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Carter in Disneyland

David Berg

—by Father DavidDO 91027 April 1980

1. YOU KNOW HOW WE WERE TALKING LAST NIGHT ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING FORCED TO GO HOME whether we like it or not, because of the war & tightening of travel restrictions & security restrictions against Americans in all of the foreign countries.—And very likely gasoline rationing first of all, followed by food rationing, which is always very common during war time. And maybe that's what got me on that track & prompted this dream, I don't know, but I do have the strangest dreams!

2. ANYHOW, I DREAMED WE WERE BACK IN CALIFORNIA, at least it sure seemed like California. We had a nice house & it wasn't far from Disneyland, of all things! It must have been Disneyland, since I don't suppose there could be any other place like that! We had gone to Disneyland, walking around looking at all the sights & the kids taking rides. You know, it's so enormous that you just can't even see it in one day. They'd really changed it a lot & they had a lot of new stuff in it, really far-out & really fantastic new exhibits & rides & all kinds of stuff!

3. I WAS JUST AMAZED & MARVELLING AT HOW THE AMERICANS COULD GO ON JUST PLAYING around like that, like children in a big amusement park, when things were so bad & the World was on the brink of destruction! I was just mostly walking around looking, just looking at the people, amazed at how they could keep on fiddling like that while the World burned! I wasn't taking any of the rides or anything. You had to pay extra for some of them. Once you get in (you pay admission)‚ then you've got to pay extra for a lot of things, & for some reason it seemed like we were a little bit short of money & we really couldn't afford to waste money on stuff like that.

4. I REMEMBER HOW MY MOTHER USED TO LOVE TO GO TO DISNEYLAND! She'd get in one of those wheel chairs & we'd wheel her around. Hosea used to love to push her around. I don't think we ever went again after my mother died. She was the one that always wanted to go. It was really funny! She always did have a little fun streak‚ you know, she liked stuff like that.

5. IT SEEMED LIKE IN MY DREAM IT WAS MAMA EVE WHO WANTED TO TAKE ALL THE KIDS TO DISNEYLAND. It seemed like she was the one that had pushed to go this time, with her grandchildren. She wanted to go & take the little children that had never seen Disneyland. So she had persuaded us to go along with them. So we went along, but we just strolled around looking at the people & watching with amazement how they could play all these games & take all these rides & do all this kid's stuff & amusement!

6. DISNEYLAND'S REALLY JUST A BIG AMUSEMENT PARK, although it is a little bit more educational than some amusement parks, a little historical education etc. But anyhow it was getting late & I thought we ought to go home. I had been watching some interesting things &

7. I PARTICULARLY SORT OF HAD MY EYE ON THIS VERY PRETTY WOMAN, about 30 or 35 with long nice hair & fine features. I couldn't explain just exactly what she looked like, but she had very large beautiful eyes. She looked a little like Esther, Ho's wife, only brunette instead of blonde, real fine intelligent good-looking girl, conservatively dressed. She was with a girlfriend & they were walking around looking at things. She seemed to be very sweet & very sensible & it looked like she was walking around sort of amazed like we were, just looking mostly.

8. SUDDENLY A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE BEGAN TO POUR OUT OF THIS OVERHEAD AUDITORIUM & they streamed out across the mall, all raving about some kind of show they'd seen in this overhead auditorium that was supposed to be one of the wonders of the World because it was a suspended auditorium, believe it or not! It wasn't very large, probably only held about a couple hundred people, & it was circular‚ perfectly round & suspended by a heavy gigantic chain with links as big around as my arm‚ attached to some super-structure that was way up overhead in the night.

9. I TRIED TO SEE WHAT IT WAS HANGING ON, & COULD FAINTLY SEE SOME KIND OF BIG GIRDERS that were in the shape of sort of an arch, probably six or eight of them that were arched & met at a central point at the top, sort of like a church window at the top or some of these doors that go like that, & this chain was hanging from up there. They were giant girders, so it was really a massive piece of construction, amazing, really amazing!—And I looked at it & marvelled as all these people came pouring out after the last show.

