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Quote-Size Letters

David Berg

—By Father David11-3-78MO—DFO 725

—Our New Ammo for our New Outreach!

—For Feeding Fish, Friends and even Foes!

© Copyrighted July 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. GP COMICS ARE NOW OUR TOP PRIORITY!—AND AFTER THAT, I WANT QUOTE EDITIONS OF ALL LETTERS SUITABLE FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Our kids don't need comics!—They should be able to take the raw stuff! They don't have to read quotes. My idea of the Quote Book was for the public. So for the general public, as far as I'm concerned, the two things that we need the most are comics and GP Letters reduced to quote-size.

2. WE NEED QUOTE-SIZE LETTERS FOR THE GP, and we have to keep in mind the different classifications of people. For example, there are some Letters that I would have liked to have given to new fish and new friends‚ Letters that were suitable just for them.

3. NOW I'M THINKING ABOUT THESE BUSINESSMEN‚ not just young teenagers. Some of our people can't think of anything but teenagers and young radicals. They've almost had no experience with these older fish and they're not even thinking in terms of them, but that's who I'm thinking about: Outside friendscatacombers, real disciples who are now really hooked and on the line‚ who come to the Church of Love and all this sort of thing‚ real disciples—but still not live–in—they're outside.

4. YOU SEE‚ YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT YOUR QUARRY, ABOUT WHO YOU'RE AIMING AT. So when you hand someone something, you should think, "Now what kind of a guy is this? Is he just a friend? What is he?" I want something that I could even hand to the police chief in town—something real milky mild that wouldn't offend anybody. You know? I want something I can send to the Governor, pure milk and water!

5. NOW JUST THINK OF PEOPLE, SPECIFIC PEOPLE YOU'D WANT TO GIVE IT TO. We need a little booklet that we can give to the judge, the police chief, the policeman on the corner, the Catholic priest, the Jewish rabbi or almost anybody! It needs to be something that you can even hand to your enemies, something that is good PR for anybody! For the general public!—For everybody!

6. SO THIS CLASS 1 BOOKLET WILL BE ALMOST A PR TOOL and will include those Letters that anybody could read—a real PR tool. There should be nothing controversial about the Jews. My Lord, let's stay away from that! And nothing controversial about cracking the churches too hard, either! Let's stay away from those controversial Letters!—Stay away from the class struggle Letters and from those that attack the churches for this first booklet.

7. THEN I'D SAY THE SECOND CLASS WOULD BE FRIENDS—like the hotel manager, a good friend. I could give him more than the police chief—he's a Class 2, a friend. So we should have a Grade 1 Book and a Grade 2 Book and a Grade 3 Book and so on like that—just like they do in school.

8. SO THESE QUOTE-LETTERS WILL BE GROUPED ACCORDING TO THE STRENGTH OF THE MATERIAL and who they're aimed at—grouped according to the audience, not according to the subject matter. My Lord, we've got friends now who are no longer radicals and we need to use a different kind of ammunition!

9. BUT SOME OF OUR GUYS ARE TOO SPIRITUAL AND THEY AIM WAY OVER PEOPLE'S HEADS. But we've got to keep in mind who we're aiming at and not just what we feel inspires us! Who are we supposed to be aiming at?—Ourselves or the outside general public?

10. I WANT SOMETHING WE CAN HAND TO THOSE BUSINESSMEN IN THE CLUBS! I mean, just think, what if the girls had those now! They could hand one to every guy they danced with!—They could give them something to take home to think about. Why not? "Well, you want to know what I do?—What I've been talking about?—Read this!" But instead they sit there and they yap yap yap for hours every night and a lot of it goes in one ear and out the other—they can't remember it all!

11. WHEREAS IF WE HAD SOMETHING LIKE THIS, THEY COULD HAND IT TO ANY GUY THEY DANCED WITH DURING THE NIGHT. They could say, "Well, here‚ you're going home now.—Good night, here's a sweet kiss.—Read this when you get home!" It has all the simple gospel stuff on salvation and things that they really need so they can learn something about God and His real love.

12. "REAL LOVE"—THAT'S WHAT WE TALK ABOUT TO THESE NEW PEOPLE ALL THE TIME, RIGHT? That's our main subject, the Love of God!—The Family of Love! What do we talk about?—What's all this about?—Let's give them Letters on the real love of God! We could use mild things that some of those businessmen have testified were a real help to them: "Squeeze Don't Jerk", "Diamonds of Dust", "Stop, Look, Listen", "Sex Works"—those old goldies that are very general and just help people in their normal everyday lives.

13. AND THEN FOR CLASS 2, WE SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING ABOUT OUR LOVE FOR OTHERS LOVE FOR SHARING AND ALL THAT SORT OF THING, SHARING REAL LOVE. Here's a fish that they get saved, he receives the Lord, and now he needs to know about the love of man, about our love for others. That's the first responsibility they have as a new young Christian : Witnessing, testifying and telling others!—Amen?

14. "SHARING REAL LOVE!"—how's that? That kind of sounds a little bit juicy and sexy to them too, since they know we believe in sharing it in more ways than one!—Juicy title!

15. THIS ONE SHOULD ANSWER ALL THEIR QUESTIONS ABOUT WHY WE DO THE THINGS WE DO. I think we could even put "Mortal Sin or Salvation?" in there, you know, that sort of Letter. We'll include the things that explain our witness and our sharing God's Love.

16. SO THERE ARE DIFFERENT CLASSES OF PEOPLE THAT WE NEED TO AIM AT, and the ones we're going to start with are our enemies and the general public.

17. THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, JESUS! Well, we started to pray and the Lord really gave us ideas!—Amen?—And we need it now! We've felt the need here and we felt the need in Tenerife!—Everywhere we've been! We need something you can just pull out of your pocket and hand to almost anybody!—For anybody and everybody, general public, simple-minded, and even enemies! Hallelujah! PTL?

(PTL! Three brand new "Quote-Size Letter" Booklets have been completed and are on their way to your Home now!—"Real Love", "Sharing Real Love", and "Love Letters"! These are all highly-illustrated‚ in handy booklet form, short enough to be easily translated‚ and power-packed enough to feed and nourish your friends, fish and even enemies!—Use 'em! GBY! WLY!—Dad.)