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Mo' Li'l Jewels

Dad, Maria

—MO & MARIASeptember, 1976DO NO.536

1. (MARIA:) THE DAY WAS OUR FIRST YEAR'S ANNIVERSARY IN ENGLAND—we had arrived there the same date the last year. Walking from Charing Cross station to Foyles, the largest bookstore in London, I bought a one-volume encyclopedia while MO stood outside the store and waited for me.

2. WHEN I CAME OUT I SAW HIM TALKING TO A SHORT, WELL-DRESSED PLEASANT-LOOKING MAN. I thought the man might be bothering him in some way, so I hurried up, but immediately the man said goodbye and left. We walked hurriedly to the cinema and looked for a restaurant near there to eat after having gotten our tickets. Only then did Mo have a chance to tell me about the strange experience he'd just had!

3. THE MAN HAD WALKED UP TO HIM OUT OF THE CROWD and backed into the same doorway where MO was standing almost out of sight and had started some small talk. Then his conversation had progressed something like this, as he gestured toward the crowd walking by and said with real compassion:

4. "YOU KNOW, POOR LONDON! ISN'T IT A SHAME! They were such wonderful people and it was such a wonderful city! But it's just going to the dogs! It's just going the way of all flesh! Can't they see that the Blacks are going to take them over? Everybody feels sorry for the poor Blacks‚ but nobody feels sorry for the poor Whites! BBC and the Guardian are always rooting for the Blacks.—Nobody's rooting for the Whites! Can't they see where it's going to get them?

5. "CAN'T THEY SEE THE BLACKS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER? Everybody's so sorry for Neizwand‚ but he was selling the Whites out to the Blacks. I feel sorry for his poor wife‚ she's pregnant, but he's all for the Blacks. They sent him up for a year‚ but that's not going to save the country. He was helping the Blacks to destroy the country. You know, it's a shame! I wish I could tell them. I wish I could show them.

6. "YOU KNOW, IF I WERE ONLY TWO OR THERE THOUSAND YEARS YOUNGER I could do something about it, but you're still young.—You can tell them!"—And then it was that I walked up! He had finished his message, and, as though he was a bit fearful of me being there and finding out who he was‚ he turned and left.

7. MO SAID THAT ANGELS HAVE ALWAYS APPEARED TO HIM IN A CITY. It was like they have certain beats‚ and this one had been informed that MO was there and had come over to speak to him. MO said he never said one word to the "man."—He did all the talking! (April 13, 1973.)

8. KEEP MOVING WHEN LITNESSING if your customers are stationary, as in a park or station, etc.—Then follow up with witnessing. Come back and look for the same people sitting there on the benches reading—the people who are still there waiting. If they are interested at all in what they just paid for, they will be sitting there reading it and there is your opportunity. Scatter out and start talking to them: "How do you like it? What do you think about it?"

9. NO FARMER IN HIS RIGHT MIND SOWS JUST ONE SEED AND THEN SITS DOWN THERE WAITING FOR IT TO GROW! He plows the whole field, then he sows the whole field and then he waits for the harvest. We believe in quick harvests‚ but if you spend two or three hours on one seed you'll never get anywhere!

10. THEY FOLLOWED JESUS AROUND—HE DIDN'T HAVE TO GO AROUND CHASING THEM. Sometimes we get off on some of the Devil's decoys. Some people are nothing but the Devil's decoys just to lure you away from what you're supposed to be doing, to keep you from getting out there and shooting at all the guys that could accept Jesus.

11. BUT THE WORD REALLY GETS THROUGH to those guys. Just begin to read the Word to them, and if they're not interested pretty soon they all scatter. But leave them with the seed. They sought Jesus out, and if you keep getting out the Word the people will seek you out too!

12. OF COURSE THERE ARE ALWAYS EXCEPTIONS: Sometimes you may feel particularly and immediately led to deal with some hungry sheep on the spot. Do as God leads, then keep moving!


(1) CONFESS SIN: If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1John 1:9.)

