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Blessed Are the Dead

David Berg

—By Father David DO912 21 April 1980

1. I REMEMBER MY MOTHER TELLING A STORY ABOUT THE SQUIRRELS IN THE BOSTON COMMON. It's a good lesson on saving reserves & stocking survival food. Squirrels, you know, are very smart about that: They will stock up nuts in Summer & store them inside a tree or inside of their burrow for food during the Winter. They believe in survival foods. They stock up sufficient nuts & other things to eat like acorns & various common tree nuts, & they don't gather just enough to eat during the Summer, but they stock enough to last them all Winter.—Normally they do.

2. BUT THE SQUIRRELS ON THE BOSTON COMMON, WHICH IS LIKE THE CENTRAL PARK OF BOSTON, GOT ACCUSTOMED TO BEING FED ALL WINTER long by people wandering through the park, you know‚ like people feed the pigeons. People were feeding the squirrels every day in the park & even all through the Winter. Even when it was snowy, people liked to walk through the park & throw things to the squirrels & watch the squirrels come out & eat'm.

3. WELL‚ THAT WORKED ALL VERY WELL & GOOD FOR AWHILE‚ except for the fact that the squirrels literally got out of the habit of storing food for the Winter because people were feeding them all Winter long. Until one particularly severe Winter when the snow was two or three feet deep on the Common & it was very bitter cold—way below zero for about a week or two‚ & nobody went to the Common. It was too cold, the snow was too deep, & the squirrels died!

4. THEY STARVED TO DEATH WHEN THERE WAS NOBODY THERE TO FEED THEM, BECAUSE THEY HAD GOTTEN TOO USED TO THE EASY LIFE of there always being somebody there to feed them & them not having to work for it, not having to gather & not having to store, not having to plan ahead, not having to think of survival. They had gotten softened & spoiled with the daily welfare dole that they didn't have to work for, & they didn't have to store because they got it every day free, until the hard times came & the bad bitter Winter came & there was nobody there to feed them & they died by the hundreds!—A famous thing that happened on the Boston Common & a real lesson on survival & saving & reserves & planning ahead & preparation!

5. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE BUT YOU SHOULD CERTAINLY PLAN FOR IT & save for it & prepare for it & stock survival food & supplies. So that's a good little lesson on survival. The trouble is that the Western civilisation & industrial nations have become so accustomed to being able to just go down to the corner grocery store daily for anything they need or have forgotten, go there more or less for an easy handout because it's always there.

6. THE DAY IS COMING HOWEVER WHEN IT'S NOT GOING TO BE THERE‚ the grocery shelves are going to be empty because of runs on the groceries due to shortages & scarcities & emergencies, disasters‚ catastrophes, war, riots, civil war, mob rule, whatever.—And the atom bombs! It just won't be there, & if people don't have it stored in their basements or storerooms or somewhere protected where they can survive for a few weeks until the emergency is over, they're just going to starve like the squirrels on the Boston Common!

7. (MARIA: FOR PEOPLE IN TRAILERS IT'S PRETTY HARD TO STORE MUCH FOOD, so I guess they're going to have to all have some kind of arrangement whereby they can live on the grounds of a refuge farm or at least store things there.) Well, that is one of the solutions, to have a refuge farm in common where they could store it & to which they could flee in their trailers when the time comes. When we travelled in the cruiser,

8. I USED TO INSIST THAT THEY KEEP UNDER THE BACK BED ENOUGH FOOD STORED that the few of us—it was usually only two or three or four of us at the most‚ at that time—that we could survive at least a week or two. We could have survived a week or two with the food we had stored under the bed. It's possible, if they have lightweight foods like pastas, rice, grains & things that really will last awhile, not a lot of heavy canned goods with all that liquid, necessarily, although even that could come in handy if you don't have water to drink! Canned foods contain liquid & they would supply enough liquid to last you awhile, but

9. YOU NEED A BALANCE OF WHATEVER YOU CAN CARRY. Some canned foods & lots of dried foods & a certain amount of stored water. Even in a camper like we had, we had 50 gallons of water in two tanks, 30 gallons cold water, 20 gallons hot water, & I always figured that if anything happened we could close it up & we could survive even in the Cruiser for a week or two in case of atomic fallout. We had enough food & enough water, if we used it sparingly just for drinking, that we could survive.

