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Your Two-Year-Old Can Receive Jesus

David Berg

—MOSept. 9, 1977DFO NO.708

—By Father David

© June 1978, by the Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. RECENTLY WE RECEIVED A LESSON ON CHILDREN'S SALVATIONS containing some statements which we seriously question, one of which was the following: "Maybe we could get the child to say a prayer (for Salvation) but it wouldn't necessarily be sincere." We do not agree!

2. EVEN IF THE CHILD IS BARELY AT THE AGE WHERE HE CAN UNDERSTAND THE WORDS, HE CAN RECEIVE JESUS! Or maybe he can't completely understand, but if he has faith in his parents and believes what they say, "Jesus will come into your heart if you say this little prayer after me," and he says it, then if course it's sincere and Jesus will come in. Children are the most sincere people in the world.

3. THAT KIND OF DOCTRINE WOULD DESTROY ALL FAITH in anybody that you ask to pray the sinner's prayer, as to whether they were "sincere" or not.

4. I DON'T BELIEVE THEY'D PRAY THE PRAYER UNLESS THEY WERE SINCERE. I don't think I've ever found even an adult that would say it without believing. They know it's serious, and they usually just flatly decline if they don't want to do it.

5. USUALLY IF THEY PRAY IT THEY MEAN IT, or as best they know how. I also don't agree when the author of this article says: "Salvation is not in words, it's not in repeating after me 'Jesus come into my heart,' it has to be a spiritual experience."

6. THAT'S BEEN HER HOLINESS PENTECOSTAL IDEA FOR YEARS and years and I never could convince her otherwise. She's saying it just can't be that easy, but that you have to feel something‚ some big feeling or emotional outburst. You can't just say it and believe it by faith‚ sight unseen‚ but it has to be a visible or outwardly emotional "spiritual experience." God's Word says,

7. "BY THY WORDS THOU SHALT BE JUSTIFIED, AND BY THY WORDS THOU SHALT BE CONDEMNED." (Mt. 12:37.) Words are enough! If you mean them, they're enough. And I can't imagine any little child who would obey his parent and pray the sinner's prayer that wouldn't mean it. If he doesn't mean it, he must be some kind of a little devil!

8. IF YOU'RE GOING TO GO BY FEELING, THAT'S NOT FAITH! It's that old self–righteous holiness doctrine cropping up again. Even salvation becomes for them a kind of works trip, something you've got to feel, you don't really take by faith.

9. BUT TRUE SALVATION IS JUST PURE FAITH‚ it's just believing, and if you get any feeling, it's a result to believing. But you are still saved by the word and by faith, and not your feeling.

10. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU FEEL, THE WORD IS THE SAME. God's word is still just as effective and unchanging regardless of your feelings. It's your faith that counts. And if you receive the word and you believe it, regardless of how you feel, you're saved!

11. I'M CONVINCED USUALLY YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE SOME FEELING and you will have some experience, but it is not the "experience" nor the feeling which saves you‚ it's a result of your being saved.

12. SALVATION IS NOT JUST A FEELING EXPERIENCE, it's something that God does as a result of your faith by just simply believing His word and receiving Jesus. And how else are you going to know if you received Jesus unless you ask Him in, and how are you going to ask Him in without words?

13. ANOTHER MISTAKEN IDEA many people have is reflected in a further statement from the letter we received: "We can't do anything to bring them to salvation; the Lord has to do that." That is a lie! The Bible says, "Suffer (let) the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". (Mt.19:14.)

14. THEREFORE YOU HAVE A PART IN BRINGING THEM OR LETTING THEM COME TO JESUS. Some of those old Calvinistic preachers used to preach such strong predestination and fore-ordination doctrine that they used to say: "Well‚ there's not a thing you can do about your salvation—all you can do is sit around and read the Bible and pray and hope that God will save you if He so chooses, if He so desires, because He's the one that makes the choice." That is an absolute lie! That absolutely negates and nullifies the entire Bible!

15. THE WHOLE IDEA OF THE WHOLE BIBLE FROM THE GARDEN OF EDEN TO THE BOOK OF REVELATION IS FREE CHOICE, YOUR CHOICE!—And if it's not your choice, then the whole thing is a farce and a phoney and a fake and a travesty on God's justice and mercy and love, if you have no choice!

