KEYWORDS: pyramid, apex, spiral, something, energy, thing

Pyramid, The

David Berg

By Father DavidJanuary 1978MO—DFO NO.711

© July‚ 1978‚ by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. I DIDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT. I WAS LYING UNDERNEATH THIS PYRAMID, or inside of it, I don't know which. It was pretty big, but I don't really know how big it was because I don't think there was anything else to compare it with, except myself, but it was rather dark and you can hardly really tell how big a thing like that would be in the semi-darkness—I mean‚ whether it was only fairly large or whether it was just gigantic!

2. I'VE HEARD SO MANY THEORIES AND LECTURES ABOUT WHAT MAKES PYRAMIDS WORK. Science knows what they do,, but they don't really know how, so, as I was lying there praying in somewhat of a trance like state, I was asking the Lord‚ "Now Lord, what does make these pyramids have such strange effects? what is it?

3. IMAGINE, I WAS LYING FLAT ON MY BACK LOOKING STRAIGHT UP AT THE APEX, inside of the thing. And I no sooner asked that question than all of a sudden, right up at the apex‚ at the point, there was a bright glow that began to move around just like one of those 4th of July firecracker pinwheels! Did you ever see one of those things go?

4. A SHOWER OF SPARKS IN A CIRCULAR SPIRAL PATTERN! It began right up there at the top and began going round and round with these sparks forming a spiral that broadened like a spiral cone and began to envelop the entire pyramid beginning at the apex, just like there was a spiral cone of light! (Maria: Outside the pyramid or inside?) Outside, I think.

5. IT'S ALMOST LIKE I COULDN'T TELL IF IT WAS OUTSIDE OR INSIDE, but it just seemed to envelop the entire pyramid and broaden and broaden and get lighter and lighter in a spiral pathway of light making a cone, coming down lower and lower until it enveloped the entire pyramid just like a shower of sparks or a shower of stars or a fireworks pinwheel!

6. WHAT IT REALLY LOOKED LIKE WAS ONE OF THOSE FIREWORKS PINWHEELS! It appeared at the apex and was as though something up there was emitting this fire‚ like a shower, just like a shower of sparks or fire or stars, all very bright and sort of sparkling, and they went around and around! This thing kept turning up there, just like it was weaving this pattern completely around the whole thing.

7. BUT IT WAS ALL EMANATING FROM THE APEX, until the whole thing was completely surrounded by this cone of light from the apex right down to the base. I couldn't see it all, but it came down, was coming down, down, down. And then I think I woke up. So, whatever that means‚ I don't know, but I was asking the Lord,

8. "WHAT MAKES IT WORK?" There was some kind of energy apparently, some kind of energy or something with the focal point at the top that works in a spiral pattern a spiral cone if you know what I mean.

9. IT WAS LIKE A SPRING that is small at one end and very large at the other completely enveloping the whole pyramid, only it was like electrical sparks, showers of sparks‚ a pathway of sparks, or a little bit like when you look at the Milky Way, all those stars and all.

10. IT'S BEAUTIFUL, REALLY BEAUTIFUL! And it wasn't frightening, I was just awed by it, I was just enthralled by the beauty of it as it started to spin! And it was spinning, moving quite rapidly and it got bigger and bigger.

11. THE SPIRAL CIRCLES GOT BIGGER AND BIGGER as it came down on the outside of the pyramid, So if that means something, I don't know. Apparently that has something to do with the power of the Pyramid, so I would gather there is apparently some kind of electrical energy or spiritual energy that's generated from the top at the apex downward somehow.

12. SOME HAVE THEORISED that the energy radiates from the earth upward and that the pyramid acts as sort of a funnel or a cone that gathers this energy and concentrates it on the inside‚ below the apex.

13. BUT ACCORDING TO THIS DREAM or vision, whatever it was I had, the energy began at the apex and travelled downward. What it is‚ I don't know but it was like an electrical shower of sparks something that begins at the apex and circles downward in a spiral, a broadening spiral that starts right on top of the apex and sort of just fits the pyramid all the way down.

14. MY IMPRESSION WAS THAT IT WAS NOT JUST ON THE INSIDE, BUT ALSO ON THE OUTSIDE. Well, maybe that indicated something, maybe that spiral of light or electrical energy or whatever it was, or spiritual energy, maybe that indicated that it sort of protects the pyramid and somehow deflects the harmful cosmic rays, or whatever it is that causes things to spoil.

15. ALL KINDS OF STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN IN PYRAMIDS, but their effects seem to be generally beneficial. So it must have something to do with how God energises pyramids. (Maria: May be that's one thing that helped you—you were feeling real sick maybe that helped you, that pyramid coming down on top of you.

16. (YOU WERE TRYING TO SHOW ME WHAT IT WAS, I guess, by all kinds of hand motions, different pyramidical shapes. One was the arms stretched upwards, straight, making like an inverted pyramid standing on its apex. Another was making a pyramid shape by your arms and hands with the finger tips touching the shape of an upright pyramid, and there were other strange motions apparently while praying or something.

17. (I KEPT TRYING TO GUESS WHAT IT WAS and finally gave the right answer when I said "pyramid?", for you answered me "Yes!". You were praying in tongues a lot of the time, whispering quite a bit of it‚ not real loud at all, but it got louder once in a while. You said you had seen great things, but you wouldn't tell me anything more about it.)

18. THAT'S ALL I REMEMBER IS THAT SPIRAL‚ SORT OF LIKE FIREWORKS. If there was something else, don't know. Well, I went to bed very sick, I think I was even feverish and my throat was sore and as you recall I was coughing and spitting, and really really sick.

19. BUT AFTER THAT HAPPENED IT WAS ALMOST LIKE I GOT WELL ALL OF A SUDDEN! I mean I was just really touched and I was really, really better a whole lot better, suddenly, and I went to sleep soon after that! I must have been really deep in prayer or something.

20. I REMEMBER ONE THING I FORGOT TO TELL YOU was that as that pyramid experience occurred, I felt a feeling almost of levitation, like I was sort of floating. It was a real good feeling! Everything about it felt good‚ and I was really thrilled by the experience!

21. PTL! HAVE YOU HAD ANY PYRAMIDICAL "TEMPLE-TIME" EXPERIENCES LATELY? (See Letters Nos. 191, 214, 630, 636.) Try it! You might like it! Pray more and He may give you one! PTL! GBY! Write us for more pyramid info.!

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