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Madame M on Maria

Madame M

—Now It Can Be Told!6-10-73MO—DFO—NO. 705

—Edited by Father David.

© June 1978 by the Family of Love‚ CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. (MADAME M:) YOU'RE NOT AS MUCH A CRYSTAL PERSON AS DAVID IS. (Maria: ) Exactly what is the difference? (Madame M:) One is just a different way of divining, really. Really, to be honest, as you know a bit about this‚ you don't really need a crystal, really. A crystal is a focal point because it's clear, it's an important focal point because it's clear.

2. IF YOU'RE CLAIRVOYANT YOU'RE CLAIRVOYANT and you don't see in there like television pictures the way people think you do. But you might as well, because you see it just the same and you see it as clear. But you could just look at someone and you could give a reading, you could see a house if it's there.

3. BUT WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE YOU MIGHT NEED A BALL so that you can get into it on your own, you see. Whether you have it or not‚ you can't go wrong, that's what I'm trying to say. (Maria: ) Do you see pictures more with this ball than with the hand? (Madame M: ) Not really, it depends on who I'm dealing with.

4. I CAN SEE THE HANDS and I can just see the hands and the lines on the hands and that's it. Or I can have some hands and can't help but see pictures—depends on the person on the way the reading goes. You get someone that has a crystal ball‚ it may be very ordinary because I suppose their lines all tell the same, so they'll be quite pleased. But someone who isn't well obviously it's a bit different you know.

5. (MARIA:) WELL, EVERYTHING YOU SAID TO ME WAS GOOD LAST TIME, SO LET'S HEAR THE BAD. (Madame M:) Put your hands down...Leo‚ isn't it? Tell me why you want to know the bad? (Maria:) Sometimes there are problems—we profit more by hearing the problems and troubles sometimes than we do by hearing the good things. (Madame M:) This all depends again on the person.

6. THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE THAT YOU COULDN'T GIVE FORE– KNOWLEDGE TO OF PROBLEMS BECAUSE THEY WORRY, but when they're dealing with it at the time they will deal with it very successfully. But if you say it's going to happen, then they're going to worry, so here again you've got to be judge of it. I think you're quite safe.

7. WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? (MARIA:) JULY 31ST. (Madame M: ) Well of course, this is very, very good, you know really, it's very good for the future, but it's oh so changeable and so much to do, so much to do!

8. YOUR LIFE IS GOING TO BE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, YOU KNOW, IN THE FUTURE‚ and I think you're a sensible girl and I think I can tell you that of course part of your life will be not with David, you know that, don't you, sensibly, but this will be much later. This will be much later, and never will you attain the spiritual heights that he does. But you mustn't because if you did the same as him you'd both be starving by now, really. It would simply not be a very good idea.

9. YOU ARE SPIRITUAL ENOUGH. YOU ARE MATERIAL ENOUGH. You have a lot to do and you will do a fantastic amount of writing, fantastic! You'll also go to many, many places, many places. I even get funny kinds of costumes like long coats and long skirts‚ but not like before, but like rough-looking peasant type‚ almost like long buckskin or something, you know, rough.

10. SO THEREFORE YOU'RE EVIDENTLY GOING TO BE IN STRANGE PLACES and have many scientific experiences as well as spiritual. I feel it won't all be spiritual for you, you'll seek out something‚ you might even find different tribes, you might want to know how people are living, more finding out for you I would say, and materially maybe even different people's customs and all that sort of thing.

11. BUT I DON'T THINK THAT YOU'LL EVER STOP, and if you want to know, I don't think you'll ever be entirely domesticated, entirely. I don't really get a domestic picture, evidently you must manage all right, make everything comfortable, but still for all that it's far too interesting for it to be otherwise, you know.

12. SO YOU'RE GOING TO MANAGE TO HAVE CHILDREN (SINCE THEN WE HAD DAVIDITO!), TRAVEL around and have them travel around and see many strange places. Inspiration will come to you, but you can check it, can you understand what I mean? You don't get carried away by it, you can check it. You know what you're doing‚ and I think this is why a lot of it has to be a material searching as well.