16. THE WHOLE IDEA OF ADAM AND EVE IN THE GARDEN AND EVER SINCE WAS PERSONAL CHOICE. (Maria: So the Lord doesn't bring you to Salvation—Salvation's already there, He's already brought it, and you have to bring yourself by making the decision yourself.) Yes, Jesus has already paid the price. God has already spoken the Word.

17. SALVATION IS THERE, YOURS‚ READY AND WILLING FOR THE TAKING. You're the one who makes the decision. I am totally convinced of free will and free choice, the majesty of choice. This is the one way in which God made us more like Himself than almost anything else.

18. HE GAVE US FREE WILL TO CHOOSE TO DO GOOD OR EVIL. And we either choose to receive Christ or to reject Him. We make the choice. God does not make the choice for us.

19. A CHILD CAN BE SAVED IF HE CHOOSES TO BE just because you ask him to be, and tell him to be!—And there is no reason why he shouldn't choose to be if you suggest it to him when he is in a receptive mood. Most children will say no when in a contrary rebellious spirit. Even since asking Jesus into his heart, Davidito occasionally refuses when asked to pray, either out of embarrassment or sometimes our own lack of wisdom and timing in approaching him.

20. SO TRY TO MAKE ALL CONDITIONS CONDUCIVE TO THE CHILD'S WANTING TO PRAY TO RECEIVE JESUS. Make sure it's with someone he loves and trusts, in a quiet, calm atmosphere when he's willing and ready to listen.

21. HE CAN OBEY YOU AND ACCEPT JESUS JUST IN OBEDIENCE AND IN FAITH IN YOU, just like he obeys you because of his faith in you when he does anything else and you tell him to do this or do that, or this is so because I said so.

22. YOU'RE HIS PARENT, HE HAS FAITH IN YOU, AND OF COURSE HE BELIEVES YOU and he accepts it because you say so. And if you tell him, "Now if you will pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart and help you be a good boy, you'll be saved."

23. LEAD HIM IN A PRAYER, and I believe with all my heart and soul he will do it sincerely because he has faith in you, because he believes you, therefore he is believing the Word—your word as well as God's Word.

24. WHEN HE ASKS JESUS TO COME IN, THE LORD WILL COME IN! My God, it would be horrible to say that the little child asked Jesus to come in, but Jesus wouldn't come in because the little child didn't understand the doctrine of salvation! (Maria: You can't be expected to understand it no matter how old you are, because you can't possibly understand it with your carnal mind. That's where your heart—faith comes in.

25. (SO THAT MEANS THAT ANY LITTLE CHILD, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, CAN PRAY AND BE SAVED.) Of course. (Maria: Older people don't understand it any more than the tiny child understands it. So it doesn't have anything to do with age.) Absolutely nothing! It's totally faith!

26. SALVATION IS BY FAITH, NOT BY FEELING! It happens not simply because God chooses, but God chooses you because you choose Him. "Many are called, but few are chosen." (Mt.20:16.) But why are they chosen? Because they choose to answer the call, that's why‚ so He chooses them.

27. JUST LIKE WHEN YOU CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS IN THE ARMY, you say, "How many boys would like to volunteer for this job?" and several guys step forward. Then you say, "Okay boys, let's go!"—You've chosen them. Why did you choose them? Because they chose you!

28. IT'S JUST RIDICULOUS TO PREACH THAT OLD CALVINISTIC PREDESTINARIAN DOCTRINE THAT YOU HAVE NO CHOICE in the matter at all and it's not your will‚ it's just a matter of the whim of God whether you're saved or not!

29. THAT KIND OF DOCTRINE IS HORRIBLE, IT MAKES A MONSTER OUT OF GOD! That makes the whole creation and man and everything just some kind of a game wherein He just moves the pieces around to suit Himself and the chessmen have no will of their own, we're just like pawns in His hand with no choice!—I don't believe it! (Maria: She doesn't say that in so many words‚ but if you build on that premise and carry it to be end, that's where it will lead.) That's what it means.

