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Boca Do Inferno

David Berg

(Mouth of Hell!)—Written in the Rocks!DO798

A Revelation, March 17 or 18, 1978‚ in Portugal, after a visit to this strange rock formation by the Sea near Cascais.—(David is in the spirit: )

1. MARY HAD SEVEN MORE BOYS—JESUS HAD SEVEN BROTHERS, & I don't know how many sisters. So she had to do a lot of fucking to have all those brothers & sisters. You're a virgin. Well, I finally got you interested. All I have to do is give you a little information that Abrahim gave me, & you're all interested. You know what a virgin is?

2. SHE'S A VIRGIN ONLY WHO IS A VIRGIN IN SPIRIT, who belongs totally to Jesus in the spirit. So no matter how many men you've fucked, how many children you have‚ if your heart belongs to Daddy, if you're totally devoted to Jesus, then you're a virgin. (Sings song: ) "But my heart belongs to Daddy!" That's the way you feel. You fuck 'em all, & Maria, the Virgin Mary, fucked for all, & had of a husband seven sons, but her heart belonged to Daddy, belonged to Jesus.

3. (MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED AT THE BOCA DO INFERNO?) Yes it is, what you call it‚ it's not just volcanic, it's explosive—big explosion because of great big huge explosion! (M: Really?) Yes of course, it was all blown apart. Napoleon Blown Apart! It's like Napoleon Blown Apart. The power of God is the same everywhere. The same thing that made Napoleon Blown Apart made the Boca do Inferno Blown apart!

4. (M: TELL ME MORE!) If you give me one more swallow, I'll tell you. Abrahim knows everything you want to know. If you grease his throat with just a little bit of wine, he'll tell you everything you want to know. Well you see Maria … I don't know anything except that I love you. All right, in Jesus' name, please show me. (Tongues:)

5. THERE WAS A TIME LONG, LONG AGO when God was very angry with His people, & He arose & just shook Himself a little‚ & all of these boulders fell down in pieces, because god was very angry with his people. You see? (M: Did it kill the people?) If there were some in the way, yes.

6. GOD GOT SO ANGRY WITH THEM because they didn't acknowledge Him, because they didn't give Him credit for their happiness, because they didn't thank Him for their joy‚ because they didn't give Him credit & thanks for happiness.—Remember? They didn't give Him thanks for sex & all the fun they were having. If they would have thanked Him for all that fun & sex & everything, then He wouldn't have minded.

7. BUT HE GOT VERY ANGRY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T THANK HIM. So He blew it up in big explosions of rocks. The people go down there now & look at it in wonder at the wrath of God‚ because that's what it is. In the Boca do Inferno is a picture of the wrath of God. And the people look & they're awed. Do you know what is awed?

8. THEY ARE AWED BY THE WRATH OF GOD. God just shaking a little bit, just like you shake you titty. That's all He had to do. He don't have to make a big thing of it like Tenerife, like Teide. But He's going to shake you titty in Teide! He's not even going to shake His cooly.

9. (MARIA: HOW LONG AGO WAS IT?) Not too long, just a few hundred years ago. They put a little restaurant there & a few little shops to commemorate the power of God. They look at it & they marvel at the work of God! You don't have to write down all these things, because the record is already written in stone. (Maria: In stone?) Yes, Jesus already wrote it in the stones. (Maria: Where?) In the stones at Boca do Inferno. He wrote all the record there already. (Maria: How do you decipher it?)

10. WELL, IN THE MILLENNIUM WHEN JESUS COMES, the Kingdom of God, then all things are going to be made clear. (Maria: Is that going to be a lot of people's jobs?) Of course. My God, there's so many jobs in the Millennium, it's almost too hard to find enough people to do them all!

11. THEY HAVE TO READ YOUR NOTEBOOK & transcribe it & write it on the typewriter. (M: Really?! In the Millennium?!) Of course‚ for those poor people who are still living—millions & millions & millions of people, don't you understand? (Maria: Why do they have to read my notebook?) Because your notebook tells them what Moses said. Part of their job is to figure out all these things from the rocks. Didn't you read it in the Bible? (See References below.)

12. THEY HAVE TO READ THE ROCKS. Jesus wrote it I the rocks. Do you want to know you job in the Millennium?—Your job is to decipher. (Maria: Decipher what?) A decipherer. Oh my god‚ such an important job, one of the most important jobs in the whole Kingdom of God—to be a decipherer! (Maria: What will I do as a decipherer?) You know what it means. You will know when we wake up in the Kingdom of God.

13. (MARIA: IS MY JOB GOING TO BE THE SAME AS IT IS NOW?) Always, always. You decipher the code message for the children. You receive it & you decipher it from God, & you give it to the children. That's what your job is. That's always been you job. There's nothing new about it at all.

14. (MARIA: AND I'LL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU?) And you see that little thing right there? You're the one that really broke the news, & you're the one that's still hungry. (She breaks all the news, but still wants more!—God bless her!—Aren't you glad?)

15. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES TO GOD'S WRITINGS IN THE ROCKS & STONES THAT SPEAK!: Ex.24:12; 28:9-12; 31:18; Deut.4:13; 27:5-8; Josh.8:30-34; Job 19:23 & 24; Lk.19:40; 2Co.3:7; Rev.2:17—etc.—Read'm!