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Mysterious Keys, The--Part 3

Karen Zerby

GN 1181 FD/MM/FM

By Maria 3599 10/03

Dearest Family,

1. I put these two GNs together for you in October of 2003‚ at the same time as I worked on the material you received for Feast 2004. (See "The Mysterious Keys," Parts 1 and 2, ML #3472-3473.) They were originally going to be part of the Feast material for that year, but we realized it would be too much reading and too much information, so the Lord showed us to hold them. Due to the restructuring following soon thereafter‚ and much needed work, I only recently got back to these and pulled them out and prayed about publishing them for you.

2. I didn't rework these GNs or add to them, so not everything is up to date in mentioning what the Family has been through recently, and I'm sure that the Lord would have a lot more to give us about the keys today if we asked Him—and I hope to focus on that soon, when I cover the keys in the "Art of War" series.

3. But for now, here's more encouragement and counsel from the Lord about the keys‚ given in answer to questions that some of you sent in. I pray that it's a blessing to you, and helps you to use the keys more.

4. Remember what the Lord told us in the first two parts of this series—that the keys are a mystery, a phenomenon of the spiritual realm, and we probably won't ever be able to understand them perfectly while we're on this Earth. But we can learn to use them, we can harness their power, and through it have what we need for the days ahead, and even the miracles the Lord wants to give us today.

I love you!

Why do we have to say the words to activate the keys?

5. (Jesus: ) Even the words of man are real things. They bless or they curse‚ they lift up or they tear down, they set the world on fire or they bring peace. By your words you bless God or you curse men. By your words you are justified, and likewise by your words you are condemned (Mat.12:37).

6. I have instructed you to call on the keys, to say the words, for it is in this declaration of your faith in the keys that their power is released. You declare your faith by saying the words, by calling.

7. Saying the words is not entirely new, for I have said, "Ask and you will receive" (Mat.7:7-8). So it is with the keys. The act of asking, the act of calling on the keys, of saying the words, unlocks the power for you to receive. You call, you say the words, you declare your faith in the keys, and once you do this, their power is released. Just like when you pray: You call, I answer. Just like when someone receives Me into their heart: They have to ask, to call, to invite Me in, and I enter.

8. It's similar to how your words of praise bring down My blessings upon you, because there is power in praise. So there is also power in your declaration of belief and faith in the keys. When you say words of praise to Me, you bring on My blessings. When you say the words, "I call on the keys," the power is released.

9. The action of calling on the keys is like turning the key. When you call on the keys, you turn the key, you bind (lock up) or you release (open). You bind the power of Satan and put a stop to his evil deeds and attacks, or you release My miracle-working power to bring supply, good health, well–being‚ blessings, etc.

10. I'm pleased in your declaration of faith as you call on the keys, but you don't just declare your faith to Me. As you demonstrate your faith and I honor it, it's not for My sake alone, or even for yours. It's for the sake of the universe. It's for the sake of the witness. This is the day of decision, the day of choices, the day of taking a stand for Me or against Me. Calling on the keys is a witness to others, both of the physical realm and the spiritual. Even the devils hear you. You're making your declaration of faith and you're declaring to whom you belong. Many evil spirits circle the globe in search of their prey, and when they hear your declaration of faith, it repels them. The good spirits also hear, and are able to more greatly aid and assist you.

11. Ask and you will receive; call on the keys and the power will be released. And when you do this‚ you're making your declaration known. You're choosing Me and My power over all other options. You're declaring your faith, and this faith brings results. (End of message.)

(Ellya:) I long to tell you how to call on the keys. First, you must understand that the keys of the Kingdom are real. They exist. They are not a mere symbol, nor some sort of ornamental representation. They are a real and living, vibrant entity. The keys are alive, and they represent our Savior's Spirit and all the power of Heaven, which can never be conquered. When you call on the keys, remember that you are calling on a living, moving, powerful, spiritual phenomenon. The keys of the Kingdom have been granted power by God, and they release power in return. When you call on the keys, they will unleash power on your behalf. (ML #3368:35, GN 962)

How can we know if we're using the keys enough in our lives?

