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Entering into Rest

Karen Zerby

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GN 1192 FD/MM/FM / FEAST 2007

By Maria 3620 10/06

Dearest Family‚

1. Since the Lord has been highlighting meditation and the need to learn to slow down and receive His peace and strength, I asked some of My channels to ask the Lord for some exercises that we could use in our personal times of devotion and communion with the Lord. These are exercises meant to help us to unwind, focus our thoughts, and learn what it means to truly rest in the Lord.

2. Resting in the Lord is a difficult concept to grasp, because in order to meditate effectively, or really rest, you have to stop your mind from racing around with all the thoughts it typically thinks. You have to put down your burdens. If your mind isn't used to being still, it takes practice to get to the point where you are still and calm enough in spirit to have that time of sweet communion.

3. As difficult as it might seem, or as many times as you might have been unsuccessful in the past, it's a skill well worth developing. Our lives are so busy, and they're getting busier by the day. Learning how to make it all stop, and then retreat into the temple for some recharging from the Lord, is going to be a sanity saver in the days ahead—and you probably desperately need it already.

4. These exercises give you something to think about, an assignment of sorts to meditate on, or something to do, but the goal is to help you to focus on the Lord, on His Word, or on some concept that will give Him a chance to punch through with some of that heavenly air that Dad talked about in "Temple Time" (ML #191‚ Vol.2).

5. These exercises will only be helpful if you force yourself to slow down enough to do them properly—which means slowly—and let them take effect. The exercises are not a goal in themselves. They are only meant to be a vehicle that helps you to enter the Lord's presence‚ that helps you to calm your spirit enough that you're able to rest in His arms without hurrying on your way.

6. (Jesus:) I derive great joy when My children rest in Me, putting down all their weights and letting Me bear their burdens. This is the ultimate in faith and trust in My love‚ when My brides cease from their own works and efforts, and labor to enter into My rest.

7. There are many ways of entering into My rest, and if My brides will ask Me, I will give each one their own tailor-made counsel concerning what will work best for them. But I have also laid this burden upon the heart of My queen to ask Me to give examples of how My brides can enter into My rest, to encourage them, to help make it as easy as possible for them to understand it and do it. These examples are the starting point, and will open the door to more exercises as My brides seek Me for My personalized exercise program for them.


8. (Jesus:) I'm not giving you these exercises to say that it's now necessary for you to do something so structured when you rest in My arms and commune with Me, but only because many of you, My loves, have called out to Me in your hearts asking Me, "Teach me how to rest in You, my Love." So this is an aid in teaching you how to put down the burdens, how to untangle yourself from the thoughts of business, how to stop not just your body but also your mind from rushing around in ceaseless labor, how to meditate on Me and absorb Me and think My thoughts, and give Me time to pour My Spirit into you.

9. So enjoy these exercises, My loves. Do them slowly, relax, unwind. Let Me pamper you through them and take you on spirit trips and show you things that encourage you and uplift you. Let them be stepping stones to much more frequent times of resting in My arms. Let them teach you and help you understand how to rest in Me. If you practice and apply yourself‚ you'll find that eventually you can slip easily into My temple‚ into your "temple time" mode, where you're blocking out the activity and business of the wings and soaking up My love and encouragement and strength.

10. Again, these are not necessary to use every time you spend time with Me, and I don't want you to become dependent on having a certain set plan or routine for our times together. That's not the point. They are merely meant to enhance our times together‚ to help you consciously put aside everything else and be fully Mine. Whatever helps you do that, I am all for it!


Meditate on My eternalness and timelessness

11. (Jesus:) Come before Me in stillness and quietness, and meditate on My eternalness, My timelessness. Consider that I have always existed, and consider that I will always exist. Think of all the earthly lives that have come and gone as I have watched and cared for each one. Think of all the times and seasons that have come to pass as I ordered each in its place. Think how even the whole universe cannot contain Me. Think about how I created everything you see. I not only created the things that have created the circumstances around you, but I even created you and know what reactions you're going to have to them. I am in everything.

12. Meditate on My strength and power, how I am God above all. And then think about how I care for you, how your times are in My hands, and how I have a perfect and wonderful plan for your life. Think about how there is no need to carry your burdens on your own, or to be in such a spirit of hurry. I was here before you ever got to Earth, and I'll still be here when you leave. I have a far-reaching plan that stretches beyond the bounds of eternity, and I am well able to take care of My creation, My work, My plan, and you as well.

Picture a scene … and "be there!"

13. (Jesus: ) Focus on a restful scene—it can be as elaborate as a sandy beach, with waves washing over your toes and the salty breeze in your hair, complete with palm trees and anything else you fancy, or it could be as simple as a comfy chair in a quiet room. Picture yourself in that scene—not just for a few seconds, but try to "be there" for a few minutes, imagining yourself there, how you feel, the calming effect it has on you, and relax your body. Become one with the scene, and let Me take you there for a little bit. Disconnecting your mind from your physical surroundings is key in learning to meditate and connect with Me. When you come back, you'll feel more rested and be in a better state of mind to rest in Me.

Go on a mini spirit trip with Me!

14. (Jesus:) Picture the most beautiful, peaceful, quiet place you can think of, and ask Me to take you there in spirit. As you close your eyes, ask Me to help you to see it with your mind's eye‚ and make the experience come alive to you. Keep that picture of you and Me together in that beautiful, peaceful place as we talk, love, rest, swim, explore, or whatever else you and I would like to do together in that environment.

15. Picturing it can help it seem more real to you, and make it easier for you to concentrate‚ as well as help take you far away from the cares and burdens of daily life that surround you. If you don't have a good imagination, you can ask Me to take you on a spirit trip to a place that will be just perfect and conducive to quality personal time with Me.

16. Being in peaceful, beautiful surroundings is very conducive to resting in Me and spending time with Me in a relaxed manner. But since you don't always have access to the perfect surroundings, and you'll have even less access to these places in the physical as you get closer and closer to the End, it's a good thing to practice having your spirit and mind travel there, as that way you'll be able to benefit from the surroundings whether or not you are able to be there physically.

Take a break and reconnect

17. (Jesus: ) This one may not be possible or prudent in every case, so be led of Me as to when or where to use it: Whether you've just begun the day, or are partway through‚ or are almost at the end, but you feel stressed, short-tempered, and definitely aren't letting Me carry your burdens, why not take a few minutes alone for some solace and reconnect with Me?

18. Even in the midst of the hubbub and daily bustle of your Home life, take a "time out" to be refreshed and to drink in My words. Bring a To Jesus with Love to your bedroom, or a bathroom, or any place where you can get alone for a moment, and have some meditation time as you sit down for a few minutes and talk to Me or let Me speak to you. I guarantee that not only will the exercise soothe your frazzled nerves and give you renewed oomph to continue with the day, but I will also bless you for acknowledging Me, and will lighten your load considerably.