10. I NEVER GOT TO SEE THE SHOW, SO I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT IT WAS‚ BUT I THINK IT WAS SOME KIND OF STUNTS & AQUATIC SHOW or something‚ sort of like a circus act particularly for kids to keep them amused. I continued looking at this amazing structure.—I'm a builder & things like this interest me. The auditorium was circular‚ suspended about 20 feet above the ground & the auditorium itself was at least another 20 feet high like a big tin can, apparently made with some kind of light metal or plastic, very modern-looking, & fancy, the way they make things in the States & California.

11. IT HAD THIS CATWALK ALL THE WAY AROUND THE OUTSIDE of the bottom of the auditorium. It was very narrow, seemed to me like it was only about a foot or 18 inches wide & I thought, "Boy, that sure is terribly narrow to expect people to walk around that thing without any banister or railing!" I thought‚ "Wow, that's really dangerous!"

12. AS THE AUDITORIUM HUNG UP THERE, IT VERY VERY SLOWLY ROTATED, like that rotating restaurant on top of that skyscraper I took you to in New Orleans.—And they've got some like that in other places, with all these big windows around where you can sit & eat while it seems like the whole city is moving around you slowly below. It was a bit scarey, but it was quite a thrill! You & I went up there & got a dessert & coffee or something, remember? Anyhow, it was slowly rotating, overhead while I'm standing there watching it, & then all these people started pouring out of the middle exit.

13. THEY HAD A SORT OF SPIRAL STAIRWAY THAT CAME DOWN RIGHT OUT OF THE CENTER OF IT. I guess it would stop rotating, & then the people would pour out of it, & down this stairway. It kind of looked like one of those old-fashioned iron spiral fire-escapes they used to have back in some of the old cities in the East. The evening show apparently was over, & the people were pouring out & pouring across the mall, & they were all raving & excited & thrilled about what a marvellous show it was. It seemed like it was kind of a slow night, there weren't as many people as usual, you know, in Disneyland.

14. SUDDENLY WE HEARD AN ANNOUNCEMENT OVER THE P.A. SYSTEM THAT THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE AN EXTRA LATE NIGHT SHOW in the suspended auditorium & it was going to be free‚ open to the public, to help apparently publicise the show because there hadn't been enough people attending. So our folks got all excited & said, "Oh wow! There's something we can afford! We can go to see that famous show & go to see it free, let's go!" I kind of reluctantly agreed, "Ok, since it's free, why, I guess we might as well go & see it."

15. THE FUNNY PART ABOUT IT WAS THE PLACE TO GET INTO THE AUDITORIUM WAS NOT THAT CENTER SPIRAL STAIRCASE, that was just an exit. You know how for so many of those shows & rides & things they have a separate exit from the entrance so that the crowds won't run into each other. It makes a more even flow of people so that some are going out the exit while the other people are coming in the entrance.

16. THE ENTRANCE WAS A STRAIGHT STAIRCASE‚ two short flights, one flight up & then the landing & then the flight back up toward the revolving auditorium, which was of course standing still waiting to load all these passengers. The people were really streaming up the stairway & then through this little sort of box office at the top & onto that tiny ramp, that little catwalk that circled the outside of the auditorium. I thought, "Boy oh boy, that is really dangerous! How can they expect people to walk around that thing like that? It really is dangerous!"

17. WE CLIMBED THE STEPS & HAD TO TURN LEFT & START WALKING AROUND THE CATWALK TO THE ENTRANCE. I think maybe the entrance was supposed to be right there at the box office, but somehow or another the thing had gotten stopped in the wrong position so the entrance was around about one-third of the way around to the left, so everybody just decided to walk around this catwalk & get to the entrance anyhow.

18. THEY WERE HAVING SOME KIND OF TROUBLE WITH THE MACHINERY, as we found out a few minutes later. Some kind of power failure that had stopped it in this position where the entrance wasn't exactly opposite the box office as it was supposed to be. We also found that the power cut off had affected the gyroscope which was intended to keep the thing level no matter where the people were in the auditorium, because otherwise the shifting of that many people around inside that thing made it tip one way or the other.