10. NOW IN A CAMPER OR TRAILER OR TENT YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SURVIVE ANY DIRECT BLAST or bullseye hit or even the concussion wave if the bomb lands within a few miles of you. You just might as well forget it & be thankful that sudden death is sudden glory! If the bomb lands that close that the sudden gale hits you & winds of 700 miles an hour, you're certainly not going to survive if you're anywhere within a mile or two of the bomb blast where the temperatures will be up to 3,000 or 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit which will just completely scorch the Earth & burn everything in its path!

11. IF THE BOMBS LAND ANYWHERE CLOSE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SURVIVING! If they land within a few miles, don't worry about survival. My brother used to work for Aerojet General in California, & he told me something he said he wasn't supposed to tell me, he was under $10‚000 bond classified information not to reveal it, but he said he thought he ought to tell me, because he said, "Dave‚ you need to know these things". He said,

12. "WE'RE MAKING BOMBS HERE RIGHT NOW THAT HAVE A RADIUS OF DESTRUCTION OF 150 MILES in every direction from the place the bomb lands!" That means a circle 300 miles wide! He said, "One of these bombs landing in the middle of Florida, in other words, would destroy everything between Miami & Jacksonville"! I was living in Miami, Florida at that time. So don't worry, if the bombs are going to land anywhere near‚ you won't have to worry about survival, & maybe you can be thankful!

13. WE SAW THAT PROGRAM ON THE NUCLEAR BLAST & ON BRITISH UNPREPAREDNESS in the way of civil defense, & how some countries are so well prepared like Switzerland. They've got whole mountains hollowed out with caves & tunnels & independent electricity & air conditioning & mountains of food! Also the Mormons in Utah have the same. Besides, every single family is required by law in Switzerland to have a bomb shelter under their house stocked with enough food to last at least two weeks.

14. IN UTAH THE MORMON CHURCH REQUIRES ITS PEOPLE TO STOCK FOOD FOR EVERY SINGLE FAMILY FOR A YEAR & to have some kind of a refuge. It's great where people are prepared like that & they've got shelters that will withstand even the bomb blasts, clear into the hearts of the mountains, & food stored up for two or three years. I understand they say the Mormons have enough food stored to feed the whole state for three years!

15. THE SWISS HAVE ENOUGH FOOD STORED TO FEED THE WHOLE COUNTRY FOR FIVE YEARS!—So they could stick it out quite awhile until the fallout, the radioactive contamination of the air & soil & water was pretty well dissipated. But don't worry, if you're anywhere near any direct hits, within even quite a few miles of where any bombs land, you won't have of worry about survival & you'll be thankful to be one of those who didn't survive, because anything within the few miles are either destroyed by just the heat blast or the concussion or the radiation.

16. THE GREATEST DANGER FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT SURVIVE THE ORIGINAL BLAST IS FALLOUT: Radioactive contamination of the air & water from fallout, which is radioactive particles carried by the dust stirred up by the blasts & thrown miles into the air & blown along by the wind, drifting along until they gradually settle back down to the ground on you if you're outside, which means you must stay inside.—And on the soil‚ which if you walk around you can pick up on your feet; & it can contaminate your water so that if you drink it you have radioactive poisoning which can make you very sick & even kill you!

17. MOST OF THE DANGER FROM THIS RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT OCCURS WITHIN JUST THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE BOMB BLAST. This radioactive fallout can be carried for literally hundreds of miles by the wind & air currents in the upper atmosphere & drift down & land hundreds of miles away from where the bombs fell‚ & that can poison you & make you very sick & even kill you. The worst & most powerful of this radioactive fallout, thank God, doesn't last normally more than about two weeks.