The secret code

19. (Jesus: ) Ask Me for a special picture, word, or place that immediately connects you to Me. It will be a code between the two of us. When you say that word or think of that place or thought, it tells Me that you want to meet. Close your eyes, and while you are waiting to be transported, count the victories that have already happened in your Home that week or day or that you know have happened to others. Thank Me for each one you think of.

20. When you have connected with Me, then let go of your mind. Don't think about anything; just let your spirit connect with Mine. If you find yourself having a difficult time concentrating, then take your favorite picture of Me that you have developed in your mind and put that in front of you. If you keep holding on, you will be transported into that place that's reserved for you and Me and receive what you need from our time of meditation together.

Imagine your heavenly mansion

21. (Jesus:) Go someplace quiet, somewhere you can get comfortable and close your eyes. I want you to picture Heaven and take a few moments to imagine what your heavenly mansion will be like, and how you would like it to be structured if you were the designer. Think about the style of the architecture, the location and scenery you would like to be surrounded by, whether it be a graceful house with large windows located on a cliff overlooking the ocean, or a cozy log cabin in a green forest, or a mansion where your friends and loved ones all live on the same street. Get detailed about what colors you like, what scents and smells you want wafting through the halls, what flowers and wildlife you want in or surrounding your mansion‚ etc. Picture it all in your mind's eye and then imagine walking through the halls of this beautiful mansion with Me by your side, giving you everything that your heart desires and wishes for since you were so faithful to delight yourself in Me.

Touches of My love

22. (Jesus: ) Let Me lead your thoughts to a quiet place, to a place of peace and meditation. Think about My love. Think about the many times that I've shown My love to you through others—through a friend‚ a lover, a companion, a workmate, a child, a witnessing partner, a sheep who was hungry for the words of life that you had for him or her. Think about the ways that you've felt My touch through another and have been encouraged, and dwell on these things. In this time of quiet meditation‚ I want you to reflect on these things that maybe you hadn't even thought of as a touch of My love. I will open your eyes as we review them; you will see so much of My love in action for you‚ and your heart will be touched and encouraged.

"Behold the fowls of the air…"

23. (Jesus:) Take some time to observe the birds of the air, those which lift their voices to greet each dawn, which soar in the sky and that are lifted by the wind that I have created to enable them to do so. The birds of the air are special to Me, for I designed each one to be a testimony of My love to the world and to you, My called and chosen who labor in My fields to bring in the harvest.

24. Take a moment to step outside, or simply stop whatever you're doing and look outside. As you observe the birds, think about all that I have done to meet their every need and how they never lack. Here is a list to help you get started:

* I have designed them perfectly and in such a way that they are able to survive and to fulfill their role in My natural, earthly kingdom.

* They never lack for food and water, for they always know where to find it and how to obtain it. Even in the winter when the ground is covered in snow, I provide for them.

* I have placed within them the knowledge of where to build their nests, where they will be able to raise their young as safely and securely as possible.

* Every time they return from their search for food, they know exactly which of their young is the next one in line to receive nourishment.

* I have given each particular species their own special song, which when sung, adds to the beauty of My creation in an audible way, and helps to create the symphony of My design.

* I have given each their own coloring and special design to give variety and beauty to My visual creation.

25. As you meditate upon this list, apply it to your own life and see if I have not done all these things and more for you. As I told My disciples when I was there on Earth, "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?" (Mat.6:26). If I have devoted so much care to every detail in the design of My creation, and if I care for even the smallest sparrow, and not one falls to the ground without Me knowing it, how much more will I care for you and do for you, My brides, who are the dearest to Me.

26. As you meditate upon My creation, you will find great peace, contentment and rest, that which will transcend both earth and flesh. You can do this with any number of the creatures that I have created, or other things that I have created in the natural realm.

Affirmations of love

27. Try repeating some of these affirmations of your love as you breathe deeply and prepare your heart and spirit for meditation:

* Jesus, You're the most important thing in my life.
* I love You‚ Jesus, more than anything else.
* My precious Love, I want Your priorities to be my priorities.
* It makes me happy to spend time with You, my dear Husband.
* Jesus, You are what I want above all.
* Nothing in this world can satisfy my spirit like You can, Jesus.
* I want to tap in to Your Spirit, Jesus. I want to chase the wild wind of Your Spirit.

Think about Heaven—in 3D!

28. In meditation it helps to focus on one thing and let all other thoughts fade away. Thinking on Heaven is a wonderful way to regenerate the spirit. Stop, close your eyes, get in a comfortable position‚ and focus your mind and thoughts on a scene of Heaven from one of the posters. Focus on that scene and try to block everything else out, to the point where you don't only see the scene in still–life 2D, but to where it comes to life and you see it in full, living 3D. Let your mind be so consumed with this scene that you can almost feel yourself inside of it. That's thinking about Heaven.


Love Me in word and in song

29. (Jesus:) Sometimes a key to entering into My rest is doing something that is positive and constructive for your spirit long enough that you get past the point of doing it just to do it, past the point of wondering if it's doing anything‚ past the point of wondering if there's something more constructive that you could be doing, until you get to the place where that activity is really feeding and nurturing your soul and spirit.

30. An example of this would be to sometime spend your full 1½ hours of Word time in praise and song to Me. Listen to a "Loving Jesus" song, or play one on the guitar or another instrument, then read Me some words of intimate love and praise. You can use your own words too, if you can. Then play another song. Just keep repeating this and doing this, and by the end you will have shared something very special with Me. This time with Me will rub off on you, and it will bring rest and calm to your spirit.

31. It might sometimes even reach a point where you think it's a waste of time‚ but just keep going, and soon you'll reach a beautiful place of rest for your spirit. You will be past the point of just doing it to have included or wielded that weapon for the day. Whatever input you give your spirit, that's what it will soak up, and that's what will become part of you. You can't spend those hours loving Me and giving Me praise without your spirit soaking up that goodness and becoming more one with Me, more rested and relaxed as a result.

Drink … praise … listen!

32. (Jesus:) Get yourself a nice big glass of cold water, or some other pleasant refreshment that you enjoy, and as you drink it, praise Me for the wonderful, soothing, refreshing words I can give you. Drink it slowly and imagine My Spirit going into you as you take in the refreshing liquid. Meditate on how I am the water of life‚ I am what keeps you alive. Think about how much you need Me, and how good it feels to take Me in. Then stop for a moment and listen while I give you a sentence or two of My loving, refreshing words.

Be cleansed of your cares through music and praise!

33. (Jesus: ) First, you need to cast your cares on Me and enter into that quiet‚ receptive frame of mind. Start off by committing things to Me, even very personal needs and requests from your heart. It can be something that has been hard for you to yield to or accept, such as a possible change in your way of operating or in your Home life. Or it can be something that's happening on the world scene or in someone else's life that is weighing on you or touching you deeply. It also could be thoughts about your relationship, or your desires, thoughts of your work and upcoming deadlines. Just give Me anything that's in the forefront of your mind right now.