12. (Jesus:) Wherefore by the fruits you will know if you are using the keys to the Kingdom enough. I will manifest My power to you as you call for the power of the keys. Much like you learned to get into the habit of praising Me throughout the day, you will need to discipline your spirit to remember to use this gift I have given you.

13. As much as you see the fruits of the keys in your lives, you will know if you are using them enough. Is your spirit dry, thirsty, not bearing fruit, even dying in some areas? Then you're not using the power of the keys enough, and it is time to allow Me to manifest their power to you. Of course, it's your faith that activates the keys to work, so according to your faith it will be done unto you.

14. Do you want to improve in some area of your life or strengthen a weak area? Call on the power of the keys and let them come alive for you! Believe and you will receive. If you're not moving forward, progressing, learning‚ and growing in the spirit, then you're not using the keys enough in your life. The keys are real and will bring about real‚ tangible change if they are used. So if you don't see change, either there is a lack of faith, or a lack of use‚ or a lack of fulfilling one of the conditions for their use, any of which can be remedied if you will simply believe and receive My Words. Your eyes will be opened more to My Spirit and your faith will be increased so that you will take action, and that action will effect change, and be a manifestation of the power of the keys of the Kingdom!

15. Practice makes perfect, and the more you practice, the better and more proficient you will become at using the keys of the Kingdom. I will raise up situations that will force My children to call on the power of the keys, so that their attention is drawn to the importance of what they need to learn—the use of these keys. The more they call on the power of the keys on their own, the more I will manifest that power.

16. When I allow situations to arise that will force My children to call on the keys, it is because I love them and want them to embrace and use this gift, and see how wonderful‚ awesome and powerful it is!—That they may behold My power, and their confidence may be increased that I am with them! I must allow opportunities for their faith to be strengthened, for their faith is what will overcome the world! (End of message.)

What exactly does it mean to "use the keys"?

17. (Question:) It's obvious we're supposed to practice using the keys, and as we do‚ we'll depend on them more. Once we realize their power, we'll want to use them all the time. But how do we practice? What are we supposed to do? What exactly does the Lord mean by "use the keys"? What more is there to it than "calling on the power of the keys" and claiming their power in prayer? Here is a quote from "More on the Keys—Part 2":

I want your mind, your spirit, and your heart to become accustomed to the sensation of the power that I have freshly given unto you. For when you are accustomed, you will use these keys more. To become accustomed‚ you must practice. Once you realize the full value of these keys, you will want to use them again and again, in every aspect of your lives.

When you use these keys in faith, you will rise above any conflict within you when I show you new truths. For when you have activated the power of these keys, the Enemy can't come close to you, and My light will be so clear to you. He can't touch you. He is sorely afraid of the power of these keys, for they will be the cause of his end, and he knows this. For every weapon to defeat both him and his power is within your hands when these keys are put to use. And now that you possess these keys, I can speed along My return, and he will lose his power and be cast into the bottomless pit.

As you begin to access the storerooms of Heaven, authentication of the power of My Words will be manifested more in your heart and in your lives daily. These are the keys of enlightenment. Set aside anything that stirs doubt in your heart or mind concerning them, for only by faith will the full truth of the keys be validated. (ML #3351:21-23, GN 946)

18. (Jesus:) Learning to use the keys is a step-by-step process, and it's a process that you can only understand as you take the steps. The specific steps will be somewhat different for each individual, so each person who wants to truly learn how to avail themselves of the full power of the keys should seek Me about it. Seek Me not just once, but seek Me for a plan, and then as you proceed, continue seeking Me to know what to do next.

19. Having said that, there are certain basics that apply to almost everyone. One of the first steps is awareness of the keys. You have to think about them, you have to remember they're there and get in the habit of calling on them. When you pray‚ call on the power of the keys—and not only in general, but learn to call on the power of specific keys.

20. Learn to ask Me which key is needed, and learn to get specific with the keys. This is another aspect of getting specific in prayer. First, you have to remember to call on the keys, and second, get specific about which key you need. The more you use the keys, the more you read about them, and the more you understand them, the more accurately you will use this power.