18. IF YOU GET OUTSIDE DURING THAT TWO WEEKS, YOU'RE AS GOOD AS DEAD! You won't die immediately‚ sad to say; you may wish you had died in the blast! You will die slowly‚ a sickening painful death from the radioactive poisoning that has contaminated you or your food or your water, & your livestock too if you have a farm, any uncovered water sources.

19. THE GOVERNMENT IN THE U.S. USED TO PUT OUT A LITTLE PAMPHLET FOR FARMERS: How to survive a radioactive fallout! It was very good. It told how to shut your livestock in for two weeks & have sufficient grains properly stored to feed them, & how to protect your water sources & be sure you have covered water sources. When we used to be on the ranch in Texas we had a 3,000 gallon tank on the hill completely covered, & we figured, "Well, that will be a good source of water if it should happen while we're here."

20. OF COURSE THE OPEN PONDS OR OPEN TANKS WOULDN'T DO YOU MUCH GOOD, BECAUSE THE RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT WOULD FALL RIGHT INTO THEM & poison the water & you would not be able to drink it for at least a couple of weeks. If that was your only water you'd be dead by that time‚ because you can't go without water for more than three or four days. Some people have been known to survive a little longer but it's been very rare. If you are so unfortunate as to survive the original blast & you are one of the unfortunate survivors who has to try to live & isn't thankfully dead, then

21. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ENOUGH FOOD & WATER UNCONTAMINATED BY RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT TO TRY TO SURVIVE AT LEAST A COUPLE OF WEEKS, because that is what they call the half-life of most of the radioactive contaminants of fallout, as long as they are dangerous, about two weeks after a blast wherever they land. Whether they are near where the bombs hit or hundreds of miles away, they're just as deadly, & for about two weeks this dust is still poisonous & poisons everything in its path! The radioactivity dies out in about two weeks, thank God!

22. SO YOU'VE GOT TO PLAN TO TRY TO SURVIVE—IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE—AT LEAST A COUPLE OF WEEKS SOMEWHERE IN A CLOSED AREA, as closed as possible to dust & air from the outside & with a protected water source that cannot be contaminated. You can't be at all sure about the water in your pipes even from the city water, even if it's still running by gravity feed. It could very easily, if it's not in a covered standpipe or water tower of some kind that's covered, if it comes from an open reservoir up in the hills somewhere, why, you might as well forget it! It will poison you do death!

23. YOU HAVE TO HAVE STORED WATER THAT WILL LAST AT LEAST TWO WEEKS. That means about two liters per person in your family per day that you will need to drink. Now you can get along on less, but not very comfortably. You can get along just for drinking only on a liter of water a day, but two liters a day is better.

24. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO GET ALONG ON JUST A FEW SIPS OF WATER A DAY, like we did when we were lost in the desert for three days when I was child three years of age, & our tongues swelled up! We didn't have much food, just a few crackers, but we couldn't eat them because our tongues swelled up to where they filled our whole mouths & we couldn't even swallow anything solid until we finally found water—or rather we were found by search parties.

25. THE CONDITIONS WILL BE SO BAD THAT THERE WILL BE OF COURSE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T STORE FOOD & DIDN'T STORE WATER & who will be running rampant like savages trying to find the people who did & to get ahold of their stored food & their water & willing to kill you for it! So even if you were very thoughtful & well prepared & you stored water & you stored food & you stayed indoors, there could be some savages running around outside with guns or clubs or rocks or just bare fists who are quite happy to break into your house to kill you to get your food & water—so even your own personal preparation is no sure protection!

26. THERE WILL NO DOUBT BE MOB RULE, GANG RULE BY THE CRUEL who get ahold of weapons & organise together, & we'll go back to the days of the savagery of the jungle! So I've been thinking quite a bit & praying about this the last few days as it looks like war is getting closer & they are talking about war & the bombs & civil defense preparations & how to survive. They are talking about it just as commonplace as though they expect it any day.

