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Emergency Funds

David Berg

(Emergency Notice For The Fn:

DO885 7 April 1980

1. SOME TIME AGO WE ADVISED ALL WS UNITS & the whole Family, that if you had any Reserve Funds at all to hang onto for emergencies, to keep them 1/2 in gold & 1/2 in cash. When some of you saw the skyrocketing price of gold recently you apparently went overboard on your gold reserves & put everything you had into gold‚ & now you see what's happened.

2. GOLD ALWAYS TAKES TWO STEPS FORWARD & THEN ONE STEP BACKWARD. Cash always takes one step forward & two steps backward, but between the two of them, if you have a fairly equal share of both, when one loses, the other gains‚ & when one gains the other loses, so that you come out even either way & keep a fairly steady amount of Reserve Funds.

3. WHEN GOLD GOES UP, THE CASH GOES DOWN. WHEN THE GOLD GOES DOWN, THE CASH GOES UP. That's the way it works—all depending on which one people have the most faith in at the moment, whether their faith is still in the cash, or it's no longer in the cash but in the gold. Then some false prophet of peace piously pronounces some lie to encourage their faith in the monetary system, & up goes the cash & down goes the gold!

4. THEN COMES ANOTHER FINANCIAL SCARE & the true prophet's prediction of recession, economic crash, monetary disaster etc., & down goes the cash & up goes the gold! So the smartest thing you can do is keep your Reserve Funds, if you have any for coming emergencies, in 1/2 & 1/2—1/2 cash, 1/2 gold for the time being, & that way your gains & losses on either side balance each other, so that you keep your Reserves at a fairly safe equitable level.

5. YOU ARE "HEDGING YOU BETS", as they say‚ & you are protecting both investments by like betting on both the winners & the losers, so somebody is bound to win & somebody is bound to lose. If you've got bets on both of them, then you're going to come out at least even—you're not going to either make a fortune or lose a whole fortune of whatever you've got.

6. IT'S KINDA LIKE BETTING ON TWO HORSES IN A TWO-HORSE RACE. There are only two horses, & one of them is bound to win. If you lose $2 on one you'll make $4 on the other, & you'll still wind up with your original $4, if you've got $2 on each. Get it? So by all means, protect your investments by spreading them around as I've advised before, partly in cash, which you need in today's monetary system to negotiate anything‚ & partly in gold—& even better yet, partly in real estate!

7. YOU CAN'T EAT GOLD, but you can grow food on a piece of real estate, or at least have a place you can live. So if you do have any surplus or extra emergency funds for reserve hedging against the always progressive inflation/recession, I suggest you spread them around in all three if you can, perhaps 1/3 in cash, 1/3 in gold & 1/3 in a refuge farm. There's no total security in anything, whether it be refuge farms, gold or cash.

8. YOUR ONLY COMPLETE SECURITY IS IN THE LORD, but we do have to use these means to live, & it's good to have something on hand when the Crash really hits bottom & the war comes or whatever it may be. So I suggest you spread your emergency funds around, & not put all your eggs in one basket! Otherwise, if your one basket happens to drop, you're going to lose'm all if that happens to be the one!

8. SO BY ALL MEANS TRY TO EQUALISE YOUR INVESTMENTS if you can, so that they balance each other, so when one goes down the other will go up. Gold & cash both fluctuate, both go up & down according to the mood or the faith of the people. However, real estate usually holds its value better than anything & continues to go up & seldom goes down‚ unless there is a really great crash or a giant depression or the bursting of the boom in real estate, & then it's apt to go down in cash value but up in real value regarding usefulness.

9. REAL ESTATE SELDOM LOSES ITS VALUE, & can still be used for housing & living & food etc. It makes at least some place for a base that you can work out of. And even if you're on the road most of the time‚ as we were most of our lives, you always need some kind of a base where you can get your mail, your permanent mailing address for your correspondence with supporters & friends etc.

10. SO IF YOU HAVE SOME EXTRA FUNDS TO INVEST, I suggest you buy yourself a trailer park or a place to park your trailer when you're home—assuming you have a trailer of course—& get a P.O. Box number somewhere near‚ & make that your home base & travel & work out of there. Then if you still have some extra funds left, put some in gold & some in cash, so that you're protected in all three ways.

11. BUT YOU'D BETTER PUT MOST OF YOUR FAITH & TRUST IN THE LORD, because everything else can fail you except Jesus! Amen? Like the old hymn:

"My hope is build on nothing less

Than Jesus' blood & righteousness!

I dare not trust the sweetest frame

But only lean on Jesus' Name!

On Christ the solid Rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand!"

12. SO YOU'D BETTER PUT MOST OF YOUR INVESTMENT IN THE ROCK, CHRIST JESUS & GOD'S WORK, & that will never fail you! You'll have eternal dividends from investment in His Work that you will never lose but reap forever! That's the safest investment of all! Praise God!—And God will bless you for it & see that you don't suffer for it & see that you get good returns on it—the best!: Souls!

13. "SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD & His righteousness, & all these (other) things shall be added unto you."—Mt.6:33.—And that doesn't make any exceptions for emergencies or for crashes or wars or whatever! If you're putting God's Kingdom first, He'll take care of you, no matter what! All these other things shall be added unto you. Hallelujah! God bless you!—In Jesus' Name. Amen!—Dad.