19. SO AS WE STARTED WALKING AROUND—DOZENS OF PEOPLE WALKING FROM THE BOX OFFICE ON THIS LITTLE LEDGE AROUND TO THE LEFT—THE WHOLE THING BEGAN TO TIP A LITTLE BIT! I don't know if you know how hard it is to keep your balance on a thing like that! Well‚ fortunately in a way‚ that side at that time was over the water. You, know, they've got a lot of lakes & streams & bodies of water at Disneyland, & below us was this big stream, it seemed like it was flowing slowly underneath this side of the auditorium that we were circling.

20. AS THE THING BEGAN TO TIP, PEOPLE BEGAN TO SCREAM & GET SCARED & GRAB FOR THE WALL; but there was nothing to hold onto! Apparently as this one woman behind me grabbed for the wall. she dropped her purse & it fell off & landed in the water! Her daughter screamed, "Mother dropped her purse!" And immediately her brother jumped in after it. I thought, "Boy, he'll never find it! Good night!—It's kind of dark tonight, & dropped in that water!—How's he ever gonna find that purse?"

21. I MUST HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THESE GIRLS, YOU KNOW ME, BECAUSE THEY WERE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. This very beautiful girl that was so pretty & sweet & I was especially attracted to was keeping her cool, but she was trying to cling to the wall & keep from sliding off the catwalk‚ but she had on these high heels & couldn't apparently keep her footing. I thought, "I'd like to help her, but I'm barely hanging on myself!" Suddenly she slipped & fell into the water! I thought "Oh my God! I hope she can swim!" Immediately her girlfriend jumped in after her to help her.

22. JUST THEN I MADE IT TO THE ENTRANCE where this big burly fellow, great big typical side-show promoter, was standing. He looked like Mr. 5-x-5-muscleman or wrestler‚ apparently one of the performers or one of the acrobats or something. I remember he had this little short burr haircut, blonde, & he seemed also to be the father of the circus & the promoter of the show. He was standing there ushering the people in.

23. I GRABBED HIM BY THE ARM & SAID‚ "LOOK! LOOK DOWN THERE! LOOK!"—And I could see her way down about six feet under water‚ her clothes kind of puffing around her, you know how they do under water, & her face with her eyes wide open & her mouth shut. She was looking almost like she had already drowned or was dead, although her eyes were opened & she looked sort of alive, but of course she couldn't be breathing under water! I don't know how to explain it, but she just looked sort of spaced out, like it was all so strange!

24. SHE DIDN'T ACT SCARED, BUT JUST LIKE SOMEBODY WITH A LOT OF FAITH who was trusting the Lord, I had a feeling that she knew the Lord because of the way she had such a sweet attitude as I had watched her. I hadn't let her know I was watching her, but I had just kind of walked around watching what she was doing with her girlfriend before. But now she was just taking it so calmly, she was down there under the water & didn't even seem to be trying to swim or trying to get up to the surface‚ you know how normally you would frantically try to reach the surface, as though maybe she didn't know how to swim & she was just calmly floating along under the water.

25. I CAN REMEMBER HER FACE SO CLEARLY & SO WHITE because of the spotlights focused on the water. You know how Disneyland is all lit up with all these street lights & spot lights. Everything was very brilliantly lighted, & I could see that patent leather blue purse as it gradually sank in the water. But I thought‚ "Oh, it's so dark he'll never find it once it's far below the surface!" It floated a little bit at first, but then just sort of gradually, sank, you know, as purses will do when they've got air in them.

26. SHE WAS FLOATING THERE UNDER THE WATER TOO‚ WITH HER FACE LOOKING UP & BRILLIANTLY LIGHTED, a beautiful girl‚ not seeming to make any effort to swim! Just as I was telling this guy "Look! Look!", her girlfriend had reached her & was trying to pull her up out of the water. I said, "You've got to help them quick!" I was fully dressed & I didn't feel like I had the strength for it. I started to jump in myself & then I thought, "I don't think I could do it." And I thought, "Well, this great big burly guy, he must have been an acrobat or stunt man!" Part of the act inside was something aquatic, I forgot what it was, but anyway I said, "Look! You've got to jump in & save her!"