27. AND OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN & OF COURSE YOU MIGHT AS WELL GET READY FOR IT, & of course they are going to use those heinous idiotic horrors-of-hell weapons—going to destroy whole populations & contaminate whole countries where there will be atomic wastelands that won't even be able to be used for generations, some of it will be so poisoned by direct blasts of atomic bombs! People are just talking about it calmly as though it is the natural thing to expect that we are going to destroy each other & the World!

28. IT'S HORRIFYING HOW COLD-BLOODED PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS & what a cold-blooded attitude they have toward it, & the horrible pictures we've seen of actual occasions where bombs have destroyed whole populations like that, like the United States destroyed Viet Nam & Cambodia with saturation bombing & tried to exterminate the people, & pictures of little children horribly burned with napalm, or a tiny survivor sitting in the midst of the blast of Nagasaki or Hiroshima!

29. THE MIRACLE IS THAT THERE WERE SOME PEOPLE IN THE VICINITY OF NAGASAKI & HIROSHIMA WHO ACTUALLY DID SURVIVE! Oddly enough, a number of children survived. It must have been the protection of the Lord by His angels. Some children & old folks survived. Of course many of them were sick from the atomic radioactive poisoning & they were badly burned & injured. It was miraculous that anybody survived at all!

30. MANY OF THEM DIED VERY SOON ANYHOW‚ & there are very few that have lived this long since then‚ as most of them developed lymphatic cancer & cancer of the bone or cancer of the blood‚ all kinds of horror diseases just from the radioactive contamination!

31. I'VE BEEN THINKING A LOT LATELY ON THE SUBJECT OF COMING WAR & THE BOMBS & THE HORRORS OF HELL THAT THE DEVIL'S GOING TO LET LOOSE ON THE WORLD with God's permission because of their sins, & the hell that will follow of chaos & starvation & contamination‚ atomic radioactive fallout poisoning, & the savagery, mob rule & cannibalism—all the horrors of hell that this atomic Pandora's Box is going to let loose on the Earth! We've been seeing scenes of it, actual pictures of the aftermath of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

32. THESE BOMBS HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN DROPPED ON WHOLE CIVILIAN POPULATIONS IN JAPAN BY THE UNITED STATES, so we're not just talking about theory; they know what the effect is, they know the horrors of hell that they let loose & which they pretty much hushed up during WWII after the bombs were dropped, because they did not want even the Americans at home—the people at home—to know what a horror they had let loose on the World, what monstrous destruction & hell-on-Earth had happened to those poor people in those two cities!—Innocent civilians, young people, old people, babies, women & children, everybody‚ no exception!

33. THEY JUST INDISCRIMINATELY DESTROYED TWO ENTIRE GREAT CITIES—both of them large industrial port cities. They were war-industry cities, that's true. They were making munitions to try to win the war with the United States. But I don't think that that sort of thing is justifiable to win any war or any victory—so-called victory! I think it sickened the whole World, the whole World was horrified with the absolute insanity of dropping those bombs on two large civilian cities!

34. THEY HAVE BEEN SICKENED WITH THE HORROR OF IT EVER SINCE, to think that the United States of America, supposedly the greatest Christian nation in the World, was the first to drop the bomb & destroy entire innocent civilian populations!—Men, women‚ children, old folks, everybody! So there are lots of pictures & proofs of what happens when it happens‚ because it's happened, & you've seen it! Photographs, movies, television.

35. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED OF IT FOR YEARS NOW. Just think it's been about 35 years since the first atom bombs were dropped. It was 1945, as I recall, & of course the war did come to a close very quickly after that, but the U.S. was already winning the war. Japan was already being defeated, & it would have come to a close shortly anyway. Truman was the one who ordered it, & he claimed that it shortened the war & saved lives.

36. WELL, IT CERTAINLY DIDN'T SAVE ABOUT 300,000 LIVES WHO WERE COMPLETELY DESTROYED & others who were sickened & destroyed later—at least a half-a-million people died as a result of those two bombs, just two bombs‚ & dear Harry Truman had to live with that on his conscience, & God only knows where he went after he died to suffer for it, & he certainly deserved to suffer for it! But he claimed he was shortening that war & saving American lives blah blah! Whereas, America was already winning & it wouldn't have been long before the Japanese would have surrendered anyhow. But of course that did bring about a very quick surrender, because they saw they had nothing to compare with the U.S. atom bombs to win the war!

