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Why Will Ye Die?

David Berg

—Better Red or Dead?—The Message of Jeremiah for Today!DO 91121 April 1980

—By Father David

1. AS ALWAYS, THE EUROPEANS ARE SMARTER THAN THE AMERICANS, they know they can't win, they know Russia's got the arms. America & Europe together haven't got the arms, the power to do it, they haven't got the will nor the spirit to do it, because God is not going to give it to them because they're guilty. They can't feel just & righteous in such a cause because they're just as guilty if not more guilty than Russia. Apparently right now

2. GOD CONSIDERS RUSSIA LESS GUILTY & MORE RIGHTEOUS IN MANY WAYS THAN AMERICA & the West, so He's letting Russia win. For example, even this Afghanistan situation: If any country needed to be subjugated & dominated & put down it's those wild beasts! The Afghans have been monstrous enemies of Christianity for generations & one of the cruelest people on the face of the Earth, one of the most horrible nations of robbers & bandits! If any country ever needed to be sat on & put down it's Afghanistan!

3. SO GOD BLESS THE RUSSIANS—THEY'RE DOING A GOOD JOB & I HOPE THEY SUCCEED! But all the rest of the self-righteous World is all objecting on the basis of democracy. How much democracy do you find in a prison, huh? How much democracy can you have amongst wild beasts! If you let them out of jail‚ they're going to tear you to pieces! Why don't we go into the jails & let everybody loose & have democracy? Why don't we go into the prisons & the zoos & the cages of the wild animals & let them all loose & have democracy, huh?—Because you can't trust people like that with democracy!

4. THE AFGHANS AREN'T WORTHY OF RULING THEMSELVES. They've got to be ruled with a tough strong hand. Russia's doing a job that needs to be done, & the whole Western World is criticising them!

5. ALL THOSE KIDS THAT ARE WANTING TO GET OUT OF CUBA RIGHT NOW, look at that crowd, they're nearly all young ruffians! They just want to go someplace, do something else. They weren't in Cuba when things were bad, they were not even born yet. They don't know how bad it was before Castro was there. Huh! Cuba's heaven on Earth compared to what it used to be under Batista! Castro didn't even want to be Communist.—The U.S. drove him into the arms of the Communists! They forced him to be an enemy!

6. IT'S PRETTY CLEAR ALREADY TO MOST OF THE WORLD, & CERTAINLY THE THIRD WORLD & TO EUROPE, WHO'S WINNING! Even America's beginning to be afraid that maybe they're not going to keep on always winning.—They just lost one war! I was thinking this morning, "Blessed are the dead!"—Not even from the Christian standpoint of being non–violent & turning the other cheek, resisting not evil, & a few other things the Lord said, but just from the common sense standpoint!

7. THE ADVICE THE LORD & HIS PROPHET JEREMIAH GAVE THE JERUSALEMITES WHEN THE ENEMY WAS OBVIOUSLY WINNING & when they couldn't possibly win, it was an impossibility, was to surrender! Well, in the first place, the smartest thing they could have done was not to rebel against the power. That's what caused them all the trouble, that's why the Babylonians were down there looking for them & besieging the cities‚ because they had flatly refused to pay tribute & refused to obey the World power which God permitted to rule the World & keep some decency & order.

8. BUT AS USUAL THE [ACs] WERE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TROUBLE & the disorder & indecency & rebelling & thumbing their nose! Here's this little tiny squirt thumbing his nose at the great big bully, what was he going to get?—He was going to get it! The damn [ACs] never seem to wake up to the fact that they just can't win! The only times they've ever won is when they didn't try to lick them, but they joined them!—In Europe & America!

9. IN RUSSIA THEY TRIED TO LICK THEM & THEY GOT WIPED OUT & the only ones that managed to survive were the ones that joined them & are still with them. Let's face it, in every war, that's the only decision you've got. Let's say you're in a duel‚ let's say you & your adversary have got your guns‚ both pointed at each other. You're holding a gun on each other deciding what you should do now. "We've both got our guns on each other. He's going to pull the trigger, & just from natural reaction if I pull the trigger I'm going to get killed! But if I don't pull the trigger then maybe he'll kill me." That's one way to look at it. But there's one almost positive way to survive. Is that to pull the trigger or not pull the trigger?

10. THERE'S ONE MORE OPTION: YOU CAN DROP YOUR GUN! The other guy will then get his way & you may become his servant & have to do what he says & cough up your money & other valuables‚ but he has no further reason to kill you because he has no further fear of you because you have surrendered. So why should he kill you when he can use you?

