KEYWORDS: government, guerillas, door, world, rhodesian

Mrs. Mugabe Nightmare, The

David Berg

DO8743 February 1980

1. WE WERE IN THIS BIG HOUSE WITH A LOT OF SCREENS & SCREEN PORCHES, LIKE AN AFRICAN HOUSE would be, you know‚ because of insects. Somehow or other Mrs. Mugabe, the wife of the demonic Communist leader of the Rhodesian Black guerillas had gotten in, & I had warned the folks in the house not to trust her, as I thought that she was a traitor. She of course could represent the British.

2. FINALLY I SAW HER SNEAKING TOWARD THE DOOR (we were keeping all the doors locked) to unlock the door & let Mugabe in. And the strange part about it was that he was coming after me to kidnap me & hold me hostage! It was like I symbolised the Whites or White government, but she was unlocking the door to let Mugabe in.


4. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE'S TRYING TO DO—SNEAK IN & CAPTURE THE GOVERNMENT! (And he now has!) So I screamed, I yelled as loud as I could, "Look out everybody! He's coming!"—And I yelled it out so loud it woke me up! That certainly is symbolic! That's exactly what's happening! It was just like he didn't have a right to be in, but she (Britain) was unlocking the door for him, letting him in, & he was going to kidnap me, hold me hostage, which shows he's going to grab & seize the government, which I'm sure is what he's trying to do. (—And did!) It'll be amazing if he even waits for the election. He's already said if he lost the election he would continue to fight!

5. MUGABE IS LIKE THE DEVIL! HIS DEMON GUERILLAS SLAUGHTER MISSIONARIES, destroy churches & kill Christians first! He's the one whose men hacked to death those missionaries of that Pentecostal Mission School & smashed the baby's skull with a rifle butt, raped the mother & killed her, & hacked the rest of the missionaries to death with machetes!

6. HE'S HAD A POLICY OF SENDING HIS MEN TO DESTROY SCHOOLS & CHURCHES & KILL CHRISTIANS FIRST! The schools are nearly all Christian schools run by various religious organisations & churches. He has a special hatred for Christians, & his policy has been to slaughter & massacre whole school staffs & church staffs so that there wouldn't be anybody left to operate them, & then close them or burn them & warn the people of the area not to go back to them! He'd often capture the students & force them into guerilla training—draft'm! He's especially demonically antichrist! He's the one who based in Communist Mozambique with those Frelimo devils who drove out the Portuguese!

7. NKOMO IS SUPPOSEDLY MORE MODERATE & based in former British Zambia. But he played it pretty rough too. He's the one whose guerillas shot down a couple of innocent tourist passenger airliners & then massacred the survivors!—So who's the moderate?—They're all murderers, not moderates!

8. THAT'S CERTAINLY SYMBOLIC OF WHAT'S HAPPENING THERE! I yelled, "Look out everybody!—Here he comes!" Because his wife was unlocking the door to let him in. He was going to capture me—the Rhodesian government. His wife of course symbolises the British, who are already inside Rhodesia.—That's right!: She was White & she had white hair! That certainly is symbolic of the British, the old British government who let him in! (Maria: Well‚ like you said:

9. (IF THE BRITISH HADN'T LET HIM IN, HE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET IN!) Exactly! Muzorewa was elected first & the Muzorewa government along with the Whites were more than a match for the guerillas in the war. The guerillas were a constant hassle & harassment‚ but the government had plenty of fire power to stay on top of the situation.

10. BUT IT WAS THE BRITISH & AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS LEADING THE WORLD AGAINST THE RHODESIANS that really brought the Rhodesian government to its knees, with their worldwide economic sanctions & embargoes against Rhodesia through the [AC]-controlled media, cutting Rhodesia off from needed goods & supplies while they helped supply the guerillas with arms & finances, & turning World opinion against the Rhodesian Government. The guerillas were a constant annoyance & danger. But they kept the situation pretty well under control—the government then—the former freely elected Black government, along with the new Constitution.

11. BUT THIS DIDN'T SATISFY THE BRITISH & THE AMERICANS & THE REST OF THE WORLD! They had to insist that the guerillas compete in the election too! The only way those guerillas knew how to vote was with a gun!—Bullets, not ballots!

12. SO THE BRITISH & THE AMERICANS FINALLY FORCED THE INDEPENDENT RHODESIAN GOVERNMENT TO LITERALLY SURRENDER TO THE BRITISH, let the British back in to take over with a British government! That's when it was really literally surrendered. They surrendered to the British & established British rule & control again. (Maria: It's really heartbreaking, isn't it?)

13. AND THE BRITISH ARE LETTING THE GUERILLAS BACK IN TO TAKE OVER! So in my dream that White woman with her white hair symbolised the old British government. That's exactly what happened!: The British let the guerillas in, they are taking over, because she was unlocking the door so Mugabe could come in & get me & kidnap me, the Rhodesian Government. I saw her unlock the door, so I yelled, because I had the feeling Mugabe was going to jump through the door right away (which he did!)

