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Division, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidJune 9 1978MO—DO No.716

—A Revelation about "The Coming Division," Letter No.117A.

© July 1978, by the Family of Love, CP 748 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. I WAS TRACING BACK TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WENT WRONG, what caused the conditions which persisted before the RNR, this tremendous difference between my ways and chain policies, the way the Chain was operating.

2. INSTEAD OF OPERATING IN LOVE, with tender loving care for the sheep, which the administration of the Chain was supposed to be doing, it had become a bondage and a slavery with slave drivers and tyrants extorting more than was due from the poor people and laying on them burdens, prohibitions and restrictions too heavy to bear. (Pr.11:24; Mat.23:4.)

3. I WAS WONDERING HOW THIS KIND OF A DIFFERENCE COULD HAVE EVER POSSIBLY DEVELOPED BETWEEN ME AND THE OTHER OFFICERS. It came to me clearly that this was like the difference between the house of David & the house of Saul, the house of the Spirit & the house of the flesh, the house of love and the house of law.

4. THE OFFICERS OF THE CHAIN HAD BECOME TOO LEGALISTIC AND TOO HARD, unloving and merely extorting quotas and funds, and had missed the meaning of existence: To convey love to the people and to show love to the world.

5. THIS WAS THE "COMING DIVISION!" Read "Coming Division!" (Vol.1, No.117A.)—This was the other thing the Lord spoke to my heart just as clearly as anything!

6. THIS WAS THE DIVISION THAT HAD GROWN BETWEEN US AND THE CHAIN, because some of the Chain had become so unlike us and unlike our policies and our spirit.

7. IT ALL HAD BEGUN A LONG TIME AGO with the differences between my policies of even running the camp at TSC and Jeth and Deborah's harder policies.

8. AS THEY AND THOSE CHOSEN AND TRAINED BY THEM CONTINUED IN LEADERSHIP even in Europe, they had continued to grow in that direction. While I was busy with the Letters and they were busy with the governmental administration and the finances‚ they seemed to lean more and more on the arm of flesh, like Saul, and were less and less led of the Spirit.

9. SO THAT IT HAD EVEN AFFECTED THOSE IN VERY TOP POSITIONS, my top administrators of government and finances, even Rachel and her officers and on down, because they had received their training mostly under them and naturally followed their policies.

10. A LOT OF PEOPLE PROBABLY THOUGHT, OF COURSE, THAT THIS ALL CAME FROM ME. But actually it was the very thing that I fought from the beginning:

11. THEIR HARD DICTATORIAL ATTITUDE AND THEIR STRICT LEGALISTIC ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS INSTEAD OF IN LOVE and their almost avaricious taxation policies regarding money that became almost a covetousness for funds by some.

12. THE SAD PART ABOUT IT WAS THAT THEY PASSED THIS SAME ATTITUDE ON TO THE OFFICERS THEY CHOSE and the leaders they trained, their attitudes and their examples, the way they lived, so materialistic, so fleshly, so hard on others, so legalistic, so letter-of-the-law‚ so unloving.

13. UNTIL THIS DEVELOPED A WHOLE GENERATION OF NEW LEADERS WHO FELL PREY TO THIS ATTITUDE and became hard, tyrannical dictators, legalist enforcers of the letter of the law, extorters of taxes, while living in luxury.

14. THIS ALL BEGAN LONG, LONG AGO with their side of the house, the house of Saul, and it was a real genuine division between me, my way of doing things, my attitude, my policies of love and being led of the Lord in contrast to their hard, cold tyrannical, materialistic legalistic enforcement of the law‚ extortion, etc.

15. IT WAS ABOUT SEVEN YEARS AGO, OCTOBER 1971, AT LAURENTIDE IN CANADA, when I first really began coming out with the gift of prophecy and received very many beautiful and striking prophecies of what the Lord was saying about our work and what we were going to do.

16. IT WAS THEN THE LORD GAVE US THIS PROPHECY, WARNING US THAT THERE WAS GOING TO COME A DIVISION BETWEEN US. It also says that the house of Saul is the Old Church and Maria and I and our young people the New Church.

17. JETH, DEB AND THEIRS WERE SO MUCH LIKE SAUL and leaned so much on the flesh and materialism and strict legalism and tough orders and dictatorial policies, always worrying about money but always rather extravagant.

