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Prodigal Prodigies!--Part 5: Note from Hosea With Dad's Reply

Dad, Hosea

Greece, 19 November 1980DO 952–5

Dearest Dad‚ Maria & Peter,

GIJN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING ME COME HERE TO BE WITH FAITH & JUAN. They've been such an inspiring blessing to me. They've been sharing the new RDs & other counsel with me & it's been a real refreshing renewing.

PLEASE KNOW THAT I JUST WANT TO BE WHERE GOD WANTS & NEEDS ME. Being in God's will is where I want to be above everything. So I just want to be faithful & obedient day by day to do whatever you want me to do, serving you & the Lord wherever & doing whatever you want, D.V. I love you & pray for you. Desiring to be your obedient son always, Ho OXOXOX

1. (DAD'S REPLY: PTL! GBY, SON!—Thanks. Although we hear you're still up to some of your high-handed disobedient independent old tricks, we still hope you can return to your family's established base where you have home & residence & continue to try to pioneer your open door to China, DV.—What about it?—Love,—D. 28/11/80.)