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Elixir, The

David Berg

By Father DavidDecember 7, 1975MO—DFO No.713

© July, 1978, by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

(On a TV show in which an alchemist actually turned lead into gold with an elixir!)

1. SCIENTISTS AND ALCHEMISTS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO TURN BASER METALS INTO GOLD FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and I presume by exactly the same process that you saw last night. There have been a few who have succeeded, but not by anything now known to man.

2. THE FIRST PART OF THE SHOW THEY HAD THE LEADER ON, GIVING THE BACKGROUND and the name of the man who had first discovered the elixir 200 years ago. I'm quite sure it's supernatural. His name sounded very much French. I wish you had written that name down.

3. THEY SHOWED A DOCUMENT DATED 1786 TESTIFYING TO THE FACT THAT HE HAD TURNED LEAD INTO GOLD BY THIS LIQUID. They explained how the handsome young male guest had gotten this formula from this man who had now been dead 200 years, apparently from the spirit world. He's meeting him in the spirit, and it yet to have another meeting with him. Therefore it's all a spiritual supernatural thing.

4. MARIA AND I WERE DISCUSSING AFTERWARDS THAT THAT YOUNG MAN MIGHT HAVE BEEN AN ANGEL. I wouldn't be a bit surprised, because every time I looked at him I got the weirdest feeling. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. What God will do to try to inspire people's faith in the supernatural and the spiritual today, even to the point of getting it on a TV show!

5. THEY KICKED HIM OFF THE TV IN FRANCE AND FORBADE HIM TO DO IT ANYMORE‚ but they put him on here. Thank God for the faith of the Spaniards in the supernatural and in miracles! Thank God the Catholics at least believe in miracles!

6. HE LOOKED LIKE AN ANGEL. He looked very much like the angels that I've seen before—the few times I've ever seen angels. He had that very serious look. I think I told you once that my bodyguard, honour guard, never even smile. It's very rare that they're ever amused. They're very serious and sober, and he had that same look.

7. HE WAS GIVING ALL THE CREDIT TO A DEPARTED SPIRIT, which of course‚ is to inspire faith in the spirit world and the supernatural and the spiritual which, if you do, means you're inspiring faith in God Who created it all. Even if you convince people there's a Devil and demonstrate his handywork, you're also proving there's a God! You're proving that God is the One who created him.

8. BOY, THE DEVIL WAS SURE FIGHTING HIM! He couldn't get the bottle open, but you talk about determination, he broke the neck off the bottle in order to get the liquid out, as precious as that liquid is. Especially if it's what the Lord told me it was!

9. AFTERWARD‚ I WAS SITTING HERE VERY BURDENED ABOUT IT, I don't know whether you could tell it or not. It seems like when you guys are watching television it dulls your spiritual sensitivity or something and you didn't seem to notice that I was in the spirit at all.

10. DIDN'T YOU GUYS HAVE ANY FEELING AT ALL that that was a very important show that we saw, that the Lord had something to tell us from that show? Well, when you saw I was sitting here with my eyes shut, why didn't you turn it off when over? Didn't you sense at all that the Lord at that time last night gave us something about that show?

11. WEREN'T YOU CURIOUS TO KNOW WHAT THE LORD HAD TO SAY about it? Weren't you curious to know what that meant? Do you realise what it could mean?

12. THE ONLY THING THAT THE WORLD'S FINANCIAL SYSTEM HAS LEFT TO HANG ONTO IS GOLD! If they destroy the value of gold, the world economy is absolutely sunk! Their whole money system, their whole economy is absolutely shattered.

13. THE INTERVIEWER SHOWED A DOCUMENT THEY RECEIVED JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO about a dog who was brought back to life by the same fluid, but with the recommendation of the Security Forces of France that the news not be released to the public. That guy's got guts and courage!

14. YOU KNOW WHEN ANGELS TAKE EARTHLY FROM THEY ARE IN BODIES LIKE OURS in which they are just like Jesus was when He was in natural form after His resurrection. He tool on a physical form in which He could eat and drink and feel, which means it is some kind of a form of flesh. Theologians call them theophanies, a word literally meaning "God body"‚ the fleshly physical embodiment of a spirit being.

15. SO HE COULD VERY WELL BE AN ANGEL. He didn't say anything about being a man except that he was a friend of the man he got it from. Well, how could he get it from him if the guy died 200 years ago, unless he was there 200 years ago or unless the guy came to him in the spirit lately, one or the other.