30. I BELIEVE YOU CAN LEAD A CHILD TO THE LORD AS SOON AS HE IS ABLE TO TALK! In fact, you can lead him to the Lord all the time by your example and your love even before he talks, talking to him about the Lord and talking to him about Jesus.

31. I HAVE SEEN THE EFFECT OF PRAYER ON BABIES who didn't even understand the language, but they felt the Spirit. So don't tell me a child can't understand. He may not comprehend all the theological doctrines involved, but neither do adults.

32. NOBODY REALLY FULLY UNDERSTAND SALVATION. Anybody who claims he understands it is a liar, because "God's ways are above our ways as high as the heavens are above the Earth." (Isa.55:9.) But you can understand how to be saved because God's made it very plain and simple!

33. "BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THOU SHALT BE SAVED." (Acts 16:31.) Period!—Plus nothing! The Word plus faith plus nothing! You receive it‚ that's all. You believe the Word and you receive Jesus and you're saved. That's it! Nothing more!

34. (MARIA: ANOTHER QUESTION the writer of this class brings up is: "How can you know, or what signs tell you when the child is ready to receive the Lord?") Of all the ridiculous things! That's a ridiculous thing!

35. WHENEVER HE'S OLD ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO SAY, "DEAR JESUS, PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR BEING BAD!"—Even if he doesn't understand what sin means he knows what being bad is. "Please come into my heart and help me to be good."

36. DAVIDITO UNDERSTANDS AND HE'S ONLY 2 1/2 AND HE'S ALREADY RECEIVED THE LORD! Baba's only two and she just prayed and received Jesus! Davidito is very reverent when we're praying, and will pray even in the middle of trouble or difficulty for his hurts and bumps or that he won't act naughty‚ and he understands all that. He goes around saying,

37. "I'VE GOT JESUS AND GOD IN MY HEART‚ and Mommy's got Jesus and God, and Sara's got Jesus and God." You may think he doesn't know what he's talking about, but how do you know what the Holy Spirit helps him understand?—Maybe some things a lot better than you do!

38. THAT'S ONE THING WE DO HAVE TO TRUST THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR: TO HELP THE CHILD COMPREHEND as much as he needs to comprehend. And that's what I put in the Baby Tract and that's all he needs to know: "God is our Big Heavenly Father, Jesus is His Son, our Big Brother, we've been bad, we need to say we're sorry, Jesus took our punishment for us and we need to thank Him and ask Him to come into our hearts to help us be good."—That's it!—And that's all!

39. (MARIA: ANOTHER STATEMENT FROM THE CLASS IN QUESTION reads: "I was visiting a Family Home where there were a number of small children and one of the mothers told me‚ 'Tonight we're having a birthday party, and after the presents, cake and ice cream all the children are going to get saved!"

40. (THE CLASS SAID, "THAT'S LIKE A CHURCH COMMUNION, everybody's got to put on a white dress and go down the aisle. That is really bad because then maybe some don't get saved, maybe only two of the children get saved and the other two don't, and the unsaved two begin to think, 'Well I don't believe in salvation because I don't feel anything.' First Holy Communion without a real experience of Salvation can even stumble people.")

41. MY LORD! SEE, THEY'RE ALL FOR THAT FEELING THING that "experience" thing! See, that's what John Wesley taught, exactly what she's teaching, that it's all a big feeling experience! Boy, she hasn't gotten away from that yet!

42. (MARIA: SO IT'S TRUE THAT THE CHILDREN WERE ALL GOING TO GET SAVED?) OF COURSE, WHY NOT! They were going to ask them to pray and they were all going to be sincere. Why not? My Lord! How are you going to say, "we went to this orphanage and 50 children raised their hands to receive Jesus"? But you say.

43. "WELL, HOW DO WE KNOW—maybe only two or three of them really meant it and maybe only two or three of them God really gave a feeling experience to, and maybe it wasn't the Holy Spirit's time—blah blah blah blah!"

44. THAT WORKS DOCTRINE IS THE "DOCTRINE OF DEVILS"! (1Tim.4:1) (Maria: If our Family members were going by what she believes, they never could report their stats for Salvations or anything!) Of course, if this false doctrine were true, why report any salvation stats? How do you know they got saved?

