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Was It the Saddest Christmas Day

David Berg

—MODecember 25, 1977GP No.654

—A Christmas Warning!

(After hearing the sad non-results of the Sadat-Begin talks in Egypt on Christmas Day, this is Dad's commentary:)

1. SADAT'S ONLY ALTERNATIVE NOW TO POLITICAL DEFEAT IS TO LEAD A VICTORIOUS WAR AGAINST ISRAEL! There's nothing left, and I think he knows it. I doubt if there'll ever be a Jerusalem summit. They say they're going to raise the level of the talks to ministerial cabinet level in Jerusalem next month, but I mean, if the horsemen can't do it, what can the footmen do? If the Heads of State couldn't reach an agreement, what could the ministers do?

2. BEGIN'S GLEEFUL THEY'RE STILL TALKING, NOTHING BUT TALKING! Dayan's grinning from ear to ear. At least Dayan is a little more honest‚ a little more realistic than Begin. At least he admitted that nothing had been lost by the Israelis and nothing had been gained by the Egyptians.

3. PRAISE GOD‚ "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD," IT'S ALL WORKING OUT. Sadat went the second mile and is proving to the world that the [Israelis] will not back down. The only thing he can do to save face and recoup his political leadership is to tell the other Arab States, "Well, at least I tried. We gave them a chance.

4. "NOW THE ONLY THING LEFT IS WAR! I tried—You other Arabs weren't willing to give them a chance, but at least I tried. I gave them a chance. I exposed them to the whole world that they're not willing to negotiate, they're not willing to do anything but talk. So now all we have left is war!"

5. I DON'T KNOW IF THERE'LL EVER BE A JERUSALEM SUMMIT. They're supposed to resume the talks on the ministerial level next month in Jerusalem—isn't that silly? If the top leaders themselves couldn't come to an agreement, how could the ministers? It's just another stall by Israel, that's all‚ stalling and stalling, probably while she's getting more and more prepared for the inevitable war.

6. ALL THE PRO–[ISRAEL] COMMENTATORS ON BBC ARE TRYING TO BE OPTIMISTIC and trying to say they were good talks, and they were a little hesitant about reporting the Arab pessimism about the talks. Begin went away gleeful—"the talks were a great success!"—In other words‚ we're continuing to talk and do nothing.

7. BUT SADAT WAS APPARENTLY GREATLY DISAPPOINTED. He had hoped for something more, but he didn't get it. He didn't get a thing, not a thing! No pullbacks, no nothing! I mean it's pitiful, it's just pitiful! Here he stuck his neck out for peace, but Begin never gave him a thing!

8. BUT YOU SEE ALL THE [ISRAELIS] ARE GOING TO TRY TO STRING IT ALONG. They don't want to admit defeat, because then they have to admit that Godahfi and the Rejectionists were right, you know? So the [Israelis] have got to back up Begin and say it was a great success—we're still talking, still talking.

9. BUT SOONER OR LATER THE TRUTH'S GOT TO COME OUT. It's pitiful, so sad! At least I think Sadat should go down in history as a hero that tried to do the impossible. He gave the Israelis every chance to make concessions, but they never gave a thing, not a thing!—Only ridiculous offers of so-called autonomy for the Palestinians under Israeli military rule.

10. IT'S LIKE OFFERING THE SLAVES A LITTLE SAY-SO IN HOW THEY SHOULD BE ENSLAVED.—And refusing to take back the two million Palestinian refugees who have fled the country!

11. IT'S GOING TO ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY CONFIRM THAT GODAHFI AND THE REJECTIONIST FRONT WERE RIGHT. I wouldn't say that Sadat was wrong. They think he was wrong to even try. But I think he was right to try to make peace, to give the Israelis a chance, at least to give them a chance and offer them peace.

12. IT MAKES THE ISSUES REALLY CLEAR–CUT. These … pro-[Israeli] commentators are still trying to becloud the whole thing, but it makes the issues really clear-cut: Sadat tried and he offered, but Begin refused. So there's nothing left, there's nothing left but war. I'll be surprised if they ever get to a January summit.

