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Pope Paul VI Graduates

David Berg

—By Father David8/8/78MO—DFO NO.729

1. I always felt since the first time I saw and heard him that he was a sincere man‚ a sincere believer.—And his subsequent teachings, theology and so on prove that he was a real fundamental conservative theologian who really believed in the Lord and the Devil!

2. I think he was a real good man. I think he tried to do good. I think he was a little too conservative on a few things like celibacy, etc. But I tell you, I agreed with him on his staunch stand against birth control and abortion.

3. He certainly did stand fast on his honest convictions in spite of all kinds of opposition. On some of these issues much of the church even disagreed with him, including church leaders and officials. They tried to get him to tone it down and somehow or other compromise on some issues, but he never backed down!

4. He was a tiny fellow‚ but he sure was tough! I mean he really had guts and guts and bucked them all! I'm sure the Lord helped him. He was a real shy frail little boy. They said that he couldn't even go to school much when he was young, and sometimes had to have tutors because he was so sick.

5. He didn't even start being Pope until he was 65! About the time most people think about dying!—And he lived another 15 years!—And didn't die till he was 80! So the Lord must have given him the strength. I really believe he was a good man. Praise the Lord!

6. They say he was probably one of the most intelligent and scholarly Popes that they ever had. Someone has said, "He changed the face of Catholicism but not its soul." He reformed the liturgy and hierarchy and trimmed of a lot of the pomp and fat of the Vatican etc. But he didn't change the soul of the Church, its doctrines and beliefs.

7. Some Protestants are so bigoted and narrow-minded, like some of the ultra-conservative evangelical fundamentalists like the Christianity Today Pharisees, if they heard me say that I thought the Pope was a good man and helped by the Lord they'd probably really think I was a heretic!

8. As little as he was and frail and weak and sickly, he really had a lot of spunk, a lot of guts, a real fighter!—He got into several big factional fights within the Church. He wasn't afraid to buck them all for his convictions.

9. A lot of the liberal churches and church leaders were fighting for birth control but he was fighting against it‚ with which I agreed.—I don't believe in it either. We believe in just letting the Lord control the births.—And of course he was as horrified by murderous abortion as are we!

10. They say the difference between him and Pope John was that Pope John brought a heart to the Papacy, but Pope Paul brought a mind to it. The things which Pope John wanted Pope Paul put into effect‚ reasoned out and proved were right.

11. He was like a church lawyer with a very brilliant mind—a very fine man! But he was almost unheard of by the rest of the world until he became Pope. Apparently he was always a fighter and man of conviction despite his small size & frail health.

12. He almost looked funny amongst other people on a platform‚ he was so small! But it just shows you what determination, faith‚ conviction and the Lord can do! So don't give up! Praise the Lord! God can use even you!