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Proclaim Liberty

David Berg

—by Father DavidMay 25, 1978DO No.696

"Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land"—Lev.25:10

To All My Dearly Beloved Children Everywhere! Greetings in Jesus' Precious Name! Hallelujah!

1. THE LORD HAS ANSWERED YOUR PRAYERS and has liberated me from an illness which nearly killed me! Hallelujah! Praise God forever! Thank you for your faithfulness in desperately praying and fasting for my deliverance! I'm still a little weak but gaining strength day by day, so please continue to pray for me.

2. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ANSWERING OUR APPEAL to fast and pray. God has answered your prayers! Praise the Lord! Thank you also for answering our recent appeal for urgent desperate financial help in this financial crisis which we've been passing through as a result of the RNR.

3. WITH YOURS AND THE LORD'S HELP WE HAVE MANAGED TO PULL THROUGH and are now beginning to see the light! Thank the Lord! We've been able to pay our bills and keep our units going and continue to provide the services to you which we so dearly love to provide and which you so sorely need and appreciate, as you have seen in the mail by this time.

4. SO THANK YOU FOR YOUR FINANCIAL FAITHFULNESS AS WELL. If you continue your giving at least at this present level, we believe we will be able to survive and continue to provide you the services that you need. God and you have been very merciful to us and we are indeed grateful.

5. WE HAVE COME THROUGH THIS TRIAL we believe a great deal more grateful and more humble and more thankful and more merciful than ever before. So that we wish to forgive everybody for everything as we have been forgiven.

6. THEREFORE WE WANT TO PROCLAIM A GREAT LIBERTY THROUGH OUT THE LAND. A general great amnesty and forgiveness for all your past shortcomings and failures and inabilities to meet quotas or to live up to certain requirements, and wipe the slate clean!

7. I WANT TO FORGIVE YOU AS YOU HAVE FORGIVEN ME and as God has forgiven all of us. "The law came by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (Jn.1:17). You've had all the laws to show you what we feel is ideal and what we would expect you to do if possible. But many have been just unable to live up to them all.

8. SO WE'RE GOING TO WIPE THEM ALL OUT, ALL THE LAWS of the New Revolution, all the laws of the RNR, all the laws which brought some to declassification and reclassification and the loss of their Letters, and loss of the Word and denial of the Word to them. All of these are going to be wiped out by this proclamation of liberty!

9. THE ONLY ONES REMAINING WILL BE THE LAWS OF THE WORD, the Lit Laws, because we must remain true and loyal to God's Word. You'll be receiving a Letter soon called "Seek First" showing you how important it is that you put the preaching of the Gospel first, the giving forth of God's Word.

10. THE LORD CERTAINLY DID SPECIFICALLY SPEAK TO ME AND SAID HE WAS SPEAKING TO THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA, the Church of Brotherly Love. So there is some other significance to those church names and they don't just apply to just those particular churches. There was certainly a significance to this one. Think of it! Calling us Philadelphia!—Church of Love!

11. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WAS GOING TO START A CHURCH THEN or a religious movement. I hadn't the faintest idea I was going to start some new religious group. I was trying to find my little niche in the bottom of the totem pole in somebody else's movement and never made it. They didn't even want me at the bottom!

12. THE COMICS ARE GOING TO BE THE ONLY KIND OF GP LITERATURE from now on which you will be expected to print or reprint and publish. We believe they're the answer for your literature for the streets—brief, simple, visibly illustrated and cheap!

13. WE BELIEVE THE COMICS ARE GOING TO BE EXTREMELY POPULAR AND HAVE A TERRIFIC IMPACT! From now on it's comics for the streets!—God's Words simplified and highly illustrated in brief, cheap form. So that's another relief!

14. BUT THERE WILL BE NO MORE LIT QUOTAS, no more disciple quotas, not even a checklist quota, no minimum FFing quota, no enforced nationalisation requirements, not even a ban on blobs, believe it or not!

15. FROM NOW ON YOU'RE OUT FROM UNDER THE LAW‚ praise God! We've entered a new day of love and grace and mercy and voluntary service for the Lord, totally voluntary! Don't misunderstand us—we still believe that these rules were good and that these are the ideal.

16. BUT LIKE THE LORD SAID ABOUT THE LAW OF MOSES‚ it was good and it was our schoolteacher to bring us unto Christ, but its standards were too high in some ways and its regulations too strict and no one could possibly keep them.

17. SO GOD HAD TO STEP IN IN HIS LOVE and His mercy and His grace and give us Salvation anyway, amen? And that's exactly what we're doing: we're declaring an amnesty for all past sins and shortcomings and we're declaring a ban on all the old laws.

18. WE'RE PUTTING YOU STRICTLY ON LOVE and His grace and His mercy and your own willing voluntary service for Him, and expecting you to do your best for Him in love.