13. I DON'T REALLY GET ANYTHING THAT I WOULD CALL BAD. I mean I get problems, you might be in a country‚ it might be a bit dangerous (it was!), you might want to get out (we just did!) and you know, this sort of thing, but like nothing that won't be sort of right, and I don't get you really being outstandingly unhappy or anything like that.

14. I CAN SEE QUITE A LOT OF CHANGE COMING RATHER QUICKLY, and I would certainly say that you are possibly about to leave this country—have you planned it? (Maria:) Well‚ no, we haven't planned it but we know it would be a possibility. (We left unexpectedly for Tenerife a short time later!) (Madame M:) Is it going all right? I refuse to hear my own voice, in fact my own voice astonishes me when I hear it, it's so deep! (Abrahim's?)

15. YES I WOULD SAY SORT OF PROBABLY MOVING QUITE STRAIGHT AWAY, and there is a possibility of a journey to America (Atlantis?) under a year. (Maria: ) That's just a possibility? (Madame M:) Just a possibility, but there's a possibility. I wonder if it's something you would turn down, you know, that just the possibility would be there.

16. MIND YOU, I WOULD SAY A FLYING VISIT THERE (we did fly!) and back again or something like that. It certainly isn't where your travels are going to lead you, not for quite a while. But you're not finished with it yet, but I don't think it will be anywhere like the false parts of it, you know‚ the very high powered living parts, but more the West and things like that, the inspiring parts.

17. YOU HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF AFGHANISTAN HAVE YOU? (Maria:) Well ... no. (Madame M:) The way you're dressed here (in the vision) is almost like that sort of a place, very beautiful and all that sort of thing, but everybody is dressed a bit roughly because you're up high or something like that, and there seems to be like houses there that are rather rough and ruddy and yet the view is inspiring and possibly quite uplifting. It may be just somewhere that you go sort of in your travels. (Tenerife?)

18. YOU PLAN TO HAVE CHILDREN? (Maria: ) Yes. (Madame M: ) quite soon? (Maria:) No. (Madame M: ) No, it must be sort of round about the three year mark I would say, not yet. (Davidito was born nearly two years later.) Of course you are going to the continent (we did eventually), but it might be a remote part of the Continent (Yes, Spain!)‚ it doesn't have to be ... it could be well over this way or well over that way, and your health will be better, you haven't been well? (Maria:) Well‚ I've had fairly good health, but I'm never very energetic.

19. (MADAME M:) YOU'RE NOT ROBUST, BUT YET YOU HAVE GOOD HEALTH, and you will enjoy good health really, you know. Something that puzzles me tremendously and I would only say you may understand, you or David, but now I can see you looking young! When I first met you I didn't. I wonder why that was?

20. I DIDN'T SEE YOU AS BEING A YOUNG PERSON, NOW I DO. Now that's something that puzzles me! Did I see you as I felt you would fit this man or what, rather than you as an individual? I thought you were older. (Maria: ) It wasn't my looks, I did have my hair up. (Madame M:) No, not really, it was more.

21. MAYBE IT WAS YOUR SITUATION AND THE FACT THAT YOU HAD SUCH AN INFLUENCE ON THIS GREAT MAN that I couldn't perhaps think of you as being younger, probably that's why. Most young people often have great sense, and especially when dealing with someone like that, but it was rather strange, that now I see you're young, but yet then I didn't see you were young. That's what really puzzles me.

22. I'VE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH TRAVEL, QUITE FANTASTIC! It doesn't seem as if you're ever going to stop travelling! (That's certainly been true!) You sit somewhere cross-legged, almost in a yoga position, and there's trees all around you. Yet I wouldn't have thought you were that spiritual, are you? (Maria: ) In the future maybe? (Madame M:) It could be that you find like a certain something.

23. YOU LOVE NATURE AND BEING RELAXED and all that appeals to you. (True!) You see, for you I get very much the backwoods and things‚ and all that very much, although I do get, it's rather strange how readings go, because I get far more down-to-earth things, and yet I get you on the fringe of all these other great things, but I cannot feel the vibrations or anything.

