KEYWORDS: ho, sir, yes, son, yes sir, right

Father Applies the Rod!, A

David Berg

4 December 1980DO 952-8

1. Well, Son, GBY! How are you? (Ho: Wonderful!) That's good, are you keeping warm? (Ho: Yes Sir!) Have you got some good warm clothes on? (Ho: Yes!) Got a good warm hat for that snowy wintry weather? (Ho: Yes, I've gotten that all since I've been here.) Well, I bet you needed it, it's plenty cold! (Ho: Yes, I have.) It's cold where we are too so we can sympathise with you, but you're used to the warm tropical climates, so I've really worried about you coming up here where it's so cold.

2. Well, did you get to see your mother at all? (Ho: No, no, no contact with her at all.) You haven't phoned her or anything? (Ho: No no.) don't you think you should have? (Ho: I ... I ... I... After talking with Faithy about her situation‚ I didn't think, you know, that it sounded like a good idea.) Well, maybe you're just as well off. (Ho: But she doesn't know I've even come to Europe as far as I know. I had no idea in any way to contact her, I wasn't about to do it without counsel.) I was just kind of sorry for her sake because she, I'm sure, will have missed you, & that she probably will be sorry that she didn't get to see you or at least hear from you. You know you & your mother worked pretty close together. I don't know, if you have time, I don't know if there's any way you can get in touch with her by phone or not, but she might be at that phone number in Malta if you have time before you leave, why, you might give her a ring. (Ho: I think it would only make matters worse.) Well, OK. (Ho: Because I really wouldn't be able to tell her much on the phone, whereas if I get back & tell her that I made a trip and try to explain it to her by a letter or something.) OK.

3. Well, what are your plans? (Ho: Just going back to Hong Kong to do what you said!) Well‚ I sure hope you do, do some of those things we asked you to do, you know. It's been about a year since we asked you to write some articles for the Magazine and we haven't seen'm yet, except for your article on China‚ & that was a very short brief one without very many pictures. I thought you were going back on a second visit there, didn't you have some bookings there? (Ho: Well, you see‚ we haven't been able to arrange it because of the problem with the travel agency there, do you understand?) What's wrong with the travel agency? (Ho: I've explained all this to Peter.) Well, OK, don't take time on that now. (Ho: It's a big money–making thing and they want to try to get money out of us instead of letting us go for free. The mayor and the people in China really want us to come and would be happy to take care of everything.) Well, Son, I'd forget the travel agency if I were you. (Ho: But the travel agency is an official government thing who is the only one who can issue you visas to go to China, you see?) Oh, I see. (Ho: So they have a monopoly on anybody going into China, so the guy there controls anybody who wants to go to China.) Well, can't you just take a little quiet personal visit with your family or something? (Ho: Not without his stamp.) Well, write us all about it please‚ because you know you don't write... (Ho: We're working on that, we've appealed to the Mayor to help us & we hope that we can overcome this difficulty either through there or in Hong Kong. So I'm sure God's going to do it.)

4. Well, please write us about it, Son. You know you don't write us very much, so we don't know very much about what you're doing or where you live or how your family is. We hardly ever hear from you anymore, we hardly ever get any pictures, we don't know what your job is or anything since you don't seem to be working for us anymore. Since you've left GLP, why, we don't know what you're doing. Do you? (Ho: Amen, well I've written and I'm writing you about it‚ I mean it's like...) Do you know what you're doing? (Ho: Well, I've been off the track and I haven't been doing what I'm supposed to be doing.)

5. Well, how are you getting along for money? You know, most of our families are living very well on what we send you, yet we understand that you folks can't manage to live within your income, you have to take outside jobs and System jobs and you're going in debt at that. (Ho: We're not in debt, but we have lived above what we've needed to because of the different things we've been involved in that we shouldn't have been.)

6. I hear you like to gamble at the casinos! (Ho: No, Sir!) Well, I hear you have. (Ho: I read that in the report‚ Sir, but I do not gamble & have not gambled.) Well I sure hope you stay away from that, because that'll sure waste your money, Son. It's a big temptation, it used to be a temptation of your Grandmother, she was a great gambler, and it runs in the family, so you better stay away from it. (Ho: I have no attraction to it at all.) It's a disease worse than alcoholism and can just absolutely ruin you. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) Well, I hear you've gone to some of those casinos. We haven't! So I'd stay away from it if I were you, it's a poor testimony. It's a poor testimony to the people who've known you to go‚ it's not a good example. (Ho: Yes Sir, yes Sir.)

7. So why do you have to have all these outside System jobs to keep going when we send you enough money? (Ho: We don't, Sir, we don't. I mean now that the kids have been in town & we have stopped doing those other things, the Lord has been really helping the kids through their litnessing & witnessing to get what we need in extra income, and it's been enough.) Well I sure hope, Son, you try to serve the Lord & stay away from getting involved with the System. (Ho: Amen.) Because it'll strip you every time!