45. WHEN YOU ASK THEM, "HOW MANY OF YOU WANT TO TAKE JESUS INTO YOUR HEART?" AND THEY ONLY RAISE THEIR HANDS, I BELIEVE HE COMES IN RIGHT THEN! If they just have the desire to have Him in their hearts, that's all they need.—And if they express that desire by only raising their hands, that shows they have faith and if they do He'll come in! I don't believe they even have to say any words.

46. HE SAYS JUST "TO BELIEVE AND RECEIVE," and you don't even have to say any words to do that! (Maria: Believe with thy heart.) Yes! You must confess with your mouth eventually, but even to lift your hand is a confession of faith! Just like a witness on the witness stand, they have him put up his hand and swear he's going to tell the truth.

47. THEY'RE PUTTING UP THEIR HAND AS A WITNESS THEY WANT TO RECEIVE JESUS. So they're not only believing and receiving, but they're confessing Christ right there on the spot! I have told audiences lots of times that very same thing.—I've said,

48. "JUST THE VERY RAISING OF YOUR HAND SHOWS YOU'RE CONFESSING CHRIST, SO YOU'RE SAVED!"—Period! I'm for the good old-fashioned Bible doctrine that if you believe it and receive Him it's done!—If you don't do anything but walk up and shake the preacher's hand and thereby confess Him before all! Of course then you certainly don't love Him very much if you don't show it. But I believe it's done right there and I believe you will. You show faith by works. (Ja.2:17,18.)

49. THAT'S ALL THEY HAVE TO DO! If your child is old enough to understand the words and old enough to speak them himself after you, you can lead him to Christ and he can believe what you say, which is the Word, and he can receive Christ through asking Him in, even if you have to tell him what to say.

50. IF HE ASKS JESUS TO COME IN, I BELIEVE HE COMES IN! You can hardly find anybody more sincere than a two-year-old, and two years of age is a great age to lead your child to Christ, because that's when he has learned to talk, usually, and he understands the words you're saying and he can do what you tell him to do.

51. SO YOU CAN LEAD YOUR CHILD TO JESUS AT TWO! But she's preaching you cannot lead your child to Jesus, God has to lead him to Jesus! That's a lie! God has already given Jesus and given the Word‚ and the rest is entirely up to us.

52. EVERY VERSE ON SALVATION DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT GOD HAS GOT TO DO and that you're to wait around for some kind of feeling. Every verse on salvation tells you what to do‚ and what you've got to do to be saved.

53. THE SALVATION IS ALREADY THERE, IT IS A FREE GIFT. The verses tell us what God has already done. All you have to do is reach out your hand of faith and receive it‚ accept it. It's ridiculous to teach that you've got to sit around and wait for God to knock you in the head with it or stuff it down your throat!

54. OF COURSE SALVATION IS A MIRACLE OF GOD‚ BUT IT'S YOURS FOR THE ASKING. All you have to do is ask Him for it. You don't even have to do that—all you have to do is receive Him in your heart without a word! He's already offered it, so why should you even ask Him? Just receive Him! He's there waiting to come in. He's already knocked and is asking you to receive Him!

55. (MARIA: IT JUST SAYS BELIEVE AND RECEIVE.) All it says about salvation is that you have to believe the Word—believe—and of course receive.

56. YOU HAVE TO RECEIVE, that's the main thing. I know some people who even believe, who don't really receive. Even "the devils believe and tremble!" (Ja.2:19.) But you have to receive Jesus because of your faith in the Word, and that's something you can do and you have to do and God will not do for you.

57. RECEIVING JESUS IS SOMETHING EVEN YOUR TINY CHILD CAN DO. It's something you can almost do for him by leading him to the Lord. I mean it's almost exactly like feeding the baby. You can put the breast in his mouth, but he's got to do the sucking—and he will, if you put the breast in his mouth, you feed him, he'll receive it‚ just as he will this spiritual receiving.

58. YOU PUT THE WORDS IN HIS MOUTH, THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD AND HE'LL DRINK IT‚ HE'LL RECEIVE IT!—Right? You can give your child Salvation just like the mother gives the baby milk, it's the same thing exactly‚ Milk gives them physical natural life.

