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Defend the Faith

David Berg

—MOJune 20, 1977DFO NO.586

—"Contend earnestly for the faith!"—Jude 3.

Copyrighted June 1977 by the Children of God

Dear Family, Greetings in Jesus name!—Here's some ammunition!: —The revised 585: —"The Anti-God War!"; & 502R: —"The Family of Love?—The Children of God?—Sin or Salvation?"—Sock it to 'em!

How to use: ANTI-GOD WAR!

HERE'S A GENERAL LETTER FOR ANYWHERE FOR ANYWHERE WE'RE BEING ATTACKED. You could print as the occasion warrants, or have them already printed for immediate use in case of attack—or even to possibly forestall an attack! Be prepared with ammo for instant use and use now where you've already been attacked or might be attacked!

IT IS A REVISION OF "INTERVIU'S 202 LIES!" for general use anywhere and now classified GP-585R.—The charges are always the same: Lies, lies, lies!—So sock it to 'em! This tells why they lie and hate us!

NO. 502R—"FOL-COG?—MORTAL SIN OR SALVATION?"—is a revision of the first half of DFO-502, Chap. 2: "King Meets King" (with pic from 522), which we found to be the best, briefest and most inspired defence of FFing we've ever written.

IT'S EXCELLENT FOR USE WITH YOUR FF FRIENDS AND THOSE WHO ASK WHY WE DO IT! We're even using on the streets where our FF ministry is famous!—This revision is now classified therefore GP-502R.

SO EITHER OR BOTH ARE GOOD TO USE wherever you're attacked with these lies or your FFing is challenged. They are good answers and explanations of both. So print & distribute as needed.

I'M SURE ALL YOUR DISCIPLES WOULD BE INTERESTED in how we're answering and using these‚ so at least print these up for them to begin with—OK?—Thanks! GBY! We love you!—Dad 20/6.

P.S. "INTERVIU'S 202 LIES!", GP-585 original, is the English language version of our Spanish Letter of the same name which we're using in Spain to answer a bitter series of magazine articles there against us and which we knew you'd enjoy seeing.

WE PRAYED GOD WOULD ALSO DRIVE THIS VICIOUS MAG OUT OF BUSINESS and just this past week the Government impounded one entire issue of one-million copies before they ever left the printer!—A loss of nearly a million dollars! HALLELUJAH! God answers prayer!—Are you praying?—He's our only hope!—Amen!—Love‚ Dad