8. Remember Grandmother's old sermon on "Stripping of the Slain"? First the Devil tricks you into his System, and then he defeats you, and he finally just strips you of everything, & it'll cheat you and strip you every time. If I were you, I'd stay away from it and out of it, because you'll never gain by it, you'll only lose, and I'm sure the Lord's been a lot better to you than the System. (Ho: Amen! Absolutely!)

9. You'd better read that "Caesar's Pound of Flesh" again, have you got it? (Ho: Yes sir. I don't have it with me.) But I mean you have gotten it? (Ho: Yes, yes.) Well, you'd better read it and keep those things in mind. (Ho: Definitely. That applies to me.) And there's a new one that's just come out, did you get the Magazine called "God First"? (Ho: I've seen it, and it'll be in Hong Kong for me.) Well, you'd better read that article and right quick, Son, and you'd better read the ones on Tithing & so on about putting God first, because you'll never prosper as long as you fiddle around with the System trying to make money that you don't need.

10. It's money you don't need! I don't see why you need it. We have families just as big as yours that live on exactly the same amount that we send you every month—which by the way we never get an a accounting of and we never hear about or hardly even a thanks for and we don't even know what you're doing—but we've got families which are living on exactly that amount & live very well‚ why can't you? (Ho: Amen, we can Sir, we can.) Is it Esther, is that the one that's extravagant and likes to live high? (Ho: Yes‚ that has been a problem.)

11. Well, I'll tell you, Son‚ you'd better start wearing the pants in your family and tell that gal off! You know what I thought of her from the very beginning! I told you she was just an insipid snob who was a society climber and always wanted to be a star‚ and I warned you about her time and time again! (Ho: Amen.) And I think she's actually feeble-minded. And anybody that's as weak-minded as she is is a channel for the Devil, demon-possession and schizophrenia, and I think she has really led you astray!

12. You need to start being a man in your family, son, and wear the pants and tell her off, to either toe the mark or get out! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir!) Is that clear? I am sick and fed up with Esther and I don't want to hear any more about her God-damned complaints and doubts and all the trouble she's caused, and she had either better knuckle down and send us a good long letter of repentance and absolute confession and straighten out, or GET OUT!—& I mean it! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir!)

13. Now that's the word with the bark on it! I am fed up with her, we're all fed up with her‚ we're sick of her! She has just corrupted you and led you astray and ruined you‚ absolutely ruined you, Son, made you useless to God's Work. Now when are you going to wake up to that? (Ho: Amen, I have Sir.) Now you either get her under your control and get her home there and make her get down on her knees and wash & scrub floors & do the washing & the laundry & the dishes & the cooking & take care of her kids, or GET OUT! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) That's the way I feel about it, do you hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir, yes Sir.) All right. Now you either do that or you're going to be out, and I warn you! (Ho: Amen!) We're going to cut off your income if you don't start accomplishing something for the Lord!

14. What the hell are you doing for the Family? What the Hell are you doing for all of us? What are you doing for the Magazine? What are you doing for your income? You haven't written anything for a year! (Ho: Amen.) What are you supposed to be doing for us? You're no longer with GLP, you forsook your job with the books‚ you haven't written anything, you haven't pioneered China, you're not doing a damned thing for us—why the hell should we support you? (Ho: Amen, that's right.) Why? Tell me why. (Ho: I've failed the Lord.) What? (Ho: I have failed the Lord, I've been off the track.)

15. You not only failed the Lord, you failed us, Son. You could have done a lot for the Family. You could have written a lot, you've had a lot of experience in the past. They're in the same place you used to be when we first started pioneering! You could be writing all kinds of things about your early days of pioneering and about the days on the road and days booking and days pioneering the club, and all that kind of stuff would be a great help to the Family. (Ho: Yes Sir, I will, I will.)

16. You did just like your mother, Son! We have begged and begged her to write. She always says "I will," yet she seldom does! (Ho: OK. Well. I don't want to be like her, Sir.) What the hell is the matter with you then, Son, why the hell don't you do something for God? Why don't you do what we tell you to do? (Ho: Yes Sir, I will.) I mean it! We give you assignments‚ we tell you to do things, and you don't do'm! Why should we pay you? (Ho: Amen, that's right.) We wouldn't put up with it with anybody else in the Family, to go on year after year just going your own way and doing your own thing as you please and not doing what we tell you to do and still pay you. And we're just not going to do it, we're not going to put up with it any longer, Son, I warn you. (Ho: Amen.)

17. And you better warn that wife of yours she'd better knuckle down to the hard work of being a mother and a housekeeper instead of trying to be a God–damned Worldly star, or she's going to be out of it, and she's probably going to go home and wind up in some insane asylum‚ right where she came from! (Ho: That's right.) That's where she was before she came to us, and she's going to go right back there and be worse off & "her last estate's going to be worse than the first"! (Mt. 12:45.) (Ho: Amen, that's right.) Now you'd better tell her off & tell her that, and I don't mean perhaps!