14. (2) BELIEVE JESUS: (John 3:16)—For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

15. (3) RECEIVE JESUS: But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name. (John 1:12.)

16. (4) CONFESS JESUS: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto Salvation. (Romans 10:9-10.)

17. April 9, 1973. "Indeed they shall be as days of Heaven on Earth and thy years as the happiness of the moon!" You're my big oak tree and I'm your little acorn nut!

18. WHILE IN ENGLAND I WAS THINKING OF HOW EVERYBODY SOONER OR LATER HAS TO FACE DEATH and have some vehicle come to pick up their dead body, but I couldn't think of the name for it. I was trying to think of the word hearse‚ but immediately I got the words "the wagon of the charnel house" and I didn't even know what it meant!

19. SO I LOOKED IT UP AND IT MEANT THE PLACE WHERE THEY KEEP DEAD BODIES!—An old English word.—I got a picture of an old open wagon which took the bodies to the charnel house which was just like an old barn and the wagon was drawing up to the door and they were just carrying the guy out by his feet and arms like a sack of potatoes. I must have an old English helper!—Maybe Shakespeare?

20. DREAM: (THE MORNING BEFORE MO WAS TOLD ABOUT AARON'S DEATH.) We were at some kind of church paying them a visit and someone had passed away and I was saying, "Praise the Lord, she's gone to be with the Lord! She'll be happy there." Then I got to describing Heaven, but the pastor wanted to argue and said, no, that wasn't the way Heaven was.

21. IT SEEMED LIKE IT WAS ONE OF THOSE SNAKE-HANDLING CHURCHES, 'cause after church we had dinner and they had snake for dinner and I remember you were taking such good care of me and you carefully cut the meat for me so I didn't get the bone. So sweet and tender you were!—And I looked up at the hostess who was watching and said, "Doesn't she take good care of me?"

22. —AND I WOKE UP REAL HAPPY! I remember I was arguing with the preacher about the hills of heaven. And I said, "I know there are hills—I've been there! But it was even beautiful outside the walls. It's a new Earth! It's beautiful!"

23. Every great world leader, every great man was a fanatic that some people hated and some people adored.

24. On May 3, 1973, long before Nixon's pressured resignation, on going to sleep MO said: "Nitler's going to retire to something like a nice monastery so he can be all alone and think over all the mistakes he's made. I don't know if it'll be Catholic, but some place alone. I saw it." (Nixon, as we all now know, later did retire, a lonely disgraced failure, to his isolated mansion on the shores of the Pacific in San Clemente, California! God knows the future! PTL!)

25. (To Maria:) You winnow the grain on God's threshing floor!

26. When I was a child I could think like a man. It's taken me years to think like a child! Picasso once said: "When I was a child I could paint like Rafael, but it's taken me many years to learn to paint like children."

27. (Tongues: ) "Go forth in the power of the arm of the Words the Lord gives to David!" It was like we shot up our arm in a fist-like salute, and the power of our punch was the Words!

28. The equipment we need is pens, paper and prayer.

29. If they had published "The Amerikan Way" when they should have‚ then even the unsaved sinners could have seen through this Watergate Affair with Nitler that "if there is a God, then we can see why He judged this guy!"

30. If it's all a bed of roses without any thorns‚ then they must not be roses!

31. When you hit their pocketbook nerve you have hit their most sensitive nerve!—And with the "American Whore" we have hit their pocketbook nerve! (Shortly after this England began to persecute us.)

32. When I was a kid in a school I was sitting on the toilet one day after the first bell had already rung‚ but I had constipation. So the captain of the ball team yelled to me, "Bell's rung, bell's rung!" And I said, "I know it, I'm doing my best!" And he said, "Well when I come and sit down, if it come it come, and if it don't come, it don't come!" So "If it come it come, and if it don't come it don't come!"—Don't worry about it!

33. On all prayer letters always sign a personal individual name along with the group name.

34. My mother used to say, "I'll go to the doctor or the hospital to find out what's wrong with me so I'll know what God healed me from. Then after I am healed I'll go back for an examination to prove that God healed me!"