16. I KNEW THAT WE HAD SEEN A MIRACLE! You saw a miracle on television last night, one of the most outstanding miracles of the age in the physical realm!

17. THE MIRACLE GOD DOES EVERYDAY FOR US IN SAVING SOULS and rescuing kids and delivering them from their habits and all, these are greater miracles, miracles of the Spirit. But to the world, to the natural mind, that was one of the greatest miracles of all history, to turn lead to gold!

18. THEY'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO THIS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and they did it before our eyes, and yet they would not believe! Isn't that something? "And yet they would not believe!" (LK. 16:31.)

19. IT WAS PROVEN TO BE GOLD, but one guy stood there and argued, "Because it's a few grains more or less in weight than the lead, so therefore it couldn't be possible". It's like the farmer the first time he saw a giraffe:

20. "THERE JUST AIN'T NO SUCH THING!"—AND YET THERE IT WAS! Even the Scribes and the Pharisees were smarter than that. "Be holding the man, they could not deny that a mighty miracle had taken place, and they took note that the disciples had been with Jesus"! (Acts 4:13,14.)

21. THE FIRST THING THAT HAPPENED WAS THAT I NEARLY BLEW UP IN THE SPIRIT! Or I should say Abrahim nearly blew up in the Spirit, because he was very angry! He seems to be my special promotional department.

22. IF THERE'S NOT RESPECT FOR THE LORD OR THE SPIRIT, a real attention to the things of the Spirit or to me when I'm in the Spirit, he gets very very offended. He was going to let you guys have it last night! I don't know what he was going to say, but I can imagine!

23. I WAS PARTLY GUILTY I GUESS BECAUSE I QUENCHED THE SPIRIT OF ABRAHIM, his spirit‚ because I thought, "Well‚ that wouldn't be very nice, poor kids, they don't know any better".

24. BUT ANYWAY, FIRST OF ALL WHEN I WAS TRYING TO GET THROUGH, ABRAHIM WAS VERY ANGRY and he nearly exploded and told you to shut up and turn off the TV and listen to the Lord, which is probably where I made my mistake‚ I'm sorry. I probably should have let him do it.

25. I DON'T WORK TOO WELL IN GROUPS, I'M SORRY TO SAY. I work better when I, m alone with the Lord and Maria. I just have a real struggle letting go when there are a lot of people around, especially when I'm not too sure about the effects.

26. THE SPIRIT OF THE PROPHET IS SUBJECT UNTO THE PROPHET and sometimes it's not always wise to let certain things occur. I've seen people manifest spiritual gifts when it was not really a good time for it, when they were in the spirit but they were out of tune and out of time.

27. I FAILED YOU LAST NIGHT, BUT YOU ALSO FAILED THE LORD in not sensing that something was going on and that something was about to erupt. But if it had erupted in spite of you, then we would have had the whole story. Anyhow, I got what was most important, which was the answer.

28. I GUESS ABRAHIM THOUGHT I WASN'T GOING TO YIELD AND HE GAVE UP. But I was really getting deep in the spirit and asking the Lord to show me, when, another voice whom I don't know and I didn't recognise at all, it wasn't Abrahim, spoke:

29. THE FIRST THING I SAW AS I WAS IN THE SPIRIT WAS THE BOTTLE, and the spirit‚ whoever he was, said, "It is an elixir". He said, "The secret is in the elixir".

30. I WAS ASKING, "WELL WHAT ABOUT IT, WHAT IS IT FOR? What good is it besides turning lead to gold? What meaning does it have? What are we to do about it?", when, I saw a long dark tunnel. It was light where I was at this end, but there was also light at the other end. Then he said,

31. "THESE THINGS ARE NOT NOW PRESENTLY FOR YOU TO KNOW, for you must first pass through a long dark tunnel before you reach the other side where you will be given light to understand these things." In other words, it wasn't necessary for me to understand it all or know all about it or why, now in this life.

32. MARIA KEPT ASKING ME ABOUT THE YOUNG MAN, ABOUT HIS FACE. It's very weird and mysterious! I forgot exactly what I said do you remember what I said?—Very strong, no foolishness.

33. WHEN THAT FOOL KEPT CHALLENGING HIM HE SAID, "I'M NOT HERE TO ARGUE,I'M HERE JUST TO DEMONSTRATE. That's the very thing Jesus would have done and did. He manifested, demonstrated the power of God. He didn't have to explain how He did His miracles‚ he didn't have to argue about their silly stupid questions‚ whether it was a few grains more or less than the lead. What the hell difference did it make, it was gold!