11. I DON'T BELIEVE THAT THE RUSSIANS WANT TO WIPE OUT THE CITIES OF EUROPE & AMERICA. They'd be absolute idiots, fools to want to! Why, they'd like to have those cities & those populations. Nobody in his right mind would want to actually totally contaminate the World! What's the use of running the World, what's the use of dominating the World if it's become nothing but a cesspool & a radioactive contaminated wasteland! Who wants to rule that?

12. THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE PEOPLE TO RULE OVER & the cities & the wealth & the industry. Just look at it from the plain selfish practical standpoint if you were to put yourself in Russian shoes: God or no God, in plain common sense selfishness, you don't really want to destroy the World, especially when you're probably going to get destroyed too!

13. SO THE SMARTEST THING A COUNTRY CAN DO WOULD BE TO DO WHAT?—IF IT WANTS TO LIVE, IS TO SURRENDER, OF COURSE! As sure as shootin', as they say in the West, as sure as shootin', whether you pull the trigger first or he does, you're going to die! As the Lord said to Jerusalem, "Why will ye die, O Jerusalem." What do you want to die for? "Get out!" He said‚ "Or surrender!"—One or the other, & live! As the old saying goes that the Americans hate, "Better Red than dead!" Well now‚ that depends on how much you hate being Red & what kind of conviction you've got against it or what's your objection.

14. THE WHOLE AMERICAN ATTITUDE IS THAT "I'D RATHER BE DEAD THAN RED!" Like the good old song, "No, no, a thousand times no!—I'd rather die than say yes!" Now if that's what you prefer, go ahead & die then! "Blessed are the dead!" It's in the Bible: "Blessed are the dead." (Rev.14:13.) The time is coming when it'll be more blessed to be dead than alive, when you think of the holocaust, the horrors of that atomic warfare, atomic bombs & the fallout & radioactive contamination, & know it's one way or the other you're going to get it, if it ever starts!

15. ONE OF THE SMARTEST THINGS YOU CAN DO, if you really prefer to live, even if you have to live under a regime that you don't like—which nearly all Christians during all ages have had to do—is to surrender! I don't think they ever liked any of the regimes. They were always persecuted, they were always in the minority. They were always mistreated, they were always oppressed. The true Christians were never truly in World power, they never will be until the Lord comes.

16. SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE, WHETHER WE ARE PERSECUTED BY THE AMERICANS & THE CAPITALISTS OR WE'RE PERSECUTED BY THE RUSSIANS & THE COMMUNISTS?—We're still persecuted one way or the other. "Well," they say, "it's going to be worse in Russia & so & so & so & so!" Well, I don't think it'll be worse in Russia alive necessarily, in some ways at least, than it would be in America dead from an atom war! On the other hand, maybe that's better: "Blessed are the dead!"

17. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND THE EUROPEANS—they talk sense but they don't act sense! I was amazed when they decided to put in those 1500 new nuclear warheads or silos or missiles in Europe. Helmut Schmidt talked them into it.—I was amazed! They didn't do it in France: France is independent & has it's own. And Russia knows that & France knows that, & I believe France is trying to do her best & stay out of it & make it clear to Russia she's not going to come in & fight America's battles anymore. She fought two World Wars to protect America. You know, we don't read the same kind of history in the States: We fought & died for dear Europe!—So we say!

18. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WAS DEAR EUROPE FOUGHT & DIED FOR US & saved our skins, & we knew it, & that's why we did everything we could to keep the war over in Europe‚ so it wouldn't get to the U.S. ... Well, now we've got the kind or wars they can't contain in Europe, but they're still trying: The more warheads they can keep in Europe, the more they're going to be shooting at Europe instead of America! The smartest thing Europe could have done is what I told them to do almost 10 years ago in "The Meek" (No.205):

19. KICK OUT THOSE NUCLEAR BASES & THOSE ATOM BOMB BASES & MISSILES & GET RID OF THEM!—Because if you don't have any‚ they are not going to be shooting at you! What's the use of wasting your ammunition on somebody that hasn't even got a gun?—Huh? The Europeans are smart in some ways—politically, diplomatically, I think they far surpass the Americans—but for some reason or another, I guess because of that American pressure & money & all the rest,

20. THEY'RE DOING THEIR BEST TO STILL HOLD UP THE WHORE BECAUSE THEY'RE AFRAID IF THEY JUST COMPLETELY BACK OUT & refuse to support America anymore‚ then the Russians will take over, which of course they're going to do anyway, shootout or no shootout! So, which is better?—To go ahead & have the shootout & leave 2/3 of the World dead & the other 1/3 dying, or to surrender‚ like the Lord advised Jeremiah to counsel the people, to take their punishment that they deserved?

