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Love of David, The

David Berg

By Father DavidFeb. 1977Mo—Do 724

—A Love Session with the King!—And a Queen!—YOU!

1. BLESS HER LORD, MY HAND-MAIDEN, HANDMAIDEN OF THE KING! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! So precious, so beautiful, so pretty! You're the Lord's bride and mine too! I love you! The Lord saved you for me! (You: The Lord told me, "Your waiting shall not be in vain!") So sweet, thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

2. (YOU: I THOUGHT MAYBE HE WAS GOING TO SEND ME SOME PRINCE BUT INSTEAD HE SENT ME THE KING!) Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! (Tongues: "The Lord hath rewarded thee because of thy great love for thy Father David.") Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! "Because of your great love for your Father David He sent you the King!" Are you glad?

3. SO SWEET, I LOVE YOU! So sweet and so pretty! Just like a bride 's gown! Some of the prettiest parts of a woman are her pretty shoulders. Bless her, Lord! Bless her in Jesus' name. Make her happy in Thy Service and mine, to know she's serving Thee.

4. YOU MUST BE SPECIAL‚ SPECIAL, SPECIAL TO THE LORD!—Very precious to the Lord, one of His special, special handmaidens! Out of all those He could have chosen, He chose you for the honour! Hallelujah! (Tongues: and interpretation: "Here is the love wherewith thou art loved by thy Father David.")

5. SO PRECIOUS! I'm not pulling your hair I hope. I might though, if I get my fingers in it. I love you! Thank you Jesus! Praise Thee, Lord! Bless her Lord, in Jesus' name. (Kisses:)

6. BLESS THESE EARS TO HEAR THY WORDS, in Jesus' name. Bless these eyes, Lord‚ that see Thy truths, and this mouth that speaks it in Jesus' name.—And this heart that gives Thy love! (Tongues: "Behold how thy Father ceaseth not to love thee!") I love you! So precious! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord, thank You Lord! I love you! Thank you Jesus! So sweet, so precious! I love you, beautiful, ummm ... ummm ... so precious!

7. WELL I WAS ALL READY FOR YOU a while ago, but I got so busy loving you I forgot about me. "The Bride of the King!"—Beautiful! Thank you for taking care of my children.

8. YOU'RE GOING TO BEAR ME MANY, MANY CHILDREN IN THE LORD.—And when you're taking care of them remember me, that you are taking care of them for me and for Jesus.—Amen? So sweet, thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! So sweet! I love you! Precious! Thank You Lord!

9. IT'S A PRETTY NIGHTIE, BUT I THINK I LIKE YOU BETTER. (She strips!) Now you can come closer to me. Your King is waiting for you. How sweet, how precious! We can get all wrapped up in each other and we are. Thank You Lord!—As close to my bosom as you can get!

10. THE LORD BROUGHT YOU HERE INTO THE KING'S BOSOM TO BE LOVED. This is like our betrothal. Maybe later we will have the marriage. But we're already married in Spirit. So precious, Lord! Bless her Lord, in Jesus' name! So precious! Thank you Lord! She's Your handmaiden, Lord, Your faithful handmaiden. Hallelujah!

11. "IN THE LAST DAYS I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.—Your servants and handmaidens." I love you! I hug you with my legs and arms both. Bless her, Lord! I love you! I love you, honey. I Love you, daughter, I love you, sweetheart! I love you my Bride and my Queen! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! (Acts 2:17-18.)

12. YOU'RE NOT MARRIED JUST TO A PRINCE, YOU'RE MARRIED TO THE KING HIMSELF! God chose you for the King and brought you to the King. Praise You Jesus! I love you! So precious, such pretty hair! So precious! I love you!

13. THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS PRECIOUS‚ PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS HANDMAIDEN that has been so good to me and my words and Thy words, faithful to Thy children. Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Amen, Amen, Amen! "Better to be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents of wickedness!" (Ps.84:10.) (David sings a little song:)


Tenderly gather them in,

In from the highways and hedges,

In from the places of sin.

Open the door‚ gather them in,

Open the door for the children,

Tenderly gather them in."

—Isn't that sweet?

15. THAT MUST BE A SPECIAL LITTLE SONG FOR YOU! I haven't thought of it in years. "Better to be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord!"—A doorkeeper opens the door for the children. You're a mother for my children!

16. THIS IS NICE‚ I COULD JUST LIE HERE ALL NIGHT JUST LIKE THIS! I think this is the nicest part, just lying in each other's arms. Other parts are exciting, but they don't last very long. But this kind of love lasts and lasts.

17. PRAISE YOU LORD FOR THIS PRECIOUS LITTLE ONE IN MY BOSOM, this one, O Lord, who needs her Father. He's happy and is smiling now! (David sees a picture of her father who died a year-and-a-half ago, and he is smiling and looking so happy!) (Sings old hymn: )


Safe on His gentle breast!—

There shall thy heart be happy,

There thou shalt find sweet rest!"