18. We're fed up with her and we're not going to put up with her going around telling her tales and stories and lies and doubts and fears and criticisms to everybody everywhere and being a drag on the whole Family, we're just not going to put up with it! I'd rather kick her out and send her home! Now you tell her to get home and get with it and get with that family and take care of those kids and take care of you and take care of that house …!—Do you hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir.) And I mean it! (Ho: Amen.)

19. You go to work on her and make a wife out of her and a mother out of her and knock that God-damned idea of being a star out of her head! (Ho: Amen, amen.) And I mean it! And you'd better get with it and get with it fast, or you'll be out with her. Now we are fed up, Son, fed up! Why the hell should we pour thousands of dollars into you and your family when we're not getting anything in return except criticisms and doubts and fears and wanderings and lies from Esther and all the rest of it? Who the hell ... whose money does she think she's been living on anyhow? She's been biting the hand that feeds her! You hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir!) Well‚ I hope you tell her off, Son‚ when you get home!

20. And I want to warn you, this is my final ultimatum! You either tell her to come home and take care of those kids and the family and the house, or get out! And you stick to Ruthie, the one person that's been at least halfway faithful to you, thank God, and taken care of you, or you'd have really been shot! I mean it. Ruthie was my choice for you, not Esther. I warned you about Esther. I warned you away from her the night I told you she was a snob, ugh, I can't say enough about it!—Besides being feeble-minded. Now we're supposed to comfort the feeble-minded, but not when they get demon–possessed and go around causing nothing but trouble! Do you hear me? (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.)

21. Now be a man, son, and get your pants on and give that woman hell! I mean it! I'm sick and fed up with her, and either she's got to get in & get with it or get out! You get it? (Ho: Yes Sir, yes Sir.) OK. I'm screaming myself hoarse at you, but maybe it will wake you up‚ Son, and get you back on the right track and out of that woman's control and clutches that has been leading you around by the nose now for years! (Ho: Amen.) Now quit letting her be the boss and telling you what to do and leading you around! GET MAD, son! You've been mad at everybody else and screamed at everybody else but her! How about getting mad with her … a little while, she needs it! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) She needs it & I mean it!

22. Now when you get home, you either get her under control or get her out, one or the other! (Ho: Yes Sir, I will.) We are fed up with her! Either we get a real genuine contrite confession & apology from her & a decent show of real repentance & a change of her mind & heart & life & action & everything‚ & words especially, or she's out! (Ho: Amen, amen.) And if you don't do that, Son,. you're out!—Because we cannot have a divided Home. We cannot have a man who can't rule his own house.

23. How the hell do you expect to rule the church of God if you can't rule your own house? Huh? (Ho: Amen, yes Sir, that's right.) I mean it! Now she is either part of your house or she's out, one or the other! Now you rule over her and tell her off …, and knock those silly ideas of stardom out of her God-damned head, or she's going to be God-damned! And I don't mean perhaps! (Ho: Amen.)

24. She's headed for disaster! She's headed for the insane asylum, I'm warning you! She came out of the asylum and she'll go back in if she doesn't straighten out. You know that, don't you? (Ho: Amen, yes Sir‚ that's right.) You knew that, didn't you? (Ho: Yes.) You knew that's where she came from, didn't you? (Ho: I knew she had something like that.) Well, virtually the same. So you'd better get her under control, or else. If you can't control your own wife then you don't belong in the Family. (Ho: Amen‚ that's right.)

25. If you can't control your own family and tell your wife what to do and tell her where to get off when she's so far off the track, tell her where to get on, then we can't trust you. Because she sows those doubts & dissension & criticisms & unbelief right in your heart as well as others. She has become a real drag. She has become a real danger to the Family, and I'd rather see you send her home and let them take care of her and out of our Family and away from us than to have her continue to lead you astray. (Ho: Amen, me too.)

26. Now I mean it, Son, you get back there …! (Ho: Amen.) Did you hear me? (Ho: Yes sir, I heard you.) And knock those God-damned stardom ideas out of her head. If she wants to be a star, why the hell doesn't she record for MWM? Huh? (Ho: Amen.) If you want your kids to be stars, why don't they record for us? (Ho: Yes Sir, we will.) Why should we be paying you to have them record for somebody else? (Ho: That's right.) Well you'd better get with it, Son! We need music! Get back there and have her start making some good recordings for MWM, and your kids too. (Ho: Amen.) Get some of those right now while you can before she goes plumb haywire. (Ho: Yes Sir.) Do you hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir, we will.)

