KEYWORDS: prayers, smoke, jesus, angels, bottle, like


David Berg

—MOMay, 1975GP—No.369

(David prays fervently in the Spirit, desperately and with weeping:)

1. IT IS FINISHED. He's answered. He's already heard the cry of your father. Heal or take that baby, Lord. Defeat the works of the Enemy. They're already defeated, it's already won.

2. THE PRAYERS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, like incense ascending up to the Father. The column of smoke, beautiful, beautiful smoke! It flows like a river, straight up it goes, just like a river. It's so pretty! I love it! It's so pretty! Thank You, Jesus, for such beautiful, beautiful, beautiful prayers, such beautiful colours!

3. IT JUST FLOWS LIKE A STREAM right straight up and curls around like beautiful spirits, like a beautiful woman it curves and undulates‚ fluctuates. Oh, she's so beautiful, so pretty‚ she's so pretty! She supplicates, prays for me like a spirit. She is my spirit! So beautiful‚ my spirit!

4. SHE FLOWS JUST LIKE A WOMAN, sends up on high‚ must be angels, like a stream of angels! They flow, they fluctuate, they undulate. She's so beautiful, she's just like smoke or vapour. She flows like a mother, she gives, she pleads, she surrenders‚ she goes‚ she goes and she goes.

5. OH, PRAYER IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Those prayers are so beautiful! They're like angels‚ like maidens fair, that flow intertwined just like they're dancing! They're always rising, rising, floating‚ up, up, up, up they take my prayers and offer them as offerings unto God. Thank You Jesus!

6. LIKE A PILLAR OF A TEMPLE—that's what those people were doing! Those artists that made those pillars, they were trying to picture prayer and all those beautiful forms and faces flowing like smoke and rising like a stream! That's why they were shaped like a spiral, because they go round and round!

7. BEAUTIFUL ANGELS ALL FLOWING UP like beautiful women, men too, just like the smoke of a sacrifice and burnt offering to Him. I burned my heart and I poured out my soul unto Jesus, and the smoke thereof rises and there is a sweet vapour, as a sweet smelling savour rise the prayers of the saints in the House of the Lord. He likes it. It's beautiful!

8. HE LIKES TO SMELL OUR PRAYERS LIKE THE FRAGRANCE OF FLOWERS, He takes a deep breath. Jesus smells our prayers like we like to smell flowers. Oh, He likes it so much‚ so beautiful! He inhales them all! He just breathes them right in—they're like His breath!

9. A WHOLE LOT OF THEM GOING UP: They're holding up the whole roof of the temple! All you have to do is look and see, all those beautiful colours that support the whole roof of the temple!—Can't you see them? They're dancing through the whole temple!

10. LISTEN! YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? They're clapping! Can you hear them? Singing and dancing, so pretty! I wish they could draw them.—Why can't they see them? I don't understand.

11. HEAR THE BIRDIES, HONEY?—THEY'RE COMFORTING ME. Hear them comfort me, telling me not to worry, don't be afraid, everything's going to be all right. Jesus heard my prayers and He's already answered. Everything's moving. Isn't it beautiful? The columns, they rotate. The dome rotates, the dancers rotate, everything is dancing, even the building is dancing!

12. THE WHOLE TEMPLE IS DANCING! The pillars are dancing, the people are dancing and singing, you hear them? The birds are dancing‚ can you see them?—So pretty! They clap their hands for joy! They shout to all the people and they sing unto God! Oh thank You Jesus, for that beautiful beautiful beautiful picture! It's so beautiful! In all my life there's nothing so pretty!

13. EVERYTHING JUMPS IN TUNE‚ FLOWS IN RHYTHM, everything, the whole building's dancing! Goes up‚ up, up—flows up all the time. Everything's going up. So pretty! There's just nothing prettier in this whole world than those beautiful spirits, just like beautiful women, so beautiful!—And the men are so powerful!

14. THE ANGELS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Even the men are beautiful, you know that?—Strong and powerful!—Round and around and around! There's a big shout of rejoicing about something, a really really big praise meeting! Everybody's happy, jumping up and down and dancing and whirling and singing and praising the Lord!

15. (MARIA: WHAT ARE THEY PRAISING ABOUT?) It's finished! It's all done, It's the victory! There must be a victory. Praising God for answering prayer. Thank You for letting me see it, Jesus! Our prayers have been answered!

16. THE SMOKE RISES, FLOWS, just like a beautiful stream. It revolves around and around while it goes up. Jesus takes a deep breath and it smells so good like flowers, like incense. It's just like smoke, real pretty smoke of the incense of the sacrifice and the offerings that rise to God like our prayers.

17. IT'S OUR PRAYERS! We burn‚ we consume‚ we pour out our heart and it pours up to Him. But we have to burn and be consumed to give up the beautiful smoke and sweet fragrance—the incense of the offering that rises like the beautiful vapours of smoke, like beautiful writhing women, supplicating angels. Those are my prayers, did you know that?

18. THOSE BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL ANGELS ARE MY PRAYERS! They're so pretty!—And He likes them! They look good to Him and He likes them and He likes to smell them like you smell a flower. Isn't that nice? Isn't it pretty? Isn't it beautiful?

19. I'M ALL EMPTY LIKE A BOTTLE that's all poured out, but He keeps filling me up again. Thank You Jesus! I have to pour out so He can fill me up again, you know? You understand? I poured out so much I got so empty‚ then I just sit here real quiet and He fills me up again.

20. YOU KNOW THE BOTTLE HAS TO HOLD STILL so you can pour it in, doesn't it? If it wiggles around too much you can't even hit it. It has to hold still so you can pour it in. If it keeps moving around you can't even hit it. It has to hold still and be real quiet to get filled up.—Isn't that true?

21. I'M HUNGRY AND THIRSTY AND EMPTY JUST LIKE A BOTTLE. Bottles are cold and hungry and thirsty when they've empty, aren't they? But when He fills me up I get all nice and warm!—See? When I'm full, you see how the vapours go?

22. CAN'T YOU SEE HOW THE VAPOURS GO?—They rise up from the mouth of my bottle like smoke. They pour out of my bottle, out of my mouth. Can't you see them? Why don't you look? See the vapour rising from my mouth, just like smoke up to Jesus!

(ARE YOU A BOTTLE OF SWEET PRAYERS TO JESUS? Are you overflowing with His Love?)