A Personal Letter from Mama to the FM Family

By Karen Zerby

FD/MM/FM; ML#3771; March 2009

Dear friends and mates,

1. I love each of you dearly! Although I prepare all of the GNs with you in mind, the Lord recently laid it on my heart to write a Letter just to you, with His words that would be especially targeted to your needs, our dear Fellow member Family.

2. One of the things that I've strongly sensed in the letters that I've received from a number of you over the years is your determination to continue to serve the Lord despite the different challenges and struggles you have faced. Peter and I admire you so much for that, and we pray for each of your requests and situations.

3. I wanted to tell you how proud Peter and I and the Lord are of you! We are so grateful for all of the sacrifices you make to further the Lord's work through your faithful labors, to love and apply the Word, to witness, and to be a sample of the Lord's love not only to your families and loved ones, but to the people the Lord brings across your path.

4. While praying for you, I felt moved to ask our wonderful Love for some special messages just for you, in recognition and honor of your important role in the mission and work of the Family. I know that many of your labors of love may seem to be unseen and even be unappreciated at times, as they are often part of your day-to-day life, and others may never see all that you give and sacrifice, or what it costs you to stay true to the Lord and His calling. But the Lord sees it, and Peter and I realize it as well.

5. Peter and I love you very dearly, and we are so thankful for your love for the Lord and your willingness to fulfill the role He has for you in His service. We couldn't do the job that the Lord has given us without you—and we're not just saying that; it's the truth! Your labors of love, your prayers, your contributions, and the support you give in so many ways to your fellow missionaries around the world plays an important role in helping the Family to reach the lost and to bring the Lord's love to every corner of the Earth.

6. When I thought of the struggles that you have faced, the times when you have battled with afflictions, or felt alone at a very difficult time in your life, or suffered the loss of a loved one, I was moved to tears and overwhelmed with admiration. I felt burdened to tell you how thankful Peter and I are for each of you, how much we love and appreciate you. Peter and I are so proud of you! And as you'll see by the Lord's commendation that follows, He's very proud of you too.

7. As you read the Lord's words of commendation, you may be tempted to think about the ways in which you feel you fall short, or the mistakes that you have made. Or you might think about the ways that you feel you could be a better witness, or give more, or do more for the Lord. I think we can all be tempted to feel that way when we read the Lord's words of love and praise for us. But the amazing thing about our Husband's love is that He sees the good and the possibility of good in each of us, and He gives us credit for every time we love and give unselfishly, every time we reach out and share His love with others, every sacrifice we make, whether big or small.

8. He also understands our weaknesses, the times we stumble or don't do as well as we could have, and He lovingly renews His mercies for us each day, and gives us new opportunities to give Him our best. He's so wonderful, isn't He? His unconditional love for each of us is one of the best motivations we can have to continue to give our hearts and lives to Him, to stretch and grow, and to love and give even more.

9. As you read these words of commendation from our Husband, please take the time to meditate on them and to apply them to yourself. The Lord gave them for each of you. They are personal words to you from our Lover.

You are of unique worth to Me

10. (Jesus:) Oh, if you could see the look of admiration and pride on My face as I gaze on you now, My beloved ones! If you could only realize and be convinced beyond any doubt how much you mean to Me, how important you are to Me, how precious, how rare and valued you are in your unique way—each one of you, who have given your lives in such sacrificial love, devotion and service to Me and to My Family for years and years! This means everything to Me!

11. You have already established your special place and laid up great rewards in My Kingdom, and you are adding more to these each day that you continue to faithfully walk the path of My will. The rewards of victory are already waiting for you here, My valiant soldiers of faith!

12. You are of unique worth in My battle for Earth and the souls of men! Your importance to the success of the war to win the world for Me is unquestionable, and I and the Family could not win without you, My faithful ones. You are some of My greatly valued instant witnesses, My undercover agents, in a world that is increasingly given over to the Enemy; you shine like bright candles in the dark for men to be warmed and enlightened by your heavenly glow.

13. I want to commend you, My dear ones, for staying true in the face of the many trials of faith that you have endured over the years—in the face of discouragement, battles with affliction, loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, feeling unappreciated or alone at times, and on the list goes. In all these things you have been, and are now, more than conquerors! None of these trials of your faith have ended in your defeat, because I have been with y