27. All right, now what did I tell you to do? (Ho: To reach the Chinese and to...) The first thing you've got to do before you can reach any Chinese is reach whom? (Ho: Straighten out Esther‚ tell her off, put her in her place. Tell off Esther and put her in her place.) Right. (Ho: And get her to either repent & confess & write a confession or to leave.) Right. (Ho: She's either got to repent and change, or she needs to be out & quit being a drag on the whole Family.) Right. And what are you going to get her to do next? (Ho: If she stays, then get her to work in the Home and take care of the children and be the mother that she ought to be, and if she can‚ record her songs.) Right, and your kids too, Son. We love to hear them sing, it's beautiful!—And her singing is beautiful!

28. She's got a real gift of God, but she's perverted it for the Devil! She's not using it for God, and God's going to blow on it because she's not glorifying God with it, not using it for the Lord and not using it for the Family. (Ho: Amen.) What right has she got to go off selfishly doing things for herself when we're paying you, both of you, to work for the Lord and the Family? (Ho: Yes Sir.) You'd better get with it and remember which side your bread's buttered on, Son. (Ho: Amen, absolutely.)

29. You haven't produced hardly one damn thing, one God-damn thing for us for the past year! Ever since you quit your job at GLP. (Ho: Amen, that's right.) We've had books and other things‚ a dozen ploughs left in the field there that you deserted. (Ho: Amen, I'm really sorry.) And besides your wife being such a scallywag! You get busy and get her to ... what are you going to do next after you get her under control & recording? (Ho: Then I'm going to begin work on reaching the Chinese.) No, the next thing you're going to do is something you can do and do easily—what? I just got through telling you. (Ho: I'm going to write you a report on the whole thing.) Right, write reports, and write a whole lot more. (Ho: Yes, yes & do my writing...) Maria sent you a whole list of things she wanted you to write about, & you never sent us one thing. (Ho: OK. I'll be writing the things for the children, about early days, & encouraging the parents on how to get out with their children singing like we did.) All right. And all the other things she had on the list—have you lost the list? (Ho: I have it, I have it.) Well, you'd better get with it & start writing, Boy, because you if you don't start producing‚ we're going to stop paying. Is that clear? (Ho: Amen.)

30. If we don't get something out of you in the way of work every month, I'm going to hold up your check! (Ho: Yes Sir‚ please do.) Is that clear? (Ho: Yes Sir, absolutely.) Now I mean it! You'd better get home and produce something‚ produce some music or produce some articles or produce some good news about China or something, or we're going to start holding up your check like I threatened to do before, and which I probably should have done, and maybe you'd have knuckled under then. (Ho: That's right, that's right.) I mean it! (Ho: Yes Sir.) Don't think you're going to just keep on living on reserves, either. We're going to take those away from you too if you keep on squandering God's time and wasting His energy and everything we send and give you.

31. Now we are really fed up, Son, really fed up. I'm sorry to have to yell at you this way, but it seems like the only way to do it is give you the shock treatment to wake you up to what a hell of a mess she's gotten you into! (Ho: Amen.) And yourself too, don't blame it all on her. (Ho: That's right, that's right, I'm responsible.) You're responsible, and you'd better start being the man and get the pants on and … get her down to business, and I mean it! (Ho: Yes Sir.) Now‚ why not? (Ho: I mean I want to do it, I want to obey the Lord and serve you more than anything, and I want to obey what you've told me now.) Well, I want to warn you, Son, if you don't‚ why should we pay you? (Ho: Absolutely.) Why? (Ho: There's no reason.)

32. There are thousands of families throughout the World who are serving God and us better than you are who get nothing from us! So why the hell should we pay you? (Ho: Amen.) Well, I'm just warning you, that's where you're going to be. You're going to have to earn your own if you don't get busy and earn it with us. (Ho: Yes Sir.) And if you want to earn that check you guys better get busy and go to work! (Ho: Amen, I will.) And start producing some music or some writings or both, and some good news about China if you can. Now you can't control that‚ but if you can't, you can do plenty of writing in the meantime, there's oodles you can write about & there's plenty of music you guys can produce to make it worthwhile. (Ho: Amen, absolutely.) Now get with it and get her under control and get her doing it or kick her out!—If you have to teach Ruthie how to sing! Ha! God bless her! (Ho: Ha! Hallelujah! God bless her!)

33. Give Ruthie my love! (Ho: Yes Sir, I will. She really really loves you, Sir.) Tell her thanks for her at least being faithful, as faithful as she could under the circumstances with Esther making it hell on Earth for her half the time.—And ask her what happened to those good reports she used to send me at least once a month. At least she used to write us and tell us about your family and what's happening, where you live & what you're doing. We haven't had the faintest idea. We hear you've got apartments for sale, we didn't even know you bought any! (Ho: I haven't bought any apartments.) Well, where did we get that? (Ho: The apartment where I've been living, the landlord is selling it so I have to move out.)