34. WHY, THAT ANNOUNCER WAS MORE SPIRITUAL THAN THE UNBELIEVERS! I believe that announcer is some kind of a believer. He had better wisdom and he handled it better—he said‚ "Well, it's gold‚ isn't it?"

35. THE OTHER CHEMIST PROVED RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM IT WAS GOLD! He went through all those tests using all those chemicals. He even tested the one they were going to use to prove it was lead. Imagine that stupid fool saying, "It's gold paint!" Isn't that ridiculous, when the other scientists used acid etc. on it to prove it was real gold!

36. WE NEVER REALLY KNEW THE MEANING OF THAT WORD ELIXIR. I always thought it was some kind of a delicious drink of some kind. My first impression was some kind of a liquor, delicious liquor or something. That might even be where they got the word liquor, elixir. I said to Maria,

37. "GET ME THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OR A DICTIONARY, I WANT TO KNOW THAT DEFINITION!" Because immediately afterward I was thinking about what elixir means‚ and it came to me immediately, "A heavenly liquid which has the power to turn baser metals into gold"—and we looked it up and sure enough, there it was!

38. WE GOT THIS SAME WORD IN A REVELATION ABOUT DAVIDITO‚ but we never even paid any attention to that part about changing baser metals into gold. What did the Lord say in that prophecy about Davidito? (Maria: That he was sweeter that all the Elixirs of Heaven.) (See No.618.)

39. APPARENTLY THERE ARE SUCH HEAVENLY SUBSTANCES WHICH CAN GIVE LIFE. When we looked it up it said that it was a heavenly substance or liquid believed by the ancients to be capable of giving or prolonging life. Now you may say, "Well, that's a lot of superstition!" But I got to thinking about it:

40. AFTER ALL, THE BIBLE SAYS THAT IF ADAM AND EVE HAD EATEN OF THE TREE OF LIFE THAT THEY WOULD HAVE LIVED FOREVER! Now you can theorise and you can say that the Tree of Life was merely symbolic and blah blah, but I believe Adam and Eve were literal beings who lived in a literal Garden of Eden and there was a literal Tree of Life there just like there was a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

41. IT SAYS SHE WALKED UP AND SHE TOOK OF THE FRUIT AND ATE IT. I BELIEVE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID! I believe the Bible means what it says and that's what happened. Somehow it gave her knowledge of both good and evil. I think apparently that Tree of Life actually would have given everlasting life—or its elixir!

42. IT ALSO SAYS IN REVELATION THAT THE LEAVES OF THE TREES OF THE CITY WERE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS. And why do they bear 12 fruits, a different fruit each month? When we're living in a supernatural spiritual city‚ why do we have to have trees and fruits and leaves for the healing of the nations? It proves that there are nations still outside the city and nations which still need healing. (Rev.22:2.)

43. SO IF THERE IS A TREE THAT CAN GIVE LIFE AND A TREE THAT CAN GIVE KNOWLEDGE, and leaves that can heal, why can't there be an elixir that can actually give life or restore life or prolong life? This was an ancient belief.

44. EVEN PONCE DE LEON WANDERED CLEAR ACROSS THE OCEAN AND ACROSS HALF OF AMERICA LOOKING FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. They believed that somewhere there was a fountain of this elixir, this water of life that could actually prolong life. Well, apparently there is! However, it's evidently in the spirit world, and this fellow had some!

45. THEY ASKED HIM IF HE KNEW THE FORMULA or understood it. He said, no, he didn't have it. And they said, "Are you afraid somebody will steal it from you?"

46. HE SAID, "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S IN IT. It was given to me by this doctor who lived 200 years ago." So apparently this vial of liquid was passed on somehow from the spirit world to this young man, who I'm beginning to think maybe is an angel.

47. WHAT'S IN IT FOR HIM? If he was selfishly just wanting fold and riches there's a lot easier ways of doing it than television! He could turn enough into gold in the length if time it took to turn that lead hairpin into gold to make him rich! By the way, that also came to me,

48. THERE'S SOMETHING THAT I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET ABOUT THE SHAPE.—It had to be that certain shape. There's something spiritual about that and I heard it before but I can't remember what it is. It has something to do with something like the shepherd's crook. There is something spiritual about the shape of that pin, of which I have heard before. I'm sure the Lord will bring it back.