24. IT DOESN'T SEND ME THE WAY DAVID'S READING DID. That's the strange part of it‚ because I know you are going to be the material part. Strange to say‚ you lack confidence, or was that only at one time? (Maria: ) I think I always lack confidence for myself. (Madame M:) Yes, this is it you see. I thought perhaps at one time you did and now you've got inspiration, you might not do so much, but I don't think you're an over-confident person really.

25. IT HURTS ME REALLY TO SAY LATER YOU WILL MARRY AGAIN—you know when you're recording it and you can't even keep it yourself and you're going to let David hear. But this is later, this is much later. There will be someone who will be entirely different and perhaps you could never have this affinity with anybody but David, so therefore it's got to be different. It will be great and it will be companionship and you will like it, but it will never be the same. And yet it won't make you unhappy. I suppose it will all fit into place when the time comes.

26. (MARIA: ) PROBABLY WHEN HE'S GONE, (Madame M: ) Yes. Well I suppose it's to be perfectly honest to talk like that, it's not impolite to talk like that, but you're asking me to tell you what's in the future, and I mean you might be in your late 30s or even early 40s then, but there is someone. What I'm saying is‚ in spite of this remarkable thing that you have with David, you wouldn't want to remain on your own. It's as if you cannot, as if you mustn't. I don't know why, this will be revealed to you later on.

27. SO POSSIBLY EVEN IMMEDIATELY (WHEN I'M GONE) THERE WILL BE THIS MARVELOUS PERSON WHO'S NOTHING LIKE DAVID and yet he ... it's not the same feeling‚ but it will satisfy you. He may even be slightly at least able to understand you and all that sort of thing, and possibly quite an interesting person. But for you there's only one great love, only one, there's no two ways about that at all!

28. AND I DO GET QUITE GOOD HEALTH, but I would say in the future if anything you could be much more robust, you know, you could be stronger. I think your nerves will always be a little bit funny, but then there again I think that's really a sign of being gifted, I don't think you can have perfect nerves.

29. I JUST HAVE NEVER MET ANYBODY WHO HAS BEEN GENUINE AND DID HAVE PERFECT NERVES. You know you can get people who are overpowering and all this, but I don't find that they're totally genuine. I find if anyone is genuine they could be very gifted but their nerves are always bad, even if they're only acting or what have you‚ it's got something to do with that.

30. THERE'S THREE COUNTRIES YOU WILL GO TO IN ANY CASE WITHIN 12 MONTHS. (We did—____, Italy and France only!—Within just a little over 12 months!) You seem as if you're going off on like a special project of some kind somewhere. (It was—_______! Ha!) I really must say in the future I get very cold weather, so it's not going to be all warm climate, but extremely cold weather. Maybe this is why you've got all these long clothes on and all that sort of thing.

31. CAN I TELL YOU HOW IT LOOKS? But I know it's not going to be like that! It looks as if you were like putting up with it‚ as if you were in captivity and putting up with them, you have to make these clothes to fit you and all this. But I know it's not going to be quite like that, it's not going to be as terrible as that! So you will go somewhere, and in order to keep warm you have to rough it and therefore you make extra clothes, I don't know, but I wouldn't say that it should be terribly unpleasant.

32. BUT YOU WILL GO TO PLACES WHERE THERE WILL BE A BIT OF DANGER EITHER POLITICALLY OR SOMETHING. (We did!) And I wouldn't say you'll actually will be danger, but the situation will be dangerous or something‚ and you will not go to just idyllic places but places where there's a certain amount of challenge and all that sort of thing, and it puzzles me all the more because I feel you've got so much to do.

33. YOU'RE ALMOST LIKE THE PIMPERNEL, but I know you're not. But it's strange! (Maria: ) Like who? (Madame M:) The Scarlet Pimpernel!—Releasing the prisoners and bringing them over, it almost looks like that. (From the a story of a man who helped political prisoners escape from the System!—We sure have!) I know it can't be, but it has that sort of flavor. It's probably something entirely different, it just means you are doing it maybe even in a spiritual way. (Wow!)

34. DO YOU LIKE TREES? (Maria: ) Oh, yes! (Madame M:) Because I get lots and lots of trees. I cannot get the desert so much although I know you could go with David and that would be all right, but I get the trees for you and walking along and going up a hill a bit and wonderful trees (Heaven?)—and here again this must be the West of America I think. (Wrong guess! The west hasn't many trees.) It's like got that Indian flavor about it, it's not—of course it could be England as well‚ you know, somewhere that you feel strongly.