35. Lanza del Vasta said: "Non-violence is anger converted, not suppressed." He has a Catholic community called the Ark.

36. After reading some news stories about us I exploded in tongues with this exclamation: "All the world is burgeoning with the stories of the Children of David!" I never used that word before! I must have an English helper. (Then came:) "Some of the greatest literary lights of the English world are helping David!" We have lots of helpers! PTL! "Effectual are the faithful prayers of David's Children!"

37. Instead of saying, "My Family, my Family—right or wrong‚ My Family!" they should say: "My Family‚ my Family‚ I know it's right, My Family!"

38. OTHER MOVEMENTS DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT CEMENT. In the first place, with ours God had to create a close-knit family for the hierarchy so the leaders wouldn't get out of hand. Then our kids are so cemented in the spirit personally and doctrinally. When the leader's gone, if their cement was only his personality the thing falls apart. But if the cement was strong teaching and doctrine to perpetuate the message and the method, then the work carries on pretty much as he founded it and led it.

39. IF A MOVEMENT EVENTUALLY COOLS OFF, THAT PRIMARILY HAPPENS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT REALLY BROKEN WITH THE SYSTEM and so they melt back into the churches. The Protestant churches only broke loose from the pope, they didn't really break with Catholicism or System Christianity. They all still have a priesthood and their rituals and temples and "Go-to-church-on-Sunday" religion!

40. Useful Books: Nature's Medicines‚ by Richard Lucas; Speaking in Tongues, by Felicitas D. Goodman; Food Storage in the Home, R.C. Hutchinson; Natural Rearing of Children, by Juliette de BarracliLevy.

41. When printing, always save money and paper by not leaving any blanks and by printing on both sides of each page.

42. WE WERE WATCHING A VIETNAM FILM on "Midweek," BBC, 3/73—A girl was singing a peace song, with a guitar out in the middle of the stage. She was singing alone in the middle of the stage. The commentator was saying there has been a barrage of peace songs there—this one about a guitar which will bring comfort to the country in the days to come. And the Lord said,

43. "HOW OFT HAVE I TOLD THEE THAT THE HARP OF DAVID SHALL TOUCH THE HEARTSTRINGS OF MANY with thy love—the love of the father for his children." That lone guitar is sitting there, but nobody is there to play it! They're waiting for the player to come. Then came: "How long have My people waited!—How long must they yet wait and suffer until thou dost come?"

44. THE MUSIC OF THE HARP OF DAVID WAS GOING TO BRING THE ANSWER. I believe that means the time is going to be very soon for Vietnam. So many now speak English in Vietnam, and people who are suffering are much more receptive. We've got to wait until all the Americans pull out so we'll not be identified with them, and I believe that will be our last chance before the Communists take over. (It looks like we waited too long! May God forgive us.—Or maybe yet...?)

45. While discussing the Watergate affair the Lord Said: "Thus cometh the doom of the enemies of David!—Thus shall it always be with enemies of these!"

46. Love gives some pain, and yet love also gives surcease from pain.

47. LICE: Look carefully and quickly through the hair—they run very quickly! It takes 24 hours to drown them, so a shampoo is not enough!—And you have to comb the eggs out afterwards! Lice are not necessarily associated with uncleanliness. If they get on you, in 20 minutes they'll be in your hair!

48. 80,000 PEOPLE IN BRITAIN ARE THOUGHT TO HAVE HEAD LICE! Lice can be picked up from the ground, particularly if you work with chickens or animals. Sleeping on the floor or the ground has something to do with it. They can also carry disease—impetigo. If a child has a high concentration of lice, he is apt to have a fever and be listless.

49. The basis of virtually all sin is pride!

50. Regarding the people that we witnessed to at the International Eucharist Congress 1973 in Australia: "These are but a few of them that shall hear the Words of David."

51. He takes saints to reach the saints and sinners to reach the sinners. You kiss the spirit of David with your love for the Words of David! Do you love the words that fall from the lips of your father of fathers? They call me a pope! Of course, 'cause I'm their spiritual father!

