KEYWORDS: atlantis, continent, god, america, earth


David Berg

—A prophetic Vision of May 2, 1974!—MOGPNO.613

—The Ancient History of the Canaries!

1. WE WERE DISCUSSING THE CANARY ISLANDS, THEIR ORIGIN AND HISTORY wondering how long people had lived here‚ and we remembered that legend had it that the Canaries were the only remaining part of the Lost Continent of Atlantis which was supposed to have sunk beneath the Atlantic Ocean ages ago.—And I was wondering who the people are that live here and how they got here.

2. SUDDENLY I SAW THE SEVEN ISLANDS AS SEVEN MOUNTAINS with many people climbing up the mountains to escape from the sinking continent! Apparently God allowed some to survive and be saved, maybe those who were worthy or believed his warning prophets of Atlantis! Maybe they lived on part of the land that wasn't as wicked as the rest of it. The Canarians are unusually good people! The Scripture that comes to me is that one about Peleg, the great-great-great grandson of Noah and the great-great-great grandfather of Abraham! (Gen.11.)

3. "IN HIS DAYS WAS THE EARTH DIVIDED"! (Gen.10:25) And I remember hearing the belief before of some Bible scholars, and even today some geologists are claiming that this is true:

4. ONCE NORTH AMERICA WAS JOINED TO EUROPE AND SOUTH AMERICA TO AFRICA. Push North and South America against Europe and Africa and they almost fit! There was at one time some land between them which is now lost in legend as the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

5. SOME BIBLE STUDENTS AND ARCHEOLOGISTS BELIEVE THAT ATLANTIS WAS POSSIBLY THAT LAND-LINK between North and South America and Europe and Africa which sank beneath the Atlantic "in the days when the Earth was divided!"

6. EVEN AS THE LEGENDARY LOST CONTINENT OF MU is said to have once joined North America with Asia on the West‚ but also sank beneath the waves of the Pacific "in the days when the Earth was divided", so also Atlantis!

7. THIS WAS ONLY 101 YEARS AFTER THE GREAT FLOOD, because Peleg, was one of the descendants of Noah. You'll find it in Genesis 10:25. He was the great-great-great grandson of Noah‚ and it is said that his name was Peleg, meaning "division": "For in his days was the Earth divided."

8. THIS MEANT AN ACTUAL GEOGRAPHICAL DIVISION OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE into separate continents only four generations or exactly 101 years after the Flood! It could be quite possibly due to the flooding and saturation of these continents of Atlantis and Mu during the flood that they sank only 101 years later as a judgement of God because of their wickedness.

9. GOD ALLOWED THEM TO SINK beneath the surface of the Atlantic and Pacific, so that God divided the Earth deliberately into Continents to contain their various peoples to prevent the spread of or to contain this wickedness. The very word "continent" means contained!

10. THIS COULD ALSO EXPLAIN HOW THE AMERICAN INDIANS GOT TO THE AMERICAS easily from Asia, for Alaska would have once been joined to Siberia.—They're only 60 miles apart now!

11. MADAME M THE GYPSY SAID SHE SAW US GOING TO SOME ISLANDS WHICH WERE ONCE ON THE EDGE OF THE LOST CONTINENT OF ATLANTIS, and the home of a very ancient civilisation. We then had no intention of coming here, but later God so directed by a miraculous vision of the word "Tenerife"! They have a special name here for some of these rare descendants of the original inhabitants, who are still tall‚ blond and noticeably different from their Spanish conquerors: The "Guanches‚" who were here first, long before either Arabs or Spaniards!

12. SO APPARENTLY 101 YEARS AFTER THE FLOOD ATLANTIS DID SINK beneath the waves of the Atlantic‚ and all that remains of it are a few mountains, now small island groups such as Bermuda, the Azores‚ Madeira and the seven mysterious Islands of the Canaries, which are actually seven volcanic mountains now standing on the ocean floor, once part of the ancient Continent of Atlantis! No wonder God sent us to Tenerife to make it the spiritual center of the world!