21. You also need to study My Word about the keys. That is the only way to truly understand them and grasp their power. One reading of each GN is not enough. You must study these Words, imbibe them, ask Me your questions, and regularly review what I have said.

22. It would be helpful to memorize the key promises, and even some of what I have said concerning the keys. This will boost your faith and remind you of what the keys are for and what they can do and how to use them.

23. Another tip on "practicing": In some cases I may show a certain person that a certain key is the main one I want to have them use for certain purposes. In other cases I may show someone that I want them to try out every key, to experience the variety. But don't feel stuck or that you have to know so much or have so much understanding before you can start practicing. Even if you don't know what key to call on and you just call on "the keys of the Kingdom" and claim their power in prayer, and claim a key promise, you will see results.

24. The more you think about the keys, the more you call on them, the more you use them, the clearer this spiritual power will become to you, and the more you will understand it. That's what practice is all about.

25. A music teacher can give hours and hours of classes on music theory and explain why when you do this it sounds like that, and when it sounds like this it's called that, and so forth‚ and students can feel like they've really learned a lot and absorbed a lot. However, it's all just theory—and perfectly sound theory—at first. But not until their playing has reached the point where they can actually try these things will they grasp the full meaning. No matter how much theory you have, learning to play any instrument takes time. Even if you know what to do and how to do it, still, to do it right, to produce the sounds you want, takes time and practice. But the more you practice, the more you "get it." The instrument almost becomes part of you and you know how to touch it, what part to touch, how much pressure to apply, what motions and rhythms to use‚ to make it do just what you want it to do.

26. So learn to "play" the keys. Learn by practicing. Learn by getting a feel for them. There's only one way to learn, and that's to do it, to try it, to get hands-on practice. So step out today if you haven't already and begin practicing. As you do‚ this "how to use the keys" question won't be so much of an issue, because they will just become a part of you and you'll feel comfortable with them and you'll understand them. They will speak to you. Yes, that's right. These keys are possessed with My very Own power and spirit, and they will speak to you. They will tell you how they can be used. They will reveal their power to you.

27. The keys are living. They speak. They move. They act. They have a life of their own, yet they cannot be brought to life within this realm without you. They need your touch to activate their power. So call on them, touch them, handle them, use them, learn about them, understand them. Then avail yourself of their power. (End of message.)


28. (Jesus:) The start of becoming familiar with and practicing using the keys in your daily life is to claim the power of the keys in prayer; quote and stand on the key promises. That you can be doing all the time, and you should be. Whenever anything comes up, call on the power of the keys and claim a miracle. Let the keys do the work.

29. As you are beginning to use the keys, you do need to put more focus and concentration into it as you call on the keys and ask the keys to work for you. As your skill of calling on the keys becomes more honed‚ you'll be able to more quickly and precisely call on the power of the keys, and the specific key that you need—the key of healing‚ for example. However, for now you should concentrate all your thoughts, your mind, and your energy on a mental picture of the keys, and this will help you to receive and harness the power.

30. You have to be a receptacle of the power as well as a petitioner of it. The power comes from the keys and goes into you‚ and then through you, to whatever it is that you're praying for or claiming. The keys do the work, but they do need a vehicle to go through. So your focus and solid concentration provide a better vehicle for the power to be channeled through.

31. You have to fight to focus. You can't let your mind wander. You have to believe that the keys have the power that you're seeking‚ and you must manifest your faith through believing and concentrating, and not letting anything else come into your mind, no doubts, worries‚ or thoughts like, "I wonder if the keys are really going to do their work, and heal him or her?" Or, "What if they don't work, and what if the situation doesn't change?" You just have to determine to believe. Belief is vital to the keys working miracles for you.

32. You also have to be thankful and appreciative of the fact that you've been blessed with the power of the keys. You should be awed that you have such immense power at your disposal. You shouldn't take the keys for granted or figure that you have a right to them, or deserve them. They are a special blessing, and you should thank Me and treat the keys with reverence.