52. Dream 12-3-73 A.M.—The queen's niece or some relative died of an overdose of drugs, so MO said: That poor little girl—little princess! That's why the royal family is so concerned about drugs. We have to tell them we have an answer!

53. The bottle is the breast that helps to satisfy your father.

54. I HAD THIS SUDDEN IMPRESSION THAT A CERTAIN KING OF OURS COULD CHANGE OVERNIGHT and switch to our enemies if he got the chance, It's a choice we always have to make: Would we rather have the enemy on the inside or on the outside? When he was little in his own eyes, God had pity on him and gave him a chance.

55. HE'S LIKE THE GUY WHO COMES UP AND SITS IN THE FRONT WITHOUT BEING INVITED. But because he came and sat up front, he had to be sent to the foot of the table. As for anything to do with the king's material kingdom, you're his slave! But when it comes to the king trying to tell the prophet what to do and what to say—that's where we draw the line!

56. THE DEVIL HAS AN EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM too, but God will give us a chance to attack first. But the enemy can wrestle as with the king of Persia to prevent things from getting through for awhile.

57. LEADERS HAVE TO FACE THEIR FEARS and think about the worst things that could happen. Inside he can be a false shepherd that leads the sheep astray. Outside he can only be a wolf that will obviously attack them. The sheep are much more wary of wolves than they are of their shepherds!

58. I have the mind of Christ—so far as he gives me His thoughts. I have the words of Christ—as many as He gives me. I'm nothing but an instrument of God—His tool!—but I'm not God!

59. Never was a woman so loved!

60. My side stopped gurgling and crying and hurting when you prayed.

61. IF YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE GOD REQUIRES FOR HEALING HE WON'T HEAL YOU! Only the obedient get healing. It's a reward for the obedient. Health is a special blessing of God. You can only demand it if you're obedient. But if you're disobedient you can't demand anything!

62. WHEN A WOMAN IS PREGNANT SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE PEAK OF HEALTH without overdoing. "Strength cometh not from the bed." (Proverbs.) I'm not for this business of, "The more you pray and the more people you have pray for you the more chance you have of being healed!" It only takes one prayer if you're in line for healing!

63. "THE PRAYER OF FAITH SHALL SAVE THE SICK." (Jas.5:14,15.) If you're not healing, either He's testing your faith or there's something wrong in your life and God's not going to heal you because you're not right with Him. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Rest doesn't really strengthen you. If you get too much it makes you weak! Anyone inclined to have pulmonary diseases has to have a lot of fresh air and exercise.

64. THE REQUIREMENTS OF GOOD HEALTH ARE GOOD EXERCISE, GOOD FOOD, GOOD SLEEP AND GOOD LIVING! Nose and throat diseases and diseases of the respiratory system need a great deal of fresh air.—This is an absolute essential!—And you have to let your body know you want to live! "The spirit of a man sustaineth him, but a wounded spirit who can bear!" (Prov.18:14.)

65. THE GREAT PYRAMID AND KING TUT'S TOMB and all of these mysteries regarding the kingdom of ancient Egypt are being opened up to this generation because they are going to be significantly fulfilled in this time!

66. THE SPIRITUAL SEEDS PLANTED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO ARE GOING TO BLOSSOM IN THIS GENERATION—both good and evil—as though this generation were their flowering. Although I didn't express the explanation I had in tongues, I got the picture and the meaning of the picture:

67. EGYPT HAS MUCH TO DO WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY and what is going to happen, and the ancient spirits are anything but dead! God is going to permit them to come back into control again. God is going to now permit them to come up out of the ground and crop forth in this last day.

68. BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE REJECTED GOD AND HIS TRUTH, HE'S GOING TO LET THE OCCULT AND THE SATANIC TAKE OVER, like Pandora's Box! They're again going to take over the rulership of the world just like they did before. No wonder the Antichrist is going to come out of Egypt!