21. READ THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH, IT'S ALL THERE: "Now you've sinned against Me. Now you've got to be punished. What do you want? I'll give you a choice." That's what the Lord literally said to the Israelites. That's what God's saying to the World today: "OK, you've all sinned against Me & I'm going to punish you. I'll give you a choice: What kind of punishment do you want? Annihilation, hell on Earth, or surrender to the power that I have put in charge of the World, & to be its slaves & take your punishment & live? Which do you prefer?—Red, or dead?" That's the only choice they've got, because that's God's Will!

22. THE BIBLE SAYS, BEFORE YOU GO TO WAR YOU'D BETTER SIT DOWN & FIGURE OUT & COUNT THE COST if you've got what it takes to win it; otherwise, you'd better send emissaries of peace & sue for peace‚ in other words, surrender, make peace. Now that's what Europe's been going for the last several years: They see they can't win. They couldn't possibly win any kind of war no matter what‚ because Europe will be gone within the first few days.—And maybe America too!

23. EVEN IF IT'S A CONVENTIONAL WAR, IT'S ALL THE MORE SURE THAT EUROPE WILL BE GONE. The Allies, NATO, America, they haven't begun to have enough force in Europe to keep the Russians from rolling right in & taking the whole thing over within the first few days just with tanks & plain ordinary guns, planes & bombs!—Even if they never use one nuclear tactical weapon of any kind!—And they know that.

24. LIKE SCHMIDT OF GERMANY SAID, "I CAN'T HELP BUT REMEMBER THAT MY HOME WHERE I'M LIVING IS ONLY 30 MILES FROM ALL THOSE RUSSIAN TANKS!" How's he going to keep them out? He isn't, it's impossible! Europe will fall within the first few days. There's nothing in this World that America or Europe can do to prevent it. It's just a matter of plain simple logistics, & the Europeans know it. And some smart people are thinking,

25. "WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT BEING A COMMUNIST? Maybe it's better to be a Communist than dead!" But I'm sure there are quite a few Americans who would rather be dead, & that's what it looks like, & they're about to pull the trigger.—And they're going to be dead! Well, every man to his own taste, his own choice. They've that much pride! Pride is what has caused most wars, fomented them, started them & fought them & ended them!—Pride, just plain damn pride! There're some people who would rather die than surrender!

26. BUT GOD IS GIVING A CHOICE TO THE WORLD: He told me that the message for the World today was the Message of Jeremiah. He just as good as said to the people of that day through Jeremiah, "You've sinned against Me & now I'm going to punish you. I'm going to bring down upon you the heathen & your enemies & they're going to win. Now which way would you rather they'd win?" He said, "If you fight & resist them, 1/3 of you will be destroyed by fire‚ 1/3 by the sword & pestilence & 1/3 of you will go into complete slavery‚ chains!"

27. BEFORE THEY HAD HAD A CHOICE: If they had yielded & honoured the king of Babylon & paid their duties & taxes & the tribute which he demanded, his armies never would have come a thousand miles across the desert to put down their rebellion! They could have remained on their own, more or less. But it just hurt their God-damned Jewish pride to be paying tribute to a foreign power!

28. IT HURT THEIR PRIDE THAT THEY WEREN'T RULING THE WORLD & BABYLON WAS! So they simply refused to pay!—And boy!—Did they pay! They paid, they lost everything! Even at the last minute God still gave them a chance so they wouldn't have to pay such a heavy price: He said, "Even though they are now surrounding your walls out here, if you'll surrender & take the yoke of the king of Babylon upon your necks & be his servants, you can still live." He probably would have left them right there if they would've surrendered.

29. BUT NO, THEY WERE GOD-DAMNED STUBBORN JEWS, typical, just as Ezekiel said of them! The Lord was the One speaking through all those prophets: He said they were a stiff-necked & rebellious people! He told Ezekiel to go speak to them, but He said, "The House of Israel are a hardhearted people, a stiff-necked & a rebellious people, & they will not hear you. They won't listen. It doesn't matter how much you tell them, they'll die‚ they'd rather die first"!—Pride! (Eze.3:4-7.)

