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David Berg

—By Father DavidFebruary 1978MODFO NO.672

© By The Family of Love, March 1978, C.P.748,00100, Roma, Italia.

1. WE ARE NOW GOING TO SEE WHY YOU KIDS ARE LITNESSING and what you're doing it for. Whether you're doing it because the love of Christ constraineth you, or because some dictator's been beating you over the head!

2. CATACOMBERS ARE ONLY SUPPOSED TO RECEIVE G.P. AND D.F.O. LETTERS. They're not supposed to receive DO Letters, except in rare cases where you feel led.

3. SOME OF OUR DROP-IN FF DISCIPLES ARE PRETTY STRONG and growing and there are certain DO Letters you can share with them even though they may not live-in yet. But the DO Letters are supposed to be exclusively for the live-in adults as a rule.

4. I CLASSIFY SOMETHING GP WHEN I THINK IT'S OBVIOUS that the Lord wants it given to the General Public. I do that with a definite feeling and leading that the Lord wants the General Public to have that message.

5. IMAGINE MY ASTONISHMENT WHEN I FOUND OUT YOU'RE STILL DISTRIBUTING "DIAMONDS OF DUST", "Squeeze Don't Jerk"‚ "Stop, Look and Listen", "Look of Love", "Did God Make a Mistake", "Sex Works" instead of new GPs!—Your primary consideration was how short it was or how easily it would sell!

6. IT DIDN'T MATTER IF THE THING HAD BEEN OUT FOR 5 TO 8 YEARS and the public had seen it thousands of times before! You figured it was pretty good because it sold well, and the whole idea was to make money!

7. IT'S THE PROPHET'S JOB TO TELL THE PEOPLE WHATEVER GOD TOLD HIM to tell them! Whether they like to pass it out on the streets or not‚ it has got to get to the people just the same!—Just look through the Bible:

8. THE MAJOR JOB OF EVERY PROPHET OF GOD WAS TELLING OFF THE JEWS! How about that?—And the Apostles too! Read the New Testament! They could call it an anti-Semitic book & probably will!

9. IN FACT, THE OLD TESTAMENT IS EVEN [WHAT COULD BE CONSIDERED] PRETTY ANTI-SEMITIC! It tells what a hell of a time God had with th[e] … Jews, and would have had with us Jews if we hadn't gotten saved!

10. NOW WE'RE JUST CHILDREN OF GOD AND CHRISTIANS, and among the saved there's neither Jew nor Gentile any more. But those who are unsaved are still under the curse and still under the law.

11. IF IT'S THE WORD OF GOD AND I PUT G.P. ON IT, I THINK IT NEEDS TO GO TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC! I don't understand these people who don't immediately go ahead and print it and sell it on the streets, like it or not!

12. SINCE WHEN IS YOUR JOB AS PROPHETS TO PLEASE THE PUBLIC? The minute you think about the money more than the message, you're going to stop being a true prophet of God. You're going to stop giving the people what they need and only what they want.

13. MOST PROPHETS WERE VERY UNPOPULAR WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC, and got it in the end because the public didn't like what they were saying!

14. IT MAY CUT DOWN THE INCOME, BUT IT'LL SURE UP THE BLESSINGS OF GOD! If He has to drop the money out of Heaven to feed you He'll do it, if you'll obey Him and get out the message‚ the Word!

15. THAT TAKES GUTS AND COURAGE and they may run you out of town! But if they do, thank the Lord, your job is done there! You don't owe them anything morego someplace else where they'll receive you!

16. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET OVER THE IDEA YOU'VE GOT TO STAY SO LONG IN ONE PLACE? The Apostles were always on the move! You need to read the Bible!:

17. THE PROPHETS WERE ALWAYS ON THE RUN!—And usually from the government, because the kings and queens usually didn't like what they had to say. What government likes you predicting their doom and exposing all their sins?

18. IF THE GOVERNMENT WASN'T AFTER THEM, THE CHURCH WAS! Every single prophet of God was exposing the religionists, the hypocritical Scribes and the Pharisees and the false prophets. Read it! If you're a man-pleaser and you like to have "all men speak well of you," then you're not a prophet of God! (Luke 6:26.)

19. ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO FEATHER YOUR NEST and just keep the peace and settle down so you can have everybody "think well of you" and like the Children of God or the Family of Love and have no enemies, so you don't say anything they don't like and don't publish anything they're going to object to? Is that your business?

20. ARE WE GOING TO BE THE PROPHETS OF GOD, the Messengers of God, the Apostles of God, those sent with a message! Whether it's a good message or a bad one‚ whether they like it or not?

21. OR ARE WE JUST GOING TO BE SOME KIND OF BOOK SALESMEN and our whole criterion is whether it sells or not and how much money will it make? I think we certainly have to consider the financial angle and not go broke.

22. BUT I CERTAINLY DON'T THINK THE MONEY SHOULD BE THE MAJOR CONSIDERATION, or whether they will object to the contents of the message or not. What do you think? If you're going that way you're going the way of all flesh and all other churches!

