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Hustler Reprint

May 31, 2003

DO 881 [no date]

[Picture of woman on a hook—FFer.]

We at Hustler have decided go get a jump on spring and heat things up early for our readers. Our scorching March issue will bring you out of hibernation and take that winter chill out of your bones. (SEX MAG!)

IN FAMILY OF LOVE: RELIGIOUS SEX CULT, author GEORGE HILL explores the workings of a worldwide religious organization that uses prostitution to solicit new members and donations. Hill is a veteran California journalist who specializes in religious cults. The companion artwork is by England's HOLLY HOLLINGTON, who provided illustrations for both Kinky Korner and the feature Bodyguards in the February issue of HUSTLER. Her work has also appeared in Fiorucci, Playgirl and the French magazine Mode International.

Accompanying Hill's exposé is a special three-page display of erotic illustrations from the Family of Love's pamphlets. These pamphlets were written and published by the cult's leader, Moses David, to instruct his disciples in how to use sex as a means of garnering souls as well as contributions to the Family treasury.

(Also 5 pages of factual text with good quotes & filthy lies of backsliders!—9 pages of good publicity!—FREE!—Ha!)