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Operator, The

David Berg

—By Father DavidMay 3, 1978MO—DFO NO.700

© June 1978 by The Family of Love, CP 748, 00100 Roma, Italia.

1. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I GOT ABOUT THE PRAYERS? They just flow out of your mouth and they go out and find anybody that you want to pray for, wherever they are. The little Zarabonda boy, or Bilitis and Melissa and David Hamilton.

2. IT'S THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD, and nothing can limit the power of the Spirit of God. It's the Elixir of Heaven! It doesn't matter what you pray for, it just is absolutely marvellous! Every one of you has power!

3. MY GOD, HER EYES HAVE THE MOST MARVELLOUS POWER I HAVE EVER SEEN! There're no eyes in this world that are so mystical and so magical and so witchy! Good witchcraft though, white magic. Isn't that good! Do you see why God gave her to me? Did you know ... look at those weird eyes! She is absolutely a witch!

4. I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH INTO HER MIND, they're so beautiful‚ so amazing‚ it's so wonderful! There's a whirlpool going around with all kinds of colours—red and yellow and blue and orange and purple, going around inside of her head like this-a beautiful beautiful whirlpool of vibrations!

5. NOT THE FLESH, forget about the flesh, it's ridiculous! But look, see, look! She has the most amazing eyes! She could hypnotise anybody!—And that's why she does it! They're so beautiful!

6. AND THERE'S THIS BIG BIG GLOBE OF ALL THESE COLOURS going around right inside, the vibrations‚ power. And that's why I told you‚ that if you would start praying‚ then that colour comes out your mouth and it goes anywhere in the world to find whoever you're praying for.

7. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO OR WHERE THEY ARE, God doesn't even have to have their address, He already knows it. Like Bilitis and Melissa and David Hamilton and Zarabonda boy and all of those.

8. IT'S SO TERRIBLE WE DON'T PRAY MORE FOR PEOPLE, because there are so many people we could pray for and help, but you don't pray for them. Why don't you pray for them? If you just think about them, you can send out a little prayer‚ just like a tracer.

9. BUT A THOUGHT IS NOT A PRAYER, a thought is just like an employee who's standing there waiting for a command, an order. And if he just stands there and waits, he'll never get anything done. A thought is only the beginning of a prayer.

10. BUT THEN YOU SEND IT, in Jesus' name, and it runs just like a messenger, just like an employee. That's the difference. But just thinking about them is not going to do it. You have to put feet to your prayers and send it and say, "Oh God, please help them, in Jesus' name, I love them and I want You to help them!"

11. YOU HAVE TO SEND THE MESSENGER. But there is so much, my God, that the world and you will never know that you didn't accomplish because you didn't send them and you didn't pray.

12. AND WHEN YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT THEM, that thought that you think about them, that you love them and you're sorry for them, and you think about them like I thought about Bilitis and Melissa and the Zarabonda boy, I thought about them, so God by His Holy Spirit puts the thought in your mind.

13. IT'S JUST LIKE A TELEPHONE CALL. You're almost like the exchange. And God sends the main call from His Spirit to your mind. And then you have to make the connection to send it on to the party that needs to receive it. But if you just think about them and you just cut it off‚ it's just like you're turning the phone off on God!

14. IT'S LIKE WHEN HE'S TRYING TO MAKE A PHONE CALL and He gives you the number and you put it through. He tells the operator—you're the operator. God is the one that's calling, and He tries to put it through you because He wants to show you what love really is.

15. LOVE IS MAKING A CONNECTION like that from God to somebody who needs your love. You are the connection between God and that person, in love. In everything we do in witnessing, God is the One who's sending the message, right? And they are the one He wants to get it to.

16. BUT IT HAS TO GO THROUGH YOU.—YOU'RE THE OPERATOR. And if you don't make the connection, if you're lazy and slow and negligent and you don't care and you don't even want to be bothered with these calls and so you don't make the connection, then it's a broken connection‚ and they never get the message, and they never receive the love, and so there's never any answer. (Weeps.)

17. DID YOU KNOW WHERE PRAYERS COME FROM? THEY'RE FROM THE SPIRIT OF GOD! They come from God. They go out to all the people, but He wants you to understand His love. You see, that's what prayer is like. The prayer really comes from God.

18. WHEN GOD MAKES THE CALL and He plugs it into your mind, then you think about that person. But then you have to plug it in and send it on its way to that person. And of course, also, on the other end of the line, when the phone rings, they have to pick it up and they have to listen and receive the call.