19. SO THERE YOU GO, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN ACCORDING TO GOD'S ONLY LAW OF LOVE, and we want to see what you'll do. You know now by the New Revolution and the RNR what we want you to do and what we believe God wants you to do, but we're going to make it entirely voluntary, not mandatory.

20. NO ONE WILL BE RECLASSIFIED ANY MORE FOR FAILURE to meet any particular laws or requirements. No one will be denied the Word or lose his Letters because he just couldn't make it. God got me under terrible conviction about these things while I was sick.

21. WE WERE DENYING YOU THE WORD OF GOD JUST BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T KEEP A FEW LITTLE MAN-MADE LAWS. Please forgive us! Never again will we deny any one of you God's Word, any one of you who wants it and needs it, for any reason whatsoever. The Word will be for all!

22. YOU WILL GET ALL YOUR LETTERS no matter whether you can meet any requirements or laws or quotas or whatnot, which hereby we declare are no more. Hallelujah! Proclaim liberty throughout all the land! Praise God!

23. YOU'RE FREE, YOU'RE FREE, YOU'RE FREE! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!—Free to go out now and serve Him the best you can as much as you love Him.—And whether you make it or not, we're still going to send you your Letters.—That is, provided we hear from you and you send us the wherewithal to print them.

24. THESE ARE THE TWO THINGS WE WILL STILL NEED: We will need to hear from you, your Report, and we will need your 10 plus 1% gift in order to pay for the production, publication and mailing of them to you. In other words‚ we still need these two things and that's all that's left:

25. WE NEED YOUR REPORT AND YOUR TITHE‚ amen?—10% of your total income, plus your 1% if you want to get one copy for every disciple in your colony. So remember, you can dump all the rest of the rules over board‚ except the "Lit Laws," but I think you'll find the comics will even overcome the difficulties.

26. WE WILL NEED YOUR REPORT TO KNOW WHERE YOU'RE AT, AND YOUR TITHE TO HELP US PRODUCE THE WORD, 10% of your total income and the 1% to make sure that every single member of your Home gets his own copy. So that's about all that's left—the "Lit Laws" which the comics themselves will virtually nullify, and completely simplify.

27. YOU TRANSLATORS WILL ONLY HAVE TO SLAP IN YOUR TRANSLATION IN THE SAME LITTLE SPACES WHERE THE ENGLISH NOW IS IN THE COMICS and you're ready to go—short, sweet and simple! Just be sure to send us your Reports so we'll know where you're at, or we won't know where to mail'em.

28. BE SURE TO SEND US YOUR TITHES‚ 10% of your total income, or we won't have the money to produce'em, and be sure to send us the extra 1% if you want one for everybody in your Home. That's all there is to that! You can dump all the rest! Hallelujah! Praise God? The simplified Law of Love applied right down the line! Hallelujah!

29. SO IF YOU LOVE US, KEEP REPORTING AND SENDING YOUR TITHE AND YOUR 1% and we'll keep on loving you and sending you the Letters without regard for any laws or regulations or rules or classifications whatsoever. Like the Laws of Moses, they're all swept away and there's new day of grace, hallelujah!

30. "PROCLAIM YE LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND!" Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Amen? Are you glad? Are you happy? Are you thankful? Well, say amen! Now get out and go to work as you've never worked before—for love! Remember, His only Law is Love‚ but His greatest commission is to:

31. "GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE‚" AND THAT MEANS DON'T STOP LITNESSING! Supporting yourselves is not the most important job you have to do—preaching the Gospel is your most important job, and winning souls. These have been your weakest areas on the recent stats, so you must get back to work proclaiming the Word, amen?

32. WE'RE RELIEVING YOU OF ALL OTHER RESTRICTIONS AND REGULATIONS TO SET YOU FREE TO PREACH THE WORD! So let's go, you're free! Hallelujah! To go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, praise God! Thanks again for all your prayers and help, please don't stop, we still need both.

33. THANKS TO SOME OF YOU FOR EXTRA SPECIAL GIFTS which have been helping us to survive this recent financial crisis. God bless you and we know He will. Thanks also for those pretty pictures you've been sending! God bless you, we love 'em all!—And all your love letters too!

34. REMEMBER, NO MORE LAWS, ONLY LOVE—BUT WE STILL NEED YOUR REPORTS, TITHES AND OFFERINGS! Thank you so much for all your help. God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to millions. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! God bless you all, you've done a great job keep it up! We've only begun to fight! There's a great victory ahead, hallelujah!—If you'll remain faithful and keep fighting!

35. KEEP ON KEEPING ON FOR THE LORD, STICK TO IT! There are some new Letters along this line in the pipelines, so make sure you get yours by being certain to report and send in your gift. God bless and keep you and bless you with a tremendous witness and a harvest of souls forever!

36. AS LONG AS YOU'RE FAITHFUL, YOU'LL NEVER BE SORRY! For He'll say to you, "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord."