs operation. I think he had in mind that he was coming to live with everybody, maybe even a place with the others, so I believe he was pretty disappointed. (—Ha!—Phil.4:11.—D.)

MAYBE IT'S A LITTLE DIFFICULT FOR HIM TO BE HERE & NOT BE THE ONE TAKING THE ORDERS FROM YOU & then passing them down, as he always has. It's like the tables are turned & he has to work under Gene whom Jus has always been the overseer of for years. This may be one reason that he just doesn't seem happy here at all—it shows on his face—he just seems so unexcited about things, & I think not only his editing is flat, but he seems that way too!

AND THEN ALSO WHEN READING HIS LETTERS TO SAL, he sounds like that's where his heart is, his mind—everything but his body—& he wishes that were there with her too! I can't understand how he could be so ungrateful & unthankful to be here & even unappreciative of such a wonderful opportunity. But maybe he is but he just doesn't express it. But just in simple everyday talk he's never come out with a comment like, "Oh boy, it's really a blessing to be here," he never talks like that!—And also, maybe having to take messages from me doesn't make him too happy either.

DAD, I FEEL IT'S REALLY SOMETHING IN HIS HEART (AMEN!—D.), because out of the heart the mouth speaketh, & everytime a brother or sister is mentioned in conversation, once his mouth opens‚ he can't say anything but bad & critical things about that person. He seems to always be tearing others down‚ criticising them & their faults & with hardly a good thing to say about them. That's what I dislike the most about him, because he's always condemning others & always blaming them for his mistakes. But really this is nothing new with him, I think he's been like this a long time.

WHEN GENE READ YOUR NOTES ON MY NOTE, ESPECIALLY THE VERSE YOU RECEIVED ABOUT "BEWARE OF COVETOUSNESS WHICH IS IDOLATRY!" he just said that was it, that one verse just really cleared his mind about what was wrong with Jus & answered every question about him, & was exactly right. They've been working together for years & even been good friends, so I guess he would really know.

GENE SAID IT WASN'T ONLY THE MATERIAL THINGS WE HAVE HERE but especially the fact that we're doing what he used to do & he probably covets that as well. And also he totally agreed how Jus weaned Sal away with the kids & marriage & really used that. Wow, that's such an answer, that Scripture the Lord gave you.—And I agree too!

WELL, I COULD KEEP GOING WITH OTHER INCIDENCES, etc., but I hope this is sufficient. I guess the other thing about him that bothers me is that he doesn't seem to put the Word first or really hunger for it. (Maybe I'm wrong though, he could be spending an hour out in his room reading the Bible before coming in, but from when he's here in the house he just doesn't seem to have that inspiration & enthusiasm or hardly even talks about the Word, you know?—Or even you all or the Letters!)

I'M SURE SAL WOULD BE ABOUT THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (APART FROM US GIRLS HERE!!) IF SHE COULD COME & WORK HERE, & I don't think it's too late‚ & seems a good thing to do especially if she works better without Jus. Of course we could use her, & I know you've been praying for an editor for such a long time, maybe she's the one & could fit right in & knows right where to pick up with the work without a moment's delay. The Letters would really be rolling then! PTL!

AND I'M SURE IT WOULD DO HER GOOD TO GET AWAY & OUT FROM UNDER ANY INFLUENCE THAT JUS MAY HAVE over her. Gene knows them both really well after living with them for a long time & he thought it would be really good for her to have an opportunity like this & would help her a lot. PTL!—We know you know best & want to do what's going to help the work the most! LHU!

WELL, I HOPE THAT'S OF SOME HELP‚ it's kind of simple facts that we've noticed about Jus, although we don't think he's aware of any of this & it will be a real shock to him, to say the least! I know that Jack realises a lot of this about Jus, having lived with him too, but I don't know how much the others do, because it's not like he's some big "problem case" here outwardly, but it's more like all these things are in his heart.

OH, IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT HE'S LIKE WHEN ON A WALK!: Each ant pile he passes he steps on the ants & completely ruins their little ant pile, time after time after time. When I told Gene how strange it was he said it was kind of like how he treats people! Oh dear! (—How horrible!—We've got oodles of'm in our yard & even teach the kids not to kill or hurt'm unless they invade house & food!—D.)

WELL PTL! I KNOW HE KNOWS BEST & SHOWS YOU WHAT'S BEST & we want to follow you! It sure will be more comfortable when Jus does go home because he's just an uncomfortable person to be around, because he is always analysing your words & your motions & makes you feel uneasy. So I kind of feel the sooner the better, whatever is best.

OH MY, I'VE GOTTA STOP HERE. I'm so sorry this is so long & to take your precious time. I love you both so so much!—We all do, more than words can say. Your love & prayers really light up our lives, thank You Jesus! GBY today! Love you always & forever, Path.

P.S. LORD HELP US HERE TO BE FRUITFUL & TO BE GOOD FOLLOWERS! It's such a lesson on THANKFULNESS for every little thing the Lord's given us! PTL! We are so happy to help & be here! PTL & thank you!

P.P.S. JUS SEEMS HAPPIER TODAY, PTL! HE GOT A SWIMSUIT YESTERDAY (—Who paid for it?—Ha!—He's saved up one of the biggest Reserves of almost any WS Unit‚ he's so tight!—Ha!—Good!) & went swimming today with Gene‚ Marge & Jack for an hour of "Get–Out" time.


1. —AS YOU SAY, IT'S NOTHING NEW, BUT HE'S ALWAYS BEEN A BIT LIKE THIS. But lately it seems growing worse & worse & hurting his attitude, work & others!—God give us wisdom!—It reminds me of the Verse about a little "root of bitterness" which is now grown so big it's destroying him! GHH!

2. —GOD HATES MURMURERS & DESTROYED SIX MILLION IN THE SINAI DESERT!—After all He'd done for'm! GHU!—To try to straighten him out! I wonder if that's what went wrong with Sam Warner?—He got into the same spirit—so bad‚ we had to let him go!—Or so said Jus.

3. —THEIR WORK SLOWS ALMOST TO A STANDSTILL (JUS' LESS THAN TWO PAGES A DAY!) & THEY BECOME A REAL DRAG ON OTHERS, UNHAPPY, MURMURING, CRITICISING & COMPLAINING till they're doing more harm than good—like a gangrened limb!—Then you just have to let'm go where they wanna go before they destroy more of the Body! GHU!—Thanks so much for your honest Report—& faithful work & happy spirit!—And please pray for a solution!—Thanks.—GBY! WLY!—Dad.)