13. I DON'T SEE WHY SADAT SHOULD EVEN GO ON TALKING WHEN HE GOT A NO. But see, to try to save face he still goes on talking and hoping that he'll still get something. He might, who knows? But he's got to save face somehow. He's either got to succeed in these peace talks or he's got to admit that they were defeated and the only alternative is war.

14. I JUST WISH WE DIDN'T HAVE TO BE HERE, that's all—it's a little dangerous to be here. The only thing we can do is pray the Lord will delay it‚ they'll keep talking. It's pitiful, really pitiful!

15. THE POOR PALESTINIANS! They just can't go on much longer this way. They've been going on and on this way for 30 years! There's a whole generation of angry young men who've been reared all their lives in Palestinian refugee camps that are just not going to take it, that's all!

16. THEY'RE GOING TO FIGHT if they have to fight to the death and commit suicide to do it, they're going to fight! God damn the U.S. for backing up those [Israelis]!

17. OH CARTER'S SUCH A FOOL, SUCH A WEAKLING! Every now and then he shows some sign of strength and then he vascillates. When the Jews put the B on him he backs down. Just like he did on that Sunday School class where he blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus but they came out and publicly made him back down.

18. HE'S A PRETTY WEAK CHARACTER, IT'S PITIFUL! Instead of coming out and condemning the [Israelis] for their intransigence‚ he comes out and condemns the PLO, blames the PLO for its refusal to make peace, when it's the [Israelis] fault!

19. WELL, THE [ISRAELIS] ARE GOING TO GET IT, it's all in the Bible, it's all in the Letters, I've told them. It's right there. Thank You Lord, in Jesus' name, at least I've told them the truth! At least Sadat has told the truth. Begin is the one that's a deceiver. Dayan, the man of war, is a little bit more honest at least; he knows the inevitable alternative is war.

20. BEGIN IS A SALESMAN still trying to string it along and deceive, saying, "Let's talk, let's talk‚ let's negotiate, everything is negotiable!"—Except, of course‚ the most important things! He offers nothing, nothing, nothing—absolutely nothing!—A little bit of retreat from the Sinai under U.S. surveillance to try to appease Egypt, a little bit of so-called autonomy for the Palestinians under military rule.

21. HE SAID NOTHING about the Golan Heights, nothing about the Gaza Strip‚ nothing!—And of course they're not going to do anything about it but talk, not a thing! Nothing! They've got all that they want and they're going to keep it. It's all a big deceit and lie and false front! And the only thing there's going to be is war‚ that's all!

22. BEGIN HAS SAID NO, SO ALL THE ARABS HAVE LEFT IS WAR! Frankly, the Arabs may strike first with everything they've got before the [Israelis] do! Because this time they'll probably try to wipe them out‚ really wipe them out!—For if the Arabs don't strike first they would be wiped out, and the whole Western world would be very happy and thankful the Arabs have been defeated, and grab the oil!

23. BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE RUSSIA IS NOT GOING TO TOLERATE IT! Russia will not tolerate the Western world making a complete grab for both Israel and all the oil countries! (Maria: She doesn't say much but she's evidently doing something.) Oh, she's doing plenty of thinking, and she's doing plenty of planning.

24. I DON'T THINK SHE'S EVER GOING TO TOLERATE THE WEST GRABBING THE MIDEAST AND ALL THE OIL, NEVER!—At least according to the Bible. According to the Bible, in the day when Israel is restored and the people are brought back, living in unwalled cities, a great northern power called Gog and Magog, the ancient name of Russia, is going to invade and take over. (Ezek.38 & 39.)

25. IT'S ALL IN THE BIBLE. It's all in the "Warning Tract." (See Letter No.655.) (Maria: Like it said, "Turn your eyes toward Egypt, for out of it shall come the Great Confusion! The Author of Confusion is even now marshalling his forces for this Great Confusion! He is gathering his forces from a great nation and Eastern nations, friends that will join with him.