30. THAT'S THE WAY THE ISRAELIS ARE RIGHT NOW: THEY'D RATHER TAKE THE WORLD DOWN WITH THEM THAN GIVE UP! So the Lord gave them a choice: He said, "Well, if you will surrender even now with our armies outside your walls (& it's obvious that you're losing, you can't win), you can still save your lives. Take the yoke of the king of Babylon & live! O why will ye die, O Jerusalem?" That's the stupid idiotic insane thing about America & even Western Europe now! You look at television. You see all this stuff about atom bombs & everything &

31. YOU SEE HOW IT'LL BE A MIRACLE IF ANYBODY SURVIVES! BUT SOME PEOPLE WILL, THANK GOD! I guess the Lord wants to make sure somebody's here when He finally comes! There are going to be some anyway, even some of us. Although I would say‚ "Blessed are the dead!" I think you almost have to have a special calling to survive what's coming, like you'd have to have a special calling to stay in America when you know it's sinking. Personally, I would rather be dead, & I told the Lord so! "Blessed are the dead," & I would rather be dead when it happens than have to go through it!

32. MAYBE YOU'VE GOT THE DESIRE & THE BURDEN & THE FAITH & THE CALLING TO SURVIVE.—I don't! By that time I feel my job will be done, & it'll be up to you young & the strong, the vigorous, the tough & those maybe who've got what it takes to survive, but by that time I doubt if I'll want to survive! As I look at it now‚ I don't. There have been a few times in even the past few years when I asked the Lord even to let me go, but you guys hung onto me & begged me to stay, so I stayed. Maybe I'm a coward: OK, I'm a coward! I don't really think I'm always a coward.

33. SOMETIMES I FIGHT EVEN WHEN I DON'T WANT TO: I blast the [ACs] & expose the hypocrites even when I try not to! I'm a little bit like that guy Balaam: He got paid by the King to go out & curse the Jews, & every time he opened his mouth he came out with a blessing, because it was the Spirit of God! That was a long time before, when they were not as bad as they are now. Well, it's just the other way around with me: I sat down in my study one day in Portugal & was going to write this nice letter & wasn't going to say anything about the [ACs].

34. I WAS GOING TO WRITE THIS LETTER OF REFUTATION TO STERN MAGAZINE FOR THAT NASTY ARTICLE they wrote‚ I knew I just didn't dare say anything about the [ACs], because I knew they were a bunch of [ACs], they wouldn't hear it anyhow‚ it would make them all the madder‚ & we'd make all the more enemies. And every time I opened my blooming mouth, out spewed rantings & ravings & cursings against the [ACs]!—It was impossible to bless them!

35. WELL, THAT'S THE PROBLEM OF BEING A PROPHET: YOU HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH, & YOU HAVE TO SAY WHAT GOD SAYS TO SAY. You can't be a peace-prophet & soft-soaper & tell these guys, "Oh, everything's all right, don't worry, & blah blah!" You've got to tell the facts. If I were a little country there in Europe, I'd do what France has done, just declare its independence of NATO & America & say, "Well, we're going to have our own nuclear bombs, but we're going to have détente, & don't worry‚

36. "WE'RE NOT GOING TO SHOOT THEM AT YOU, BUT WE DO HAVE THEM IN CASE, SO YOU'D BETTER THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU SHOOT AT US!—We don't plan to use them on you, Russia!" I think the French might be more inclined to use them on America! That's the way they feel about things‚ & I wouldn't much blame them! But if I were a little country like poor little weak sinking Britain, who hasn't got anything hardly now except a bunch of missiles & arms of America stuck over there, with no place in Britain where they don't have nuclear arms & warheads & missiles,

37. THE SMARTEST THING THEY COULD DO IS DUMP ALL THOSE MISSILES & kick out all those atomic submarines & strip themselves of all those atomic weapons & say, "Look, we're not going to shoot you: We don't even have any anymore!—So why shoot us? We may keep a few little conventional weapons to try to keep the populace in control, but we're not going to shoot any atom bombs at you, so leave us alone!" What would be the point of shooting atom bombs over there at Britain & destroying the whole place & making it absolutely a useless atomic wasteland, if the Russians could save it for their own use?

38. HALF THE WORLD LIKES TO GO TO LONDON FOR THEIR VACATIONS & their shopping & investments, etc. And the Russians would just almost give their eye teeth to be able to go shopping in London! Why the hell would they want to blow up the place?—Right? It's the stupid idiots that are trying to please the Americans by having all those atom bombs there that are crazy! I warned them then when I was there, in "Blessed Are the Meek" & "The Rape of England" (Nos. 205 & 204).

39. THE SMARTEST THING THESE COUNTRIES CAN DO IS LAY DOWN THEIR ARMS & SAY "WE SURRENDER!"—When they see they can't win! Europe is saying that with its mouth & talking, but letting the U.S. slip in arms under the table; in the last months they didn't even put them under the table, they shoved them right across the table in plain view!—Brezhnev begged them not to. You read the story about Israel's last days‚ they were besieged by the Babylonians: The Babylonians begged them not to fight & die, but to live!