34. Once you've committed these things to Me through prayer and in faith, then let Me come in and fill those now empty spaces with My spiritual influences. Listen to songs of love and praise and adoration to Me. Sing those songs to Me with your heart and even out loud if you like. Praise Me in between songs. What does each song make you think about? What comes to mind when the song is over? Take a moment to praise Me for those things.

35. Now My music and your praises are cleansing your channel and clearing away all the debris of your own mind or thoughts, any distraction that the Enemy might have been trying to hinder you with. And now you're clear and ready to receive My Words and truth deep in the inner sanctum of your heart.

Reciprocal words and praises

36. (Jesus:) Sit down or lie down in a very quiet place, where you're sure to be undistracted. Through this exercise, I'm going to help both our minds to connect intimately and sweetly. After you've enjoyed this little occasion, you'll feel so much better as you enter your Word time or quiet time with Me. Your mind will feel clearer and more in tune with Me.

37. I'm going to tell you a word, or draw your attention to some object in your surroundings. Then I want you to use that word or object in an intimate praise or praise kiss to Me. If you find it too hard to concentrate on receiving this word from Me, then you can pick up a book or the Bible and crack it open to find a word for each praise.

38. Once you've used that word to say a sweet and personal praise to Me‚ let Me do the same for you. Now it's your turn to give Me a word, and quietly listen as I describe it in a love kiss to you. Then it's your turn to use that same word in a praise kiss back to Me.

39. We can have this sweet back and forth communion for as long as you like. You can use words or pictures‚ real or imagined, for this exercise. The main point is that we're both fully focusing on each other as we say sweet praises and give kisses to each other in sincerity and love.

40. This exercise will help you to link your mind and focus with Mine right from the start, so that your Word time to follow will be more feeding and better quality.

Praise Me for the bad and difficult situations

41. (Jesus:) Before you can truly receive from Me, you have to be truly yielded to Me, and the way to do that is by being truly praiseful to Me. Where it's easy to be unyielded, and to not even realize it, is when you fail to praise when things go wrong or are difficult. When those situations draw out the despair and doubt in you, and the negative, hopeless remarks or feelings‚ they also draw out unyieldedness to Me. In not being completely thankful for all that I do, you're not completely accepting Me in every area of your life.

42. So to enter that accepting, receptive spirit, you need to yield to Me the unyielded portions of your life, and you do this with praise. I want you to think of those situations that are bad—whatever has happened to you or those you love that was wrong or went badly or didn't turn out well—and I want you to praise Me for every little bit of it.

43. I want you to praise Me that you're not feeling so well today, that you even have a headache or a painful eye ache. I want you to praise Me that you didn't have much sleep last night. I want you to praise Me that certain deadlines or important appointments were accidentally missed. I want you to praise Me for the run-in you had with so-and–so, or for the mistake you made in your interactions with your mate or loved one.

44. I want you to praise Me for everything today or this week that resulted in a bummer mood or bummer comment. Tell Me that you're glad I've allowed those things into your life. Tell Me that you're happy to have experienced them. Get into a thankful vein about the very things you don't feel thankful about.

45. You can only stop once you've reached that point of complete joy and gratefulness for all those things, once you reach the point where you can't even stop praising Me, that point where you know without a doubt that I am in control of all those situations no matter how ugly they are. That's when you've yielded all to Me and when you are ready to enter into My presence with full acceptance and receptivity. This is when My Word will sink deepest within you.

Write a psalm of praise and love!

46. (Jesus: ) King David wrote many psalms to Me‚ many of which were originally songs of praise. Do you know what writing those praises did for him? It lifted him into a realm beyond the physical, where all that mattered was Me‚ and where Mine was the only power. It cleared him of all the burdens of his kingly duties and gave him peace, because he was resting in Me and trusting in Me.

47. I would love for you to write a psalm of praise to Me. This can be your personal psalm—whether a song‚ or a poem, or simple words. Write it just like a regular chapter, complete with verse numbers.

48. In your own words, and from your heart, write Me a psalm of praise and love. Tell Me how you feel about Me. Tell Me what I mean to you. Tell Me how I look to you. Let Me know what you love about Me and why you adore Me. You could even start your own Book of Psalms that you add to during any of your times with Me. Some can be long and some can be short, but they should all be your personal words of praise and love to Me.

49. You can do as David did and even write out psalms of praise regarding difficult situations, focusing on glorifying Me through it all. These can then be words you can look back on, praises you can stand on whenever you need an extra boost.

50. I love to hear your praises, and I'd love for you to record them, because one day they might do you and others a lot of good! Sing Me a psalm, write Me a psalm, and let Me bring rest to your spirit through this powerful method of praise.

Creation praise

51. (Jesus: ) This is one to do when you're somewhere beautiful, either in a park or in some other location where you can see My creation.

52. Sit outside and take the time to meditate on all that you see. Let your eyes wander around to the beauty that surrounds you, then focus on one thing that catches your attention and take a minute to praise Me for five things which that particular object reminds you of. For example, if your eye falls on a rose, you could thank Me for the beautiful and varied scents I created, just as I created beautiful and varied personalities of the people that you live with. You could thank Me for the thorns in your life that draw you closer to Me, and also for the times of crushing that bring forth the priceless perfume, etc. Then move on to the next thing that catches your attention‚ whether it be the tall, green tree that stands before you, or the bird singing nearby, and again think of five things that you can praise Me for.

Practice praise and reacting positively

53. Practice praise and rising above before you start feeling stressed. If you know you have a big project coming up, or a deadline, or you sense a situation brewing that may leave you feeling stressed, start mentally conditioning yourself now. Imagine yourself in the situation and how you are going to cope with it. Create scenarios in your mind of what might stress you, and imagine yourself reacting positively and praisefully and rising above in each scenario. Do some "training" now, so that if you start feeling stress creeping in, you'll already know how you are going to react to it, because you have mentally conditioned yourself to do so.

Package praise!

54. (Jesus: ) Begin this exercise by closing your eyes and breathing deeply for a minute. Soft music in the background may help you. Now mentally articulate the burdens that are on your mind or thoughts. Perhaps they are of the things you need to do or take care of. Maybe they are concerns that you have about your sheep, or your children. Perhaps they are health issues.

55. As you bring up in your mind each concern or burden, imagine yourself packaging it up and placing it in My hands. As you do so, offer a praise for the way that I am going to remove the burden or fix the situation or complete My perfect will. Take as much time with this exercise as you need in order to "unload" your burdens and thoughts and cares in this specific, methodical way, at the same time praising My wonderful power to enact change and miracles.

56. Discipline your mind to focus on your problem or thought or burden only as long as it takes to call it up in your memory, and visualize handing it over to Me. Once it is in My hands, don't dwell any longer on that specific problem or let your thoughts wander to the details, but move on to the next one. When you have finished, raise your hands in praise for all the miracles that I will perform for you, My darling one.