33. I'm not only giving My children the gift of the keys of the Kingdom‚ but also the gift of miracles, healing, and other special gifts. The keys of the Kingdom also play a role in the use of the other gifts I'm pouring out. If I've given you a gift, or you would like a gift or want to know if I'm calling you to reach out and receive a special gift from My hand, then you should also ask Me how to use the keys in conjunction with this gift.

34. The keys can give you booster power and enhance the spiritual gifts that I have given you. They are vital to the new gifts that I am pouring out, and you can't have one without the other. You can't think, "The Lord has given me the gift of healing, and that's pretty cool. I don't have to call on the power of the keys because I have another gift that stands on its own." In these Endtime days, every single one of the children of David will need the power of the keys.

35. As you enter the Time of the End in earnest and the Endtime scenarios start to befall you, you will see clearly how desperately you will need the keys of the Kingdom. You will not make a move without them. Right now, without having those very desperate situations always before you, you can't always see how you can practice, but you do need to sharpen your skills in order to be ready for the Endtime game.

36. The way to practice and prepare is to hold Me to My Word, to prove Me, to test the keys, to use them, to try them out, to challenge Me to work miracles through the keys. Ask Me to change a person's heart and life, and claim the power of the keys. Claim it, pray for it, bring it to Me repeatedly—all using the power of the keys.

37. Start with small things. Anything you have the faith for Me to do or change or work‚ you can call on the power of the keys and practice with the power I've given you. You'll have to keep at it in the beginning. It won't always appear to you that "the power of the keys" is working every time you call on it. But that's just because you're not used to working with the keys and handling them. Or it may not be My timing. Or I'm working in a different way, a way that is not obvious to you.

38. When you're practicing something‚ you don't always expect to hit the mark. You get it sometimes, and at other times you don't. When you hit the mark, you're happy about it, but when you don't‚ you realize that it's just because you're not skilled yet, and you need more practice. You don't automatically assume that just because you didn't hit the mark that time, that it's impossible to or that your weapon doesn't work. With time you become accurate every time, and you know exactly how to get the desired results. That's how it is with the keys.

39. This is practice time. I will do miracles for you even now. If you need a miracle, you can claim it and I will answer you. But you must also realize that this is practice time and I've ordained it that way. So have patience and keep at it. If you don't see the desired results the first time, try again. Don't just assume that "the keys don't work." They do. You simply have to learn how to use them, and that takes time and becoming familiar with them.

40. Most of all, as you're practicing and becoming acquainted with the keys, ask Me for an extra dose of faith and belief. Faith is vital to using the keys and to being able to improve in your use of the keys. If you believe, then you will progress and learn quickly; if you lack faith and have doubts, then you will meet with frustration and obstacles. Faith is the substance of the miracles you hope for, through the keys, which you cannot see.

41. Claim the power of the keys. Concentrate. Focus. Believe and expect miracles. Ask Me your questions. If you wonder about something‚ ask Me. I will lead you as you practice calling on the power of the keys. As you go along, you will feel your faith and belief being strengthened. You will clearly feel the knowledge in your heart that the keys work‚ that they are powerful, and that you have them at your disposal. As you begin to feel this sensation increase in your heart, you can know that your skill in using the keys of the Kingdom is also advancing, and that you are being prepared for the times to come when your life and service will depend on your ability to harness the power of the keys and to put them to use in your daily life. (End of message.)

42. (Question:) The Lord says we should be claiming the keys all the time. Does He mean that literally? If so, how can we do that?

43. (Jesus:) I have advised you, My children, to pray without ceasing, to give thanks in everything and at all times‚ and to seek Me always. So do I recommend that you use the keys all the time, for they are an important part of your prayer life and communion with Me.

44. In saying this‚ I do not mean that every conscious thought of My children should include the words, "I claim the keys." I mean that the keys should be an accessory to your state of constant prayerfulness, communion and praise‚ a part of it.