Just then I saw your own father in Heaven!—He understands now. He is very happy for you! It means you have a father who loves you.—So precious! I love you!

19. JUST THINK!—I'M FATHER TO YOU, AND LOVER AND HUSBAND AND EVEN YOUR BIG BABY!—A big baby that needs his mother! She's so precious!—She's a good lover, too! You know what babies like to do?—Suck Mommy's bosoms like this! (Then begins goosing her:)

20. "AT THE KING'S RIGHT HAND THERE ARE PLEASURES FOREVER MORE!" (Ps.16:11.) Does that feel good? I love you! I'm not leaning too hard on your arm? Thank You Lord! Make her happy, Lord! Help me to make her happy. Make her feel good!

21. DOES THAT FEEL GOOD? I want to make you happy. (You: You make me happy all the time!) I want to make you happy right now!—Faster? Slower? Higher? Lower? What feels best? I love you! I love you‚ Sweetheart! So precious!

22. IS THAT IT? Just do whatever you feel like doing, honey. I love you! Ummm! ... Do you like that? I love you! Is that good? If I hurt you‚ stop me. Is that it? Tell me what you like best. Tell me where you like it best.

23. IS THAT THE RIGHT PLACE? Is that too hard? Are you sure? Too fast or too slow? So precious, I love you! Your King loves you! "At his right hand there are pleasures forever more!"—His strong right hand! Did that do it? Already?!—Oh my, you're quick! I love you!


Stuck it in, stuck it in‚

Stuck it in your pockets!

—So nice and juicy and all open, ready for her King!—Only right now he's not ready—too tired! I was ready before, but I didn't want to just jump on you and attack you.

25. WELL, ANYWAY HE GOT HIS FINGER INSIDE YOU, and he's had his heart in you and his tongue in you, so he's all part of you now!—And next time he's going to put something else in there, Lord Willing! So precious!

26. NICE AND JUICY! Well, thank you Lord! Does that feel good? Maybe you can go again! Is that it right there? I don't want to wear it out. Bless her Lord and keep her safely and give her joy in Thy Service!

27. IS IT TIRED NOW? Still feel good? Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! I love you! Do you want some more? Okay, you have to open your legs if you want some more. Thank You Lord! I love you! Does that feel good?

28. THE LORD GAVE ME AN UNUSUALLY STRONG RIGHT HAND! I broke my left hand when I was young, so my right hand had to compensate for it. Do you like the King's love? Well, I'm sure there are probably better ones and lots of younger ones that just go bloop! (You: I can wait) (David sings: )


How long you've been waiting for somebody to care!—

How long you've been waiting for someone to get here!"

—I don't remember all the words.

"Just let that loving man in!"

30. IF YOU WANT TO SQUEEZE SOMETHING, you can take that famous rod in your hand, the King's scepter. Ah, now you make me forget you! She has such a tender loving touch! I love you! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! So precious!

31. WHEN IT'S UP BIG AND HARD IT'S 19 CENTIMETERS! I'm sorry I didn't give you a good sample‚ but I was busy loving you.—So now it's acting like, "Well, if you're not going to pay attention to me‚ then I'm just going to go away!"

32. BLESS HER, LORD WITH MUCH MORE LOVE THAN THIS! Thank You for how You have blessed her with much more than this, with my spirit and my words. Give her a companion that can be close to her all the time—someone that can love her and be close to her and that she can love, and will love Thy Words. You can do it‚ Lord. You know who needs her, and that she needs someone too. You can do it Lord. Give her a good night's rest tonight. Help her to sleep well so she can get up tomorrow.

33. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL HOW THE LORD MADE YOU? When two bodies are together making love they don't get cold! I'll be praying for you. I'll be remembering you every day—every time I button my coat and my sweater. (You'd sewed the buttons on.) Maria will remember you every time she puts on her skirt. We'll remember you more than that, but that will help remind us. So precious!

34. NOW I'M JUST GOING TO GET ON TOP OF YOU and love you a little bit. Bless her in Jesus' name. Strengthen and keep her, my Love, so beautiful! Thank You Lord! The King loves you, Honey. Sweet thing! Does that feel good? I love you, I love you! How does that feel?

35. SHE LOVES GOOD WITH HER FEET AND LEGS AND EVERYTHING! I love you! Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! So sweet! I want to get close to you, as close as I can get. You're a good lover! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

36. CAN YOU FEEL ME?—I'm right there next to you. Oh, do that again! It feels good! Are you happy now? I'm so happy‚ I'm wagging my tail! Does it feel good to you? It feels good to me, too!