On the banks of the River of Life

57. (Jesus: ) Close your eyes and picture yourself in My presence. We walk into a great hall, past some heavenly angels and into My bedroom. It's quiet in here and the lights are dim. You can hear the sweet sound of water from the River of Life flowing by outside. I sense that this is where you'd like to go, so I lead you out to the grassy embankment and we sit together with our feet dangling in the water. Now, close your eyes, rest in My Spirit, and take a deep breath of the heavenly, aromatic, invigorating air that wafts around you, blowing through your hair. Take a moment to thank Me for the things that make you feel at rest and calm. Thank Me for your bed, your rest, the times you get sweet sleep and good dreams‚ good food—any of the pleasures of life that make you happy and fill you with peace.

Praise Him for His power!

58. Make a list of which of the Lord's powerful attributes or miracle-working powers you are most thankful for. What part of His power and grandeur means something to you? Perhaps it is the way He can override your own opinion and give you His mind and outlook on something. Maybe it is the way that He can change the heart of someone you witness to. It could be the way He is capable of giving healing, whether physical or spiritual. You can make the list mentally‚ or if you are doing this exercise with a partner‚ you can take turns verbally expressing your list, or it may help you to write it down or type it out so that you can refer to it later. As you list each attribute, say something like: "Thank You, Jesus, that You are the One with all the power and all the glory. Thank You that I can avail myself of Your tremendous strength. Thank You that I can be weak because You are so strong."

The river of My love

59. (Jesus:) Like a stream of water, let Me guide your thoughts through the land of peace, the port of praise‚ the bubbling current of love, and the rapids of joy. There are so many positive and life-giving thoughts that I can lead the currents of your mind through. So when you see rocks ahead in your life, don't worry; they're what cause the bubbling sounds of love—My love. When there are rapids ahead, know that through them I will give you joy. When you're seemingly stuck somewhere, remember that it is a port of praise. When all is quiet, that's when I give you peace.

60. Think now on the positive, the joy, the good that I am already bringing about in every situation in your life through making you stronger, teaching you how to praise‚ keeping you close to Me and dependent upon Me. I'm showing you that I am master over all, helping you, guiding you, and going before you. You are not thrashed about by random currents; you are carried along by My river, coasting gently, rushing wildly, but all in perfect beat and harmony with Me.

Spirit helper praise

61. (Jesus:) Gather a few of the illustrations of various spirit helpers that have been published. Two or three is good, or get more if you're able to. Take time to look at each picture and really study that spirit helper. As you look at the picture, praise Me for whatever comes to mind regarding how this spirit helper helps you personally. Thank Me for how this spirit helper plays a part in making it easier for you to live and fight for Me. Praise Me for the different traits that you appreciate in this spirit helper. Let Me know how thankful you are for this heavenly help that I have created and ordained for you.

62. This exercise helps you to focus more on your spiritual help, the beings in the other realm who are able to accomplish so much for you. This helps you to connect more with the spirit world, to establish an even closer link with those particular spirit helpers. It reminds you that you're not alone in the fight and there are many who are beside you waiting to be called on. It sharpens your awareness of the spiritual realm and helps you to focus more on the heavenly side rather than only the earthly side.

Sing a cappella to the Lord

63. If you don't feel that your musical skills are that good‚ you may want to do this alone‚ although it could also be an exercise that you do with a partner or adapt for a small group. Think of a topic‚ like prayer, resting in the Lord, loving Jesus, or praise, and then sing parts of whatever songs come to you on that topic. Sing a cappella. It doesn't matter if you are on key or not, or if you remember all the words; simply lift up your voice in praise to the Lord on a certain topic. Sing as much of the song as you can remember, and then move on to the next one. Before beginning, ask the Lord to quicken to you many songs on the topic. Here are a few to start you out:


Whatsoever we ask….
She flows like a woman….
Keep the candles burning for me….
Sweet hour of prayer….

Resting in the Lord:

Breathe on me, breath of God....
In the cool of the morning He comes to me….
Just a closer walk with Thee….
There is a place of quiet rest….
Nearer, my God, to Thee....

Loving Jesus:

Just fall in love with Jesus….
You're mine….
I am Your bride, You are my love….
When I open my heart to Thee….
I will serve Thee because I love Thee....


Count your blessings….
Beautiful Savior….
No one ever cared for me like Jesus....
Whom have I in Heaven but Thee….

Count your blessings

64. Take a sheet of paper and write down as many blessings as you can think of that you can be thankful for. See how long you can make your list. Include as many categories as you can think of, and put as many specifics as you can under each category. Start from as far back as you can remember and go up to the present. This list is meant to be personal, so the blessings listed should be of a personal nature. They should be things that you are personally thankful for because of some effect or benefit they have had on you personally—miracles He has done for you, supply, difficult times He's brought you through, blessings He's brought into your life, etc. Don't generalize. Use this list as a praise time springboard when you stop to spend time with the Lord. Having something on hand to help you remember your many blessings and get you started with ideas of things to praise Him for can make it easier for you to make the switch from "work mode" to "time with my Husband" mode.

Ponder and meditate on His care for you over the years

65. (Jesus:) Take some time to think about the ways I've cared for you, supplied for you, and pulled you out of tight spots and seemingly impossible situations. You can think back over the past year or two‚ or if you want to get more into it, take a trip down memory lane, starting at the beginning of your service for Me and going all the way up to the present. Take notes if you want to have these on hand for future reference‚ or to add to at a later date.

66. As you ponder and meditate on My care for you and how I always work everything out, it will help to put your mind at rest, and help you to realize and remember that I've always come through for you no matter what the problem, obstacle, or difficulty. Take it further by praising and thanking Me for all the times I've come through for you, and for how I will never fail you.

67. You can also share these testimonies with your children and others in your Home, whether over dinner or at another convenient time. This helps to keep a spirit of faith, trust, and praise flowing through your Home, even during those times when you're busy in the wings.


Create a romance story!

68. (Jesus:) Create a romance story with Me in your mind (this is good for those who like to fantasize or have a good imagination).

69. Let your mind wander to a place where you would like to meet with Me. Picture yourself there, and then picture Me there with you. It can be in any setting of your choosing—a garden, a luxurious bedroom, on a big and comfy bed, in the kitchen alone while sipping on a drink, in an exotic place, in the woods, whichever place will help you to relax and calm your spirit.

70. Then ask Me to take your mind over and make this time become real to you. You can either be doing something with Me, like sitting on the beach early in the morning as the sun is rising with your head on My shoulder‚ watching dolphins jumping up from the sea, or you can be holding a conversation. Whatever you do, you should focus on showing Me how much you love Me and need Me—whether it's action or conversation.

71. Make sure you let Me play My part as well. I have things to say and actions to take Myself. Let the things we say and the actions we take correspond with one another until you have had your love cup filled and have in turn filled Mine.