49. AS EXPENSIVE AS GOLD IS, IF HE WAS AFTER MONEY AND SELFISH PURPOSES, WHY WOULD HE TELL THE WORLD? Why wouldn't he be doing it in his backroom and keeping it a secret, especially when he's already caused trouble in France for doing this demonstration? There's only one thing I can think of:

50. HE'S A MESSENGER TRYING TO GET ACROSS A MESSAGE! What lengths God will go to to try to inspire people's faith! And imagine what lengths the authorities will go to to suppress the truth, to save their System!

51. THIS ONE GUY WAS FURIOUS! He was really mad because the guy had changed the lead into gold!—Jealousy, jealousy, because he couldn't do it! He hadn't done it, therefore he didn't want to believe it.—And because it endangers the whole monetary system!

52. IF THAT GUY REALLY GOES TO WORK IT WOULD ABSOLUTELY MAKE GOLD ALMOST VALUELESS! It would not be worth much more than the price of lead, if they could so easily turn lead into gold. There's no doubt why France gave him so much trouble. And they also said not to publicise that about the dog. Why? Why?

53. WHY WOULD THE AUTHORITIES BE AFRAID THAT SOMEBODY HAD DISCOVERED AN ELIXIR THAT WOULD BRING THE DEAD BACK TO LIFE? Why would they? It could wreck the medical profession! It could wreck the monetary system!

54. IN ONE LITTLE VIAL OF LIQUID HE HAD THE ANSWER TO PRACTICALLY ALL MAN'S PROBLEMS, enough to knock man's system for a loop‚ his whole system, his whole physiological sciences and all of his physical sciences, the whole works! That's why the guy didn't want to believe it. He said,

55. "IT CAN'T BE DONE BECAUSE IT'S CONTRARY TO NATURAL EXPECTATIONS! It's contrary to the natural laws that I believe in in my experience." That's the way people used to act about my mother's healing. That guy would rather see him dead than turning lead into gold! He was furious, he was absolutely almost possessed the way he acted! He must have been inspired by the Devil!

56. THAT YOUNG MAN MUST REALLY HAVE FAITH. He refused to have anything to do with him. He kept a straight face, he didn't laugh about anything, just totally sober, very patient. He reminded me so much of an angel!

57. I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT, "I KNOW IT'S SUPERNATURAL‚ BUT IS IT GOOD OR IS IT BAD?" Well, the Lord gave me the answer‚ "The secret is in the elixir. But these things are not for you to know at this present time. After you have passed through a long dark tunnel, at the other side you will have light that you may be able to understand." The Lord answered that it was good, which then makes me believe even more that the young man was possibly an angel.

58. YOU SAY, "HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE, COULD THERE ACTUALLY BE AN ANGEL APPEARING ON A TV SHOW to do a childish experiment like that? How could this be possible?" Well, the Scripture says‚ "that thereby many have entertained angels unawares" (Heb.13:2). They didn't even know they were entertaining angels, because they can take on very human form and be very very natural looking like you and me.

59. HIS SPIRIT IS WHAT AMAZED ME, THE WAY HE HANDLED THE SITUATION! He was very calm, sober, nothing perturbed him. He didn't act foolish or silly‚ and silly questions didn't phase him. When the fellow started spouting off and almost shaking his fist in his face he just turned his back and walked off. He said,

60. "I'M NOT HERE TO ARGUE, I'M JUST HERE TO DEMONSTRATE."—Which is just about the same thing that Jesus would have done and would have said and about the way He operated. "I'm not here to argue, I'm just here to show you the power of God. It's a waste of time to argue about it."

61. WELL, THE LORD TOLD ME WHAT I WANTED TO KNOW, WHAT IS THE SECRET? "IT'S AN ELIXIR!" If you know what an elixir is, what it's supposed to be, what the ancients believed it was, then you understand. You know what it's supposed to be and that there is such a thing.

62. WHEN I GET AN ANSWER FROM THE LORD, THAT'S IT, PERIOD!—I NOW BELIEVE IN ELIXIRS! It was still theoretical when I looked it up when we got that for Davidito. I never used a word like that in my life.

63. I THOUGHT THAT WAS KIND OF A SPIRITUAL MEANING and just meant that if there were such things as elixirs of heaven, heavenly drinks, why he's even sweeter! My interpretation then was that after all, "He is an immortal eternal spirit, marvelous creation of God—of course he's better and sweeter than mere theoretical potions‚ even if there were such things!"