18. SO, YOU SHOULD READ THE WHOLE PROPHECY, beginning with the first part of number 117‚ "More Prophecies on the Old and New church," very similar to the "Old Church‚ New Church" prophecy.

19. THE OLD CHURCH HAD FORSAKEN THE LORD, HIS LOVE, AND HIS LOVING POLICIES, and had gotten to where she hardly even knew Him anymore, didn't fellowship with Him, didn't go to bed with Him, didn't have sweet love and thrilling spiritual ecstasies with Him, and was out of fellowship with the Lord and out of tune and out of practice regarding His loving policies.

20. SO IT ALL FOLLOWED ALONG THE SAME LINE, not only Jeth and Deb and the leaders they chose, but the leaders which followed them including the top leadership that they trained‚ top VIPs and the leaders they chose.

21. ALL FELL INTO THIS SAME SPIRIT OF HARDNESS, DICTATORIALNESS, a lofty, exalted feeling of being a certain clique of top echelon leadership who were superior to the peasants below, and they trained their leaders along this same line and imparted to them the same spirit, the same policies, the same attitudes.

22. SO THERE BECAME A GREAT DIVISION between us personally, between them and Maria and me on the Mountain‚ as the King and the top Queen, the spiritual heads, who should also have been the governmental heads as well.

23. BUT WE HAD PLACED THE GOVERNMENT AND THE MATERIAL WELFARE AND FINANCES OF THE KINGDOM INTO THE HANDS OF THESE OTHERS and they carried it out then in their own way, in that hard way instead of our way, with so little love for the sheep, and so little concern for their welfare by some.

24. SO AS MARIA AND I BEGAN TO READ THIS "DIVISION" PROPHECY THAT MORNING, WE SAW HOW AMAZINGLY THIS PROPHECY AND PREDICTION FITS THE RECENT SITUATION OF THE CHAIN, and how completely and almost totally divorced it had become from us and our policies and the way of love and the Lord!

25. THE NIGHT THE LORD GAVE ME THIS "DIVISION" LETTER AS THE ANSWER‚ I WAS WORRIED ABOUT MOTHER AND STEPHEN and some of their questionable activities, and stated, "We may have to excommunicate Mother and Stephen.—Mao even had to defy his own wife and condemn her Gang of Four!" The Lord gave me the verse 1Samuel 15:23 "For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry."

26. I PRAYED IN THE SPIRIT: "Please help me! Strengthen me against these that destroy me! Please give me strength against mine enemies, even those of my own flesh! I need strength and courage. Bolster me against these mine enemies at my own table!

27. "WE MUST STOP THEM! We must write a Letter against them! They grieve me so, my God, how they grieve me! They grieve us all! They cause so much harm!"

28. MOTHER AND STEPHEN WERE IN THE SAME VEIN and became divided from me in spirit as well as in the flesh and departed from my way of doing things and my policies.—Stephen has had such a hard self-righteous attitude toward some people that he's even gotten into actual physical violence with some and threatened it with others!

29. AND MOTHER HAS BEEN ALLOWING IT AND CONDONING IT AND BEING VERY HARD WITH SOME PEOPLE and threatening some of their workers, particularly those they consider their enemies.

30. THIS IS ALL PART OF THE SAME DIVISION, so different from us, and therefore many were being deceived thereby by Mother and Stephen and their team into thinking that that's the way I am, the way we are, and that's the way we would do things.

31. IT IS NOT OUR WAY FOR THEM TO ENCOURAGE SUCH HARDNESS and even seriously threatening to break into homes to demand housing, confiscating vehicles which had been given to the Family—all very poor examples of love and the Family. Sorry‚ but you asked for it!

32. THE FAMILY IS NOT TO BE THAT WAY IN ANY WAY! So even Mother and Stephen had gotten into that separatist, divisive spirit of the house of Saul and its hard, legalistic materialistic policies, led of the law, not our law but what they thought was right‚ regardless of our declared Family policies in the Letters!

33. THEY REINTERPRETED THE LETTERS TO SUIT THEMSELVES‚ wresting the Scriptures, until Mother and Stephen themselves seem to be almost totally deceived and led astray by the Enemy into false doctrines, false prophecies and extreme disobedience!

