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No Mo' Mo Thieves, Robbers, Bootleggers & Black Marketeers

David Berg

DFO889 10 April 1980

1. WE HEARD THAT SOME FAMILY MEMBERS who are receiving legitimately their Family News Magazines with MO Letters etc. are illegitimately copying them, photocopying or reprinting them for other Homes who do not deserve them & who do not Report nor give to the Family & who are therefore not Family, but who are receiving them free on the blackmarket from these illegitimate Bootleggers!

2. WE REGRET TO FIND THAT WE HAVE SOME SUCH FAMILY MEMBERS WHO WOULD ROB GOD & EVEN STEAL HIS WORDS & not do their share in Reporting & supporting His work, & we are particularly disappointed in Family members who assist them in these robberies & thefts of the Word! And we warn you bootleggers who are dealing in this blackmarket of the Words that if we catch you or we hear that you are so-doing, duplicating or photocopying the Word & passing them on to Homes which are not giving nor reporting as Family members should, but are receiving the Word from you bootleggers on the blackmarket illegitimately, we are going to excommunicate you so that you will receive no more Word to copy & smuggle to these cheaters!

3. NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD HAS ANY EXCUSE WHATSOEVER FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO TITHE & give at least 1/10th of your total income to the Lord! God's Word appeals to you to forsake all & follow Jesus & give 100%—The least He might let you get away with is 10%, & anybody can tithe that little! If the widow could cast in "even all her living" (Mk.12:44.)—forsake all, give 100%—certainly you can at least give 10%! It doesn't make any difference whether you only make $500 & give fifty or you make $1000 & give a hundred.

4. ANYBODY CAN TITHE!—AND GOD WILL BLESS YOU FOR IT! So there's no excuse for not giving your share & supporting God's Work with His share, at least that much, only 10%!—And yet some are trying to steal & rob God of His Words without doing your fair share to support His Work, & without obeying & Reporting faithfully & supporting faithfully & honestly!

5. THEREFORE, YOU HOMES WHO ARE LEGITIMATELY RECEIVING THE LETTERS & MAGAZINES BUT ILLEGITIMATELY PASSING THEM ON to those who do not deserve them, are just as guilty of a conspiracy in helping someone else to rob, steal, disobey & break the laws of the Family, you are just as guilty!—And anyone's failure to Report such a crime is a crime! (No.662.)

6. FAILURE TO REPORT A CRIME IS A CRIME!—And certainly to conspire together to commit this crime makes you all just as guilty, including the Homes who are receiving the Magazine by reporting & giving‚ but helping others to get it free without any obligation to either Report or support! You are just as guilty of the crime as they are, because you are making it possible!

7.--AND YOU MAY EVEN BE DOING WORSE DAMAGE BY THUS POSSIBLY ALLOWING SOME OF OUR DO MATERIAL TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OR OUR ENEMIES for whom it is not intended, & who may even use it against us! You are virtually betrayers of the Family, traitors to the cause, spies in the camp, Judases & not disciples, & we would rather get rid of you than continue to send you the Magazine!—And that's exactly what we will do if we find out you are continuing to do this‚ betraying us‚ traitors to the Cause!

8. SO MAY GOD DAMN YOU FOR IT & JUDGE YOU ACCORDINGLY & CAUSE YOU TO REPENT of this wicked iniquity, that perhaps God may be merciful unto you & forgive you if you quit it & stop it & no longer do it! (Acts 8:18-23!) Tell those Homes to whom you've been giving contraband‚ smuggled, pirated, blackmarket, bootlegged copies, that they can no longer steal from God & rob Him & His Family with your help!

9. QUIT YOUR CONNIVANCE & CONSPIRACY & TREACHERY & BETRAYAL & DISHONESTY & refuse to any longer cheat the Lord or His Children by helping these other dishonest Homes to rob God! No longer criminally assist them in their crimes! This is criminal piracy! This is theft, robbery, smuggling, black–marketeering, bootlegging &, to say the very least, infringement of copyright!—And we could actually take you to the law for it!

10. YOU'RE NOT ONLY DISOBEYING OUR LAWS OF THE FAMILY, BUT THE SYSTEM LAWS AS WELL in unlawful duplication & publication of copyrighted material! We certainly want everyone to get the Word‚ & if this is your true motive but misguided method in wanting others to get the Word, it might be commended if it were not for the fact that God will not bless your stealing it & robbing Him & His Family in helping others to commit even worse crimes by so doing!

11. THERE IS NO REASON WHY THESE OTHER THIEVING HOMES CANNOT ALSO REPORT & TITHE AS YOU DO! So there is no excuse for you letting them get by so easy to receive what they don't deserve! So we are warning you guilty Homes once again—those who are passing on these materials unlawfully to other uncooperative non-Reporting, non-giving Homes—we warn you again that we are going to excommunicate you from the Family & stop your Magazines if we hear any more of it!

12. WE HAVE HEARD OF YOU & WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, & IF YOU DO NOT STOP IT AT ONCE, WE'LL SOON STOP YOUR MAGAZINES! This is your final warning! If soon you receive no more Magazines‚ you'll know why! So, no mo' MO fo' no mo' dough! And no mo' sport for no Report & no support! May God help you guilty ones to repent, so that He may forgive you & we may continue to include you in our faithful, honest, hard-working, hard-giving, faithfully-Reporting Family of God's honest servants getting His Word honestly, fairly & squarely!—In Jesus' Name‚ Amen.—Amen?

13. ANYBODY CAN TITHE & REPORT!—Let'm do it like you do!—Or no more stolen MO!—Amen! PTL! GBAKYAMYAB by being honest & not purloining! (Titus 2:9 & 10.)—Or No mo' MO!

Mad Dad!

"Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: For thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, & pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, & in the bond of iniquity." (Acts 8:18-23.)

"Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters, & to please them well in all things; not answering again; Not purloining, but shewing all good fidelity, that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. (Titus 2:9,10.)