19. JUST LIKE ANY TELEPHONE CALL, you know: There's the main caller, like God, who initiates the call. And then you are like the telephone operator, and you have to transfer the call to the person. And they then have to pick it up and receive it, or the prayer can't be answered.

20. ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL? I'm so tiny and miserable and eeny-weeny teensy-weensy itty-bitty, but you see, even if there's one little tiny tiny wire, God plugs it in and if you are willing to plug out, like me, you can reach whoever He's trying to reach.

21. FIRST OF ALL YOU'VE GOT TO BE PLUGGED INTO THE POWER‚ and then you are the one who makes the connection. God has already plugged you in‚ you're already plugged into the Lord, all of you, you know, you're already plugged into the Power.

22. BUT LOOK‚ SEE, when the power is coming through this cord, even though you're plugged into the power and even though this thing here is connected to that appliance, it's up to you to make the connection with the switch, did you know that? (Weeps.)

23. SO MUCH DEPENDS ON PRAYER! So much depends on us: It's terrible we fail people so‚ because there are a lot of people who are already turned on, like that heater, who already want to receive and they're turned on‚ but you don't make the connection, and that's the terrible part about it.

24. WHEN WE FAIL AND WE DON'T MAKE THE CONNECTION, we don't flip the switch and we don't plug it in, it's so sad! We have a switch right in our mind and all we have to do when the power comes from God and the thought comes, is to flip it, just like a telephone operator, plug it into that hole that's ready and empty and receptive and already connected to the person.

25. THAT'S WHY GOD WANTS YOU TO PRAY! And it's so sad because we don't pray and we don't flip the switch. It's just like God is calling and calling‚ but there are some people who don't even get the message from God, operators who don't even answer God, you know?

26. YOU'VE TRIED AND TRIED SOMETIMES TO GET THE OPERATOR and she won't even answer. And they're not even listening, they don't even answer God at all. They don't even hear the message at all! That's what some people are like, did you know that? (Weeps.)

27. YOU GUYS OUGHT TO BE WEEPING FOR THESE PEOPLE! There are some of us who love Jesus and are listening and we get the message, but then we're lazy and we're not concerned and we don't plug it in and flip the switch and send it on to them. You see?

28. AND OF COURSE THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE ON THE OTHER END, that even though they're now connected, if they don't pick it up and answer, then they will never get it. But if they are responsive and they are receptive, they will pick up the phone and listen, you know.

29. AND THAT'S JUST AS SIMPLE AS IT IS, IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE! My God, why don't people understand it? When God puts the thought in your mind about them, that's a message from God. He's putting in a phone call to you, and He wants you to be the operator and He wants you to plug it in, that's all you can do.

30. YOU CAN'T MAKE THEM RECEIVE IT, you can't make them pick up the phone‚ you can't do it. They have to pick up the phone. But if you fail, as the operator, you fail to flick the switch or plug in the phone call to them, then they'll never have a chance to get the call.

31. NOW IF I WASN'T EVEN LISTENING TO GOD‚ I wouldn't even get the message, but at least if we're listening to God we get the message. I thought about those girls, and I got the message that they really need the love of Jesus, and Jesus put that on my heart. It 's the Spirit of God. God is calling me and I'm one of His operators.

32. IF YOU'RE WILLING TO BE AN OPERATOR YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE PLUG AND YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE CONNECTION, you see? There are some people who aren't even operators and God tries to call them and they don't even get the message—it's terrible!

33. BUT I'M AN OPERATOR, AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE OPERATORS TOO, and I got the message for them. And so I told Maria, now watch, I'm going to plug in the call, I'm going to make a prayer, and watch‚ it's going to flow together, we're going to pray together.

34. IT'S GOING TO FLOW OUT OF OUR MOUTHS TOGETHER, and it's going to go out and find them no matter where they are in the whole world, it doesn't matter, just like long distance. You know you can make long distance calls anywhere in the world, anywhere.

35. IF THERE'S A GOOD OPERATOR and she does a good job and plugs in the phone call and makes a connection, then it will get through if they respond, if they answer‚ if they receive it. The call will be on the line, there is the juice, there is the power right on the line.

36. WHEN YOU PRAY FOR THEM AND YOU CALL THEM and try to send them the message, it's on its way. If you have done your part and you as an operator have made the connection and you have plugged it in to their line, then it's right there, it's right there.