69. IT WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF MY LIFETIME WHEN THE TOMB WAS OPENED—I was four years old.—All of these things were springing forth, some good, some evil. The seventh day after my birthday the tomb was opened! (13-4-72)

70. "BYE‚ BYE MISS AMERICAN PIE!"—"And I brought you into a plentiful country to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered ye defiled My land and made mine heritage an abomination. The priests said now, where is the Lord? And they that handle the law knew Me not. The pastors also transgressed against Me‚ and the prophets prophesied by Baal‚ and walked after things that do not profit. Wherefore I will yet plead with you‚ saith the lord‚ and with your children's children will I plead. For pass over the isles of Chittim‚ and see; and send unto Kedar, and consider diligently, and see if there be such a thing. Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? But My people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit. Be astonished‚ O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord. For My people have committed two evils: they have forsaken Me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water." (Jeremiah 2:7-13.)

71. Why must you always suck at the bosom of your father?—You must also rest in the bosom of David and find peace!

72. Be wise as a viper and loving as a dove to carry out the Words of David.

73. My Scepter is my Magic Wand that makes love to many and fills them with satisfaction! They like it!

74. Some old English bard gave me that poem "Spirit Tree"!—Was it Shakespeare? Surely Shakespeare wouldn't give me something like that! But I saw him and it looked like Shakespeare with that ruffle 'round his neck.—He's bald-headed too, big eyes!

75. Our criterion for printing for GP: Print as much as possible.

76. As far as policies and methods and battle tactics—these can change from day to day.

77. 27-4–73. I GOT SUCH BAD VIBES off one of our enemies' picture in Christianity Today that I had to hold my hand over his picture while I was reading the articles, and I got the Book of Jude on him:

78. BAALAM TRIED TO PROPHESY AGAINST ISRAEL FOR GAIN, but God turned everyone of his cursings into a blessing. God finally smote him. Cain's sin was self-righteousness. Baalam's sin was doing it for money or gain. Korah's sin was criticising leadership.

79. THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS PHARISEES ARE IN THE RELIGIOUS BUSINESS FOR THE MONEY and will always rebel against God's true leadership. Satan just blasts out of him! His picture radiates such Satanic power! As I looked at his eyes I got the Oriental Mystic is still his ideal—and that's probably what he's got—one of those Oriental demons! To me there's nothing worse than a Judas who sells out and betrays his own Master!

While half asleep MO got this:

80. REGARDING THE GODDESSES: I BUMPED INTO ONE of those women the other night when the light was out in the hall! They were waiting for me and whispering to each other and I thought it was one of the girls for a minute, but I turned on the light and there was nobody there! So I want to keep a light on so there'll continue to be nothing there!—Ha!

81. I DON'T WANT TO BE BUMPING INTO STRANGE SPIRIT GIRLS IN THE HALL IN THE DARK! (Maria: Was it one of those Goddesses?) I think so. I don't like it out there in the dark—the hall fills up with them! They can't come in here. All these angels are around the bed, and they can't come in without permission. I don't mind them waiting out there if they want to, but I don't want to be bumping into them in the dark—it's kind of scary!

82. I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEM IN HERE because my angels are all around me. They're always circled around me and they never leave my side. Everybody keep quiet! Don't anybody say anything more, so poor Maria can go to sleep! Be still so nothing will disturb the sleep of David! You keep saying what? It's not good for David's sleep! (He was talking about the whispering and giggling of the goddesses outside the door where they wait their turn to make love to him!)

83. THERE WAS A SIGN up in a restaurant window in which we used to eat in London. In big huge letters it said MORNING TEA, but the first word "Morning" was divided into two parts: On the first window pane were the big letters MO, and it was divided from the rest by the division frame between the panes of glass, so it really stood out prominently. We felt it was another indication that the Lord was trying to remind people of His Words and His Prophet and His Children! The funny thing about it was I discovered I was sitting just inside that window directly under those letters MO!—Ha!

84. Criterion for printing GP Letters: What do they need and what would be good for them?