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Land of Not Too Much, The

David Berg

—MOFebruary 3, 1976GP—NO.396

1. IT WAS THE STRANGEST LITTLE DREAM—there wasn't very much to it. I went over these mountains toward the sea, and it was like paradise, going into another world‚ and I came back and told you about it how wonderful it was!

2. AND THE THING THAT MADE IT SO WONDERFUL WAS THAT THERE WASN'T TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING—that's the funniest thing! It was just that simple. In that country it was impossible to do too much of anything: You couldn't eat too much‚ you couldn't drink too much, you couldn't work too much, you couldn't sleep too much, you couldn't go too far.

3. I REMEMBER GOING OVER A WHOLE LIST OF THINGS IN MY DREAM, but now I can't remember them all‚ I thought it would be so easy to remember all those. You couldn't see too much, you couldn't hear too much, you couldn't learn too much and you couldn't talk too much. You couldn't play too long, you couldn't run too far or worry too much.

4. YOU JUST COULDN'T DO TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING.—AND THAT SEEMED TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS. Nobody wanted too much, so nobody had too much, and so nobody fought to get too much or had any fights or wars, 'cause nobody wanted too much or more than the other fellow. Nobody wanted too much of anything, nobody had too much of anything.

5. THERE WAS LOTS OF PEACE AND PLENTY AND SAFETY AND HAPPINESS, but not too much, just enough for everybody. Everybody had enough to eat and to drink, enough to wear, but not too much. Nobody had too much. The women were very pretty, but they didn't wear too many clothes like they do now. In fact they wore very little but enough—just not too much.

6. NOBODY GOT TOO COLD OR TOO HUNGRY OR TOO WET or too big or too fat or too small or too weak or too strong. Nobody was too much of anything or had too much of anything or didn't have enough of anything. That's the truth! That's not an exaggeration and that's not a lie! That's not too much and not too little, it's just enough—it's the truth!

7. AND EVERYBODY HAD THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH WAS THAT NOBODY HAD TOO MUCH or was too much of anything. And that seemed to solve everybody's problems. And I had come back to tell you all excited about it, about how I'd found a land where everybody's problems were solved by not having too much of anything, by not being able to do too much or go too much or be too much or not be too much or not go too much and not do too much.

8. EVERYTHING WAS SOLVED BY NOT TOO MUCH. So I guess you'd call it "The Land of Not Too Much" where everybody was content with not too much. Nobody wanted too much so everybody had enough and that solved all the problems. Isn't that a funny dream?

9. THE LAND OF NOT TOO MUCH! I remember I came back and I was so excited telling you all about it. It was such a simple thing, and I was wondering why I hadn't discovered that before! It just seemed to solve everything. Nobody was too good or too bad or too proud or too mean or too much of anything. You couldn't do too much or anything like that—it was just impossible. Isn't that funny?

10. IT WAS JUST IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE TOO MUCH OR DO TOO MUCH or go too far or go too fast or anything like that. You just couldn't do or have too much of anything, and so that made everybody happy. So I was so thrilled to have found this land where it solved everybody's problems by nobody having too much and where nothing was too much in the land of Not Too Much.

11. ISN'T THAT A FUNNY DREAM? It was so real to me and I was so excited about it and I was telling you all about it. It was just over that ridge there toward the sea. Everybody was so happy because nobody had too much or was too much or did too much or said too much in the Land of Not Too Much.

12. SO I GUESS I'D BETTER STOP BEFORE I TELL YOU TOO MUCH about the Land of Not Too Much. It that enough? It's a funny little story for little kids I guess‚ The Land of Not Too Much. Jesus gave it to me, I didn't think it up. The Land of Not Too Much, isn't that amazing?

13. I GUESS THE REASON EVERYBODY HAD ENOUGH WAS BECAUSE NOBODY HAD TOO MUCH, and that's why nobody had to work too hard or do too much because everybody did enough, did their share and not too much—it's just that simple! Nobody was over much righteous but just enough in the Land of Not Too Much. Isn't that too much? No, that's not too much. That's just enough‚ isn't it?