Receive a love letter from Jesus

72. (Jesus: ) At the beginning of your Word time on a day when you're feeling especially busy and you're not sure you can stop and take the time with Me that you need, don't get into your normal routine. Instead, stop and ask Me to give you a love letter in prophecy—precious, sweet, encouraging, romantic words straight from Me to you. Block out everything else and let Me tell you how much I love you, and how much you mean to Me.

73. This exercise is meant to get you out of the spirit of accomplishment and busyness, as some of you tend to bring that spirit with you to your times with Me, and are overly hurried to get each thing out of the way and over with. So you fly through your P&P, you breeze over your memory work, and you speed through your reading time as if this hurried spirit will make time pass faster.

74. I want to slow you down. I want you to relax and rest in Me. I want you to put all the rush and hurry and busyness aside by doing something that seems to the flesh to be almost utterly unproductive. Some of you over-achievers will feel way too busy, even spiritually, to sit down and hear My encouraging words about My love for you. You'll say you have important things to read‚ important things to hear from Me about, and no time to do something so "fluffy."

75. But, My loves, you must make this kind of time for our hearts to become one, and for us to enjoy the simple joys of love and life together, because this is part of resting in Me. You'll find that these moments that could seemingly be wasted can actually be some of the most empowering and fulfilling of your entire day.

76. So slow down and let Me dictate to you a letter full of My love for you. Don't receive any answers from Me or expect any major revelations. Just let Me tell you how important you are to Me, how special, and what a precious part of My Kingdom you are. Put aside the thoughts of all the better things you could be doing, and relax in My arms and enjoy the love I have to give you.

The ultimate peace: Think about Jesus

77. (Jesus: ) As the song says: "When I think about Heaven, I smile." Think about Me, just Me, and everything else will fade. When you think about Me, it's impossible to frown. When you think about Me, I bring love to your heart and you will always smile. When you think about Me, a peace will always surround you. The secret is thinking about Me. The ultimate peace is found in thinking about Me. When you think about Me, no other thoughts can inhabit your mind or haunt or taunt you at the same time. When you think about Me, angels surround you. When you think about Me, My mind can possess you. When you think about Me, you bring Heaven to Earth; you fill your earthly mind with Heaven itself. When you love Me by thinking about Me, you bring Heaven to you. You can live in Heaven‚ as I do, with the angels and your departed loved ones, by thinking about Me.

Dancing with Jesus

78. (Jesus:) Lie on your bed and put on some soft Loving Jesus music. Close your eyes and imagine dancing with Me to the slow-moving yet enticing rhythm of the song. You can use your imagination to picture us dancing in your most romantic spot‚ such as in a beautiful garden on a moonlit night, or in a lovely dance hall, dressed in the most elegant gown or attire. Imagine Me holding you close, looking deeply into your eyes and speaking the words of love from the song directly from My heart to yours.

The things I love most about you

79. (Jesus:) You are sitting under My dome of heavenly communication. The air is clean. The world around you goes quiet. Now picture Me lifting you up into the air. You are weightless; the worries and fears of the world around you vanish and you can tell Me how much you love Me, how much you need Me, and how much I mean to you. Then, get quiet and let Me shower you with love. I know it's sometimes hard to picture that, or to receive words of love from Me to you, so I ask you to wait until you hear Me tell you at least three things that I love about you, or that excite Me, thrill Me, and please Me. Stay for My complete words of encouragement. You need them and deserve them!

Be like Mary

80. (Jesus: ) Mary sat at My feet and looked up into My face. She studied My face as I talked. She loved the sound of My voice. She loved My laugh, and she memorized My smile. Do like Mary‚ and look into My face and tell Me what you love about Me. Tell Me what you think about My smile, how My laugh makes you feel‚ what My eyes say to you. Tell Me how you love to see Me. Study My face. Trace every feature with your praises. Let Me know just how much you love to look at Me, to see Me‚ to sit at My feet and look up to Me.

81. These praises help you to focus on the power—Me. It's not a struggle to focus in this way, because you're focusing on how in love you are with Me. You're focusing on how I make you feel. You're focusing on what My beauty does for you. All of this automatically creates a strong link between us that cannot be easily broken.

Put yourself in your fantasy

82. Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful and idyllic situation for you to be in if you were going to relax and enjoy yourself, and think about being there with Jesus and what you would do with Him. Let your imagination run wild and really try to put yourself in your fantasy—let it last for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Just as it helps to get away in the physical to beautiful places to rest and relax with the ones you love‚ and as it recharges your physical batteries, so does getting away in the spirit with your Husband help to recharge your spiritual batteries and give you strength to face the battles of daily life.

Be encouraged!

83. (Jesus:) Get a paper and pen and ask Me to tell you the ten things that I love the most about you. This will help you to see yourself from My perspective. You are often so hard on yourself and get discouraged and condemned so easily. Many times you feel that I'm displeased with you in one way or another, so I want to use this exercise to show you how dear and precious you are to Me and how much I treasure you and the life that you live in unselfish giving and sacrifice so that others may come to know My love as well.


Give Me your prayers and I'll give you My promises!

84. (Jesus:) This is a simple prayer exercise, but it's terrific if you're someone who has a very active mind and who finds that you're continually hit with thoughts, reminders‚ or daydreams during your times with Me.

85. In prayer‚ commit all that is on your heart to Me. I want you to go slowly, expressing each burden or thought to Me one at a time. After each prayer, pause for a moment and listen. I'm going to give you a promise to hold on to in place of what you have just committed to Me. The promise might be a verse that applies directly to the aspect of your prayer request, a promise that you can claim for it, or it might be a simple promise on faith or trust, something for you to claim for your own peace of mind and heart.

86. It would be a good idea to write down these promises, as well as the requests that they were given for. It doesn't matter how long your list of requests is. I want you to write down anything that is on your heart or that is weighing on you at that moment. As well, write down every promise that I give you in return. Some might be verses, others might be key promises, and yet others might be quotes from the Word, and‚ of course, I may also speak to you with a fresh promise.

87. This isn't meant to be an in-depth prophecy time, but just a time for you to empty your heart before Me‚ and let Me give you My promises in return.

88. Now, as you begin your Word time or your personal time with Me, whenever you are tempted to think on any one of these burdens or problems, I want you to look at that paper and read My promise instead. Praise Me for My promise, and then continue with our time together. This exercise will help you to completely divorce yourself from any worries or burdens that would try to enter our relationship and time together.

Your limitations and My abilities

89. (Jesus: ) Think about the situations in your life that you're most concerned about: Maybe it's the budget you have to raise, maybe your health, maybe your children, etc. Take a minute to go over each one, and think about the two distinct roles that we, you and I, play in helping these situations turn out for the best. Think about your limitations and think about My abilities, and decide for yourself in whose hands the situation should be left. Here's an example:

90. "I'm concerned that we're short on funds for this month's budget. What can I do about this? Well, I can pray for what we need, and then I can do the 'wenting' by going out and employing the various fundraising methods the Lord has shown me. But raising finances is a two-way transaction, and my limitations come after the asking stage. I can only pray, and I can only ask people. I can't make them give me the money we need.

