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Attention All 7 Star Diary Owners

World Services

DO904 1 May 1980

(c) May 1980 by World Services, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.

1. DAD NEEDS YOUR "PERIODICAL PAYMENTS" PAGES (JUNIOR SIZE) FOR HIS LETTER RECORDS if you are not using them—& you shouldn't be! There are usually only one or two in a box of 7 Star Diary refills for each new year, but Dad uses three or four a month, & they just fit his Diary Progress Chart for his Letters! He puts the name of each Letter in the first long space, & its number, classification, length & chronological-dated progress from first taping to final publication in the little columns that follow.

2. AS THESE PAGES JUST FIT HIS LETTER RECORDS & are so convenient to keep in his Diary but are so scarce, he would surely appreciate it if you would send him any unused ones that you happen to have on hand from your old boxes of 7 Star Refills, regardless of the year.

3. THE PAGES ARE TITLED "PERIODICAL PAYMENTS" in English in the upper left hand corner (or something similar in 7 Star Diaries of other languages), & the writing lines run the length of the page rather than the width. So please check you old refill box(es) & if you have any of these unused pages to spare, please send them to Dad with your next regular Monthly Home Report (to your usual Reporting address) on the first of next month, as he needs them NOW!

4.—YOU WILL HAVE GIVEN DAD SOMETHING HE HOLDS IN HIS HAND MANY TIMES A DAY as a loving remembrance from you to remind him to pray for you! Please write your name along the bottom of the back of the page where the ring holes are, & your present city & country so he'll be reminded to pray for them, too! He'll be writing something on your page everyday for at least a couple weeks & referring to it frequently after that, so your name will have his personal attention in prayer day by day!

5. PLEASE SEND THEM SOON!—HE'S RUNNING OUT OF PAGES!—Thanks & GBY!—P.S. from Dad!: If you don't have a 7 Star Diary‚ you should have!—They've been for years a Family tradition first introduced by Ho in London about 1972! They're the handiest little diaries we know of, with pages & reminders for everything & all kinds of useful information, as well as hour-by-hour pages for your Daily Log, monthly summaries, various important records, addresses & phone numbers, financial records‚ first aid, info on various stain removals, world maps, national holidays of the various nations, time charts, world mileages, weights & measures & temperature conversion tables, calendars‚ blank note pages for your shopping lists, miscellaneous etc. etc. etc.

6. THEY COME IN A STRONG PLASTIC OR LEATHER LOOSE-LEAF RING-BINDER (in Senior‚ Junior & Mini sizes) with compartments for your important papers, money business cards‚ stamps & so on. So it's a combination comprehensive pocket wallet, log & reference library combined all in one tiny book that easily fits into your pocket, purse or pouch!

7.--A REAL SPACE & WEIGHT SAVER!—Ideal for all you Mobile Ministers of the Family!—And for anybody else who likes to keep concise compact accurate records & information, & throw your filing cabinet away! Dad even keeps his daily sex records in it with his sex scores at the end of each month, such as how many times with how many women & what kind & quality!—Ha!—Wouldn't you like to read that!!!—Maybe someday he'll let you!—Don't miss a Mag!

8. YOU CAN BUY THESE 7 STAR DIARIES for only a few dollars in all major languages from English to Japanese, so if you haven't gotten one, run to your local bookstore, stationary store, office supply store etc.‚ or write to the following 7 Star address nearest you for more information‚ prices & ordering data.—Do it today!—Tomorrow may be too late!—You can tell'm I sent you!—Ha!

9. YOU ONLY HAVE TO BUY THE RING-BINDER WALLET ONCE, & THEY LAST FOR YEARS!—Dad's had his for nearly 10 years!—Then each New Year's Diary Refill Pages are sold very reasonably by the box, & can be mailed to you anywhere in the world! This is a free Ad for 7 Star, as we are a strictly nonprofit religious, educational & philanthropic charitable Family bent only on improving the spirits, health, living conditions, education, social welfare, security, happiness & future of all mankind!

10. HAPPY LOGGING!—YOU SHOULD KEEP A DAILY HOUR–BY-HOUR DIARY OF ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES & events of your exciting lives!—It makes it easier to keep track of important events & dates & times to remember, & a whole lot easier to write up your Home Report at the end of each month, instead of trying to wrack your poor weary brain to remember!—I can't even remember all that happened yesterday, much less last month!—Ha!

11. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR BABY'S & TODDLER'S PROGRESS TOO!—And teach your older children to keep their own personal diaries also!—It's a good habit I've had since I was a teenager, & that I wish I'd started earlier & kept up more faithfully!—In our earliest days the Lord commanded us to keep a "Book of Remembrance" to remind us of all He'd done for us!—Do YOU?!—GBAKY keeping a Diary!—And please send me those pages soon!—TKS!—ILY!—Dad.


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