34. Well, you'd better decide on where you're going to settle down someplace and get to work! (Ho: Amen.) I have to move frequently, but at least I keep working! (Ho: Yes Sir, we can too.) And you've got plenty of income to live on. There's no reason in the World you can't do like the rest of the families throughout the World; we've got plenty of families as big as yours that live on that much income. (Ho: Amen.) And besides, you make a little on the side with your kids and singing and all that kind of stuff. I don't care how much you make on the side as long as you keep busy for God and working for the Lord and the Family. And I mean it! That's it!

35. Now that's that last time you're going to hear me bawling you out, I warn you! (Ho: Amen‚ yes Sir, I thank you, Sir.) Because either you're going to produce or we're not going to pay. You hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir, amen.) I mean it! (Ho: Absolutely.) That's the last bawling out you're going to hear from me, because if you don't produce & change & she doesn't change, you guys aren't going to hear anymore from us, much less any checks! (Ho: Amen.) All right? (Ho: Yes Sir.)

36. I love you, Son. I love you‚ and that's why I've got to give you a good tongue-lashing. (Ho: I really appreciate it, Sir.) I'm sorry I couldn't get to see you, but I'm afraid it would have wasted too much time. I've said enough already and I've written enough and so have you, and you need to think it over and get to talking with God instead of everybody else. (Ho: Amen, that's right.) You need to start straightening yourself out with the Lord, & get busy & get down in repentance, and maybe if you straighten out‚ maybe next time I'll be able to see you. (Ho: Amen. TYL!)

37. Now actually I don't have time to see anybody, I'm too busy working for the Lord. And I don't see anybody. I don't even see your mother & I don't even see your sister. She's been right here & I haven't even seen her, because I just haven't got the time for one thing, & besides, they don't need it, and other people do. (Ho: Well I appreciate the Words, Sir.) And besides, I can't trust most of you guys with security! (Ho: Amen.) Your mother's got a big mouth and even your sister blabs everything, or almost, and you guys have never been good on my security‚ so it cuts you off from seeing me. Because you never can keep your mouths shut that you've seen me and where and what and blah blah! So I'm sorry I can't see you. At least I haven't been able to yet. Maybe if you straighten out & prove your loyalty to the Family & your faithfulness to God, maybe next time you come I'll be able to see you, or I might even come out there.

38. All right Son, you'd better get back to work for us and for God, or "no ticky, no laundy"! (Ho: Amen, that's right.) And I mean it! Now that's all I've got to say. I'm sorry I had to spend this time bawling you out‚ but you need it. You need a good spanking, or you're not going to be good for anything. (Ho: That's right.) You're going to be like your mother. I mean, we have told her so many times to get busy & write all the things she could be writing to help our little families now who are just where she used to be and where she shone and where she did so well, does she do it? No, she keeps scallywaggin' around, runnin' off to Malta or runnin' off to North Africa or making music tapes with John of old churchy music and a lot of other blah blah blah, instead of doing what she could to help the Family. (Ho: Yes.)

39. Now are you going to help or not? (Ho: Yes Sir, I want to with all my heart!) Are you going to get back there and get to work or not? (Ho: Yes I am‚ Sir.) Otherwise you're going to lose your job, Son! No other boss would have ever put up with what I put up with from you. (Ho: That's right.) As little work as we've gotten out of you during this past year, or two years. You'd better get back to work or it's no more pay, I mean it! And get that woman under your control, or get her out, one or the other. (Ho: Amen.)

40. And I don't mind if you tell her exactly what I've said, or read that rough draft to her in which I screamed my head off once before about this and her shenanigans! And you'd better warn her that something about this is coming out in one of the next Magazines. (Ho: OK. Amen.) I mean we're going to have to expose her because of what she's been doing, and we're going to have it out, and she'd better get ready for it and receive it and be sorry and repent and write her confession and apology, or as far as I'm concerned, if she doesn't, she's out! (Ho: Amen.) So you'd better shake her up and really knock her head together, get some sense into it, and help her to realise how far off the track she is. (Ho: Amen, one way or the other.) And if she's impossible, why, just get rid of her, and I mean it. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) Send her home to her parents.

41. I don't know whether they were trying to get rid of her or what, but her parents sent her to us in pretty bad shape, half crazy, and it's a miracle of God she wound up with us instead of who they sent her to‚ and I think that's the only thing that managed to straighten her out and keep her going as long as she has. But I'll tell you, God's not going to stand for her biting the hand that's been feeding her. (Ho: Amen.) And she'd better get with it in a hurry and believe and receive and accept and obey and apologise and repent or get out! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) I'm sick and fed up with her, Son, and I mean it. I don't care if she is the mother of your children. Ruthie can be a better mother than that! Did you hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir, yes Sir.) Ok that's it, Son. It's two o'clock, you'd better be getting ready to go.