91. "On the other hand, Jesus, You're able to actually put it in the hearts of these people that I approach to want to give to us. You can lead me to those who aren't going to turn me down, so You can keep me from wasting time. You can change people's minds if they were initially hardened to our requests. You can put an unexplainable burden on the heart of one of our friends to donate the amount we need. In fact, if You wanted to, You could drop this money right out of the sky for us!"

92. It could be the same with a worry you have about your health. You could ask for prayer, you could get a checkup, but only I can bring divine healing and reach inside your body and fix whatever is wrong.

93. The point of this exercise is to illustrate to you that although there are things you can do in each situation to make it turn out the way you want it to, ultimately you are much more limited than I am—there's only so much you can do. But I am unlimited in My abilities, and you'll always be better off leaving situations in My hands. In some ways it's better just to trust Me by faith, but it's also interesting to really go through each situation and think about it and see just how much more capable I am in it than you are.

94. How does this relate to resting in the Lord? Well, before most of you can properly rest in Me, you have to lay your burdens down and cast your cares on Me. Doing an exercise like this reminds you that My shoulders are broad enough to carry any load, and that whatever you lay down in order to rest in Me, I will more than adequately carry for you.

Turn your thoughts into prayers

95. (Jesus: ) Picture yourself in a beautiful place in spirit with Me. It can be wherever is beautiful or lovely to you. Focus on Me and where we are, somewhere nice like a meadow, a forest, a mountain‚ a beach, etc. Picture or think about us holding one another, telling each other how much we love each other. Think of the words that will pass between us, what I will say to you and what you will say to Me.

96. As you're doing this, let yourself be aware of the different thoughts that intrude into this time of silence. No matter what it is, wherever your mind drifts, stop, see that thought for what it is, and then give it to Me in prayer. If it's a worry or concern about something, pray for that situation, and tell Me that you're putting it in My hands. Then return to our beautiful scene together. If it's just an idle passing thought, turn that too into a prayer and return.

97. When those thoughts stop coming to you and you're able to focus only on what we are sharing and the words that are passing back and forth between our hearts‚ you will be fully focused on Me, resting in My arms, having given Me all your other thoughts, all your other cares.

List and commit your cares to Jesus

98. (Jesus:) Take a few minutes to write down all the things that you feel weighing on you or burdening you in some way. It could be your teenager who is going through a rough period in his life. It could be the rent that needs to be paid in two days‚ and you don't know where the money is going to come from. It could be the extra kilos that you put on in the last couple of months when you couldn't get sufficient exercise due to health problems, etc. Get everything out on paper.

99. Now, go through each item on your list and picture yourself physically taking that burden that you've been carrying and putting it on My broad, strong shoulders and thanking Me for how I'm going to change the situation and bring about a Romans 8:28 as a result. Don't go on to the next item until you feel you've really committed the previous one to Me.

100. After you've done that with each item on your list, take a pen, write a large check mark over it, crumple it up, and throw it away. When you've committed each item to Me and finished your list, lift your hands and praise Me with all your heart. Speak in tongues, clap your hands, and really go to town in your praise and love for Me. My shoulders are broad enough to carry any load. You can rest assured that when you've got a care or a concern, My hands are the best place to put it, for I will tenderly care for each and every thing that concerns you‚ My dear love.


101. One key to resting in the Lord is being able to shut out the concerns and worries of daily life in order to focus on heavenly things. To help you do this, write up a list of the top three to five things you are concerned about or that weigh on you. This list is between you and the Lord, so don't hold back. Put it all down. Be as detailed as you like. Then commit each of those things to the Lord. The idea is not to pray for the situations, but rather to place them in the Lord's hands, asking only that His will be done in each of these situations. Once you've committed your list to the Lord, close your eyes and try to imagine you are resting in the Lord's arms, lying there without a care in the world. Don't think about anything else but being together with Jesus. You've already committed your cares and concerns to Him, so now all there is to do is to think about Jesus and what a comfort and strength He is to you.

Take a "walkie-talkie" with Jesus

102. (Jesus: ) Take a "walkie-talkie" with Me. Go out somewhere alone (to a safe location) in nature, or walk around the yard of your house, and tell Me your troubles and problems. Even talk to Me verbally, as if you are talking to a friend‚ if you can get away with doing so without looking strange to outsiders. Pour it all out and tell Me what you're worrying about and what is burdening your heart. Then get quiet and let Me do the talking. I will speak to your heart words of love and encouragement, for I am the Good Shepherd and you are My dearly beloved.

Lay your heavy burdens at His feet

103. (Jesus:) If you're the type of person who has trouble laying your burdens at My feet, try this: Go find something fairly heavy—not something so heavy that it's dangerous for you to carry, but heavy enough to be uncomfortable, such as a weight or a rock or a basket of laundry. Try lifting that for a couple of minutes‚ and tell Me by faith how you want Me to take all of your burdens. Then, as you put down your physical burden‚ tell Me that you are doing so in the spirit as well, and that you no longer want to carry it around. You might find that this physical example will help drive the point home that it's ridiculous to be carrying these burdens yourself when I am so willing to help you and even carry them completely for you, if you wish.

As you spend time with Me‚ I'll make arrangements to take care of all your problems

104. (Jesus: ) Make a list of everything you're concerned about—whether it's things you need to do, problems your children or those you shepherd are having, finances, a big event coming up that you don't feel prepared for, an aspect of your spiritual life you need to make progress in, or whatever the case may be.

105. Ask yourself if you truly believe that My power is powerful enough to solve the problems and to bring the solutions and supply your needs. Think of, or look up, some promises—these can be key promises, Bible promises‚ promises from the GNs, or personal promises I've given you. If you truly believe in My power and promises, which you do, then you can commit your concerns and burdens to Me, claim My promises, and leave your cares in My hands.

106. Picture yourself coming up to My throne and laying your burdens down at My feet. Then, as you climb up onto My lap to enjoy your time with Me, I have summoned My spirit helpers to take those burdens away and take care of them for you while you're spending time with Me, so that when you go back to your work, you'll find answers, solutions, and miracles lined up, ready and waiting for you.


Find strength and comfort in the Psalms

107. (Jesus:) Take your Bible, and go sit somewhere quiet and peaceful, where you can see some of My creation if possible.

108. Pick a Psalm to read, and read it slowly. After each verse, pause for 30 seconds or a minute and think about it. Absorb it, meditate on it, praise Me along with King David, and cast your cares on Me just as he did.

Make a list

109. (Jesus: ) Think about how you act and react when you're stressed or aren't casting your cares on Me. What are your reactions or "symptoms"? Maybe your digestion acts up, or you have a hard time sleeping at night, or you find you aren't laughing enough, or you're short tempered with people and have more bad reactions to things. Ask Me to help you make a good list of about 10 things you can recognize as symptoms when you need to do better in casting your cares on Me.

