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FN Notice: Free Books! For TRFs Only

David Berg

DFO892 8 April 1980

1. YOUR WORLD SERVICES HAS GIVEN AWAY THOUSANDS OF COPIES OF VOLUMES 1, 2 & 3 free of charge for only the postage, & yet we find ourselves still loaded with several thousand copies of Volumes 1, 2 & 4 which have not yet been distributed even just for the postage!

2. PLUS WE STILL HAVE ANOTHER 90,000 COPIES OF THE LITTLE MINI SHIRT-POCKET BOOKS with the colour covers which also still have not been ordered even when we offered them to you at $3 a box of 100! So we still find ourselves with a surplus stock of all of these which are just sitting on our shelves at GLP in Hong Kong gathering dust & doing nobody any good!

3. WE DON'T KNOW WHY YOU HAVEN'T ORDERED THESE FOR ONLY THE POSTAGE! We offered the book Volumes at an average of only a dollar apiece postage mailed anywhere in the world & delivered to your door, but you still left us with thousands in stock! We have offered the mini-books for only $3 a 100 postage, & yet we've still got nearly 100,000!

4. WE DON'T KNOW IF IT'S BECAUSE YOU CAN'T AFFORD THEM or you don't know what to do with'm or you don't need'm or you think you don't need'm or what! But we are certainly not going to just let them sit there & gather dust & cost storage as long as there's any possibility of your using them or needing them out there wherever you are. So rather than take someone's suggestion that we just shred them & sell the paper or dump them in the China Sea,

5. WE'RE GONNA GIVE THEM TO YOU POSTPAID, since you can't seem to afford even the postage or don't even want to! So now you're gonna get'm whether you want'm or not!—Ha! They are going to come to your door anyhow! We have decided to ship out copies of these three Volumes, 1, 2 & 4 to every one of our Homes throughout the world that reads English & where they're acceptable—probably not to the Mideast because they're so afraid of getting any kind of literature!

6. TO ABOUT 1500 OF OUR 1685 HOMES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD are going to go to each Home one copy each of Volumes 1, 2 & 4three books to each Home free of charge postpaid right to your door!—And to every Home that is located in an English-speaking country or where enough people speak or read English that they could possibly distribute or sell them, even in Europe for tourists & those who read English:

7. WE'RE GOING TO SEND 100 OR 200 FREE COPIES OF THE MINI-BOOKS TO EVERY HOME IN EVERY ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRY! We will probably send 200 copies to every Home in all of the major English-speaking countries, & maybe just 100 copies per Home to those that can use some English—postpaid direct to your door at no cost to you whatsoever, hoping & praying that you will take them & use them & distribute them in your area even if you have to give them away free!

8. THE MO BOOKS 1‚ 2 & 4 ARE QUITE VALUABLE & each of you've probably got a set of your own personally already, so you may not need them at all. But you can always give them or sell them to a friend or a fish or a supporter or a new disciple or somebody who needs them. You're going to have an extra copy of each one of these now‚ Volumes 1, 2 & 4, & Volumes 1 & 2 are excellent for distribution to new disciples!

9. THEY'VE GOT LOTS OF INTERESTING HISTORICAL MATERIAL that you probably never even read, & Volume 4 is, of course, the hot one, the FF Volume, & may be that's why you've been afraid to order it! But you're going to get it now anyhow, & it will come in a nice plain brown paper wrapper, as they say when you order those hot sex books they advertise in the girlie magazines! There'll be no identification other than a return address which will be unrecognisable by anyone else but you as being the address of your CRO.

10. SO DON'T BE SURPRISED IF SOON YOU START HAVING BOOKS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP THAT YOU DIDN'T ORDER! We ordered'm! In fact, we hear some of you ordered'm years ago but you never got'm because you moved too fast, & others of you said you were going to order them but you never did. But now you're going to get them anyhow, & it'll be up to you what you do with them, & on your conscience what happens to'm!

11. WE'RE GOING TO SEE THAT YOU GET'M NOW, & then we hope that you'll see that people who need them will get them—& we're going to foot the whole bill!—The whole cost of the books, plus shipping & postage & distribution!—And you will get them completely free of any cost whatsoever for distribution in your area! You can sell them or give them away or whatever, as long as you get'm out & into use so they are accomplishing the purpose for which God intended them, & that is to enlighten the people with the Word!

12. SO LOOK OUT FAMILY!—HERE THEY COME!—READY OR NOT! God bless you all, & we do hope that you can make good use of all these books when they arrive. So keep your CRO or WIM carefully posted on your next address so you'll not miss them like some people missed their book orders! GBAKYAMYAB—& all these free books a blessing to many!—In Jesus' Name‚ Amen.—Love,—Dad.

13. P.S.: THOSE FOLKS CLOSEST TO HONG KONG WILL GET YOURS FIRST as GLP will start mailing yours out this month as soon as they can get your name & address from CROP. Don't worry about having to send in for them or ask for them, & please don't write about'm!—Don't call us, we'll call you! Don't mail anything to us asking for them, as we'll mail them to all of you for whom we have your mailing address, & they will come by slow boat surface, the cheapest possible transportation, of course, so they're not going to come very soon.

14. BUT YOU FOLKS IN THE PACIFIC AREA SHOULD GET YOURS SOMETIME IN MAY OR JUNE, GOD WILLING. You folks in Europe may not get yours till a month or two later, as they'll come first in a major shipment from Hong Kong to a European port first, & then be distributed from there, DV.

15. THE AMERICAS MAY TAKE THE LONGEST & may be the last because it will be more difficult to get the shipment there & they have a larger mailing list to which to send'm‚ so please be patient!—After all, how could you complain when it's all free!—A whole new load of free MO AMMO' to give or sell to your friends‚ family or contacts before too late! So look forward to'm! This is a sort of Happy-Birthday-Merry-Christmas-Happy-New-Year gift from World Services & the Lord to you! So GBY & make the books a blessing!—And God bless all of you who helped make this gift possible! WLY!—In Jesus' Name, amen!—Lotsa love & kisses!—Glad Dad!