64. BUT WHEN THE LORD SPEAKS AND TELLS ME "IT IS AN ELIXIR" THEN I KNOW there is such a thing! The Lord has confirmed it, and that's it! But the Lord went on to say that it's not necessary to know all about it and what elixirs are and how they manufacture them in Heaven and what they use them for and how this guy gets them and all the rest.

65. IT WASN'T NECESSARY FOR ME TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS. It's only necessary for me to know that it's true. What God was saying literally is: It's true‚ but you don't have to know all the how's and why's. PTL! It's wonderful, amen? The spirit world is wonderful! Thank You Lord!

66. THEY'RE EITHER GOING TO GET RID OF THAT GUY OR SOMETHING. I'm sure they would like to get ahold of some of that elixir and they'd like to get ahold of him to find out who to get it from. Of course when he tells them, "I got it from the spirit world and it was handed to me out of Heaven and I brought it down to you from Heaven", they're not going to believe him!

67. THEIR WHOLE ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS GOING TO COME TO NOUGHT if it's suddenly proven that lead can be turned into gold!—Boom!—All those billions in gold that these banks have in their reserves and security and all is worth no more than lead! Since most countries hold most of their reserves in gold, that would virtually bankrupt the economy of most countries!

68. THANK GOD OUR ECONOMY IS NOT DEPENDENT ON A LITTLE BIT OF GOLD! It's dependent on the Lord and the Spirit and you kids, God bless you! Thank God we're not dependent on one country or one government or one economy!

69. WE HAVE OUR REAL RESERVES IN THE BANK OF HEAVEN! We can fly around anywhere God wants, thank the Lord‚ by His power. Whenever they give us trouble in one place we just flee to another. The Lord must believe in multinational operations, He has that principle in His directions: "When they persecute you in one city, flee ye to another!" (Mt.10:23.) Thank You Lord!

70. SO THERE Are ELIXIRS, THERE IS SUCH A THING! In the definition of elixir they said that the word came from an ancient Greek word which had also to do with a powder that they sprinkled on wounds for healing. So elixirs could also be powders—liquids or powders.

71. DID YOU NOTICE HE WAS VERY EVASIVE ABOUT THE FORMULA? He was very honest, he said he doesn't know what's in it and it did nobody else any good, they couldn't use it the same way. It has something to do with him and his spiritual powers. He knows how to use it. In other words the Lord probably wouldn't let it do the same thing for anybody else.

72. WELL, IT MUST BE GETTING LATE IF IT'S GETTING TO THE POINT WHERE GOD HAS TO SEND AN ANGEL TO TURN LEAD INTO GOLD ON TV TO INSPIRE PEOPLE'S FAITH! That boy's face was absolutely beautiful—strong and beautiful! I was really concerned at first because I didn't know whether it was good or bad. A bad angel can appear like an angel of light, even the Devil. His eyes were almost frightening!

73. HIS EYES LOOKED LIKE HE WAS DEEPLY CONCERNED‚ almost as though he were thinking about other things rather than what he was doing. Almost like he was concerned about something else.

74. HE ALMOST SEEMED LIKE IT WAS ALL SO TRIVIAL AND SO CHILDISH. He was almost disgusted with having to do it. You know? Like, "This is so juvenile! You folks are so ridiculous to have to show you a silly little illustration like this to give you faith!" I just wish we had heard more of the background of that guy.

75. WELL, I'D SURE LIKE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT IT AND WHO THIS ANGEL WAS, or who he claimed to be. After the experiment or demonstration he just disappeared! We never heard of him nor his elixir again! He just vanished!

76. AND AS BIG NEWS AS THIS WAS, IT NEVER APPEARED IN ANY OF THE NEWSPAPERS or magazines!—They probably banned it like they did in France! It could have sent the price of gold plummeting to the bottom!

77. EVEN THE WEEKLY TV MAGAZINE that always described this show of the previous week suddenly vanished from the newsstands! The dealers said, "Sorry, but that issue hasn't come out!" Wow! They really suppressed it!—And we never heard another word about it!

78. BUT I'LL NEVER FORGET IT!: "It is an elixir. The secret is in the elixir. But these things are not now presently for you to know. For you must first pass through a long dark tunnel before you reach the other side where you will be given light to understand these things."—Amen. Thank God for His elixirs!—Amen?