26. "SO SUDDEN WILL BE THE GREAT CONFUSION that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times. But be ye not deceived! Be prepared! And be not deceived by the Great Society, for it will come to travail and then bring forth the Great Confusion. Be prepared!

27. "EVEN NOW THE SKIES ARE RED, RED WITH WARNING and black, black with clouds gathering for the Great Confusion which is almost upon you!" Maybe that's the only alternative Sadat has‚ so they may have to be the ones that precipitate it.)

28. THE ARABS HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT WAR! The Rejectionist Front is right: Israel will never ever give up! It's like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, it's impossible! It's just like I said,

29. ISRAEL WOULD DIE FIRST, AND SHE WON'T CARE IF SHE BRINGS THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN WITH HER! She doesn't give a damn about the rest of the world as long as she gets what she wants! She's like a spoiled child, if she doesn't get what she wants she'd rather have a fit and a tantrum and convulsions and die first, rather than not have her way!

30. THERE'S NO WAY IN THE WORLD SADAT CAN NOW SAVE FACE WITHOUT WAR! Having given Israel every chance to make peace, to be fair, to at least share and give the Palestinians a state, Israel is refusing. So there's nothing else Sadat can do but agree with the Rejectionists that Israel's impossible, Begin's impossible‚ they won't listen to reason, they won't do anything.

31. SO THERE'S NOTHING LEFT BUT WAR! I mean there's nothing else, that's all—And Russia will back them up. Russia will back them up to get the oil, and God's Word says so!

32. THE KING OF THE NORTH WILL INVADE THE SOUTH and take over the land that's redeemed and brought back, rebuilt, towns without walls. The Antichrist will set up his palace in Jerusalem and he'll promise a compromise, give them a seven-year pact of compromise and religious freedom, access to the holy places and so on.—But after 3 1/2 years he'll break it. (Ezek.38-39; Dan.7‚8,11; Mat.24; Rev.13.)

33. THE BIBLE IS JUST TRUE‚ THAT'S ALL.—THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. And I believe God used Sadat to expose Israel's perfidy, her unwillingness to compromise in any way. At least He used Sadat to give Israel a chance and the world a chance, and expose Israel. After that he has absolutely no alternative but war!

34. IF THE ISRAELIS TRY A FIRST STRIKE to wipe out the Arabs, then I'm sure that Russia will enter in to invade the Israelis, and God's Word says Russia's going to win! And all the West is going to do is say‚ "What are you doing? Who art thou? Why are you doing this?" (Ezek.38:13.) The West is really not going to be able to do much about it. They're going to protest. "Art thou come to take a spoil?"

35. IT'S ALL IN EZEKIEL, DANIEL, MATTHEW AND REVELATION. It's the end of this age. (Maria: Why?) You know why, I already told you. It's the End: "The Real War Goes On", "Israel Invaded," "Que Será Será" (See Letter Numbers 277, 281 & 305.)—I have written it all, it's all there, it's all in the Bible‚ it's all there. Do I have to write anything more? Why can't they read that?

36. GODAHFI IS RIGHT‚ ISRAEL WILL NOT SURRENDER THE OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES, SO THEY HAVE TO FIGHT, AND RUSSIA WILL WIN, BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO. It's the impossible, but it's true, it's true! The U.S. is going to lose its last war, Israel's going to be defeated and it's going to be right. It's going to be Israel's and the U.S.'s fault because they didn't consider the needs of the poor.

37. SO GOD'S GOING TO JUDGE THE [ISRAELIS]!—Even if He has to take the Devil to be His Advocate, to advocate justice for the poor! The Devil is God's prosecuting attorney, minister of justice and the Law of God. He's going to lay down the law for Israel and prosecute Israel for her injustices to the poor.

38. GOD'S GOING TO JUDGE ISRAEL. According to His Own laws He has to judge Israel for her horrible cruelties and injustices to the poor, and the Devil's going to insist on it! God Himself has to abide by His Own laws and His Own rules and the Devil's going to insist on it.