34. I HAD INSISTED THAT MOTHER STICK TO HER WRITING AND NOT INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE COLONIES nor their members nor much less the leadership! But instead, she went around visiting Colonies, disrupting and ripping off leadership and materials and going to places that I had forbidden her to go. …


41. BUT THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT THERE HASN'T BEEN SOME GOOD ACCOMPLISHED IN SPITE OF ALL THE EVIL. Some good has come, but it's kind of like the misled in the Scripture who said‚ "Let us do evil that good may come!" (Ro.3:8)

42. IT HAS DONE A GREAT DEAL OF DAMAGE, some of Mother and Stephen's strange conduct, which has hurt a lot of folks and led a lot of folks astray and has lost us quite a few folks‚ some who were formerly very good friends in the System and excellent contacts who'd helped to house, support and defend us.

43. THEY HAVE DRIVEN THESE PEOPLE AWAY AND LOST THEM AS FRIENDS by their foolish antics, some of them sexual indiscretions to say the least, particularly some of Stephen's wild sexual forays on other people's wives without the consent of the people's mates, without agreement and unity, and insisting that he share, or even take away wives of others or their mates!

44. THEY LOST US EVEN ONE OF OUR BEST ARABIC TRANSLATORS, turning him and his wife and her whole family against us!

45. SUCH ARE SOME OF THE FOOLISH CONDUCT AND POLICIES OF MOTHER AND STEPHEN which have also mitigated against the Family, caused no end of confusion amongst our own people, wondering who was right, causing division and dissension to the point that you had to choose between Mother and her doctrines or Dad and his Letters: "Which ones apply to us?"

46. IT SEEMS THAT NEITHER ONE OF THEM OBEYED ME VERY MUCH‚ AS USUAL. Her letters have become fewer and further between and further off the beam, such as her letter on children's salvation in which she insists they have to have some kind of a big emotional experience or be ready, or have to have signs that it's time for their salvation before you can lead them to the Lord!

47. THIS IS TOTALLY FALSE DOCTRINE which we have dealt with in a recent Letter. (See "Your Two-Year-Old Can Receive Jesus!" No.708.) Her doctrine of salvation was a totally false works trip and not at all Scriptural, and very dangerous and damaging regarding the faith of the people for their children's salvation or even the salvation of others!

48. SO MOM AND STEVE AND SOME HAVE GONE FAR, FAR ASTRAY. (We hear they're now back in the Ark trying to behave. We surely do hope so!) They've created much confusion and division and caused many of our own disciples and own Family to wonder what in the world is going on and who's right and who's wrong and what in the world is the matter?

49. "WHY ARE THINGS IN SUCH A STATE OF CONFUSION AND DISAGREEMENT? What Dad's spirit seems to be in the Letters is so different from what the leaders say and their spirit!" The leaders both within the Chain and followers of Jethro and Deborah and others they have trained, as well as those without the Chain, like Mother and Stephen and their particular little division.

50. SO IT ALL BEGAN TO TAKE SHAPE, and the picture began to become clearer as I obeyed the Lord and began to read this seven-year-old prophecy and to see how that this terrific division between me and the leadership had already come to pass, that this was the "Coming Division" spoken of in this prophecy.

51. THERE HAD ALREADY COME A GREAT DIVISION BETWEEN ME AND THE LEADERSHIP‚ me and the chain, me and its policies and conduct, spirit and attitude, sometimes totally contradictory to the Letters and even to my orders!

52. THEY DECLARED POLICIES THAT I NEVER APPROVED OF AND PASSED THEM ON AS THOUGH THEY CAME FROM ME—literally deceiving the people into thinking they were getting these things from me and that this was the way I was!

53. SO IT WAS A DEFINITE DIVISION, A TERRIFIC DIVISION, A TREMENDOUS CHASM BETWEEN US! It all finally came to a head in the exposé of the RNR! We began little by little about a year before the RNR came out, to hear the wild tales of Mother and Stephen's antics and the crazy things they were doing, and the terrible tales of the tyrants down the chain from the top to bottom & their extortions and cruelties and hardness and lack of love or care for the sheep by some.

54. SO WE BEGAN TO GET THE POINT AND WERE GRADUALLY AWAKENED TO THE STATE OF AFFAIRS of what was going on—so contrary to our own policies and Letters and the Spirit and things that we taught!

55. THESE LEADERS WERE PEOPLE WHO WERE REALLY NEVER TAUGHT MUCH UNDER ME. Even Jethro and Deborah never received much training from me, sad so say. They often rebelled against it‚ ran away from it, stayed away from it and they came in very late, much later, when things were already rolling and too late to get the kind of training they should have gotten.