40. EVEN THEIR ENEMY SAID, "WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET DESTROYED?—YOU CAN'T WIN! And if you don't surrender‚ we're going to destroy you!" So what did they do? Did they surrender & live & preserve their city & their beautiful temple & their culture & their religion & stay a subject people, a conquered, surrendered people, but in their own city & their own country? What did they do? They were just as stupid as America is today, that's exactly what the Lord told me!: He said,

41. "THE MESSAGE FOR AMERICA TODAY IS THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH!: 'WHY WILL YE DIE, O JERUSALEM? Submit your necks to the yoke of the king of Babylon & live!'" (Jer.27:13,17.) But did they? Well, a few of the poor headed for the hinterland & headed for the hills & ran out into the country & hid in the bushes & the forest, & nobody bothered them! In fact, after the conquering armies of Babylon took over‚ they released Jeremiah from jail & paid him a good sum of money & said‚ "We'll take you anywhere you want to go!" (Jer.39:12 & 40:4 & 5.)

42. THEY REDISTRIBUTED THE WEALTH & THE LAND TO ALL THE POOR they had left! They weren't fighting them‚ so they took care of them! But those damn city people who decided they were going to fight & die, did!—Two–thirds of them were slaughtered, slaughtered by the sword, by fire & by pestilence! And the other third were taken as slaves in chains to Babylon where they were slaves for 70 years.—And their city was totally destroyed & their temple demolished & even the walls were torn down! So what good did it do them?

43. THE LORD GAVE THEM A CHOICE OF PUNISHMENTS, JUST LIKE HE DOES US SOMETIMES.—Just like He did King David once when David did something to displease the Lord. He said, "OK, now what do you want? I'll give you three choices: Either you suffer at the hand of your enemies, be defeated by them, or you suffer pestilence & plague or suffer famine." David, I thought, gave a very wise answer, & I think I would have done the same: He as good as said, "Well, Lord, I'd sooner trust Your bugs than my enemies.—Send the plague!"

44. IN OTHER WORDS HE SAID, "I'D RATHER PUT MYSELF & MY PEOPLE IN YOUR HANDS, so lay on the plague!"—In other words‚ at the hand of God. "I can sooner trust Your Mercy than the mercy of my enemies." He said‚ "Send the plague!" And thousands of them died by the plague, but it was, of course, only as many as God chose.—Whereas the enemy might have completely wiped them out! God sometimes gives choices. (2Sam.24:12-25.)

45. HE'LL PROBABLY GIVE YOU YOUR CHOICE IN THE COMING HORROR THAT'S GOING TO COME: Whether you want to die, you prefer to die, or whether you prefer to survive & live in the horror that's going to follow, which is going to be worse than the war! The war's going to be quick & sudden & all in a hurry & sudden death, sudden glory! You can be thankful if so, but pity those who survive!

46. DON'T BE TOO WORRIED ABOUT TRYING TO SURVIVE: YOU MAY WISH YOU HADN'T! Don't be too worried, in other words, if you've got to go by camper & you can't carry too much survival food & a few other things; you may be thankful you didn't survive! In other words, we have a message for everybody, take your choice: You can either die or survive, whichever you prefer!—A little bit like the old joke about the three Allied spies of WWI that got caught, a Britisher, a Frenchman & the American Jew.

47. THE GERMANS SAID, "YOU MUST DIE NOW BECAUSE YOU'RE SPIES."—And during war times, spies were executed. "So how do you want to die? We'll give you a choice how you want to die." The Frenchman said‚ "We've been a warlike people, I'd prefer to be shot."—So they shot him. The Britisher said, "My people have always been a seafaring people, I'd prefer to be drowned."—So they drowned him. And the American Jew said‚ "Well, we Jews have always been a very peaceful peace-loving people, I yust prefer to die of old age!"


49. ... [They] feel justified in attacking the Russians & justified in attacking the Arabs & grabbing the oil fields & saving Israel!

51. THE JEWS WANT A WAR, because if they can't have their way in peace they'd rather bring the whole thing down on their heads & ours too, in war, rather than submit, rather than lose. They'd rather everybody would lose along with them! Well, it just isn't common sense. I don't think it's very smart. When people see they can't win, the smartest thing they can do is real quick surrender, & that's what Europe was starting to do under détente, beginning with Willie Brandt & his Ostpolitik, meaning Eastern political view. In other words,

52. QUIT LOOKING WESTWARD!—START LOOKING EASTWARD TOWARD THE POWER THAT IS GREATEST, & IS GOING TO CONQUER THE WORLD! It is better to get off the sinking Western ship & start climbing on the Eastern ship that's not sinking & that's taking over. That's just plain common sense. Self-preservation, they say, is the first Law of Nature. It's not the first law of Love. To lay down your life for someone else‚ that's the Law of Love, that someone else can live. But to lay down your life so everybody can die, that's not going to do anybody any good! That's even contrary to the Law of Nature, self-preservation‚ that if you can't live, you don't want anybody to live!