37. WHAT A GIRL! YOU'RE TERRIFIC! YOU'RE WONDERFUL! Sorry I'm not as young as I used to be, but I love you. It feels so good to me to be close to you. Amen! We're one! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

38. I'M NOT SQUASHING YOU‚ AM I?—I'M NOT TOO HEAVY? Your poor legs might be tired. It feels good, I like that! It feels wonderful! Thank You Lord! That was hard work, but nice hard work.—I like it! I'm right next to you, we're next door neighbours! If I hurt you, holler.

39. THE LORD MADE ALL THOSE MUSCLES AND ALL THOSE NERVES TO FEEL SO GOOD! I like to be close to you‚ I'd like to stay here forever, but in the Spirit we can always be together, can't we? Oh, honey, it feels so good to be close to you! Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! Are you happy?

40. DOES THIS FEEL GOOD? Oh, thank you Jesus! That feels so good! Oh, honey sweetheart, did you feel that? Wow, that was terrific! That felt just like I was going inside you! I think I really was a little bit. I love you, sweetheart! Can you feel that? There's something there! You got me all excited!

41. YOU POOR THING!—I'M WEARING YOU OUT! Oh sweetheart, Oh honey, how could you make me feel so good? I never did this before!—The first time with you! Poor girl!—I got you so hot!—But it was worth it! I'll love you forever and ever and never let you go!

42. WE'LL NEVER FORGET THIS NIGHT TOGETHER! I wanted to give you something to remember me by. You'll be forever and forever and forever close to my heart! You'll never forget me, will you? I'll never forget you!

43. YOU'LL ALWAYS BE CLOSE TO ME, and maybe you can come back when we find a house, if it's God's will. Do you still love your old grey-haired, grey-whiskered King? Well, I tired to give you a good time and make you feel good and happy and let you know I love you so you'll never forget me!

44. ANYTIME YOU FEEL LONESOME JUST READ MY LOVE LETTERS AND KNOW THEY'RE TO YOU! To you!—Just put your name right there‚ dear ______.—To your Children, my child, thank you Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus name! Amen.

45. I'VE GOT TO LET YOU GO NOW. Don't you cool off too quickly and get cold. You're going to go away and think you've dreamed it all, but it really happened! Jesus must really love you! I don't just grab the first girl that comes along and pull her into bed with me!

46. NOW BLESS HER‚ LORD, and strengthen her and give her a good night's sleep. I hate to let you go now that we've just found each other. But you can come back again, and you're always right her in my heart, my beautiful, beautiful little queen! You're beautiful!

47. COME BACK, ONE MORE KISS, ONE MORE KISS! Come down from your ivory tower! Bless her and strengthen her and do give her a good night's rest. If you didn't have to go so easily in the morning I'd keep you right here—I wouldn't let you go!

48. SHE LOVES ME SO MUCH AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Will you come and be my housekeeper, and best of all my lover? Lord, give her a good night. Give her good rest and strength in the morning. I don't want to let her go‚ but for her sake and the work's I guess I have to, and she needs the rest and so on I.

49. BLESS HER WITH THE LETTERS. Help her to know I wrote her everyone because I love her. Help her to always love me like she does tonight, and more everyday, and to feed my sheep, my babies, with the Words, my little lambs.—All the milk of the Word!

50. GIVE HER THE STRENGTH and may she go back to her work rejuvenated, renewed, revived with new strength and inspiration and new joy‚ now that she knows her husband, now that she knows her lover, now that she knows he loves her!

51. SHE'S KNOWN MY SPIRIT A LONG TIME, and now she even knows my old flesh and still loves me! Help her to know how much I love her. Thank You Lord! If you don't want her to go, You can still stop the plan or help her to miss it.

52. ARE YOU COMFY? DO YOU LIKE IT HERE? (Tongues and interpretation: "So shall she be in her Father's bosom far beyond the days of her sojourn.") You're going to be always in my bosom! This is just a little one. But you're going to be able to stay here all the time in your heart and in the Spirit!—And if you're a good girl, maybe Jesus will let you come back.

53. THIS FLESH ISN'T MUCH, BUT IN THE SPIRIT WE CAN ALWAYS BE TOGETHER! I love you, honey.—I love you, honey! Oh Jesus! (Tongues and interpretation: "Oh, Lord, that I might keep her forever in my bosom far beyond her sojourn!") In Thy Spirit we can. If it be Thy will, bring her back even in the flesh again.

54. DID I LOVE YOU GOOD? I hope so. And I love that pretty nightie—it just like you!—My little old-fashioned girl! Now I've got to have one more kiss.—Mmm‚ Mmmm, Mmmmm!—I love you! God bless and keep you, in Jesus name!—Amen!

55. I LOVE YOU! GOOD NIGHT, SWEETHEART! Thank you Sooooo much!—I'll love you forever! Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss‚ kiss, kiss, kiss! Mmmmmmm!—Oh, how I love you!—Forever and ever!