27. WELL, HE WAS QUICK, HE JUMPED IN REAL QUICK‚ & I JUMPED IN WITH HIM! I just felt like I couldn't do it myself, I had to have some help, & we jumped in almost together. We dove in & grabbed her & together with her girlfriend we raised her to the surface of the water. Everybody was grabbing at her trying to get a hold of something to bring her up‚ & in the process we tore her cloths off, & wow! I thought, even at that horrible emergency moment I looked at her & I thought how beautiful she was! All the people up above were watching the rescue.

28. THE MINUTE WE GOT HER UP TO THE SURFACE OF THE WATER IT WAS JUST LIKE SHE CAME ALIVE & BEGAN TO GET ALL EXCITED‚ almost as though she was more concerned about being naked than drowning! She was sort of shrieking & everybody was yelling, there was a lot of excitement as we were holding her face above the water, & I looked at her & thought, "How beautiful!" And here she was naked because we'd ripped all of her clothes off as we were trying to pull her up, & she was kind of spread-eagled on top of the water, front side up in front of all these people & us‚ her rescuers, while pulling her out.

29. THE LAST THING I REMEMBER WAS LOOKING AT HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE WAS, & I WOKE UP! It was such a traumatic experience, jumping in that water trying to save her & lift her up, I guess I got so excited by the whole thing that it woke me up! You know how you'll do in a nightmare or a dream sometimes: You get so excited you will yell or scream & actually wake yourself up just from the excitement, or just at the most terrifying exciting moment!

30. I WAS SO RELIEVED WE'D SAVED HER & GOTTEN HER UP TO THE SURFACE OF THE WATER, & there she lay on the surface, face up full frontal, naked‚ with only little pieces of her dress hanging on her! I was sort of treading water trying to help hold her up, there were three of us. I think there were others in the water by that time too. It seemed like there were quite a few people in the water who had jumped in to try to help us get her out.

31. OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!: RIGHT OVERHEAD AS WE WALKED AROUND THE CATWALK THERE WAS THIS RED–WHITE-&-BLUE BUNTING DECORATION, red-white-&-blue draped cloth that they use a lot at political meetings around political platforms & arenas & auditoriums where they're having any kind of patriotic or political meeting or any thing like that. Thank the Lord, I remembered about the bunting, because it reminded me of the most important thing! Oh me, I was so fascinated by the girl's beauty I almost forgot! I knew it seemed like there was something else.

32. I REMEMBER THINKING AT THE TIME THAT THIS BUNTING DRAPED AROUND MUST BE BECAUSE OF THE ELECTION, THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. But boy, was I glad it was there as this thing began to tilt slightly, just a little tiny bit, but that's enough to get you off your balance if you're pressed up against a wall‚ you know, where you can't stand up straight. So as I was trying to hang onto the wall, I saw that bunting up there & I reached up & grabbed it.

33. THE ONLY REASON I DIDN'T FALL OFF WAS BECAUSE I HUNG ONTO THIS BUNTING as I worked my way on around to the door. I just got to the door in time! Boy oh boy, how could I almost forget that part about the bunting! Thank the Lord, He reminded me! Well, where we got the girl to the surface there was a dock or a little old wharf or something right along the edge of the water, & we got her up on there, as there was some kind of a ramp or stairway that let out of the water there.

34. WE GOT HER UP ON THERE AS THE WHOLE BIG CROWD GATHERED AROUND HER. Somebody brought a blanket & put it around her. She was sitting there trying to dry herself off sort of laughing embarrassed that all this had happened over her & she said, "Well, Ha!" She said, "From now on, my money's on Carter!"—Can you imagine?! She says, "From now on, my money's on Carter!"—Ha!