37. AND IF THEY WANT TO RECEIVE IT, THEY CAN RECEIVE IT. When you pray for them, you have sent the message on to them and you are ringing their bell. You're giving the message, you've already passed the message on from God through the wire, through the telephone exchange and through those little plugs they stick in, or the little switches they flip.

38. ANYWAY, AT LAST, WHEN THEY HEAR THE BELL RINGING, THAT'S GOD'S WARNING VOICE: "I'm calling you"—God's saying—"I'm calling you, listen to Me, Listen to Me, pick up the receiver, I want to give you a message." But if they don't pick it up they will never get the message.

39. IF THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR FROM GOD and they don't want to hear the truth and they don't want salvation and they don't want the answers‚ then they just refuse to answer the phone.

40. THEY COULD GET ALL THE ANSWERS and they could get all of their problems solved, and they could get the message of God if they would just pick up the telephone and listen and receive it, but they don't even want to hear.

41. OF COURSE THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO PICK UP THE PHONE AND LISTEN A LITTLE BIT‚ but they're not interested in the message‚ they don't want to talk to Him, and they don't want to talk to you. And they say‚ "No, it's not important, I don't care," and then they just slam it back down because they don't even want to hear, you know?

42. THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO'VE GOT THE TELEPHONE, and the message is on the line, but who won't even pick it up and listen, and other people will listen and then hang up, you know? Do you understand? It's just that simple!

43. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING about the whole thing (weeps) as far as we're concerned, is that we are the operators, we are the link between God and them, and if we fail to pass the call on, if we fail to plug it in or we don't flip the switch they will never get the message.

44. BUT AFTER THE MESSAGE IS ON THE LINE, SEE‚ THEN IT'S THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. And if they don't pick it up and listen, then that's not your fault‚ you're just the operator. When the operator tries the number and it doesn't answer, that's not her fault. Or if it answers and they just hang up, that's not her fault either.

45. BUT YOU ARE THE CONNECTION between the two, and it's your prayers that make the connection, and so you have to pray for them and make it specific, see? You don't just say, "Oh, those poor little girls, they're so beautiful and so sweet and they're so hungry for love and I feel so sorry for them."

46. YOU KNOW I WAS SITTING DOWN THERE in the living room that night the first time I saw that picture of the two girls on the Bilitis album, and I was sitting there thinking, "Oh, those poor little girls, they're so sweet and they're so hungry for love that they're even loving each other, and it's so sad because they can't find enough love."

47. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT JESUS SAID TO ME? I'm a good operator and on the job, so immediately I got the message: He said‚ "Well‚ why don't you pray for them! I'll send them some love. If you will pray for them I will get through to them." Isn't that beautiful? And so Maria and I prayed together for them. That's the difference.

48. YOU'RE LIKE AN OPERATOR, YOU GET THE MESSAGE FROM GOD and He puts it on your mind to think, "Oh, they're so sweet and they're so precious and they need love so much and they want to hear this call, they really need it," and then you hang up! Isn't that crazy?

49. INSTEAD OF TRANSFERRING THE CALL onward and plugging it into their number, you just say, "Oh well, okay, that's too bad‚ I'm sorry." It's just like you're telling God, "It doesn't matter, I'm sorry but that's too bad, there's nothing I can do about it."

50. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN PRAYER. You don't believe in the power of God. If you would believe like I believe‚ then you would send that prayer, forward the call. The operator has to believe that the message really comes from God, and has to believe in the message. And then you have to believe that you can plug in and get through to them, that's prayer.

51. WHY WOULD YOU PUT THE PLUG IN IF YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE there was a line there somewhere? Why would you flip the switch if you didn't think there was going to be a connection‚ huh?

52. SO THE OPERATOR HAS TO BE THERE AND WORKING for the Telephone Company, and God is the Head of the Company. You have to be there and remember and know that if He tries to plug in or flip the switch‚ that there is a possibility of getting through.

53. NOW OPERATORS ARE NOT ALWAYS ABLE TO GET THROUGH, there are all kinds of reasons why they can't get through sometimes, bad connections or there's too much traffic on the lines and there's not a clear line through or there's something wrong on the other end.

54. THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS about getting the message through, but you have to try. You have to plug in and send the message and pray and try. And then if there's something wrong out there, that's not your fault, but you have to be responsible to pray. (Weeps.)

55. WE COULD ACCOMPLISH SO MUCH THROUGH PRAYER! The world will never know how much has not been accomplished because people didn't pray.