37. IT WAS PRETTY WELL HUSHED UP FOR AWHILE & YOU DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT WHAT HAD HAPPENED, because during those days of WWII there was strict press & radio & news censorship & you never heard about anything until sometimes weeks or months after it happened, when it could no longer change the course of the war or give the enemy information. An atomic bomb attack is now not mere theory & its effects are not merely theoretical, but

38. IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED, & THE U.S. WAS THE FIRST TO USE THE BOMB TO DESTROY WHOLE INNOCENT CIVILIAN POPULATIONS, & the horrors of hell that it lets loose are now common knowledge, & the terrors that could follow are fairly certain! Well, what I started to tell you was that I've been thinking a lot about it, watching these movies about it & reading about it & seeing people talking so matter-of-factly, "Of course the war's coming & soon, & we're going to blow ourselves up, & here's how a few of us might survive, blah blah".

39. AS I VIEWED THE HORRORS OF HELL THAT SUCH A REIGN OF TERROR WOULD LET LOOSE, not only the war & the bombs, but the aftermath of the radioactive contamination & slow death & the chaos & reign of terror, the lack of government & the lack of control; mob rule, gang rule, civil war‚ savagery, cannibalism; the more I thought about it & prayed about it‚ the more it kept coming to me,

40. "BLESSED ARE THE DEAD! BLESSED ARE THE DEAD! Blessed are the dead!"—Ha! Cheerful thought! If you live through it & are one of the survivors‚ you're going to be thinking, "Blessed are the dead!"—because really there won't be too much left to live for! The only reason I can think that God will let some of us live through it and not just take us all, is that we still might reap a harvest in the horrors & terrors to follow!

41. THERE MAY STILL BE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE DRIVEN TO REPENTANCE & SEEKING AID & seeking the truth & seeking the Lord, whom we may be able to help & lead in a time of horror & terror like that‚ in which they will be driven to God. Otherwise we are going to be thinking, "Blessed are the dead"! And I kept thinking, "That sounds familiar: 'Blessed are the dead!’"—And finally it came to me, there's a Scripture in Revelation 14:13 which really says "Blessed are the dead:"

42. "BLESSED ARE THEY WHICH DIE IN THE LORD‚ THEIR WORKS DO FOLLOW THEM.—Blessed are they which die in the Lord, their works do follow them."—Blessed are the dead! If they died in the Lord, then they have Jesus; they can be thankful to be dead physically & not be affected by the physical disasters & horrors that are going to continue on this Earth for awhile till the End? Blessed are the dead! "Blessed are they which die in the Lord... Their works do follow them." (Rev.14:13.) There's another Scripture in the Psalms: "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints"!—Psalm 116:15.

43. THE DAY IS COMING WHEN DEATH WILL BE A BLESSING! "Blessed are the dead!" "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me‚ Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; & their works do follow them."—Revelation 14:13. This is in the announcement there of some of the horrors depicted & described in the Book of Revelation on both sides of the Coming of the Lord—the horrors of the Great Tribulation before His 2nd Coming & the Wrath of God!

44. ALL OF THEM ARE DESCRIBING CONDITIONS WE HAVE BEEN DISCUSSING, the horrors of atomic warfare & the hell on Earth to follow! Just because you survive the war & the bombs doesn't mean you're going to survive the reign of terror that follows & the horrors of the aftermath, & you may wish you had died! You may be very thankful that you were dead & out of this body & out of this World & gone into the Spirit World with the Lord!—And many of us will be, thank the Lord!

45. IT'S THE LIVING THAT I FEEL SORRY FOR! I'll never forget when a boat load of wounded came back from the Pacific during WWII when my mother was with the American League of Praying Mothers‚ visiting hospitals & visiting wounded & taking them little things they needed, & she went with a group of ladies to meet a whole shipload of wounded boys from the South Pacific who had been all shot up & burned & horribly wounded & mutilated!