59. BUT YOU CAN GIVE THE CHILD JESUS AND THE WORD, the sincere milk of the Word, just like you give him the mother's breast, and he'll receive it and it will bring him Salvation. I can't think of a child in this world who would reject it if you present it in the right way when he is in a good spirit or attitude.

60. IF HE HAS FAITH AT ALL IN HIS MOTHER OR FATHER OR THE ADULT or whoever it is that's leading him to Jesus, if he has been shown love and trust and faith and has any trust and faith in that person at all, he will believe it and he will receive it.

61. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS STICK THE WORDS IN HIS MOUTH just like the mother sticks the nipple in his mouth‚ and he'll drink it! He would have to be some kind of an absolute demon-possessed pervert or spiritually sick or insane not to!

62. WHAT NORMAL HUNGRY BABY, IF YOU STICK THE NIPPLE IN HIS MOUTH, WON'T DRINK THE MILK? He'd have to be deformed, defective, sick or something! Any normal natural hungry child will drink! All you need to do is put the words in his mouth.

63. WHAT CHILD IS GOING TO SAY, "DEAR JESUS, PLEASE COME IN TO MY HEART" AND NOT MEAN IT? My Lord, why wouldn't he mean it unless he's absolutely demon-possessed or something! I believe even if they're demon-possessed, if they say that, the demon will have to leave and Jesus will have to come in !

64. IT'S A TYPICAL OLD HOLINESS KIND OF A WORKS TRIP DOCTRINE WHERE YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE SOME KIND OF A FEELING INSTEAD OF FAITH. I got over that when I read John 3:36: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life!"

65. THE MOMENT I READ THAT SCRIPTURE AND BELIEVED IT, I ALREADY HAD IT. I didn't have to worry about was I going to have it or was I going to fall from grace or was I going to manage to stay saved, or was I going to manage to keep true and then finally be given the reward of salvation for my faithfulness.

66. SALVATION IS NOT A REWARD, IT'S NOT PAY, IT'S NOT WAGES, IT IS A GIFT that you don't earn by faithfulness or by any kind of works of your own. What does Ephesians 2:8 and 9 say? "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves.

67. "IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD, not of works, lest any man should boast." It is a gift, and all you have to do is receive it!—It's all done—that's what He means, "not of yourselves." But there is one thing you have to do, but anybody can do it, even a two-year–old child: Receive it, just receive it.

68. (MARIA: I THINK SOME PARENTS USE THE EXCUSE THAT "WELL, MY CHILD HASN'T RECEIVED JESUS YET, that's why he's so bad"—when actually it's their own fault.) Of course it's their own fault! Because they're responsible to see that he does receive Jesus. Davidito received Jesus at a little over two years of age!—As soon as he learned to talk sufficiently to understand what he was saying.

69. WE TAUGHT HIM BIBLE STORIES ABOUT JESUS and he believed every word of it. Why should he doubt it? Children of that age don't have doubts! They believe everything you tell them! That's why Jesus said:

70. "EXCEPT YE BECOME AS A LITTLE CHILD YE SHALL IN NO WISE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!" (Mk.10:15.) They believe you‚ they believe everything you say, they swallow the whole thing hook‚ line and sinker! They know you love them if you show them real love and you have been faithful and not betrayed their confidence and yourself sowed doubt.

71. YOU EITHER SOW FAITH IN THEIR HEARTS OR YOU SOW DOUBT in their hearts, and it is the parents' fault, not the child's! But if you love that child and he has any faith and confidence in you whatsoever‚ he will believe what you say! Every word! And he'll do whatever you tell him to! And if you say that

72. "IF YOU PRAY THIS LITTLE PRAYER NOW WITH MOMMY, JESUS WILL COME INTO YOUR HEART AND SAVE YOU," he believes it! Even if he doesn't know what the word "saved" means. It means‚ dear little one, that if you're sorry‚ God will forgive you and He won't spank you.—That's being saved! You got saved from a bad spanking! I mean there's a very simple way to explain anything to a child. It's ridiculous to think they can't understand!