56. CALEB, LYDIA AND JOSH ALSO REBELLED against staying with me and went their own way and tried to have their own revolutions in New York and Miami, and finally only joined us quite late when things were already going strong and almost too late to get their training and proper teaching under me, which some of them resented anyhow, and didn't even like to sit in my classes!

57. I REMEMBER JOSH USED TO READ HIS BIBLE and scribble notes on things he was studying while he was in my classes instead of listening—all on his own trip.

58. AND DEAR CALEB AND LYDIA WENT OFF TO MIAMI ON THEIR TRIP‚ Josh to New York and Miami on his trip, and Jethro and Deborah were later at TSC running things their way according to their trip. Mother, of course, as disobedient as ever, with Stephen helping her, went off on their trip!

59. EVERYBODY WAS GOING THEIR OWN WAY, every one according to his own beliefs and desires, instead of according to the Lord's Letters. So it really caused a very great division.

60. THIS WAS THAT OF WHICH HE HAD SPOKEN—THIS TERRIFIC DIVISION between me and the Chain, between me and the leadership and its policies and its spirit.

61. IT WAS NOT SOMETHING YET TO COME and to fear for the future, but something that had already happened and had been in process for years! But it particularly had full sway after I left London in 1974 and left the direct supervision of the governmental and financial administration in the hands of Jethro and Deborah and others.

62. WE WENT TO TENERIFE AND WERE GONE EXACTLY 3 1/2 YEARS, the 3 1/2 years predicted by one of our prophets 7 years ago‚ that the division would last 3 1/2 years! This is exactly the length of time from the very day that I left London to the day that I returned to move into the same house with top leadership near Madrid and began to re-take the reins of government and administration—almost exactly 3 1/2 years to the day!

63. SO THE DIVISION WHILE I WAS GONE HAD LASTED EXACTLY 3 1/2 YEARS! Then it was very shortly that I was to crack down on some of these leaders and begin to change their direction and policies and practices and explode with the RNR!

64. SO THAT'S THE STORY! The "Division" prophecy, and you can read it for yourself.—It's all right there! There's no need for me to take time in this Letter to go over it in detail. But, it begins in Paragraph Number 11 which is actually the first paragraph of this particular division prophecy.

65. THE FOLLOWING ARE COMMENTS TO GO ALONG WITH THIS LETTER‚ "COMING DIVISION," Number 117A, as you read it: —11: "Even as Saul ..." This is so true of some of those leaders, particularly those who began in the beginning.

66. THEY LEANED MORE TO THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING and forgot to acknowledge the Lord in all their ways, so they went astray.

67. EVEN THOUGH THEY DID HAVE TALENT and administrational ability and a knack for raising money, I loved Him more and didn't follow my own understanding but His.

68. 12: "MY SOUL DOTH LAMENT." HOW TRUE!—THIS LEADERSHIP OF THE PAST! Look where it is now! Almost all of them stripped of their power, fallen, some cast out, many have even left the Family, others disgraced and completely out of power and out of leadership! "How is him that was exalted cast down!—for disobedience and for stubbornness."

69. 13: SO THEN WE WERE WEEPING OVER THIS SITUATION in this prophecy. I surely have wept over this leadership and even its loss, wondering sometimes if I should have declared the RNR at all!

70. IT SEEMED LIKE I DESTROYED MY OWN GOVERNMENT AND NEARLY DESTROYED THE FAMILY THROUGH LOSS OF LEADERSHIP. "... They shall be honoured in the place that is theirs for their works sake." In other words‚ they felt they were serving the Lord and they did what they thought was right, even though sometimes it was wrong.

71. AT LEAST THEY DID SOME GOOD and they did govern and administrate and keep things together financially while I was gone‚ even though some of it was in the wrong way. I have really wept over the loss of some of these leaders. I still love them!

72. 14: IN OTHER WORDS THEY WOULD NO LONGER BE MY TOP LEADERS and helpers, but they would sort of be exiled or cast out or leave their positions to serve elsewhere, as they have been.

73. I HAVE HAD MANY, MANY COMPLAINTS about some of these people, multitudes of complaints, particularly about Jeth and Deb and Mother and Stephen for years! I've said, "Well, that's just Jeth, that's just Deb‚ that's just Mother‚ that's Stephen—just let it go."