35. WHY DO YOU NOT WANT TO GO TO AMERICA? Because to be quite honest you should love the West. (We did!) (Maria:) As far as the environment and the scenery, I like that—it's beautiful, beautiful country. (Madame M:) It speaks to you? (Maria:) But I just don't care for the things that are happening over there now‚ the...

36. (MADAME M:) THE THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO THE INDIANS IS TERRIBLE! It's just absolutely pathetic that such a noble race should be barren, I mean really, you've only got to look back and you see that it was us that were wrong and not them, and we have a lot to answer for really. So I can quite see what you mean "speaks to you", but it has to speak to you from another age really. It cannot speak to you the way it is at the moment, and this is where you will go further afield.

37. YET YOU WILL GO TO MANY PLACES WHERE THERE ARE THINGS LIKE THIS. I wonder if it's to do good or something? You'll see a lot that is not to your liking. Well of course, you'll see beauty as well‚ you'll see tons and tons of beauty!

38. YOU WILL GO TO A SMALL PLACE THAT HAS HAD AN ANCIENT CIVILISATION.—I WONDER IF IT'S ON THE FRINGE OF ATLANTIS? (We did!—Tenerife!) Are you interested in Atlantis? (Maria:) Well‚ up till now I haven't done that much study on that. (Madame M:) It might be somewhere where if you knew the map you'd see this place was on the fringe of what was Atlantis or something.

39. IT'S A STRANGE PLACE AND IT'S HAD AN ANCIENT CIVILISATION, BUT IT'S ONLY SMALL. This is why I'm saying about Atlantis, because it's as if it might have been huge, this sort of thing. And of course you have got such a lot to discover that it could just be a place you go to. (It was certainly an unexpected discovery for us!)

40. IT'S VERY BRIGHT, VERY LIGHT LOOKING AND VERY BLUE, BLUE SEAS AND SKIES and all that‚ very light and rather hilly (Yes it is!), but yet it's only small, it's a bit like Rhodes even, like it's known an ancient civilisation and it's very, very interesting indeed. (It certainly was!)

41. (MARIA: ) THAT WOULDN'T BE CYPRUS? (We'd never heard of Tenerife!) (Madame M: ) Well, I don't know Cyprus so much, so I really, does it look like that? I wouldn't ... I don't really know Rhodes, but I mean I do know that... there's something about it that inspires me, and I can't really remember what it is, whether I've seen it in a picture, whether I remember it or what. Something.

42. IT'S BEEN GRAND IN THE PAST, and it's now tremendous things standing there still (till we got there! Ha!), nothing compared to the way it was, and it's like a small island, a jewel really. (It is!) It could be Cyprus but I don't know‚ what does Cyprus look like? (Maria:) Quite ancient, and it is a small island. (Madame M:) I always thought it was a big island. (Maria:) Just about 150 miles one way, it's not very large, and it's got a very spiritual atmosphere to it from thousands of years. (Tenerife is smaller.)

43. (MADAME M: ) IS THERE A LOT OF WHITE ROCKS? Do you come out, if you were in a boat, would you come out on a solid white, grayish-white rock type of harbour with big crags and all that? (Tenerife!) (Maria:) It's possible, but we didn't travel the whole island, we just were in a couple of ...

44. (MADAME M: ) I'VE GOT A FEELING YOU MIGHT GO TO ANOTHER ISLAND (Tenerife!), even if you only go to visit or something. Even if you only go to visit. I'm sure Cyprus is very spiritual and all that, in fact it's very interesting in mediaeval history and all that sort of thing, so I'm sure that this would be all right for you.

45. BUT THERE'S SOMEWHERE ELSE AND IT'S SO SMALL, AND YET IT'S PERFECT! (Tenerife!) It's like one ... which evidently hasn't been commercialised an awful lot (nothing like the Mediterranean Islands!), and you sort of step up out of the boat into this like...But yet you feel the atmosphere of ... there's been temples there or something (Atlantis had!), and yet it's so small you can hardly think it's probably got the remains of one temple.