45. When you praise Me, you can use the keys of praise. When you commune with Me or seek Me for personal help, you can call on the power of the keys. When you ask for My help for others or for needy situations as they come to mind, you can send the power of the keys to aid in those situations. The keys can be your constant companions and helpers, and can aid you continually. So make use of them continually. (End of message.)

How do we "validate" the keys in our hearts?

46. (Question:) How do we "validate*" the keys in our hearts? Here is a quote from "More on the Keys—Part 3":

You must take the keys that I've given you and validate them in your own heart and life, and seek the power I have promised. Don't be lazy. Go forth and preach the Gospel. Do your part to learn to use and access this power so that you can draw people to Me and fulfill My plan. (ML #3354, GN 947)

*(Validate: To authenticate or confirm the validity of. Validating the keys is to know their usefulness and have faith in their power; to know it works and depend on it.)

47. (Jesus:) To validate the keys in your own heart and mind, you must use them. For only in seeing them in action will you increase your faith in their power and be convinced of their importance in your life. You will not see the manifestations of the power of the keys unless you use them. They will not be validated in your heart and mind unless you use them. You must be convinced of their worth, their power, their strength, their usefulness, and what they are capable of! You must be convinced that the keys will do for you what I have promised, and the only way you can be convinced is to see them in action, to see them work, to see them bring miracles.

48. If you're sitting back and waiting for someone to show you a manifestation of the keys, or for a booming revelation to come down from Heaven, you're missing the point of the keys. For the keys to work, you must use them. You must put them to work in your life, in your situation. It's My gift to all of My radical, dropped-out disciples, but it's also My personal gift to you, and I want you to use it personally and specifically. Don't just sit around waiting for others to validate the power of the keys; get stirred up in the spirit yourself. Now! Today!

49. Ask Me to show you how I want you to use the keys. You can use the keys in a number of different ways. But ask Me how I want you to specialize. Just as you are physically gifted in certain areas and others around you are gifted in others, so it is with the keys. I have given each one different activation codes, different strengths in the spirit that the keys will enhance and improve on. For example, some will use the keys primarily for healing. Some will use the keys primarily for prophecy, others for interpretation, others for miracles, others for witnessing, others for finding the solutions to their children's or teens' problems, and the list goes on.

50. Everyone has available to them the full spectrum of the power of the keys. Each person can call on the power of the keys in any situation, for help in each time of need. But each one will also have one or two primary avenues in which I will ask them to exercise their use of the keys. Depending on your faith, your ministries, your gifts and talents and your desires, I have preordained your activation keys. So each of you must seek Me to find out how I would have you practice with your use of the keys. This is part of the validation process, so that each of you will be fully convinced in your own hearts and minds as you see Me working through the keys on your behalf. (End of message.)

(Jesus:) And now I tell you a mystery, dear loves: The keys to the Kingdom and the Word are one. The keys are not just the Word; they are many things and they take on many forms. They are, however, one with the Word. Through the keys you find entrance to the full counsel of God. The keys open up My full Word power to you. You need not try to understand this with your carnal mind, but only believe.

As My Father and I are One, so are the keys to the Kingdom and the Word one. ... I tell you again, you need not ponder this deep truth in your carnal mind—only believe that the power of the keys and the power of the full and complete Words I give to you, My Endtime brides, are one and the same. …

Being an instant doer of My Word is directly linked with your ability to access the power of the keys. Living all the Words I speak to you is directly linked to the power you are able to access. When you live the Word‚ My power flows through you, and you, in a sense, become the living Word, as I was the living Word when I walked on Earth. When you call on the keys, all the power of My Word is at your command. If you are to focus on the power‚ you must look to the power of the keys; you must look to the power of the Words I speak to you; you must be instant doers of the Words I give you.

Nothing can stand against My Word! Nothing can stand against the keys to the Kingdom! Love is the greatest force; My Word is the greatest force; the power of the keys to the Kingdom is the greatest force in the world, in the heavens, in the universe! These three are one, just as My Father and I and the Holy Spirit are one—three separate beings with different attributes, and yet one in the spirit. (ML #3374:32-36, GN 971)

How do the keys enhance our times of loving the Lord intimately?

