KEYWORDS: engine, ark, warning, driving, ho, plastic

Ho & the Ark--A Warning Dream--A Prophecy Fulfilled

David Berg

1/11/76DO 952-15

—By Father David

1. WE WERE DRIVING ALONG IN OUR BIG OLD CAMPER that we used to have that some of the kids nicknamed "the Ark" because it had so many people & different things in it & it was pretty big‚ our big old Dodge motor home. And Ho was driving—& that's something that he never did, I don't think he ever drove the Ark, we never allowed him to drive that I can remember. But it seemed like it was more or less recently we had moved back into the Ark for a trip somewhere & he was driving.

2. AND AS WE WERE DRIVING ALONG THE ENGINE KEPT OVER-HEATING & BOILING OVER & we kept stopping to add more water & more water, but it kept on over-heating. So I finally said, "Well, I think we better take a look at the engine, Son." So as we raised the engine cover—it was a cabover type of vehicle where the engine was inside but had a hood—so we raised the engine cover, & lo & behold you, we found that somebody had laid a couple layers of plastic sheeting over the top of the engine!

3. APPARENTLY WHEN THE ARK HAD BEEN STATIONARY for quite some time they had used the engine space for storage, & to keep the things that they wanted to store from getting dirty they had covered up the engine with these pieces of plastic & they had stacked clothing & storage on top of the engine, & there was still one bag of clothing still sitting on top of the engine on these sheets of plastic! So I said,

4. "WELL, NO WONDER! YOU'VE GOT TO CLEAR ALL THIS STUFF OUT OF HERE, the engine's got to have air to keep it cool enough. No wonder the engine's been overheating!" So we took out the bag & stripped off the plastic & had no further trouble then, the engine operated OK.

5. FINALLY WE DECIDED TO STOP AT A SMALL HOTEL as we sometimes did in order to really get a good rest & clean up & everything. So we all got out & Ho was supposed to park the Ark, but instead of that he just drove off! I thought, "That's funny, he just drove off & left us!"—And he drove away off through this sort of a parking lot & didn't come back!

6. SO THAT WAS A VERY SHORT LITTLE DREAM & I don't know what it meant, except I remembered it clearly afterwards. It seemed like there was something that went before, but I couldn't recall it. I have prayed to try to recall it if necessary, but I can't seem to get it back. All I can think of is,

7. IT POSSIBLY IS ANOTHER WARNING TO HO TO WATCH HIS STEP & BE SURE HE'S CAREFUL IN HIS DRIVING & care of the engine, such as his management of some of our business affairs, & be sure that it doesn't get covered over & neglected by someone else's carelessness in the past or present that might cause the engine or the operation to overheat & get too hot for us. And then by all means don't get so independent that you just drive off without letting us know where you're going.

8. SO SON, THAT MIGHT BE A LITTLE WARNING TO YOU. Sometimes in the past you have been inclined to do that, you know, & to think that you know how to run things without consultation, without proper agreement. Be sure that you don't get so know-it-all or independent that you don't keep constantly in touch & getting our consultation & agreement on everything, & then let somebody else's carelessness cause things to overheat. And especially don't go driving off on your own without telling us where you're going‚ amen?

9. (1/1/81) BUT SAD TO SAY, HE SURE DID!—AND IT RESULTED IN QUITE A CRASH! GLP overproduced & lost money‚ & he got clear off the track!—But the Holy Spirit was faithful to warn him, as we sent him a copy of this dream at the time, four years ago, although we've never published it till now.

10. BUT NOW THAT THE PROPHECY HAS BEEN FULFILLED we feel it's time to give the Lord full credit for warning us!—The Lord didn't fail!—We failed!—Jesus never fails! Are you complaining & blaming your troubles on Him & others instead of yourself & your own wilful disobediences in failing to heed His Word?—Are the cares of this life & the deceitfulness of riches clogging your engine & hindering your fruitfulness? (Mk.4:19.)