46. BUT IT'S VERY, VERY PRETTY, VERY, VERY LOVELY, AND VERY, VERY INSPIRING! (Sure is!) It could be Cyprus‚ but you've been there already haven't you? This is the only reason why I think this may be something that you haven't seen before. (Sure was!) I can feel it as plain as can be, and you're evidently around this area.

47. ANYWAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO QUITE A BIT OF TRAVELLING AROUND CERTAIN ISLANDS and all that. (Sure did!) Perhaps for a reason. (Sure was!) I see you sitting there at night with a fire lit (We sure lit a fire there, that's for sure!), you and David there and the sea in front of you and a fire, and there doesn't seem to be anyone else around although there must be‚ but that's how it appears. I don't know whether it's just that you're enjoying the evening or whether it's symbolic (!) or something like that.

48. BUT IT'S QUITE CERTAIN THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A TREMENDOUSLY INTERESTING LIFE, there just couldn't be anything more certain than that. (Amen!) Not ordinary at all for you, never ordinary. (That's for sure!) But gracefully later on you will perhaps be less in with all of this, but yet I feel you could write until you're very old or something, or write a bit more, or have inspirations. (Amen!)

49. YOU SEE, FOR YOU I GET HAUNTED HOUSES and that, can you understand what I mean? You might pick up atmospheres as if you couldn't help it‚ perhaps haven't given yourself a chance. If you walk into a place and you pick up the atmosphere‚ you feel you could be a medium. (She is!) (Maria:) Not at the moment but maybe in the future. (Madame M:)

50. IT COULD BE THAT YOU'RE A NATURAL ONE (MEDIUM), if you go to places. You might not feel it overwhelmingly or frighteningly‚ but you'd feel how it was or something like that. You seem to me to be capable of feeling how places are, especially if you're left there on your own.

51. YOU'D ALMOST FEEL A SPIRIT STANDING OVER THERE or something over there, you know. Like ... well, you're not too weird, you're not too weird really you know. Some people are‚ but there's still a lot dormant there, that will come to life, but never overpoweringly so. You're not going to be a big ... but there you will know that you are a medium.

52. BUT YOU'RE ALSO SO MATERIAL, LIKE YOU'VE REALLY GOT TO TAKE IT ALL DOWN OR SOMETHING (SHE SURE DOES!). YOU'VE GOT TO DO THAT SORT OF WORK AND FEEL IT. (She's does!) And I would say your real medium is interpreting or taking it down for someone. (Wow!)—And yet you have that leaning towards it (She sure does).

53. YOU WILL FIND MANY PLACES THAT WILL APPEAL TO YOU GREATLY. ALMOST FROM ONE EXTREME TO THE OTHER. (We have.) Very strange, very English, you know, a mixture really of the two.—America as it was‚ if only you could make it as it used to be or like to see it, there would have been nowhere better had it only played the game, but there's been too much injustice and everything there.

54. AND YOU'RE ALSO GOING TO KNOW DEEP PHYSICAL LOVE. I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about love, you know, as well as the spiritual, and you're going to be very pleased with your love, you're going to be made very comfortably happy.

55. I MAY REPEAT THAT THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF MONEY OR EVER WILL BE. (Thanks to God and you!)—And it's just as well there isn't, because of the places you want to go to it would be foolish if you were short of money, to get there‚ pay all your fare and get there and be short of money.

56. BECAUSE YOU'LL MANAGE SOMEHOW, but you need it for the travelling, you know—it just would be silly! What would you do? Go by banana boat or something? I think for what you want to do there is a certain quickness in what you want to do, you know.

57. AND YOU HAVE A VERY VERY GOOD LIFE IN FRONT OF YOU, very good, quite amazingly so! You're quite a different sort of a person, you're always busy, aren't you really? (She sure is!) You say you haven't got much energy? I think you've got a lot of energy for the right thing‚ for what inspires you! (Amen! She does!)

58. DO YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE WITH YOUR FINGERS? (She sure does!) (Maria:) Other than type? (Madame M:) Do you sew or anything like that? Manipulation with your fingers—you could sew or be useful (She sows all right!—The seeds!), but not domesticated‚ not really domesticated, never domesticated really. (True!)