56. DID YOU KNOW I HAVE CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY? I prayed for Cyprus and God changed the course of history in Cyprus because I prayed! I prayed for Ethiopia and God changed the course of history because I prayed, did you know that? And I'm praying about Lebanon now and I know that God is going to do something.

57. WE'RE THE OPERATORS, and we get the messages, but we have to believe the message is from God. We have to believe the message ourselves, that it is a real message‚ and then we have to believe that we can make the connection—pray!

58. AND THEN WE HAVE TO BELIEVE that if we make the connection they will get the message, or the bell will ring or it will try to, see? We have to have faith in the whole system—from the Head of the company all the way down through the whole system, to at least try.

59. YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET THROUGH. And even a good faithful operator can't always get through. She can try and try and try, but at least she has the faith to try, and that's your faith. Do you know what faith is?

60. YOUR FAITH IS THE HAND THAT FLIPS THE SWITCH from God's message to the recipient. Or your faith is the hand that picks up the cord and plugs it into the hole, and tries to fill the hole.

61. THEN FROM THERE ON IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT‚ it's not your problem, you can't help it. You did your part. You are just the connector between God and them. That's what a witness is.

62. A WITNESS IS THE CONNECTOR BETWEEN GOD AND THE PEOPLE, see? A witness is the operator who receives the message of God and believes it. If the operator didn't believe there was a real call coming in, a bona fide call and didn't really think that it was supposed to go on through, the operator wouldn't plug it in‚ right?

63. THE OPERATOR HAS TO BELIEVE THE CALL, do you understand? The operator has to believe the call, and then the operator has to have the hand of faith to flip the switch or plug it in. Then from there on it's up to His system, it's up to the people out there what's going to happen. That's how simple it is.

64. BUT THAT'S HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR YOU TO PRAY. Prayer is the hand of faith that flips the switch. You wouldn't pray if you didn't have the faith, right? If you didn't believe it you wouldn't have the faith.

65. THERE'S SO MUCH DEPENDENT ON US‚ SO MUCH DEPENDENT ON YOUR PRAYERS, because although God can do anything, He has committed Himself just to work through you. And your prayers can do mighty things and change the course of history!

66. SO YOU CAN PRAY FOR TWO POOR LITTLE PRETTY GIRLS or an old bum or a world leader or a country or a nation or anything, you can pray.—And it turns God's mind! Yes. Ah! There's a Scripture. I always ask God for a Scripture if that's true, and He says,

67. "HE HOLDETH THE HEART OF THE KING IN HIS HAND AND HE TURNETH IT WHITHERSOEVER HE WILL." (Pr.21:1.) See? And He turns the hearts of the rulers towards His people (Ezra 6:22), that's another one. It's like you're out there with a hose. You're standing there with a hose and you squirt it this way or you squirt it that way.

68. GOD PUTS YOU OUT THERE WITH THE HOSE and the water is coming and it's there, but you have to turn it this way or that way, and it's your prayers, it's your hand of faith that controls the end of that hose.

69. THE WATER IS THERE and it's in the hose and it's good and it will do the job. But if you don't stand out there with the hose and turn it, you won't water anything, you know? That's how you have to get the results.

70. AND YOU CAN TURN IT ANY WAY YOU WANT TO BY YOUR PRAYERS. Your prayers are the hand of faith that either flips the switch or that turns the nozzle. And of course, you have to already be turned on and tuned in, and that's because you have faith and you're already connected with God.

71. YOU UNDERSTAND ME? So don't forget that. Even though the power's here and the utility's there, if you don't plug it in, they will never get the message, never get the power, whether you're a telephone operator, a hose operator, or any kind of operator.

72. THE POWER MAY BE THERE, BUT YOU HAVE TO OPERATE IT. See, all I am is an operator. I'm already tuned in and all I do is listen, and then I flip my hand of faith and I tell you. See, I was telling you right now. I flipped the hand of faith right here and I told you all, and therefore you got the message‚ you got the phone call.

73. GOD GAVE ME THE PHONE CALL, He put it in my head, and then I used the hand of faith‚ my mouth‚ to tell it to you‚ and I gave it to you, and then you received it, and so you liked it, isn't that good? PTL! God bless you! I love you!

74. PLEASE PRAY! You're the Operator. It's your responsibility to pass on the message. Please don't fail!—Or someone will miss God's important call. Be a faithful Operator—pray!—Amen?