35. SHE SAID, "I'M THROUGH WITH ANY OF THESE OTHER SIDE SHOWS‚ MY MONEY'S ON CARTER!" I HAD THE IMPRESSION THAT CARTER WAS A PREACHER & that she was supposed to have gone to his meeting, & instead, because the show was free, she had gone to this sort of like sideshow, & it was almost like this burly guy with the blonde crew cut was some kind of preacher too, but more like a sensational evangelist. Some of these evangelists almost put on circus acts to get people to come in, you know! He had some sensational thing going there. As she said, "From now on, my money's on Carter!" I thought about him, & it seemed like in my mind he had become a preacher, & that

36. SHE FELT LIKE SHE HAD BEEN UNFAITHFUL OR DISLOYAL TO CARTER BECAUSE SHE WENT INTO THIS OTHER GUY'S SHOW, so she said, "From now on, I'm sticking with Carter!—I'm sticking with Carter."—And that's when I woke up! Isn't that the craziest dream you ever heard of? I do have the craziest dreams, Honey! But it was like:

37. NO MATTER WHAT CARTER HAD DONE, WHEN IT CAME TO THE SHOWDOWN, THE PEOPLE WOULD FEEL LIKE THEY HAD TO BE LOYAL TO THE GOOD MAN, the real true preacher! It was like he represented the fundamentalists or the evangelicals, & no matter what happened, they had to be faithful to him & loyal to him & true to him, & they were going to vote for him no matter what. And that was sort of like the moral of the whole thing:

38. SHE FELT SHE HAD GOTTEN IN TROUBLE BECAUSE SHE GOT INVOLVED WITH SOMEBODY ELSE'S CIRCUS & SOME OTHER FOOLISHNESS! But the minute she was out of the water sitting there wrapped in this blanket trying to dry herself off & sort of laughing to cover her embarrassment, she said, "Well‚ from now on, my money's on Carter! I'm sticking to Carter!"

39. MY WHOLE IMPRESSION WAS THAT CARTER WAS AN EVANGELICAL PREACHER, & SHE'D GONE TO THE WRONG CHURCH, so to speak, led astray by this sensationalism‚ & that she realised now that she had made a mistake, through this horrifying experience of nearly drowning, & she was going to stick to Carter no matter what!—That was it! Well‚ I don't really know what it all means, all that stuff that we went through to get to that point. Why would the Lord have us go through all of that? The circular auditorium—what does it represent? It certainly couldn't be real! It just seemed like the whole thing was sort of a symbolism in a way, or at least an illustration.—Maybe not symbolic, but like

40. A DREAM TO ILLUSTRATE HOW YOU'D BETTER NOT TRUST IN ANYBODY ELSE'S MACHINERY! That big rotating auditorium could represent sort of a political machine with all this bunting draped around it, like it was part of somebody else's campaign. But I don't know any of the candidates who look like that guy. He looked like a typical circus acrobat, big husky & muscular short fellow with his burr-cut blonde hair, tough! But boy, he jumped in right away & he really really did the trick, he really helped her‚ saved her!

41. HE SAVED HER, & YET SHE SAYS, "WELL, FROM NOW ON MY MONEY'S ON CARTER! I'm sticking to Carter."—And here this guy saved her life! Well, we helped a little bit, but he saved her life really, & yet she says, "From now on my money's on Carter! I'm sticking to Carter." I had the feeling like maybe Carter was preaching some place & she should have gone there to hear him preach & she didn't, she went to this acrobatic circus act instead.

42. THAT'S EXACTLY THE ATTITUDE A LOT OF THOSE AMERICANS ARE GOING TO TAKE: "WELL HE'S A DUMMY & HE'S SURE PULLED A LOT OF BONERS, BUT AT LEAST HE'S HONEST & HE'S A GOOD MAN‚ he's trying, he's better than the other guy, & besides he's a Christian, he's a church man, he's born again, he's a Baptist! We Baptists & Fundamentalists & Evangelicals, we've got to stick together, no matter how crazy or dumb he is! He's still the man of God & he's still born again‚ he's still saved, so he's still God's man, & so we've got to stick to him through thick & thin, no matter what he did!"