59. IF NEEDS BE, YOU'D MAKE SOMETHING TO EAT OUT OF ANYTHING, if need be. (She has!) But you don't really want to just have a kitchen and this, that and the other. (True!) (Maria: ) That can be on the side once in awhile. (—And has been.) (Madame M: ) But you could, as I say, make ways another person couldn't think of that, but you would if you're in the wilderness you'd get something, you've got that in you. (True! She has!)

60. BUT KITCHEN DOESN'T INTEREST YOU REALLY TREMENDOUSLY (Right!), unless you said to people‚ "I've tasted this in such and such a place and I must make it for you, it's absolutely unusual!" (She's always recommending certain foods!) Then you would be, again you would be sort of living with your travels as it were.

61. YOU WILL BE A VERY RICH WOMAN, I DON'T THINK YOU CAN AVOID IT. (We are!—In the Lord and you and souls!) Whether you'll ignore it is another matter altogether, but I don't see how you can possibly avoid it. It's going to be tremendously wonderful, and you're going to know great and deep happiness!

62. YOU'RE ALSO GOING TO MAKE A LOT OF BOTHER FOR YOURSELF in going places that I think are slightly...I don't know whether dangerous is quite the right word, do you understand what I mean? (We did!—Tenerife!) Like you could stay put and you could, as I say, have this domestic scene and be quite comfortable. But you cannot do that.

63. SO THEREFORE YOU'RE GOING TO GO TO PLACES (We sure have!) and you might even think, "Oh, I don't like the feeling around here!" and all this sort of thing. But really and truly it is not going to amount to bother and it's not going to amount to unhappiness.

64. AND I CAN'T SAY THAT I REALLY SEE ANYTHING BAD AT ALL, BUT YOU WORRY A LOT, WHY IS THAT? (Maria: ) I guess because one reason there's so much work to do. And other people being around sometimes bothers me because I know they're detracting from the work that we could be doing. To have other people around ... (Madame M:)

65. AREN'T YOU ON YOUR OWN A LOT? (Maria: ) We are quite a bit (when working), but I like to be out quite alone with David so we can do the work, for when there are other people around I get quite on edge. (Madame M:) Yes, I understand, because really and truly this is what is unique of you. It isn't entirely wise, but yet you are enough for each other.

66. YOU'VE GOT TO INCLUDE OTHER PEOPLE, BUT YOU SHOULD BE ON YOUR OWN QUITE A LOT. (We do both.) You will sit in front of a campfire, I mean obviously campfire is an old-fashioned word. (The Fire of the Spirit!) I don't know how you're going to see to take notes, but you will take notes‚ there will be inspiration. You will spend a lot of time on your own.

67. OF COURSE YOU'LL HAVE TO MATERIALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT PEOPLE CALLING (We do!—We hide away!), whether this or that, you know, so that you get plenty of time on your own. But you will spend much time on your own, much time.

68. DOES HE GET INSPIRATION AT NIGHT? (Sure do!) I see him sitting there in front of this sort of like fire (of the Spirit!) and I'm not sure if it's because it's cold‚ might only be something to do with...(Maria:) He's quite a night person, he likes the night.

69. (MADAME M: ) I'M ENTIRELY A NIGHT PERSON MYSELF, entirely a night person, love and adore the night! It is my time of day, really. If I had my way I would walk at night, and I would ride at night (her broomstick of the spirit?). I can't ride‚ but I just love the night, it just appeals to me, some people are night people. (Maria:) The static dies down at night.

70. (MADAME M: ) I'M SURE PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL AND WHO HAVE EXPERIENCES AND ALL THAT CAN'T JUST KEEP THIS SORT OF SMALL IDEA ABOUT RELIGION. IT'S ALL JUST IN THE SPIRIT, IT'S ANOTHER DIMENSION. (Amen!) We could do right in going to another dimension (I do!), we could right here! We don't know anything about time or dimensions or anything. (Maria:) I think that the church, the established organised church for so many hundreds of years‚ it's just run down that line that ...