74. BUT YOU CAN SEE HOW GRADUALLY IT'S BUILT UP and built up until they have done so much damage and led so many astray, they have certainly been thorns in our flesh and pricks in our side, because I've asked the Lord to have mercy on them and let them live rather than be destroyed.

75. "... FOR THOU ART MY KING and this is My David beside thee." He's speaking to Maria obviously here, and you! "... They (these leaders) shall be a heartache unto thee ... but they shall live."—And so it has been with all these leaders who have gone astray and disobeyed and rebelled against me and my policies and have conducted themselves indiscreetly against me and His Spirit.

76. THEY HAVE BEEN A HEARTACHE AND A TRIBULATION, that's for sure! But I have begged the Lord for mercy for them and asked that they shall live. But as a result, some are still a bother, still problems. Others are repenting.

77. 15: WE SURE HAVE BEEN THROUGH IT BECAUSE OF ALL THIS DIVISION! But God will do things His way, in spite of us. Well‚ I sure went through it! It nearly killed me and it almost killed the Revolution, almost destroyed the Family, and we nearly collapsed financially!

78. AND WITH ALL THIS WAYWARD LEADERSHIP, it was bad enough with them, but at least there was some organisation then. But without them, since they had not trained their under-leaders nor followers to take responsibility when they were gone, things were left leaderless and in confusion!

79. BUT THE LORD HAS PULLED US THROUGH, PTL! "And many shall say, 'This was the Lord's doing, is it not marvellous in our eyes! "It certainly is, particularly my recent healing when I nearly died over it all! Thanks for praying!

80. "AND OTHERS SHALL GO BACK FROM FOLLOWING AFTER THEE ANY MORE BECAUSE THEY ARE OFFENDED."—And that has happened with quite a few. 16: "... For I have made thee according to My will, and this one by thy side according to My pleasure."—Maria specifically, and you in general.

81. WELL, WE SURELY HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT FROM THE NATURAL EXPECTATIONS OF MAN! That's one thing that many of our people and leaders could not understand. They have just not even been able to understand our new and radical doctrines and methods, FFing and all, and some were offended.

82. GOD THROUGH HIS NEW RADICAL AND SHOCKING DOCTRINES AND POLICIES through me has offended many of this Old Guard, the Old Bottle leadership and disciples, and many have departed from us because of it, but most survived.

83. BUT NEVERTHELESS, IT WAS GOD'S WAY OF SIFTING out those who wouldn't take it and those who were rebellious and disobedient. He sifted out the ones who would not agree and who would not follow and would not obey and who rebelled against me and these.

84. "I ... RAISE UP ANOTHER WHO WILL OBEY ME. …" The New Bride‚ the New Church!—and that's you!—You who have believed and obeyed and remained faithful and loyal through it all! PTL! GBY! ILY!—And you've picked up the pieces and carried on, despite the losses, trials and tribulations and even some defeats and discouragements! Praise God!

85. GOD LOVE YOU!—And He does! He's already rewarding you with new means of support, new friends, new fruit—and even some good new leaders, God bless'm! Your giving has increased again and we're able to help the missionaries again—even more than ever! PTL!

86. AND YOU FASTED AND PRAYED AND SAVED MY LIFE! GBY!—Thank you with all my heart! I love you more than I can tell or you'll ever know! I could never have gone on without you!—Hallelujah!

87. THIS HAS "ALL WORKED TOGETHER FOR GOOD" (Rom.8:28) and drawn us closer together and to Him more than ever before!—As so many of your letters have told us! PTL! Thanks again and again! We love you! Keep keeping on for Him! We're winning! PG! Hallelujah! He never fails! Love never fails!—And you won't fail if you trust Him!—Amen?—Amen!

88. P.S. I'M SO SORRY TO HAVE HAD TO WRITE ALL THIS about some of our most faithful, oldest and most beloved leaders. God help 'em!

89. BUT IT WAS VERY NECESSARY TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT and try to set some of them straight by telling the truth about where they went wrong and what and who caused the "Division."—Amen?

90. LET'S HOPE NOW THEY'LL ALL REPENT and do better, so we can forgive and love them back into fellowship and the leadership we so sorely need!—Amen? God bless and help them all! ILY!—PRAY!

91. "NOW I BESEECH YOU BRETHREN, by the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing‚ and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement." (1Cor.1:10.)—According to His Word and the Letters!—Amen? PTL! GBY! ILY!