53. THAT'S SELFISHNESS!—BUT THAT'S THE AMERICAN ATTITUDE: IF THEY CAN'T LIVE, THEY DON'T WANT ANYBODY TO LIVE!—Much less Europe whom they hate, let's face it: The U.S. doesn't love Europe. They would be happy to have Europe die for them, just like that cartoon we used of Nixon that time: "No greater love hath any man than this: That a man lay down his friends for his life!" It's the same old American attitude‚ "Come, help us stop the Communists now before it's too late."

54. THE EUROPEANS ARE SAYING‚ "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?—STOP NOW? IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE! Why should we stick out our necks for you & why will ye die? Why should we die when it's already too late? What's better about your System than theirs?"—To the World's way of honouring things, respecting things, admiring things, the World admires force, power, cleverness.

55. "THE RUSSIANS OBVIOUSLY HAVE THE GREATEST FORCE, the greatest power, are the cleverest, they're winning the World, why shouldn't we join their side?" The Russians living in Russia seem to like Communism, they're not forsaking the country by droves, except the Jews! All my life they were predicting that eventually the Russian people were going to rise up & throw out the Communists, & the only reason they didn't revolt was because of the tyrants who were over them.

56. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED!—THEY LIKE IT! AT LEAST IT'S A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN WHAT THEY HAD!—Why shouldn't they like it? And from what they can see of the rest of the World, it might be a lot better to keep it than trade it for something that's not so sure! Even if it's 10 birds in the bush, like American affluence, when they can see that America's about to go down the drain, why should they want that?

57. "IT'S BETTER TO KEEP MY LITTLE ONE-ROOM APARTMENT IN MOSCOW & MY GUARANTEED JOB & my guaranteed salary & guaranteed social security & guaranteed everything, in fact, pretty much guaranteed security, & not as apt to be destroyed as America! Why trade all that for the ship that's sinking?" So it's pitiful! The smartest thing these little European countries can do—especially the little ones that couldn't possibly survive—would be to say‚ "Don't shoot! I don't have any guns! No bullets! No weapons! Why shoot me? I'm not your enemy, I'm not hurting you, I'm not going to do anything to you, I haven't got anything to do it with! I don't mind serving you, just let me live!"

58. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE TOO MUCH WORSE OFF THAN THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE SERVICE OF CAPITALISM & AMERICA ...! I don't think they're much more merciful than the Russians! Solzhenitsyn can talk all about the Soviet Gulag Archipelago.—What about the United States of America's prison systems? Andrew Young, the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. said, "America has thousands of political prisoners!" Every young person in prison in the U.S.A. doing time for pot is a literal political prisoner!

59. IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DRUGS; THOSE PARENTS COULDN'T CARE LESS! They don't mind if they smoke tobacco & kill themselves a little slower, they don't mind if they drink, they don't mind if they go to Hell‚ they don't mind if they go to church, just as long as they don't smoke pot or join the COG or a sect! It's a pride trip, it's a System trip! It's OK as along as they're not rebels, as long as they conform & "as long as they do what we say! We don't want them to smoke pot just because we said so!

60. "IT DOESN'T MATTER TO US THAT YOU FOUND OUT THAT ALCOHOL & NICOTINE ARE WORSE FOR YOU THAN MARIJUANA, that doesn't make any difference. Even if all the doctors in the World say that, we say you don't smoke it! We don't want you to smoke it, especially since all the big beer industry & all the tobacco industry, & all the legal medical peddlers are doing their best to keep it out for fear they won't be able to control it & make any money on it!" Some of the big tobacco companies have already got all their packaging & everything else designed, advertising, everything for marijuana when it's legalised! They just want to make sure they control it first!

61. THE MAIN REASON THEY'D RATHER HAVE TOBACCO IS BECAUSE THE U.S.A. GROWS TOBACCO & it doesn't grow marijuana! It's just that simple. They talk about freedom, democracy. Well, the youth, the modern generation—if they had a chance to really vote for it—would vote pot in & vote tobacco out! Let's face it. And that's what they're doing really. That's what's happening. But who doesn't want it?—The people who can't control it & make money out of it!—And that's the System, their parents. Let's face it:

62. THEY DON'T WANT IT BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO CONVERT THEIR TOBACCO FIELDS TO MARIJUANA, so they can't make any money on it! They'd have to buy it from Mexico & Colombia & other countries. In fact, seven Latin American States with the lead of Bogota, Colombia, are seriously considering joining together & passing laws to make marijuana legal in their countries. Instead of having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year trying to stamp out marijuana, which is virtually impossible because the people make too much money on it‚ they could save all that money‚ plus make hundreds of millions of dollars a year on legalised taxes on it!