39. SO ISRAEL HAS TO BE PUNISHED, THE PALESTINIANS HAVE TO BE JUSTIFIED AND COMFORTED, AND GOD IS GOING TO USE RUSSIA TO DO IT! She'll do it not only for the Arabs but also for selfish reasons of course, to get a grip on the Mideast and its oil and to defeat and embarrass the U.S. again in another lost cause Israel!

40. I JUST HOPE I LIVE TO SEE THAT DAY! That's something I want to live to see, Lord permitting me, I want to see the U.S. and the [Israelis] defeated in Israel and the Palestinians justified! Thank God, I lived to see the United States defeated in Vietnam by the poor, the rich defeated by the poor!

41. I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN ONLY THIS TIME THE RICH WILL BE DESTROYED! Israel will insist that they be destroyed together,—Israel insists that the U.S. lay its life on the line for her, total self-destruction in Israel's selfish … behalf, so that's the way it's got to be. I want to see it, I want to see it, I want to hear it, I want to see God's Word justified!

42. IT'S SUCH A SAD SAD DAY, IT MAY BE THE SADDEST CHRISTMAS IN ALL OF WORLD HISTORY! (Tongues and Prophecy:) O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have gathered thee as a hen doth gather her chicks‚ but ye would not! Therefore behold, your destruction is nigh, and thou shalt suffer as thou hast caused others to suffer!

43. FOR IF THEY HAVE DONE THUS IN THE GREEN TREE, IN THE GREEN CHRISTMAS TREE, WHAT SHALL THEY DO WHEN IT BECOMES DAY? The Christmas tree, it's green today, but it will soon be very dry and very explosive and very burnable!

44. IN THE TIME IT TAKES THE CHRISTMAS TREE TO DRY‚ THEY SHALL KNOW! (Maria: They shall know what?) If they have done this in the green tree, what shall they do in the dry? Jesus said it, you look it up and see. (Luke 23:31.) (Maria: They shall know what in that time?) Ha!

45. THEN THEY'RE GONNA KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! What happens to a very dry Christmas tree, hmm? (Maria: It's usually burned.) Israel has been a young green fir tree, but now she shall be dry and very burnable! And she shall burn as she has caused others to burn—it's in the Bible.

46. IT'S ALL IN THE WORD. I WONDER WHY PEOPLE DON'T READ IT? Why doesn't Jimmy Carter read it? It's all there: Their stubbornness and their stiffneckedness, their rebelliousness and disobedience, which is idolatry and witchcraft!

47. THEY'RE GOING TO LEAD THE WHOLE WORLD INTO WAR!—Of course, which it deserves. And the Arabs and Russia will win, and they will set up the Antichrist. It's all in the Bible just as plain as can be!

48. POOR SADAT, HE HAD TO BE THE GOAT! At least he was God's good goat and last chance for Israel, to show that they were too stubborn and totally recalcitrant, totally reprobate, totally stubborn, totally rebellious, totally disobedient!

49. THAT'S ISRAEL: THE STUBBORNEST PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! The most unreasonable … people in the world, and so they have to be [judged]!



52. I MEAN GOD HAS JUST GOT TO [PUNISH] THEM, THAT'S ALL—TO SAVE THE EARTH! May God save a little bit of the world I hope, in Jesus' name. O Jesus help us in Jesus' name!

53. IT'S TERRIBLE‚ IT'S SO TERRIBLE, IT'S AWFUL! The horrible holocaust that the stubbornness of the [Israelis] led by Begin is plunging the world into! Horrible, horrible holocaust!—And condoned by the stupid ignorant little simpleton Carter, deceived … like all the other evangelicals, deceived by the Scofield Bible. … What a switch‚ huh?

54. WHAT A DECEIT! MY GOD! WHAT A DECEIT! Thank You Jesus for delivering us! Help us Lord in Jesus' name to find a place without these … deceivers! I don't want to live with those under His curse!

55. HELP US TO FIND A PLACE AWAY FROM THEIR CURSE! They're the accursed people! They're cursed! O Lord Jesus come quickly, in Jesus' name! I'm tired of this world and all its horrors, deceits and God-damned deceivers! My God get rid of them, so we can worship Jesus Christ in peace, in Jesus' name, amen!