73. (MARIA: ANOTHER DANGEROUS STATEMENT FROM HER CLASS: "What are some principle signs … that show you that the child is ready for Salvation? It takes real discernment to see the spiritual need in the children, and it's even good to consult the other people around you and see what they think about the child. Sometimes parents are so close to their children that they can't really see these things."

74. MY LORD‚ ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS? EVERYBODY NEEDS SALVATION!—And they need it just as soon as they can get it, as soon as they can understand the words and say the words themselves, even if you have to tell them what so say!

75. TWO YEARS OLD, THAT'S THE TIME TO GET SAVED, and they'll do it just because you tell them to! If you wait until they're five or six you've waited too long already! But they'll still believe it and receive it. And if they do what you tell them to, I'm sure Jesus will do it.

76. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH ANY LITTLE CHILD WHO WOULD SAY, "NO I DON'T WANT JESUS IN MY HEART!"—and would persist in his refusal even on other further occasions. If so it is a result of the parents' sins!

77. WHY DO WE HAVE TO PRAY TO FIND OUT WHEN THE CHILD IS "READY" FOR IT? MY GOD, HE'S READY FOR IT WHEN HE'S BORN! The faith of the parents covers him then until he's old enough to say the prayer for himself. (1Cor.7:14.) And there's no reason on God's Earth why he shouldn't say the prayer, or when he's saying it‚ why he shouldn't mean it!

78. HERE IS THE OLD WORKS TRIP CONTROVERSY RAISING ITS UGLY HEAD ONCE AGAIN RIGHT IN OUR OWN MIDST. Here's one little young mother who believes the Bible like a good Christian ought to, but another old mother who still believes the old holiness doctrine of works, save yourself by your own righteousness!

79. SHE'S TEACHING, "WELL, WE DON'T KNOW IF ALL THE CHILDREN ARE READY TO BE SAVED YET, we don't know if the Lord has brought them by His Holy Spirit to a certain kind of spiritual state or condition or experience yet, where they are prepared or understand it or really want it, we just don't know—we have to leave that up to God!"

80. THAT IS A GOD-DAMNED LIE! They're ready for it whenever they can talk, and they will do it if you tell them to. There's no problem at all with their pure simple childlike faith! A child doesn't have to weep and cry and wail and talk in tongues and have some kind of a big emotional experience to be saved!

81. HE JUST HAS TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU TELL HIM AND DO WHAT YOU TELL HIM, AND THAT'S IT! If he'll pray the prayer after you, "Dear Jesus, please forgive me for being bad, I believe You died for me to take my punishment (or spanking) for me. Please come into my heart and help me be good and help me to tell others about You, Jesus!" That's it!

82. JESUS ALREADY DIED, HIS SPIRIT'S ALREADY CONVICTED, AND JESUS COMES INTO HIM. It's not of works in any way. You don't have to work up some emotional experience. You don't have to pray it down or work it up, you just accept Him, receive Him, that's all.

83. JUST BELIEVE HIM, RECEIVE HIM, CONFESS HIM!—PLUS NOTHING!—THAT'S SALVATION! Nothing more! But I do believe it will result in an eventual change in the child as he shows his faith by his works. (Ja.2:18.) But it does not have to be manifested at the moment by some big emotional binge or outward show—although it may be in some cases, particularly older children who may have a greater understanding of what they're doing, their greater guilt, greater sorrow and greater love and joy.

84. BUT DON'T EXPECT SO MUCH OF A BABY. It's enough that he believes you, does what you tell him to do, prays for Jesus to forgive him and come in, accepts the milk of your word, and Jesus surely will come in!—just as surely as He has promised, "Ask and ye shall receive!" (Mt.7:7.) "A little child shall lead them." (Isa.11:6.) "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings Thou hast ordained strength!" (Ps.8:2.)

85. YOU CAN LEAD YOUR CHILD TO JESUS NOW! Do it today! Tomorrow may be much harder! The sooner the better—for both him and you! Why not now? Don't believe the doubters! Believe Jesus and His Love!—How could He refuse!—and He won't! He will come in! He's promised! Do it now! GBY! WLY! Keep on getting those Salvations!—If only by a child's simple prayer or a mere raising of hands! PTL! He'll come in! (Rev.3:20.) In Jesus' name, amen!