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Lost Mail Report


21 March 1980DO 896

—Have you been losing your Mags?—Don't lose your marbles!

SOME HOMES HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTY RECEIVING THEIR MAILINGS. We want to apologise to those of you who have been faithfully reporting & tithing & yet are having trouble receiving your editions of the Family News. We are very concerned about this & will be investigating it further to determine the source of the problem, which could be a mistake on the part of your Reporting Office, the Postal System, late reporting or a number of other reasons, mostly on your end!—Dad

HOWEVER, WE WANT YOU TO KNOW WE ARE AWARE OF THE PROBLEM & are trying to sort it out & are very sorry for any of you who have been inconvenienced, felt unloved, uncared about or cut off. If you report & tithe regularly, you are certainly deserving of the whole Mag, & we are trying our best to get it to you in the most effective & efficient manner. We ask for your prayers in this task, as due to the many recent changes in our reporting system & in trying to teach & train the WIMs, CROs & LIMs to handle & process your reports, there have been a number of unavoidable mistakes.—But the problem is more likely with your P.O., Home or recent moves!

WE ARE VERY SORRY AND ASK YOU TO PLEASE BE PATIENT, remembering that each Reporting Office handles hundreds of reports every month & are new at the job & are trying to give you the best service possible. If you continue to miss your mailings but are reporting & tithing faithfully. Please write to WS, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland & we will try to work out the problem immediately. Thanks so much.—Please keep us all in your prayers.—We need'm!—Peter Amsterdam on behalf of M&M, WS, WIM, CROs & LIMs.

P.S. REMEMBER, YOU'RE NOT LIKELY TO GET SAFE POSTAL SERVICE IN PLACES LIKE Africa, Mideast, Asia‚ etc., except the fully developed countries. Mail is often lost or stolen in such places.—Or someone could be intercepting or confiscating your Mags! If you've had trouble with your mailings, please fill out the following information for us so we can try to trace down the problem.—& you try too!

The exact Name & Address to which you send your Monthly Report:

Date Sent_______________________

Name (WIM‚ CRO or LIM)__________________________________

Box No.__________Zip Code___________City_________Country__________

Your Name to which Mag was to be sent_______________________________


Did you put your complete return address above on the outside of your envelope to us? (Check one) Yes [ ] No [ ]

—It can't be forwarded to you or returned to us without it! Are you sure you put enough postage on your letter to us? Yes [ ] No [ ] How much?____________

In what form did you send your gift? Money Order [ ] Check [ ] Cash [ ]

How much?_____________

What condition was Mag in? Envelope OK [ ] Torn [ ] Opened [ ] Other _____________

Which issues did you miss? Mag Nos.___________

Have you ever received other mailings from us (WIM, CRO or LIM) than the Mag? Yes [ ] No [ ]

What condition was it in? OK [ ] Torn [ ] Opened [ ] Other_________________

What was your address when you missed your Mags? Name________________________________


Do you pick up your own mail? Yes [ ] No [ ].

Does someone else pick it up for you? Yes [ ] No [ ] Who? Name_______________________

Do you always leave a Forwarding Address with your Home or P.O. when you move? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Which?: Home Addr._______PO___________City________Cty_______________

Did you receive Mags OK before you moved? Yes [ ] No [ ].

Do you always include the Zip Code on all mail? Yes [ ] No [ ].

Did you receive any Mags after you moved? Yes [ ] No [ ].

Did you report the loss to your last or present Home or P.O.? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Do you always give us 2 months advance notice of your change of Address? Yes [ ] No [ ]

How much notice did you give us (No. of days prior to your move):_____

Have you had difficulty with other mail at the same P.O. that lost your Mags? Yes [ ] No [ ]

What difficulty?__________Did you report to your P.O.? Yes [ ] No [ ]

Signature_______________Present Address______________Date____________

Please mail this at once to: World Services‚ PF 241, 802! Zurich, Switzerland. (—Remember!: The 8021 is just as important as the PF 241!—Without either we won't get it!)