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Hearing from God

David Berg

—By Father David12–2–78MO—DFO No.712.

1. WE GET SO MANY LETTERS FROM PEOPLE: "I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO HEAR FROM GOD. I can't seem to get anything from God!" My God, what happened to their Bibles? What happened to their MO Letters? They have been given more than they could possibly ever get personally from God!

2. DOES EVERYONE EXPECT TO BE PROPHETS? Do they all expect to have direct hotlines of some kind where they're going to get miraculous visions and revelations and messages and prophecies?

3. "ARE ALL PROPHETS?"—NO! THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE FOR, and that's what some others of you are here for.—Some are, but not all. Some have to get their word from the Lord and hear from the Lord through me. His Word or the Letters.

4. WHY SHOULD THEY BE WORRYING ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO HEAR FROM GOD? What do they all want to be, little Moseses or something? My God, the world's almost had too much of one Moses already!

5. I'VE ALREADY WRITTEN FOUR TIMES AS MUCH AS IS IN THE BIBLE! I feel sorry for the poor people who have to read it! But it's there if you need it. You don't have to read it all—that's why we got out the Index. We spent years working on an Index to try to help you out so you didn't have to go through the whole thing.

6. IF YOU WANT TO FIND SOMETHING ON A SUBJECT‚ GO TO THE INDEX and read up on it‚ save your time. Not everybody's got time to read all four books. I doubt if there's very many people that have read every single MO Letter ever written. Green Shirt! If you have read all four BOOKS, well God bless you‚ you really are crammed full of all kinds of things!

7. I'LL TELL YOU, IT'S ALL THERE, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. I am just repeating over and over again the things I've said before, expect for a few new revelations from God, and He's just repeating again the things that He said before. Sometimes He gives a little more light on a subject to help us understand something better, but it's already there in the Bible or the MO Books!

8. HOW CAN YOU SAY "I CAN'T HEAR FROM GOD"? HE'S GOT IT ALL WRITTEN DOWN!—Why can't you hear! If you can't hear, for God's sake‚ read it! Amen? I mean it!

9. IN THE BIBLE OR THE MO LETTERS THERE'S AN ANSWER TO PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING you need to know and every answer on every subject. The MO Letters are a supplement to the Bible. They were never intended to take the place of the Bible. The Bible is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Book, the original recorded Word!

10. THE MO LETTERS ARE SIMPLY TO HELP EXPLAIN THE BIBLE to you or to supplement the Bible. They're there to give you some later information, because a lot of things have changed since those days.

11. GOD'S STILL ALIVE. HE'S STILL TALKING! Things aren't like they were in Moses ' day, they're not even like they were in Paul's day. God's trying to tell you what to do todaynow—according to these conditions and these people!

12. MY LORD, I DON'T THINK A PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH WERE EVER TAUGHT AS WELL and as thoroughly on as many subjects with everything explained to them as God has explained to you! I have been wagging my chin for the last 10 years trying to explain everything I can! So nobody should have any excuse for not knowing what to do it!

13. THAT'S PROBABLY WHY THE LORD TAUGHT ME SO MANY THINGS and had me hold so many jobs and know so many things so I'd just about know it all! I'm one of those know-it-alls, thank You Lord!—Ha!—Well, what's essential!

14. WELL, IT'S TRUE! God gave it to me for your sake, to teach a whole new generation to be a whole new culture, a New Nation! We had to cast aside the old system the old way, to do things God's new way.

15. SO HE HAD TO CREATE A WHOLE NEW CULTURE, a new generation free from the sins of their fathers, free from the traditional customs of the past and its legalism.

16. HE HAD TO CREATE A WHOLE NEW PEOPLE with new rules of love, new ways of loving, different ways of doing things, new approaches to the problems and new methods of getting the job done.

17. SO HE'S BEEN TELLING YOU THESE NEW THINGS FOR TEN YEARS NOW!—How can you say you haven't been hearing from God when He's been talking to you for years, loud and clear!

18. READ IT! It's all there as plain as day!

"What more can He say than to you He has said?—

To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!"

—as the old hymn goes.

19. "HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION, ye saints of the Lord,

Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!"

20. READ IT! IT'S ALL THERE! What more could you ask? Why should you have some little selfish private revelation just for you alone?

21. WHY CAN'T YOU RECEIVE WHAT GOD'S ALREADY SAID? Why don't you listen to His voice calling you from the pages and pages of the Bible and the MO Letters?

22. MY GOD, HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU WANT?! "A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign!" (Mat.12:39). Does He have to hit you in the head to get you to believe His voice? "He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches!" Hear from God! Read it!—Amen? God bless you!