63. THAT'S WHAT THE U.S. FINALLY WOKE UP TO ABOUT LIQUOR: They decided "Why spend all this money on trying to stamp it out when we can be making money on taxing it!" That's why they abolished prohibition. There wasn't any great discovery that they'd made a mistake, that man just had to have his alcohol. The big mistake they discovered was that they were losing money on it by prohibiting it.—While the gangsters & the Seagrams & the Kennedy family were making all the money instead, on bootleg liquor!

64. SO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FINALLY DECIDED THAT WAS THE THING TO DO, TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE THAT WE SHOULD HAVE LIQUORS: "After all, they should have liberty, they should have freedom, they should have freedom of choice to choose their liquor, especially if we can tax it & make money." That's probably what'll happen with marijuana one of these days.

65. FROM THE LOOKS OF THINGS I DON'T THINK THE AMERICANS ARE EVER GOING TO WAKE UP, of course, & they would rather die than give up their pride & their possessions. And they've just about persuaded the Europeans to take the same attitude, so it looks like they're all going to go down, because nothing's stopping the Russians & nothing will. Only God can stop the Russians‚ & He doesn't want to, because He wants to punish the rest of the World by using the Russians! He's made them smart enough now & strong enough to do it, & they're doing it!

66. AND HE'S PUNISHING THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN WORLD FOR THEIR SINS & THEIR HYPOCRISY & UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! He always takes it out on His own people first, because they know more & they know better. You punish your own kids first, you don't start spanking the neighbour's kids. If your kids have been throwing rocks through the windows, why, you punish yours first, & then you try to handle the neighbours later when they come to get you for holes in the windows! But of course they jump on your kids for throwing rocks at the windows‚ you agree with them, you need to punish your kids. But if they jump on them too harshly‚ why, you'd probably turn around & punish them‚ & that's what the Lord always does.

67. HE ALWAYS PUNISHES HIS OWN CHILDREN FIRST, then He turns around & slaughters their enemies! He sends their enemies in on them to punish them, & then He turns around & punishes the enemies after His kids have had enough. And that's exactly what the program is, & that's what the Bible predicts: The U.S. is going to get it first, the Western World is going to get it first, the Great Whore is going to get it first‚ & then the guys that gave it to her are going to get it next.

68. THE KINGS THAT JOIN THE ANTICHRIST ARE GOING TO DESTROY HER & BURN HER WITH FIRE!—Then it also says God is going to turn around & destroy him & burn him with fire in the end, so they all get it.—And we're the only ones who don't get it, because He saves us. Not necessarily by survival‚ but a lot of us are going to get saved by death, thank God! ...

70. THE AMERICANS SAY, "WE'LL SUPPORT ANY REGIME THAT'S ANTI-COMMUNIST!—It doesn't matter even if that regime is more tyrannical & worse than the Russians & the Communists, we'll support that if it's anti-Communist, because we're anti-Communist!" Why? Well, just because they are the "haves" & they want to keep it, & Communists are the "have nots" & they want to take it! It's just that simple! "So anybody that'll help us keep it, we're for them!—Doesn't matter whether they're tyrants & selfish & oppressors of the people & the poor‚ we'll support them if they'll help us oppress the poor & keep what we've got, & help us to keep from having to share with the rest of the World!" Let's face it‚ that's the fact of the matter, the way the West looks at it.

71. EACH AMERICAN HAS MANY MANY TIMES OVER WHAT THE AVERAGE PERSON IN THE WORLD HAS: There's always plenty to eat, & all kinds of other things, & they want to keep it & they would rather fight & die keeping it! They would rather be dead with it than be Red without it, because they know if they surrender they'll lose it! It'll be taken away from them.

72. THEY'RE GOING TO LOSE IT ANYHOW, BUT THEY'D ACTUALLY RATHER GO WITH IT‚ even though they can't take it with them! It's insanity! Atomic war's insanity! How those people can be insane enough & monstrous enough to even manufacture those things, knowing the horrors they're going to bring, even one of them is almost unbelievable! How can they make them?

73. HOW CAN A PRESIDENT CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN & advocate the horrors of Hell to be manufactured to dump on the Earth indiscriminately on whole populations of men‚ women & children & babies? I don't think it's possible for a genuine Christian to be President of the United States! How could he be? First of all, you've virtually got to be crooked to get there—& even crookeder to stay there! And how could he go ahead & promote spending billions of dollars every year to make more of them!