46. MOM HAD BEEN ASKED BY THE AUTHORITIES TO COME & MEET THEM AS THEY LANDED, because they were in very bad condition & very upset & were suffering psychologically as well as physically. As she greeted them as they were wheeled off the boat in wheelchairs & some carried on stretchers, the women tried to comfort & say words of encouragement & little prayers for them. One of the ladies said encouragingly to one of the men, "Well, you should be thankful! At least you're alive & you didn't die or get killed! You should be thankful to be alive!"—But

47. ONE VERY REBELLIOUSLY ROSE UP ON AN ELBOW FROM HIS COT & said with great bitterness, "Why should we be thankful?"—This fellow had been burned all over, his head was completely bound in bandages with just a hole for his mouth & two holes for his eyes to look through! He said, "Why should we be thankful? The dead were the lucky ones!

48. "WE ARE THE LIVING DEAD!" He said, "We'd be better off dead! We wish we had died!" And my mother was really almost horrified to think there were people who would rather be dead than in the condition that they were in! Well, that's probably true of lots of people all over the World today who are suffering & starving & being cruelly treated & who would rather be dead!

49. SOMEBODY WAS FEELING SORRY & LAMENTING THE MILLIONS OF DEAD CAMBODIANS recently who were slaughtered by their own leader, the heinous vicious demon Pol Pot, who slaughtered about 3 million, half the population of his country, & someone was bemoaning & bewailing the fact that all these people had been killed. I said, "You ought to be thankful that they're dead! They're out of their misery that they were suffering! The people you ought to be feeling sorry for & sympathising with & praying for are the people who lived through it & who are still alive & still starving, still suffering!"

50. THEY ARE THE ONES TO BE SORRY FOR, NOT THE DEAD! They're out of it, thank God! So "Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints". (Ps.116:15.) I can't say that the people who loved the Devil & hated the Lord & died in their sins without Christ are going to be any better off in the world they're going to & the Hell below & just retribution & punishment for their sins because they have rejected the Lord & refused Jesus! I can't say they're going to be any better off!

51. BUT CERTAINLY ALL OF US WHO LOVE THE LORD & HAVE CHRIST IN OUR HEARTS & OUR SINS FORGIVEN ARE GOING TO BE MUCH MUCH BETTER OUT OF THIS LIFE & out of this World & out of this body & out of all these horrors of hell–on-earth that are going to follow, in the war & after the war! You'd be better dead! You can be thankful to be dead, & undoubtedly millions will be thankfully dead! It's the living dead that will have to try to survive afterwards! Those who survive are the ones to be sorry for—the living dead! Those of you who will survive are the ones we're going to be sorry for & praying for, if we're dead & in the Spirit with the Lord!

52. THE HORRORS OF HELL ARE GOING TO REIGN ON THIS EARTH in a reign of terror such as the World has never known! It's going to be Hell on Earth! That's what man has brought the World to. And God's going to let it happen just to show what a mess man without God can make of the Heaven on Earth that He gave him to live in! The Lord made the Earth a veritable Garden of Eden, a Heaven on Earth for man‚ originally without the curse & without death!

53. EVEN AFTER THE CURSE & EVEN AFTER THE FALL OF MAN & AFTER SIN ENTERED IN‚ even after death came, it was still Heaven on Earth with the beauties of God's creation‚ the pastoral life, the agricultural life, the peaceful life of man tilling the soil, still almost a Heaven on Earth compared to the World today! But man has brought this Heaven on Earth today to where it is going to become a Hell on Earth, & is already in many places, so that, as it says in Revelation 9:6 & 16:10 & 11:

54. THE HORRORS & CURSES & PLAGUES OF THE EARTH WILL BE SO BAD THAT MEN SHALL GNAW THEIR TONGUES FOR PAIN & shall seek death but not find it, & yet repent not for their sins! Think of that! The horrors of Hell on Earth are going to be so bad that men will gnaw their tongues for pain & seek death & won't find it, but will still not repent of their sins, will still not cry out to God for mercy & ask for forgiveness, still reject Jesus & refuse to believe & still go on their wicked ways in the midst of all that horror & Hell on Earth!