51. (Question:) How are we to use the keys, practically speaking, in our times of lovemaking with Him to receive the benefits He talks about in "More on the Keys—Part 3"?

With these keys in your hands and put to use, you will find that our times of lovemaking will be more breathtaking and fantastic than ever before. We will please each other in ways you haven't yet dreamed of! I will be more to you than your most outrageous dreams. You will see a side of My beauty and power that you haven't yet seen. I will catch you up in My arms and twirl you in a whirlwind of love as we make passionate, uninhibited, liberated love, in a way you've never experienced before. I will satisfy you as never before, your senses keenly sharpened. You will feel My love in the places of your heart, mind, body and soul that can only come to life when you use these keys. You'll be amazed, and praise and thankfulness will fill your hearts as never before. (ML #3354‚ GN 947)

52. (Jesus: ) I have given you the keys as a gift of My great love, to enhance every aspect of your life. There is nothing they cannot do for you, for they are literally the keys to the power of Heaven—which is limitless. There is nothing the power of Heaven cannot do for you; therefore there is nothing that is impossible to you‚ now that you have the keys.

53. I mean for you to use them at every opportunity! I want you to try them out, to seek Me for new ways to use them, to be continually calling on their power and using it all you can! The more you use them, the more you will grow to depend on the power of Heaven. It will become like an addiction‚ to the point that you will feel powerless without it. This is the way I mean for it to be—this is the way it must be in the days ahead. For the powers fighting against you will be increased, and the only way you will survive is to be so closely connected to Heaven's power, so exercised in using it‚ so familiar with what it can do for you, and completely dependent on it, that you are literally one with the power of Heaven, one with Me!

54. You ask specifically how the keys will enhance our times of lovemaking, or how you can best use the keys in your times of intimacy with Me. You can call on the power of the keys as you enter into My bedchamber, claiming their power to block out distractions and give us a clear, solid connection in the spirit. You can call on the power of the keys to help you leave the earthly world and flesh behind and enter into the true dimension of the spirit. You can use the power of the keys to make the transition to being My bride in the spirit. You can call on the keys to help you overcome any inhibitions that you feel. They can do anything for you, so anything that is on your heart to pray for, or anything that you feel is hindering you‚ I urge you to claim their power to overcome it or to change those circumstances.

55. But‚ My loves, the most thrilling part is that as you use the keys in every aspect of your life, as you step out by faith to call on their power and then witness the difference in the effect of your prayers and your efforts, as you learn to use them effectively, you will find our relationship greatly enhanced automatically.

56. The keys to the power of Heaven draw you closer to Me. Each time you use them, you personally reach out and touch the realm of the spirit. It's as if you put your hand through the dividing line and turn the key of Heaven to open the doors for the power to pour out abundantly. Each time you do this‚ you become more influenced by the spirit. You become more aware of Me and My power and all that I want to do for you. You experience all that Heaven can do for you, and you realize more fully how much you need it. Your love for Me grows as you see more clearly what a great and wonderful and awesome gift it is that I have given you.

57. Each time you use the keys you become more heavenly minded, more dependent on the spirit. The byproduct of this is that you become more in love with Me, more closely joined to Me‚ more in tune with Me. Then, when you go to make love to Me, to include Me in your times of fellowship or to have special intimate time with Me alone, the passion of the spirit will be within you from the many times you have reached out to the realm of the spirit. Our love together will be increased, your sensitivity to My Spirit will be increased, your passion for Me will be increased, and I will be able to more easily bestow upon you all the love I wish to give you. Your love for Me will flow easily‚ and it will be easier for you to make the transition to the realm of the spirit, leaving your earthly existence behind and joining Me in My bedchamber for times of passionate‚ renewing, thrilling lovemaking.

58. So My loves, call on the power of the keys if you feel hindered or lacking in any way. Don't hesitate! Praise Me for the keys. Thank Me for them and the things they do for you, or what you're most thankful for about them‚ or how they help you, just as any wife would thank her husband if he gave her such a powerful gift. And when you step out to use them in your daily life, you will also feel the benefits in our times of loving.

