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Warning to Mailbox Litnessers

David Berg

DO895 4/80

1. IT IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE IN THE U.S. & MANY OTHER COUNTRIES TO PLACE ANYTHING IN A MAILBOX BUT LEGITIMATE MAIL handled by the post office! You could get in serious trouble from placing lit in people's mailboxes if they decide to complain to the authorities! You could hardly blame the authorities for such a law, or otherwise your mailboxes would be stuffed full of advertising, handbills & all kinds of junk! So remember that in most places,

2. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AGAINST THE LAW TO PUT ANYTHING IN A MAILBOX EXCEPT MAIL! If you want to walk down the street & jot down their addresses & then go home & mail'm the lit, that's one thing—that's legit. But sticking it in their mailboxes without going thru' the post office is against the law! So don't do it unless you find out that the local postal laws permit it, & most of them do not!—So when in doubt, don't!

3. I'M CONVINCED THAT PERSONAL WITNESSING & LITNESSING IS FAR MORE EFFECTIVE & FRUITFUL!—Even telephone witnessing with a personal touch where they can feel the Spirit in your voice. But I don't go much for just picking addresses at random out of the phonebook to mail lit to!

4. MAILBOX & TELEPHONE LITNESSING (MAILING LIT TO RANDOM ADDRESSES FROM PHONE BOOK) IS A LAZY MAN'S WAY & like scattering seeds with your eyes shut or hunting blindfolded with scattershot!—Why bother? You might plant or hit something, but most likely you won't! Personally I like to look for good ground, good fishing, good game, & not waste my seeds, bait or shots on thin air!—Amen?

5. C'MON, LET'S GET BACK TO THE BASICS OF REAL HUMAN BEINGS & the personal approach to their personal needs met with personal love in human form!—Then you can see what you're aiming for & make every seed, bait & shot count!

6. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME, EFFORT & GOD'S MONEY & LIT on unseen unknown unreceptive unresponsive unfruitful targets! God help us to be more sensible, economical, labour-saving, efficient, effective & fruitful!

7. SOW GOOD GROUND, FISH FRUITFUL WATERS & HUNT LIKELY GAME! Stop this wasteful, indiscriminate‚ blind, lazy sowing on sterile ground, fishing in polluted waters & hunting dead ducks! Choose your targets & hit'm!—Missing the mark is sin! (See "Squeeze Don't Jerk" No.11:20!)—Dad.