42. I'm sorry to have to bawl you out in this one conversation, but you sure need it! (Ho: Amen, I really thank you Sir.) And I sure hope that you straighten out, Son. (Ho: Amen.) Because the Lord loves you and I love you, and that's why I'm spanking you—without chastening you're not a son. (Ho: Amen, I know.) But I'll tell you, if you don't straighten out, it's not going to last much longer. (Ho: Yes Sir.)

43. You'd better get to work—for us!—Not that God-damned System! (Ho: Amen.) Is that clear? (Ho: Yes Sir.) And get your wife to work too! (Ho: Amen, I will.) We don't just hire one person‚ we hire a couple, we hire the whole family! (Ho: That's right.) You're on hire for God. (Ho: Amen.) And you had better do your job, at least as a hireling if nothing else. Did you hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir‚ I hear you.) All right‚ Son, GBY! We love you.

44. Now Lord, we ask Thee in Jesus' name to help Ho to really get this through his head and wake him up and shake him up and enlighten his mind and his heart and his spirit and help him to understand what a hell of a mess he's gotten into through that awful woman, and to get her straightened up too, or get her out so he can follow You, he and his little family. We ask Thee in Jesus' name to straighten him out and get him back on the right track and get him back working for You‚ Lord, and back producing and being fruitful and accomplishing something for You, or he's finished, like his mother, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory.

45. Keep him safely as he goes on his trip, keep him warm, Lord, help him not to catch cold again‚ help him to have a safe journey, help him to make his connections, help him to get back to his little family safely, and keep them safely while he's gone‚ and straighten that horrible woman out, Lord, or get rid of her, she's a thorn in our flesh. Either use her for Thy glory or get her out! In Jesus' name, we ask for Thy glory. Bless and keep him and make him a blessing, Lord. Help him to change before it's too late‚ in Jesus' name. Amen. Amen? (Ho: Amen, Sir!)

46. Did you get that? (Ho: Yes Sir, thank you Sir.) I hope you got it, Son. I warn you, I shouldn't be treating you any better than any of the rest of the Family. (Ho: Amen.) But I have been, but God's not going to put up with it much longer‚ I warn you. (Ho: Amen, you're right, thank you.) And I mean it. And you'd better get back there and just tell Esther off‚ and you can read her what I had to say. (Ho: Amen.) OK? (Ho: Yes Sir.) All right, Son. God bless & keep you on your trip. Try not to overdo, try to get plenty of rest, eat well, and stay busy for the Lord. (Ho: Amen. TYL! I really appreciate it, Sir‚ thank you very much.)

47. Now you'd better get your family back to work for God‚ or God's going to stop supporting you. (Ho: Amen.) I mean it! (Ho: That's right.) OK. We'll probably send you a copy of this if you want it. (Ho: OK. Thank You Lord! Thank you very much.) And if you don't straighten out, it's apt to show up in the Magazine! (Ho: Amen.) Because people who don't straighten out cause trouble, so we have to expose them to the whole World to show everybody else what they're like so that they won't lead them astray. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) Now you don't want to be one of those, do you? (Ho: No Sir.) You've seen enough of that in the Magazine, haven't you? (Ho: Yes Sir.) Do you want to be another one of those cases? (Ho: No, I certainly don't Sir. I want to obey‚ I want to serve you faithfully.)

48. Let's hope you can come out as a good example of somebody that repented and came back and turned the other way, God's way. (Ho: Amen, that's what I want more than anything.) And not a hopeless case like some of the rest of them. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) Do you want to belong to the House of Saul or ours? Huh? (Ho: Amen, I'm going to serve you, Sir, I'm with your house.) All right‚ that remains to be seen. We'll wait and see. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) But you're on probation, and if you don't straighten out and get back to work for us and the Lord & get that family of yours toeing the line, then you're not working for us anymore. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) We're not going to put up with it any longer, and I mean it. (Ho: OK.)

49. All right Son‚ God bless you, I love you. Sorry to have to scold you, but you sure need a good lashin'! (Ho: Amen, you're right, I sure need it.) And you need to get home and sock it to that damn wife of yours and get her straightened out or out, either one. (Ho: Yes Sir.) Give Ruthie my love, Son, and all the children, and if there's anything you need‚ why, always let us know. (Ho: Thank you Sir.) Thank you for the videos, that was nice of you, and if you run across anything real good, why, we're always happy to receive it. (Ho: OK.) And we'd love to see some more of you and your family and your work and things there, but we never got but one about you & your family or your work & nothing about the scenery around there or anything.