110. Then think about what are your signs of resting in Me and working effectively in the spirit. Maybe you don't get bothered so easily‚ or you find it easy to praise Me, or you have more grace and anointing when you hear bad news, or you're faithful with your daily exercise, or you wake up feeling more rested in the morning and thus are able to get up earlier.

111. Now you have two lists—one that you want to slowly eliminate from your life, and the other that you want to include a whole lot more. Ask Me to help you in these areas, and to recognize these things. It can be a "stress thermometer" for you, and help you know when you need to take a few steps back and breathe deeply of My heavenly elixir in order to have the strength to handle things in the spirit.

Breathe deeply

112. (Jesus:) Go out in creation and get comfortable—whether sitting or lying down, or walking around slowly. Slowly and deliberately, breathe in deeply through your nose. Breathe the air deep down into your belly, and then let the air out very slowly. Look around at My creation, and praise Me for how I am taking care of everything, and that you don't have to worry. Continue deep breathing and thinking about My care and protection and supernatural ability, until you feel totally relaxed and as if you're resting in My arms. Smile as you look up to Me and thank Me for taking care of everything for you.

Relax each part of you

113. This is another one to get comfortable for. Lie down somewhere safe and comfortable. Adjust the lights and the fan or heater and anything else you might need so that you're not chilled or uncomfortable. You can put on some soft music if you want, or you can have it perfectly quiet.

114. Praise and thank Me for the quiet and peace that I give, and ask Me to take you to the pavilion of renewal or the pavilion of rest, for a little time of heavenly rejuvenation.

115. Lie down and start at the very tip of your body with your toes, and imagine relaxing your toes. Think about this for a few seconds or a minute, until you can feel that your toes are relaxed. Then think about relaxing your feet. Now think about relaxing your fingers. Then your hands, and then your arms, your legs, your shoulders, your back‚ your neck, your mouth, your ears, your eyes, your whole face. Think about each part until it feels totally relaxed. When you've finished relaxing your whole body, let yourself drift off to sleep for a few minutes, or think about Me and how I'm carrying you and caring for everything else in the universe so that you can be undisturbed.

116. When you wake up, don't jump right up, but take a few minutes to thank Me for the heavenly renewal and rest, and ask Me to help you carry that peace and calm with you.

How to get around prophecy pile–up

117. It's sometimes difficult to get around to all the questions you want to ask the Lord. They can pile up. The long list has the potential to make you feel overwhelmed and even discouraged. In order to not let the Enemy make you feel that you are "so behind in your spiritual life," go on the offensive by taking these simple steps.

1) Pray regularly for each area of your life you know you need the Lord's counsel on or direction for. Even if you don't have the time to stop and receive a comprehensive message and counsel about a given area, commit it to the Lord often in prayer.

2) If you don't have time to stop and receive a long message from the Lord on a particular topic that has been nagging you, stop for a few minutes to receive a key promise that you can then memorize and claim for that situation or that question while you wait for the opportunity to hear more from the Lord about it.

3) Ask the Lord for a vitamin on the topic, something that you can stand on while you wait for the opportunity to hear more from Him about it.

4) Take some time to tell the Enemy that while it has bothered you that you haven't gotten it resolved in the spirit yet by taking the time to hear from the Lord‚ you are open and yielded to whatever the Lord has to say on that topic, so he is going to be defeated; then move on to claim the keys of yieldedness and receptivity.

5) When you do find the time‚ ask the Lord what you should hear from Him about next that would put less pressure on your spirit and make it more difficult for the Enemy to condemn you or make you feel unfaithful.

6) Make sure you have a written list of your questions, so that each time you cross one off, you can see the progress you are making and tell the Enemy that he has no case; you are doing your best‚ and your best is what Jesus needs.

7) Keep your list in an accessible place so that you don't forget that there are questions that you need to ask the Lord about.

8) When you get around to asking the Lord for personal counsel about some area of your life‚ immediately after getting the message, summarize it into a few key points. The shorter the summary, the easier you'll be able to review it. Post it someplace where you'll see it for a few days—like on your mirror, or by your bed. Review it regularly and this will help you to absorb the Lord's counsel and start living it more easily.

Connect with a spirit helper

118. Take some time to connect with a spirit helper. This can be done at any time of the day when your mind isn't busy; for example, as you are cleaning up the house or riding to your witnessing spot.

119. It shouldn't be strenuous on your part to connect in the spirit, and should just be something that plays out in your mind as if you were thinking about everything you need to get done or other things that typically occupy your mind.

120. Ask the Lord to give you the name of a spirit helper He wants you to connect with that day, whose help He knows you will need. Ask Him to give you a picture in your mind of that spirit helper, or picture him or her as you've seen a picture drawn of them. Then hold a conversation with them.

121. For example, you could first let them know how thankful you are for them and thank them personally for how they have recently helped you. Then wait to see what they have to say. Then when it's your turn again, you can ask them a question you've wanted to ask them, or talk about a subject you've wanted to talk to them about.

122. Or you can have this conversation with the Lord and ask Him to give you some information you've wanted to know about a particular spirit helper—whether it's a general one or your very own helper.

123. Whichever way you go about it, use this time to get closer to your spirit helpers and make the connection and friendship more real for you. You'll find that this connection will calm your spirit and give you a surge of spiritual energy.

Slow down and see the need

124. Go slow. Stop to think about the times you hurry or you move quickly, and what you do. Write these down. It could be that you don't stop to say hi to those in your Home. You think of getting from point A to point B without acknowledging that there may be something that the Lord wants you to do along the way. Or you don't give people the attention that they need at mealtimes or other times because your mind is too focused on what you need to get done that day.

125. Once you have this list, on a regular basis after you have spent your time with the Lord, take a look at this list to remind you of the times you need to slow down more. Make an effort that day to not do those things, to slow things down and see if the Lord needs to use you as His instrument to perhaps encourage someone, listen to someone, or learn something new.

Smile the blues away!

126. Smile more. Smiling takes away the blues and helps you to carry a positive spirit, which then makes it easier for you to praise the Lord, which then carries you into His presence more. Don't minimize smiling. It's very important. Smiling relaxes you and is a pathway which leads you to not only feeling more rested and relaxed‚ but will also help others around you to feel this way as well.

Try a little laughter!

127. (Jesus:) Having a good laugh goes a long way toward relaxing your mind and body. Physical tension can be relieved as you laugh. Laughter sends good signals from your brain to various parts of your body‚ relieving stress, or even ailments such as headaches. When you're too busy to smile and laugh, you're too busy!

Spend time with the kids!

128. (Jesus:) Spending time with the children is a terrific way to enter a more restful state of mind. Spending a few minutes with them throughout the day, entering into their play or activities, giving them hugs‚ or having a simple conversation with them will go a long way in helping you to get your mind away from the daily grind. Their spirit will rub off on yours, and their faith should encourage you that just as you care lovingly for them, so I'm caring lovingly for you.