74. IF HE WERE A REAL CHRISTIAN, WHAT WOULD HE DO? HE'D SAY, "LET'S DUMP ALL THIS STUFF!" (Though I don't know where they'd get rid of it all!) "And let's tell the Russians: 'So, you're Communists? Well, we're Christians & we ought to be Communists! We ought to share our wealth. Here it is. You can have it‚ we'll work for you. Let's just spare the World & its population & babies & the children & the women & the old people & the workers, & get rid of all the armies, & let's try to make it a better World.’" Hmmmmm? Sounds nice, doesn't it? But it's ridiculous wishful thinking, because of course the U.S.'ll never do it!

75. BESIDES THAT, THE U.S.'S TOO WICKED & THEY'RE SINNING TOO MUCH AGAINST THE LORD FOR THEM TO GET OUT OF IT NOW, it's too late! It's what the Lord told the Israelites, "It's too late now. I told you before if you'd obey & be subject to the king of Babylon, why, I'd spare you. But now you've insisted on doing what you're doing. But I'll give you one more chance: Surrender! You can still surrender, even the King of Babylon's telling you to surrender. That way you'll spare your city & your people." But they still wouldn't do it.

76. THEY PREFERRED TO FIGHT & DIE & THEY DID! And the city was destroyed & 2/3 of the people, & the rest made slaves! And that's exactly what America's headed for & wants to do! And that's why the Lord said His Message for America today is the Message of Jeremiah! It hasn't changed any: "Submit yourselves & your necks to the yoke of the king of Babylon," obviously the Russians & the Communists, "& live! Why will ye die, O Jerusalem?" And so the Lord's merciful, really merciful!

77. EVEN AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE HE STILL GAVE THEM A CHOICE‚ & THEY STILL MADE THE WRONG ONE. ... I think some of the common people, especially of Europe, are more sensible. They've known all kinds of tyrants & regimes, & they've found that it doesn't make much difference, one government or another, they're all bad! So what's the difference? "At least we'd just rather you'd go away & leave us alone & let us live at least‚ than be absolutely annihilated by a war!—Or worse yet, live through it!"

78. I BELIEVE THE RUSSIANS ARE SENSIBLE PEOPLE. My father used to say, "Americans don't understand the Europeans. They just don't understand the Europeans—they insult them, they make fun of them, they laugh at them, they crack jokes about them. They don't understand them. Europeans have a certain amount of pride & self respect. The Americans have no respect for the Europeans, really." Let's face it: You know how they thumb their nose at them & talk behind their backs & consider them fools & have very stereotyped ideas of the different nationalities. They couldn't care less!

79. THEY WOULDN'T MIND A BIT LAYING DOWN THE LIVES OF THEIR FRIENDS, THE EUROPEANS, FOR THEIR OWN LIFE! But this time the Europeans are not so anxious to do it! They did it twice & they don't want to do it again! ... The Americans are not about to begin to quit or stop from going into the war, & are willing to sacrifice Europe in their own defense!

80. SO ALTHOUGH THE OUTLOOK IS AS BAD AS EVER, EVEN GETTING A LITTLE WORSE EVERY DAY‚ WE'RE IN YOUR HANDS, LORD! And whether we die or whether we live‚ we live or die unto Thee, Lord, & it makes little difference except that we obey Thee & do Thy will & help others & accomplish Thy purpose, whether we live or die! Thy will be done, You know what's best, in Jesus' name! Thank You for this beautiful day! We ask Thee to bless us now & help us to think of the good things & not think too much on these bad things.

81. BUT THE SOLUTIONS ARE SO SIMPLE, LORD! IF THE PEOPLE WOULD TURN TO YOU‚ REPENT OF THEIR SINS & ASK YOUR FORGIVENESS, YOU WOULD LIFT THE CURSE, LORD‚ & You'd remove the whole thing‚ but they won't! So You have to punish them & You have to let the war come & all the horrors of man that man is bringing on himself, to show what a mess he is without You, before You can save him! Bless & keep us & continue to make us a blessing & to speak Thy truth & reveal it to Thy Children & those without as well, & continue to prepare them for it, to do what they can.

82. THE BEST THING THEY CAN DO, LORD, IS TO KEEP OBEYING THEE‚ PREACHING THE GOSPEL, going into all the World preaching Thy Gospel of Love to others. That's the best preparation for eventual ultimate survival!—In Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory, amen. Lord bless & keep us today, & help us get Thy work done!—In Jesus' name, amen!