50. You could be taking all kinds of videos that would be interesting to the Family. (Ho: OK, we will.) I mean you could be taking trips around there and showing us what Hong Kong is like and the ferries and the ... whatever it is across the bay there, and Macau and all those things. (Ho: Yes Sir.) But do we ever get'm? No! What do you think we bought you that video for anyhow? (Ho: Amen, well I'm going to do it.) We don't just want Worldly movies off TV! You've got a camera, haven't you? (Ho: Yes Sir.) Why the hell don't you take us some pictures? (Ho: OK, we will, I've got the vision for it.) Well‚ that's another thing, get busy at it. (Ho: I listened to your tapes on the Video Ministry and I really believe it.) That's another whole Ministry for you! You've got the equipment and everything right there, why the hell don't you make us some tapes? (Ho: Amen, we will.) Not just of your family alone—we like that, sitting in your living room—but get out and show us the town! Show us the country! Show us China! Show us Macau! Show us Hong Kong! Show us Kowloon! Show us what things are like there! I mean we get travelogues from Worldly guys, but they don't interpret it the way you could interpret it. (Ho: Yes Sir, that's right.) So why don't you make us some travelogues around there? (Ho: OK, I will.)

51. If you'd start producing, Son‚ if you'd really be worth it, we could even raise your pay! (Ho: Hallelujah!) We could certainly pay any extra expenses for any extra trips you have to make to make videos or anything like that, we'd be glad to. (Ho: OK, I'll really do it‚ Sir.) Any extra expense you're to for recordings‚ we'll be happy to pay for the extra expense for recordings or making videos or any extra expense you're to besides your living expenses we'll be happy to pay, Son, if you produce! (Ho: Amen.) If you'll get to work and produce! OK? (Ho: Yes Sir, we will.)

52. All right, God bless you, Honey, I love you. (Ho: I love you, Sir, thank you very very much.) Jesus bless and keep you and start making you a blessing again. You were a great blessing to help get things started‚ Son, let's get back to work. (Ho: Amen. TYL!) Amen? (Ho: Thank you.) OK Son. GBY. (Ho: ILY‚ Sir.) Alright, we love you. (Ho: I'm going to prove it by obeying.) I hope you have a good trip. Have you got a camera along? (Ho: Yes.) Well, take some pictures. (Ho: I will!)

53. And you know you can always make videos of stills! You can make a bunch of lovely colour slides of your trip and then show them—did you know you can do that—you can show them on a screen and then make a video commentary of the slides, make us a slide lecture of your travels and your trips and so on. Even if you can't take the video with you, you can take stills and on the screen they look like the real thing. (Ho: Amen, if you could send me any of your RDs about the Video Ministry‚ I'd really appreciate it.) Well, I think you've heard about all there is to hear, but I'll send some more if we can, if we have anything. (Ho: I don't have copies of any of those things. Helpful reminders. Especially all your practical hints.) Amen‚ Son. All right, we will. But you've got lots of ideas yourself, you're usually full of ideas, so why don't you just get busy and start taking some pictures and make some videos of even your colour stills with your running commentary. You know how to do that, don't you? (Ho: Yes Sir, we will.) Well, why the hell don't you do it? (Ho: OK!)

54. We don't know a damned thing about Hong Kong or where you live or what you're doing or what the area's like, or Kowloon or Macau or nothing!—Because you never tell us anything, you never send us any pictures, hardly anything. You used to, two or three years ago. (Ho: I will‚ with every report.) My Lord! We had to get Keda to come all the way from Japan to take pictures there to tell us something about the place. I don't think I've gotten a decent report or a decent bunch of pictures from you since we were in Tenerife! (Ho: OK, I'll send them!)

55. Get to work, Son! That's what you're earning your money for, is that clear? (Ho: Amen‚ yes Sir.) And no more work, no more pay! That's my final warning! I want to see some writings, I want to see some recordings, music recordings, I want to see some videos, and I want to see some repentance on that woman's part, and I want to see some good news from you, or you're finished! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir!) Now get busy! I know you can do it, and you know you can do it. You've been too God–damned busy with the World and that God-damned woman! Now you just let Ruthie hear this too, to keep you on the track. (Ho: OK.) She's your secretary, like mine, and she can keep you busy like mine does! (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) And remind you everyday of what you've got to do. Now you get with it and do it! (Ho: Yes Sir, I will.) I mean it. I know you can! I know you can, so why don't you? (Ho: I will, Sir.) All right, you had better‚ I warn you, or we won't! (Ho: Amen!) Now is that clear? (Ho: Yes Sir!)

56. We oughtta be getting a video out of you once a week! (Ho: OK, we'll be sending them.) We ought to have at least a video or a magazine article or a music recording at least once a week. (Ho: Amen.) That's not asking too much. That's what I insist on from MWM. They have to produce at least one show a week, or else! (Ho: OK.) Now you produce us one show a week, set that as your goal. (Ho: OK, we will.) Either a video or a good music, broadcastable music recording or a publishable article for the Magazine, one or the other, every single week! And forget your trip to China until they beg you to come! Do what you can on it, keep after it, but in the meantime keep busy with things you can do. (Ho: That's right, yes that's right.)