Compilation of promises

129. (Jesus:) Make a quote compilation of My promises about the blessings and benefits of loving Me, praising Me, spending time with Me, hearing from Me in prophecy, working with your spirit helpers, etc. Keep this comp on hand, and refer to it often. Reviewing My promises will motivate you to want to bring Me into every aspect of your life more and more so that you can open your life up fully to the blessings and rewards I have promised to those who do.

Dwell on the victory, not the battle

130. (Jesus:) Think about a time in the past when you feel you didn't do so well when faced with a problem or situation and it caused you to get stressed, worried, fearful, etc.—some time in your life when it looked like an impossible situation and you didn't see how in the world you were going to get through it, or get the victory‚ or that it was going to work out. Then remember how I worked it all out, got the victory, changed the situation, or made it a Romans 8:28 situation. Think about how you view that situation now in retrospect, and ask yourself if it was worth all the energy you put into worrying and stressing about it, now that you see it in perspective.

131. Now take a present situation that you may be tempted to worry or fret about or that puts you under stress, and project what you will feel after the situation is past or the victory is won. Dwell on those feelings of relief, peace, and tranquility; project them to the present and remind yourself that I am going to work it all out‚ as I always do, so you're going to by faith dwell on the feelings of victory rather than the stress of battle.

Put things in perspective in relation to eternity

132. (Jesus: ) Make a list of the little things that have bugged you lately or that have irritated or stressed you. It can be something as minor as your mate not putting the cap back on the toothpaste, or as major as someone not meeting an important deadline that caused a holdup in the work. Now, think about each of these incidents in relation to eternity and the things that really matter in the overall big scheme of things.

133. In one week, one month, or one year, is this little thing that bothered you really going to matter? Are you going to carry it with you to Heaven? Are you even going to remember it? Was it worth all the energy you put into stressing over it? If not, then ask Me to remind you when you start to get stressed or uptight over the little things of daily life, that in the overall big picture, compared to eternity and the things that really matter‚ is it really worth getting stressed over them?

Look at the bigger picture

134. This exercise can help you to put things back in perspective in your life if there are things that have become more important to you than you feel they should be. It can help draw your mind and thoughts toward the things that are really important. Not only can it be used in a time of communion with the Lord, but it can also be utilized at times when something is blown out of proportion in your mind, or an issue or strong desire or temptation is clouding your perspective.

135. Focus intently on what things really are the most important to you in your life. List a few of them—perhaps spiritual attributes‚ being a disciple, preparing for the future, your children or loved ones. Then think about how your life would be different if those things were completely changed, if, for instance, you were lost in the world, caught up in its rat race, with no certain future to look forward to. Imagine how your life would be without your children or loved ones in it.

136. Intentionally pull your thoughts out of the details of the day or your current circumstances and focus on the big picture, what's really going on. As you do so, pray and ask the Lord to help you see things the way He sees them and be able to place importance on the things that are the most important. When you get to Heaven and look back on your life on Earth, what do you see as still standing and productive from your efforts today? Chances are these will not be the piddling things that tend to clutter your day and mind and thoughts and feelings, but they will be bigger-picture factors of love, your relationship with Jesus and discipleship growth, the love and relationships that you build with others, the souls you have won and disciples you have brought to a greater closeness to the Lord.

137. Take some of the things that weigh on you or perhaps pressure you or stress you, and hold them up in the light of the big picture and affirm to yourself what things you can safely leave in the Lord's hands, knowing that He has the bigger picture in mind.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes

138. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, ask the Lord to give you a glimpse behind the scenes into the spirit world. Imagine you are an observer, watching what is going on and being witness to the conversations your spirit helpers or guardian angels are having. Imagine what they are saying and doing, and how they are engineering things behind the scenes to work out a victory. Imagine them fighting off the imps and demons who are trying to bring defeat‚ and how the victory is being fought and won in the spirit world. Now, any time you are tempted to fret or worry or feel stressed about the situation, remind yourself that you know what is going on behind the scenes in the spirit world and that victory will eventually come‚ because you've seen it firsthand!

Picture a promise coming true for you

139. (Jesus:) Focus your mind, your heart, even your imagination on a promise from My Word. It can be a key promise, a verse, a song, or a quote that speaks to you. I want you to read that promise and really think about the depth and meaning behind it. I want you to imagine that promise being fulfilled. I want you to picture that promise in action.

140. Take this promise, for example: "The power of the keys brings an unwinding of mind, body, and spirit." Close your eyes and picture this promise coming true in your mind, body, and spirit. Repeat this promise to yourself until you really get the full meaning behind every word. Picture My key power rushing through your physical and spiritual being‚ washing, cleansing, releasing, calming, and refreshing every part of you. Let the keys show you how they work and focus your mind on "seeing" this promise.

141. This will help you to both relax and calm your spirit‚ as well as focus and concentrate all your synergies on Me and My Word.


142. (Jesus:) An alternative to the preceding idea is to read through the MOP book on "Resting in the Lord" or "Jesus," or if you have a personal quote book or file on spending time with Me‚ getting quiet, etc., you can read that too.

143. Read each quote slowly, and pause after each one. Let Me bring the full meaning to life for you. Allow those words to truly sink into your thought processes, your mental awareness. Stop for at least 30 seconds after each quote to give Me time to show you how it applies, to make it come alive for you in living color, full understanding‚ and divine comfort as you rest on the truth of that promise.

144. If it makes you praiseful, then praise Me. If it makes you curious to know more behind that quote, then ask Me. Then keep reading, while you focus on absorbing and digesting each morsel, each small quote‚ into your spiritual digestive system. Even if you only get through five quotes, that's okay. The point is to ponder, to reflect, to meditate, to take My Word deeper within you. Then this will work toward readying you for the deeper feeding or fuller meats of My Word.

Face problems positively

145. There are often situations in our lives within our Homes that don't make us feel relaxed. We dwell on the problems and can easily become annoyed that they are there. We ask the Lord to help us not to react badly to them and to put on a brave attitude and face when we are around them.

146. But rather than facing another week while barely managing to keep your happiness or peace of mind regarding these issues, stop and lay these situations on the Lord's table. These can be situations such as seeing an area of the house that is constantly messy, seeing people leave their dishes around, hearing people complain about the same things again and again‚ etc.

147. By laying your annoyances on the Lord's table, you are unburdening your heart to Him and letting Him know that these things have been making you feel on edge lately. Then take each one and ask Him for something you can do to change this area in a positive manner. Don't accept your annoyances as a part of life, but rather see what the Lord has to say to help to change or heal this negative area.

148. You may not be able to do all that the Lord shows you at once, or you may not have time to hear from the Lord about every negative situation. If this is the case, then take one at a time and make a push to be a positive influence in your Home in a meek and humble way.

149. Face the problem positively. The problem may not go away right away, but you will have found a solution for yourself‚ received the Lord's mind and peace on it, and reduced stress in your life.

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