KEYWORDS: america, saul, revolution, doom, not, god

Mo on America: The U.S. Election of Carter

David Berg

10-11-76GP No.558

1. (SAM: IN ORDER TO REALLY SAVE AMERICA YOU'D HAVE TO DESTROY ALL ITS IDOLATRY.)—And like Israel they'd never tolerate that! (Jer.1.) They're married to 'em! They've merely changed kings hoping to save themselves!

2. THEY HAVEN'T REPENTED!—JUST LIKE ISRAEL'S KING SAUL: THEY'VE ONLY CHANGED KINGS‚ NOT PEOPLE! (1Sam.8.) By electing Carter America has only said, "We're ashamed," like Saul, but never repented! It will only delay her doom—like Saul's! (1Sam.15.)

3. (SAM: MOST AMERICANS DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT "BACK TO GOD" MEANS.)—And certainly never intend to do it! They haven't had a Revolution, only a slight twinge of conscience and hope to slightly reform! U.S. youth's political revolution was crushed in '68 and '72. This is merely an attempt to reformnot revolution nor repentance!

4. AMERICA'S SORRY BUT NOT REPENTANT! So her doom is delayed while God gives her time to repent.—But she won't! (Jer.15.)—She's Babylon! (Rev.17&18)—How can she repent? You sound like Jeremiah weeping over the hopeless! (Jer.9.)

5. SORRY, BUT I'M ALREADY … (JER.22 & 27) PRAYING FOR HER DOOM SO WE CAN HAVE PEACE! (Jer.40.) Saul's many "so sorrys" only delayed David's reign! (1Sam.25,27.) FORGET AMERICA! (Jer.7:16.) She's doomedsooner or later! (Jer.13:14.)—LET'S WIN THE WORLD! (Mark 16:15.)—Love, Dad.