71. (MADAME M:) EVEN THE CHURCHES HAVE TO CHANGE. The churches have to change, because you see, you can't keep those narrow-minded ideas with the modern way of living, people won't tolerate it. So you see the church has changed quite a lot in their views, you see.

72. (MARIA:) OR ELSE THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE HAD THOSE VIEWS JUST HAD TO GET OUT. (Madame M: ) They just couldn't tolerate it, people won't tolerate it. If the church said, "Now look, this is it‚" people are too emancipated to say, "Oh well then, that's it then."

73. THEY WOULD LIKE THE CHURCH TO GROW UP AND ALTER, and in fact it should grow up, it should really alter with the times, and there should not be so much of this is wrong and that is wrong. Evil, black magic and all that is wrong.

74. BUT ANYTHING IS RIGHT AS LONG AS IT'S GOOD, the thoughts are good. Trees and nature should be as much a part of it as anything else. (Amen!) Really, whatever your name is (Maria),

75. I CAN SEE WONDERFUL TIMES FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE. THERE IS A LOT TO DO, IT'S TRUE‚ BUT YOU SHOULD ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT! (Amen! We do!) You're rather possessive with David aren't you? (She used to be—she's very generous now!) (Maria:) Yes, that's the problem. (Madame M: ) Don't think I don't understand, I do. (Maria: ) It's natural because of my personality, the way I am, I don't like to be that way, but it is also for the work. (Madame M:) Also for the work? (Maria: ) So sometimes I have trouble distinguishing between me and the work.

76. (MADAME M: ) WELL‚ I THINK YOU'RE POSSESSIVE ANYWAY BECAUSE THIS IS A VERY UNUSUAL TYPE OF LOVE ANYWAY, SO THEREFORE YOU HAVE TO BE POSSESSIVE WITH IT. You see it is so great a love that it's hard to be shared, so this just gets that little bit out of hand‚ and you being a human being, you just get possessive and you'd like him all for yourself.

77. BECAUSE REALLY OTHER PEOPLE DON'T TALK YOUR LANGUAGE. If everybody was talking your language, maybe it would be a different thing, but they're not. So this is why you want him to yourself such a lot.

78. ALSO HAVING HIM TO YOURSELF YOU CAN WORK BETTER. HE IS TREMENDOUSLY IMPORTANT TO YOU, tremendously important to you. So I can understand that I think we are all so human that if we love greatly we are very lucky if we are not jealously possessive or something of human nature.

79. (MARIA:) BUT LEO'S TEND TO BE EXTREMELY JEALOUS. (Madame M:) They do, Summer-born people, Cancer women, of which I am one‚ are the most jealous women in the Zodiac, only their jealousy knows no sense, it has no sense, and they're jealous and this is a ridiculous ... not when you get older, but when you're young. And they make themselves so unhappy through this, they even imagine things.

80. I WOULD SAY, SUMMER-BORN PEOPLE ARE JEALOUS—CANCER, EVEN TAURUS, GEMINI AND LEO—THOSE FOUR ARE JEALOUS AND POSSESSIVE. Taurus is more possessive than jealous, very possessive. Gemini want it all their own way, they're possessive in a different kind of way.

81. AND FUNNY ENOUGH, AQUARIUS, WHICH DAVID IS, THEY ARE LIKE VERY MYSTIC. Pisces is also mystic. Cancer is psychic. (Maria:) And they (Aquarians) love everyone. (Madame M:) Because it is the peaceful sign, Aquarius. We're supposed to be in the Age of Aquarius, what's happened?—War and all that all over the place, and we're in the Age of Aquarius! (They have no peace without the Prince of Peace!)

82. BUT WONDERFUL THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES. Your love will be great‚ it will be with fault, but only from your side. (Maria:) I understand. (Madame M: ) But that is about all, you will be well and truly loved, but it's almost too big for you to handle. But you handle it, but it's almost too big to handle. In fact you are going to have quite a wonderful life.

83. EVERY TIME I SEE YOU YOU LOOK DIFFERENT. Strange, it puzzles me! Every time I see you in the flesh you look just a little bit different, your demeanour is a little bit different. Maybe I'm seeing underneath the cloak today, so that's a little bit different. You can't be that different, obviously. Surely being as I am with you especially I can't help but see a difference, it's just one of those things. I mean, you look exactly the same and you look different, that's all I can say.