57. I want to see one tape, a one hour recording of music from you every week, or one video every week of your travels and travelogue around there and so on of whatever, your work or the Family's work. You could be visiting those homes around there and interviewing those people like Paul & Marianne do and telling us about what they're doing or let them give their testimonies and all that sort of thing, it would be wonderful! (Ho: OK.) Why don't you? (Ho: We will.) We pay you enough! And any extra expenses for materials or for videos or for tapes or for travel we'll be happy to pay—you just write it down. (Ho: OK. Yes Sir.) Is that clear? (Ho: Yes Sir.) Either that or we want to see a good pictorialised article for the Magazine once a week, one or the other. (Ho: Amen.) Now get'm in! There's a bunch of projects for you, and we want to see four a month. (Ho: OK, we'll do it!) Either videos or music recordings or articles‚ one or the other. Ruthie's a good writer too, and you're a very good writer. Do you hear me? (Ho: Yes Sir‚ yes Sir.) All right, let's have it! (Ho: Amen, I'm going to do it.) The children performing on video too and singing would be excellent for our families and children and so on. (Ho: Amen.) Now get busy on it! You get back there and get to work‚ Son, or we're not going to pay for any more loafin' around & fiddling around with that woman. Is that clear? (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.)

58. If she's in the way, just get her out of the way! If she can't make music recordings & put down her songs on tape so we can use'm, what's she think we're paying her for? You'd just better tell her, what the hell does she think she's getting her money from? Why isn't she working for it? Huh? (Ho: Yes Sir, that's right.) If we have to get tough & just deal with you on a businesslike basis, we'll have to. Why should you be above anybody else when you're not working and you're not producing anything we can use? Now you start producing stuff that we can use or publish to be a benefit to the rest of the World, or you're a has-been. (Ho: Amen, yes Sir.) Don't be another Saul that's going to be thrown on God's scrap pile just like Saul was. (Ho: Amen‚ I want to serve ya.) I mean it. (Ho: Amen, I want to obey.) All right, GBY! We love you. You'd better do it, Son, or I warn you... (Ho: I promise you, Sir.) Or you're going to be sorry. OK?

59. God bless you, Son, I love you. (Ho: Thank you very much.) Sorry to have to spank you, but you sure need it. Give my love to Ruthie & the girls & the children, & even to Esther if she repents. (Ho: Amen.) But she had sure better repent and send me a good confession & an apology, or else! And then show that she means it and stop this going around spreading tales and criticisms and complaints and murmurs and doubts and fears and unbelief and dissension and division and the rest she's been doing with the Family. (Ho: Amen‚ yes Sir.) If anybody else had gotten caught at that I'd have canned'm long ago! And I'm warning you, this is your last warning and definitely her last warning! (Ho: Amen‚ thank you Sir!) Now you get home and get some results! (Ho: Amen, I will.) OK. It's time for you to go. So GBY‚ I love you, Son, we'll be praying for you. (Ho: ILY! GBY!) Please let us know right away! Drop us a postcard or something when you get home! (Ho: I will as soon as I get there, sir.) Alright, Son, drop us a postcard from Luxembourg that you got there and keep in touch with Peter. Phone him from Luxembourg when you get there safely & tell him how things are going. (Ho: OK!) Keep in touch! (Ho: Amen.) GBY, Son. (Ho: ILY.) I love you. Sorry to have to spank you, but you need it. (Ho: I need it‚ yes Sir.) And I sure hope it's going to do you and all of us some good. Bye bye. (Ho: Bye bye.) In Jesus' name, amen. (Ho: Bye bye.)

60. DO YOU NEED A SPANKING? God help you!—I hope God doesn't have to spank you this hard for getting out of His will & neglecting His work! Get right with Him today! Get back on the wall & fight!—Or you'll be sorry & ashamed forever! (Heb.11; Dan.12, etc.) God bless & help you to get back on the ball for the Lord!

61. "ONLY ONE LIFE—TWILL SOON BE PAST!—ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST!"—What are you doing?—For whom?—Will it last forever for Jesus & others? He's coming soon!—Will you be glad?—Or ashamed forever!—Sorry forever! Quit wasting time! There's not much left! Now is your last chance to serve Him & help others!

62 "HE'S NO FOOL WHO GIVES WHAT HE CANNOT KEEP FOR THAT WHICH HE CANNOT LOSE!"—Do it now! Don't waste another day! Tomorrow may be too late!—And the time be gone forever! You'll never pass this way again! Everyday is gone forever! Don't delay! Do it today!

63. NOW IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TODAY!—TOMORROW IT'LL BE GONE FOREVER! Where? How? For whom? Did you spend its precious time for Him & His?—For Eternity?—Or is it gone forever! How will you answer Him? What will you say? How can you face Him & others then, if you're wasting life on yourself & nothing now?—It's better to die for something than to live—& die—for nothing!—Which are you doing? "Start living TODAY! There's only ONE WAY!"—For JESUS!—Amen?