43. JUST LIKE THE COMMENTS OF A LOT OF WORLD LEADERS IN REACTION TO HIS FAILED ATTEMPT to rescue the hostages: They all said, even the other candidates, his opponents, said, "It's no time to criticise him for it. At least he tried," they said. "And even if it didn't work out, that wasn't necessarily his fault." And even the leaders of various European countries, while they resented him not telling them anything about it or giving them any warning at all, just when they were cooperating so well with his embargoes & sanctions, they all said,

44. "NEVERTHELESS, WE MUST STICK WITH HIM & NOT LET THIS DIVIDE US. He's on the right track, & he is right in that they should let the hostages go." They felt like he had doublecrossed them‚ because they'd all agreed to these sanctions & everything more or less‚ because he'd promised that he wouldn't do anything if they'd impose the sanctions, & then he went ahead anyhow, so they all felt sort of doublecrossed & betrayed that he hadn't told them what he was going to do, hadn't warned them & hadn't discussed or consulted with them.

45. HE JUST WENT AHEAD & DID IT, & THEN FAILED, OF ALL THINGS! That was almost the unforgiveable part! Some of them said if he had succeeded the World would be hailing him as hero, but now just because he failed, why, everybody's down on him. The dream was like an answer to that situation about Carter's failure to rescue the hostages: Now that she had her taste of sensationalism & had gone to somebody else's meeting & nearly drowned, even though this guy had saved her life, why, "From now on my money's on Carter! I'm sticking to Carter!"—And she was going to be loyal to Carter, no matter what!

46. YOU KNOW, SHE COULD HAVE REPRESENTED AMERICA! That's undoubtedly going to be the attitude of a lot of Americans, especially Christians & church people. They are the ones who really put him in last time, along with the Jews & the Negroes & the youth, because he was against the war & he was against corruption & he was for virtue & Godliness & Christianity & the church‚ motherhood & the flag & whatnot!

47. SO IF THAT'S WHAT THAT DREAM MEANS‚ THEY'RE GOING TO STICK TO HIM NO MATTER WHAT! Even if he failed, at least he was trying, his motives were pure‚ you know, that kind of idea. "So we're not going to let anybody distract us or lead us astray again, into their sensationalism or their ideas‚ as long as we've still got Carter, our good Christian church man!"

48. SHE SAID, "WELL, MY MONEY'S ON CARTER. I'm sticking to Carter." In other words, "I made this mistake once; I'm not going to make it again! I'm not going to let these other sensationalists lead me astray!" What a dream to have! Why couldn't the Lord tell me that some other way without carrying me through all that? I'm sorry, but that's just the way it was, crazy! But she sure sounded convincing!

49. THAT SUSPENDED AUDITORIUM WAS SORT OF SYMBOLIC TOO in a way, like it sort of represented the crowd, the general public, the World ... the World! The World goes around on an axis, it revolves & turns! Sort of like it represents the Earth, the whole World; maybe the whole World in a way is going to sort of tilt! See‚ it wasn't the whole World that said it, just she that said it! She was going to be a faithful witness, faithful testimony‚ faithful Christian, you know how churches are: Gotta be loyal to your church & your preacher no matter what! You could even deny the Lord, but you didn't dare deny your religion & your denomination, & not show up faithfully on Sunday!

50. THE AUDITORIUM WAS IN PRETTY BAD SHAPE!—MAYBE THAT REPRESENTED THE MESS THE WORLD'S GETTING INTO! It's power went off, it stopped revolving, & the gyroscope that kept it level apparently failed. So it was in trouble; then the woman lost her money, her purse: A lot of people are losing their money right now in all the crashes & everything! It was like the World stopped turning, it started to tip, & people were falling off! (Power = God?)

51. IT COULD REPRESENT A TIME OF GREAT CATASTROPHE & ECONOMIC CRASH & even almost losing your life! She was sinking! Then we all jumped in to try to save her, & that could sort of represent the various peoples & nations that are even jumping in trying to save America! When we finally got her out she says, "I'm gonna put my money on Carter! I'm sticking with Carter from now on!"—And that could just be typical of the attitude Americans are going to take, no matter what! "He's a good dear sweet man, he's trying hard; he's awful dumb, makes a lot of mistakes, but at least he's trying to do the right thing."

52. PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OF SYMPATHY FOR THE UNDERDOG, YOU KNOW. At least he tried, & people are going to give him credit for trying even if he failed. If it didn't do anything else but show it was impossible, with some people that is going to vindicate him. So maybe that's a sign that we are stuck with Carter! She said she was sticking with Carter: If America's sticking with Carter, that means the whole World's stuck with him!

53. (MARIA: I WONDER IF THE JEWS WILL STICK WITH HIM, TOO?) Well‚ I read some articles lately that said "We Jews don't like a lot of things he's done, but at least he's been more faithful to us & done more for us than anybody else! ..." Every time he does the wrong thing, they can make him back down ...! This one Israeli Jew wrote defending Carter & Israel‚ saying that he's done more for Israel, regardless of all his mistakes & some of the things he's said, than any other President! So it shows he's going their way.

54. AND OF COURSE, HE'S FOUGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE BLACKS through & through, fought for the Rhodesian elections, & he's all on the side of all the Black nationalist movements in Africa, still fighting for the Blacks, who are nearly all Communists or radical fanatics of some kind‚ or savages! So there's a lot of people that are going to stick with him, no matter what!

55. ON THE OTHER HAND, REAGAN IS A BITTER PERSONAL ENEMY OF OURS & AN ENEMY OF THE CULTS! He has cooperated with the deprogrammers & Ted Patrick & all of the persecutions against the cults. He is a 100% flag-waving pro-System, pro-parent candidate, & he's a tough egg, let me tell you! We'll have war for sure if he gets in! He'll attack & grab the oil fields & do whatever he can!

56. BUT IF CARTER GETS IN‚ WELL‚ THAT SORT OF CONFIRMS THE "SPIDER DREAM" TOOthe spider didn't get in! (See No.879.) When that guy dug out his mandibles & swept him into the dustbin, that was almost like another sign that Reagan's going to lose, & this one's like a sign that Carter's going to win! And I'll tell you‚ if any of us had to go back to the States for any reason—of course a lot of us are back there now—a lot of the Family are back there—hundreds of them—we've got hundreds of Homes in the States, & that's where they're buying a lot of trailers & mobile stuff—sort of like a last witness to America: If any of us had to go back to the U.S., I tell you, I'd really be afraid to go back anywhere where Reagan was in charge!

57. I THINK WE'D BE A LITTLE BETTER OFF WITH CARTER IN CHARGE At least I've never heard him come out against the cults, that I know of. I think probably one reason is because his sister in a way is a cultist: She belongs to a small "fanatical" cult—that's what they consider Pentecostals, cultists. So he's probably a little bit more sympathetic.

58. IN FACT HE'S COME OUT WITH SOME RATHER SYMPATHETIC STATEMENTS to the effect that, "Well, they've got a right to their religion, & the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, so we can't persecute them just because of religion unless they do something illegal. We have to protect their rights just like everybody else's. "So he has stuck up for the right sometimes, thank the Lord, even though he seems to be so dumb, such a stumblebum & blunderbuss, bungler‚ poor fellow! He's so sincere: "How can I be wrong when I'm so sincere?" Well, there is a way that seems right unto a man‚ but the end thereof are the ways of death!" (Prov.14:12.)

59. WELL, THAT AUDITORIUM MUST NOT ONLY REPRESENT THE WORLD BUT ALSO THE PRECARIOUS SITUATION IT'S IN, that the slightest little thing could set it off balance!—One little tip & America's in the deep! If God removes His Power, His protecting hand, to let the nations reap what they've sown, a lot of'm are gonna be in it up to their necks!—Or even over their heads!—I said last time that:

"IF CARTER GETS ELECTED, IT WILL BE THE MERCY OF GOD!"—It'll certainly take the mercy of God to get him re-elected after all his mistakes! But who knows?—God does! Carter's certainly not as bad as Reagan!—The Spider!