84. BUT CERTAINLY YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO, EVERYTHING!—BEWARE THE GREATNESS OF YOUR LOVE! That's all, and this is not, and believe me, this is not a warning, I'm only meaning that the greatness of your love could get out of hand. This is something funny enough that you've got to guard against, strange as it may seem. You say, "Well‚ why if it's so great, it's marvellous!"

85. BUT THE GREATNESS OF IT COULD BRING THINGS OUT IN YOU THAT YOU DON'T REALLY WANT TO BE THERE, tampered with and handled by the greatest love, you understand, what I mean? You are very human, very, very human.

86. I'M VERY PLEASED TO SAY DAVID WILL LEAD YOU DOWN PATHS OF MYSTIC ENCHANTMENT and some difficulty, but apart from that it will all be wonderful and tremendously inspiring. Goodness me, I don't know if you'll have any time to do any sewing you'll be writing so much! (Ha!)

87. (MARIA:) HE HAD A FUNNY LITTLE PICTURE THE OTHER DAY when he was in a trance-like state, whatever you call it, waking up in the morning or going to sleep or whatever. Anyway, he saw a little picture—I think we'd just been talking about me coming to see you and he wanted me to come and see you‚ and he said he needed help, he said he wanted me to go.

88. HE SAW A LITTLE PICTURE OF ME GOING DOWN SOME STEPS, IT WAS EITHER A DREAM OR...AND YOU WERE COMING UP TO MEET ME, BUT YOU WERE VERY YOUNG! And I was going down the steps, I was going down the steps instead of up the steps, and you came up to meet me and you looked into my eyes and you said‚

89. "YOU HAVE COME FOR YOUR LOVE WHOSE HEART IS AS BIG AS THE WORLD!" This was the little picture he saw. And then later he saw, I don't know how these things happen or what sequence, he and you were whirling through space together like this, real tight‚ whirling through space together. I wrote it all down, but I haven't told him about it yet, he probably won't remember it. So anyway, in that little trip in space evidently you have to leave your body to do that. (Madame M: ) Of course, of course.

90. ASTRAL TRAVELLING! DOES HE LEAVE HIS BODY, or should I not ask that? (Maria:) Well, one time he died, this was years ago. He was sitting up and he looked back at his body lying there with just his legs in his body, and I've read other stories like this.

91. (MADAME M:) ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PADRE PIERE, THAT PRIEST WHO HAD THE STIGMATA? HE COULD DO THIS, HE COULD BE IN TWO PLACES AT THE SAME TIME, TRANSCENDENTAL. He could literally be in two places, he not only had the stigmata‚ but he had this also, this other gift.

92. (MARIA:) DAVID COULD LEAVE HIS BODY, only when, if he had decided to just let go, he's afraid he wouldn't have been able to come back, but...(MADAME M:) Exactly! That's a different thing altogether, because the other is just being able to be in two places, which again is very puzzling because you are in two places at the same time, they see you as two bodies, yet you're only one body. See this is puzzling ...

93. BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, BE YOU MARIA OR SOME OTHER NAME, which I'm sure there's another name somewhere for you (She does have), what it is I don't know‚ you are going to have a very interesting and a very full life. Do not worry because you're human—this is something that David needs even if now and again it gets out of hand. (Maria:) I'll try not to let it get out of hand.

94. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MADAME MARA. I really appreciate it‚ it's been so sweet of you. (Madame M:) Sweet of me? It's very nice of you! Look what you've done! (Maria:) It's so interesting though, we just love to come and talk to you.

95. THERE ARE SO MANY AMERICAN TOURISTS‚ I MEAN YOU PEOPLE MUST SHUDDER WHEN THEY COME AROUND! (Madame M:) They do a lot of talking, but that just shows you how you should not judge and say, "Well Americans are" ... 'cause there are good ones and even their loudness is not necessarily bad. (Maria:) Americans are notoriously loud. (Madame M: ) But David was so gentle! … (Maria) People don't even think he's an American! ... They think he's Canadian or English ... (Madame M: ) Yours is so soft too.