14. MUGABE KNEW THAT SHE‚ THE BRITISH, WAS GOING TO UNLOCK THE DOOR FOR HIM! So I yelled, "Look out everybody! Here he comes!"—And woke up! (Maria: The heartbreaking thing is that the Rhodesian Government itself knew what was going on & tried to stop him.) Yes, the duly & freely elected Black majority government—the Rhodesians—or the peaceful Rhodesians inside the country—not the guerillas—elected Muzorewa the Bishop, legally. But they let the British talk them out of it.

15. THE DEVIL CAN'T WIN UNLESS YOU SURRENDER, & the Rhodesians literally surrendered to the British because the British & Americans promised them that they would stop the embargo & the economic sanctions. So the British & the Americans were working in cahoots—& they did! They turned the whole World against Rhodesia, in fact almost everybody but South Africa! The U.S. & U.K. were constantly pressuring Rhodesia & arming, financing & encouraging the guerillas!

16. EVEN THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, SUPPOSEDLY CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, WERE ARMING THOSE MURDEROUS GUERILLAS TO KILL CHRISTIANS! The WCC were giving the murderers of Christians tens of thousands of dollars every year! The Fundamentalist Evangelical denominations threatened to pull out of the WCC if they didn't stop sending those guerillas money—especially after they slaughtered & massacred those missionaries! I think they did finally manage to out-vote the guerilla-supporters of the World Council of Churches & make them stop sending the murderers money.

17. OF COURSE THE WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES HAS BEEN HEADED BY A BLACK FOR YEARS & IS NOTORIOUSLY PRO–COMMUNIST, & of course Mugabe is openly Communist! He brags about it! Nkomo's supposedly pro-Western, not so pro-Communist, but he's accepted arms, money, trainers & advisors from the Communists. So the guerillas are virtually all Communists, Communist-armed & Communist-supported. Therefore the World's encouraging the Communists to take over Rhodesia with the help of Great Britain & America! (Maria: They must know that, don't they?—That they're letting the Communists take over. ...)

18. GREAT BRITAIN & THE U.S. ARE COMPROMISING WITH THE COMMUNISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD! The agreement on Rhodesia to let those Communists back in sounds like a part of an overall plan. Because it was almost immediately as soon as that thing was signed that the Russians invaded Afghanistan!

19. I THINK IT'S ALL PART OF THEIR COMMUNIST PLAN: THE HOSTAGES IN IRAN, THE AFGHANISTAN INVASION & THE RHODESIAN INVASION! That's what it is literally, a surrender to the guerilla invasion!—And the British & Americans were symbolised by the old White woman who was inside letting the guerillas in! She's like a Trojan Horse that got in & then opened the flood gates to the flood of guerillas!

20. IT'S ALMOST LIKE THAT'S THE FINAL MASTER STROKE: The U.S. & U.K. had the keys to Africa, & they've let the Communists in the back door! Most of those little rinky-dink Black governments are pro-Communist or Communist sympathisers or Communist-supported or just plain outright Communists! By grabbing Rhodesia they have isolated the final White government of Black Africa—South Africa.

21. I'M SURE THE DREAM WAS FROM THE LORD‚ because it's just like all those dreams—they always wake me up immediately & are still very clear. It was one of those big old African colonial homes with screen porches, etc.‚ because it's hot there in the summertime & they have a lot of bugs. She was just unlocking the outside door to let him in when I yelled, "Look out everybody! Here he comes!"

22. HE COULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN IN SO EASILY IF SHE HADN'T ALREADY BEEN INSIDE, A TRAITOR TO RHODESIA, unlocking the door & letting him in!—Exactly the way the British are doing right now & have already done. It's done! Rhodesia is a lost cause! (Maria: Ian Smith really fought it, didn't he?) Yes, he fought it, but at last he saw that he was finally licked—he couldn't fight'm all—Britain, America, the Communist guerillas & the whole World! (Maria: That's very heartbreaking. Smith was so strong, wasn't he?) Yes‚ it's pitiful! He fought'm off for years!

23. IT'S A DYING COUNTRY WITH THAT KIND OF BLACKS IN POWER! Those guerillas will soon be slaughtering the Whites & even the moderate Blacks! Already the factions are warring with each other‚ & it will be nothing but civil war sooner or later! Some won't take it lying down! They have already been fighting inside the country.

24. (MARIA: ARE THE WHITES LEAVING, OR WHAT?) THEY'VE BEEN LEAVING FOR YEARS! But you know how people are about leaving their possessions, their homes—they would almost rather die first! So there's been some "die-hards" who just refuse to go, including Smith.

25. UNDER IAN SMITH THE COLONY REBELLED & DECLARED ITSELF FREE & INDEPENDENT OF BRITAIN JUST LIKE AMERICA DID. That's one of the most amazing things about it, that America should have been so unsympathetic with a country that declared itself free of Britain & declared their independence just like the U.S. did!

26. I THINK SMITH WAS SURPRISED AT THE AMERICAN REACTION to his declaration of independence from Great Britain: Instead of sympathising, the Americans came down on all fours on him, criticised him, fought him, & declared sanctions against Rhodesia! ...

27. THE U.S. IS SYMPATHISING ALL OVER AFRICA WITH THE BLACKS rather than the Whites—in fact, almost all over the World! ...