23. I DON'T LIKE IT IF YOU GET IN TROUBLE or have persecution. I don't like you to get thrown in jail, and I don't want to be either if I can help it!

24. BUT IF IT COMES TO A CHOICE BETWEEN PUBLISHING THE MESSAGE of God or being afraid to publish the truth—between the message or the money—what are you going to choose?

25. IN SOME AREAS THEY NEVER EVEN TRANSLATED AND NEVER EVEN PUBLISHED SOME GP LETTERS! They only translate and publish them for the disciples! They're afraid to take them on the streets!

26. NOW YOU CAN GO TO THE OTHER EXTREME: You can stupidly stand out in front of immigration in Mexico City and pass out "End of Allende" and get yourselves all thrown in jail or deported!

27. I DON'T BELIEVE IN DECIDING ON WHAT LIT TO PUBLISH ACCORDING TO WHAT'S POPULAR and what sells! The first criteria ought to be‚ what do they need and what does God want us to give them?—But use a little wisdom!

28. WHY SHOULD WE KEEP ON JUST SELLING THE OLD GOLDIES when there's some nice fresh new goldies? If God didn't want them to get it now, why did He give it?

29. THE PEOPLE NEED THE MESSAGE, they need the warning. That's why we've gotten out the Warning Tract again. It's just as good today as it ever was! That's our whole message, start to finish!

30. IF WE DON'T DELIVER OUR SOULS AND "WARN THE WICKED of his wicked way" before it happens‚ then his blood's going to be on our hands, and maybe our blood too, because we didn't warn them!

31. DID YOU KNOW THAT GOD IS HOLDING UP THE WHOLE COURSE OF HISTORY WAITING ON YOU to do your job and get it done? He's suspending the destruction of nations, postponing the next war!

32. HE'S DOING HIS BEST TO WAIT PATIENTLY FOR YOU TO BE FAITHFUL and get the job done and warn the people so He can then justly judge them for refusing to heed your warning. He can't give them the judgment they deserve until He gives them the warning they deserve, and you have the warning. (Ezek.3:18-19.)

33. IF YOU DON'T GIVE THE WARNING, YOU'RE HOLDING UP HISTORY! God has to postpone the judgment. You say, "Well then, I'd just as soon it would be postponed for a while!

34. "I'LL SLOW DOWN MY LITNESSING AND NOT WARN THEM‚ THEN WE WON'T HAVE THE JUDGMENT and that would be nice!" That's exactly what the churches do. But they're going to get a surprise one of these days when they find out God is not going to wait forever!

35. WARNED OR NOT WARNED, HE'S GOING TO SOCK IT TO THEM! We have pretty much warned them already. Our message is pretty much spread over the whole world. Even if we haven't been in some countries they've heard about us, they've heard the message in the press.

36. EVERY SINGLE LETTER THAT COMES OUT MARKED GP I WANT YOU TO GET TO THE PUBLIC! I put that "GP" there with my own hand, and it means that I think they need it!

37. I THINK IF THERE WAS EVER A TIME WE OUGHT TO REPUBLISH SOME OF THOSE LETTERS OF WARNING like "Real War Goes On" and "Israel Invaded," now is the time!

38. SO, NUMBER ONE‚ PUBLISH IN YOUR LANGUAGE EVERY GP AS IT COMES OUT! If you want to sandwich some of the old goldies in between because they still make good salvation tracts and things like that, fine! But I think we ought to have as our top priority the latest Word!—Amen?

39. THE SERVICE CENTER SHOULD CONSULT WITH THEIR KQS if they don't think they can or don't think they should publish a certain GP Letter in a particular place. If you both agree on it, it's an exception. Notify me.

40. WE RECOMMEND EQUIPMENT THAT CAN PRINT 8-PAGE FOLDOUTS. A portable table-top press can print twice as many at a run! Then there's no stapling, no trimming‚ no collating, just folding.

41. WE'RE GOING MORE TO 4-, 6- AND 8-PAGERS.—Those are the easiest ones to print. Let's get away from anything that's more difficult, more time, costs more and isn't that much of an advantage.

42. IF YOU FIND YOU'VE GOT MORE SPACE, STICK IN EITHER AN AD OR A QB CONDENSATION, or run a few MO Quotes or stick in an article or ad about your local work. I hate to see blank spaces!

43. DON'T SEND ME ROUGH DRAFTS FOR APPROVAL!—I want to see it exactly the way you plan to print it, exactly the form and with every illustration. I want to see a mockup or approval sample of the very thing you're going to shoot—send me a Xerox of it.

44. SEND ALL YOUR PRINTED LIT SAMPLES STRAIGHT TO YOUR KQS each month with your Pub Report and Service Center Report. Be sure to write on each sample how many you printed of that sample.

45. KQSs CAN PERSONALLY APPROVE ANY LOCAL PUBS OR VARIATIONS FROM "LIT LAWS" before printing. Send them your Xeroxed mockup exactly as you plan to print it‚ along with an English translation if not in English. If you KQSs have any doubt about it, send it to me. PTL! GBY!—HAPPY LOVING LITNESSING!