55. GOD IS LETTING IT ALL COME TO THAT, TO SHOW WHAT A MESS MAN IS WITHOUT THE LORD & what a Hell on Earth he can make out of a Heaven on Earth by going his own way‚ rebelliously unbelieving‚ rejecting God & rejecting the Bible & rejecting Jesus! God is allowing man to literally bring the Earth to a state of the horrors of Hell on Earth in order to be a demonstration to the whole universe & all Heaven & the angels of God what a horrible mess man is without God 8 what a horrible mess he makes out of everything—the worst possible mess that could be imagined in the Endtime, with these horrors of Hell on Earth!

56. MAN WILL HAVE BROUGHT IT ALL UPON HIMSELF THROUGH HIS OWN INIQUITY, his own sins, his own hand‚ literally dying by his own hand, committing worldwide suicide, murder of entire populations, untold suffering & pain & starvation, sickness, savagery, all because of his sins & his refusal to receive the Lord, follow God or obey the Bible! So the time is coming when you're going to think someday—if you do survive—"Blessed are the dead! Blessed are they which die in the Lord, for their works do follow them! Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

57. THERE'S NOTHING BAD ABOUT DYING FOR THE CHRISTIAN! It's our release from this Hell on Earth, it's our freedom from this carnal crypt & heavy body, our liberation, our coronation day, the day of our release from Hell on Earth & the death of the flesh! Thank You Lord, thank You Jesus! So don't worry too much about surviving! Don't worry too much if you're going to have enough to eat, "What shall we eat & what shall we drink & wherewithal shall we be clothed?"—as the disciples were wondering in Matthew 6. The Lord said, "Don't worry about it.

58. "FRET NOT THYSELF FOR TOMORROW! Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. For the morrow shall take thought of the things of itself." Don't over–plan. Don't over-prepare. Don't go too crazy on too much survival preparation, because no matter how much you prepare, no matter how much you stash away, no matter how much you think you are well-stocked & well-protected & you're going to make it through whatever, there are conditions that are going to occur through which nobody can survive!

59. THE BOMBS WOULD BE A BLESSING!—JUST HOPE THEY HIT YOU, hope you don't survive, pray you don't survive, pray they hit you, pray you're somewhere near where you get it quick; sudden death is sudden glory!—Rather than have to survive & live a living death of the living dead in the horrors of Hell on Earth that will follow! Hope that you don't survive! Pray that you're somewhere where you get it quick, because that's the least of your worries! It's the living death that will follow which be a horror of Hell to try to exist in!

60. I DON'T MEAN BY THAT THAT YOU SHOULD NOT PLAN TO SURVIVE & TRY TO STOCK ENOUGH FOOD TO SURVIVE A WEEK OR TWO of emergency, civil war, any kind of war, any kind of drought, famine, disaster, catastrophe, earthquake, whatever. You should always be prepared with just a little bit of survival, but don't try to make too sure of it—or don't be too sure that it is going to work & that you are going to survive, because what people survive for & to may be worse than death—far worse than death—& you might be thankful that you were dead! So praise the Lord!

61. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE LORD! DON'T LOOK AT THE WAVES! Don't look at the conditions around you, don't worry. "Keep your eyes on Jesus! Do not watch the waves! Keep your eyes on Jesus! It's faith in Him that saves! Keep your eyes on Jesus! His promises avail! Keep your eyes on Jesus! His Word can never fail!" Praise God!—So you may wish that you had not survived & had gone to be with the Lord instead! So don't worry about it.

62. THE ONLY PURPOSE IN SURVIVING WOULD BE TO HELP OTHERS & try to help them to find the Lord before more die in the horrors to come! So praise the Lord! "Blessed are the dead! Blessed are they which die in the Lord, their works do follow them! Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus, praise You Lord! Amen! Death will be a blessing!—Amen?