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Good News for Bilingual Homes

David Berg

—By Father DavidDFO84220/10/79

1. THIS IS A SPECIAL EMERGENCY NOTICE TO BILINGUAL HOMES throughout the non-English–speaking world who need the Family News Magazine in both English & your local language! Good news!: You are going to be able to receive the FN Magazine in both languages for only your one Regular monthly Home Report (TRF) & usual Tithe! (Sorry, but we can't afford to include IRFs!—Unless you want to double your $10 to at least $20!)

2. BILINGUAL HOMES SEND YOUR REPORTS & TITHE AS USUAL TO YOUR LOCAL LLIMM, but requesting specifically & clearly that you want copies of the Magazine in both languages. Your local LLIMM will Stat the Report as usual, keep half of your 10% tithe, send us at World Services your Stats & the other half of your tithe & your request for English copies.

3. YOUR LOCAL LLIMM WILL THEN SEND YOU LOCAL LANGUAGE COPIES, & World Services will send you one English copy per adult couple who prefer English. Due to the very generous nature of this offer, no bilingual Home will be able to receive more than one copy per two adults in the Home, whether English or local language.

4. NO HOMES IN ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES WILL BE ELIGIBLE for this offer‚ be they bilingual or no. Sorry, but we consider this a very special exception for Missionary Homes on the Fields who are poor & unable to send a full 10% Tithe to both World Service & their local LLIMM‚ amounting to a total of 20% of their income! It is our special Missionary Gift to Missionary Homes on the Field.—No other exceptions or exemptions, sorry.—We just can't afford it.

5. SO, BILINGUAL HOMES WHO WANT COPIES IN BOTH LANGUAGES, PLEASE CONTINUE TO SEND YOUR REPORTS & FULL 10% TITHES AS USUAL TO YOUR LOCAL LLIMM, but clearly specify that you want copies in both languages, as you're a bilingual Home. Then World Services & your local LLIMM will see to it that you get your copies in both languages, if you continue to faithfully Report the First of each month, sending your full 10% Tithe to your LLIMM.

6. IF YOU STILL DO NOT KNOW WHO NOR WHERE YOUR LLIMM IS‚ please send your Report & Tithe to World Services, with your request for bilingual issues, & we will send your request & half of your Tithe to your LLIMM, & you will then receive bilingual copies. If you have any questions, please ask.

7. TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO SEND YOU COPIES IN BOTH LANGUAGES, WS & your LLIMM have agreed simply to share your Tithe to make it possible for each of you to easily & conveniently read the Family News Magazine in your own native tongue.

8. WE HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED SOME BEAUTIFUL COPIES OF THE MAGAZINE IN MOST OF THE MAJOR LANGUAGES, so the LLIMMs are really on the ball & going strong in working hard to be of service to you to try to give you all our Family News in your own language. So please help them & faithfully continue to support them. Some of the major local LLIMMs are already booming as you are already making it possible for them to send you the Family News Magazine regularly in your own language.

9. WE HOPE YOU HAVE NOTICED THE BEAUTIFUL BIG NEW 72–PAGE SIZE of the English Magazine‚ & we hope you like it! However, of course, we will only be able to send you such a large Magazine not more than twice a month, except for a few Bonus Issues when sometimes we have too much material to include in only two issues a month! Of course, your LLIMM may not be able to send you it all at once, so be patient.

10. WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN CATCHING UP BY SENDING YOU SOME EXTRA BONUS COPIES to clear up a large backlog of material which has accumulated at our editorial & printing offices.—So you've really been getting some bargains for the past couple of weeks or so! You may not have time to read it all, but at least you can read what you want to, & it will be all there for all to read if you want to.

11. BUT YOU'D ALL BETTER BE SURE & READ ALL OF THE WANT ADS, because these contain important Emergency Notices which you may be sorry if you miss them! We're even occasionally sticking in a DFO Want Ad page or two into some of your IRF-DFO issues. But you IRF-DFOs are really missing a lot of the juiciest news & urgent important information, as you can see by the new Table of Contents on the Front Cover of each new Magazine!—At least you'll get the Titles free, & know what you missed!—Sorry.

12. ONE OF THE LATEST HOTTEST ONES COMING IS "HOW TO HAVE A MOBILE MINISTRY" with your camper, caravan or trailer! It gives you all the tips & trips of serving the Lord on the road, with lots of stories of how we did it! It's got pictures of my own little family in our early days, including actual photos of our campers‚ trailers, cars & places of services, the First Family in action!

13. SO DON'T MISS "MOBILE MINISTRY", which can help you keep on going full-time into all the world & preaching the Gospel to every creature without having to get sucked back into the System!

14. NEVERTHELESS, OUR HEARTY THANKS & GOD BLESS YOU to all of you poor suckers who got sucked back in to the System but are continuing to help support those of us who are still out here in the fields hackin' away fulltime! We know God will bless you & has blessed you for it!—Amen!—Write & tell us how, so as to encourage others like you, OK?—Thanks!

15. AND TO YOU WHO ARE STILL FIGHTING FULL-TIME on the far flung fields of the world, including the Home Field, may God bless & keep you & continue to make you a tremendous blessing! "Mobile Ministry" will help you!—Don't miss it! We're trying to help you & serve you & pray for you all we can. God bless & keep you all & make you a blessing to all!—In Jesus' name, amen!—Love from us all, including your li'l ol' wine-bottler, me!—ILY!—Dad.