59. I'm looking forward to it. It will be a taste of Heaven, a little taste of all that is to come. The keys connect you more closely to Heaven and all that is waiting for you, and they can give you a measure of the power that will be yours when you are here with Me. They can do anything for you! Use them! (End of message.)

60. The keys can never be taken from you, but you can neglect to use them, and in that sense you are giving them up. Or when you do not meet the conditions for their use fully, you also limit their power.

Have Christians throughout all time had access to the keys?

61. (Jesus: ) I confirm to you again, the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven were primarily for My early disciples who walked with Me on the Earth, and for you, the children of David. This is because I knew you would not only need them, but have the faith to use them.

62. I have not withdrawn the keys from those who needed them or had the faith to use them. Some Christians through the ages have accessed the keys when they have had the need and the faith‚ but this has only been in part—they could only access a certain amount of power. One reason they could not access the full power is that they did not call specifically on the keys, saying the words, "I call on the keys," or "I release the power of the keys of the Kingdom." Nor did they call on specific keys, saying, "I call on the key of faith" and so on. Therefore they were limited in their use of the keys, in part because of lack of knowledge of how to use them.

63. They were aware that I said, "I give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven—and this means I give you power to bind on Earth and to loose on Earth." But they did not seek to know the inner workings of the keys, to know how to use the keys, to know all the keys by name, and to know the full strength of their power. This has been veiled from mankind until this time, for it was not for them to know.

64. As I revealed at the time of the Feast 2001‚ full access to the keys of the Kingdom is given to the children of David. Others may have known in part and used them in part, but the full power and the full access is given to the children of David.

65. There are many keys, and I give the children of David access to them all. Again, this is because you will need them—you, upon whom the ends of the world will come; you‚ who are My pure and called-out Endtime church. If the children of David are not true to this calling—if they do not stay pure and called out, I am able to withdraw the full access to the power of the keys.

66. Down through the ages the keys of the Kingdom have been connected with power. As I told My disciples, "Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven" (Mat.16:19). When I said this, I was referring to binding the power of Satan and loosing the power of Heaven to fight on your behalf.

67. My early disciples witnessed the power of Satan; they saw his dirty work in people's lives. They saw one possessed of a devil, and in that day‚ they called a spade a spade. It was not like today when men invent heady words and use double talk to evade the real issues at hand. So when I gave My disciples the keys of the Kingdom, they understood that this meant they had power to fight evil—and they went out and used the power. They rebuked devils in My Name, and these who walked with Me on Earth understood that this was through the power of the keys of the Kingdom I gave them. They understood that the keys were to lock and to unlock‚ to bind and to loose.

68. Throughout history, the picture is not one of every single Christian who has ever lived having the keys in their hands. The partial use of the keys has been available, but not all Christians throughout history have used the keys, just as not all Christians have availed themselves much of My Words. Not all Christians have been active in using My Word, nor in seeking out My living Word, but many have instead chosen to ignore My Word or give it very little importance and predominance in their lives. So it has been with the keys of the Kingdom.

69. When I gave the keys of the Kingdom to My first disciples‚ they recorded it, and you have that record in My written Word, the Bible. Thus the keys have been with mankind since that time, for those who had the need and the faith. But again‚ this has only been in part, for as I told you at the time, I put the keys in your hands, and it is given to the children of David to have full access to the keys, to have the full power of the keys, unlimited access, because this is going to be needed in the Last Days.

70. Some of the keys and some access to the keys has always been available to Christians since I came to Earth, but because of lack of understanding of them and how to use them, lack of faith or knowledge of their power, and not being as desperately in need of the enhanced power they hold, many have not used them. You could say the keys have been sitting here available for use to some extent, but few have taken hold of them, picked them up and put them to use in their lives.

71. There have been a few Christians through the ages—those who sincerely loved Me, who were humble in My sight and in the sight of man, those who loved Me above all else and had a passion to do My will above all, who were aided by the keys of the Kingdom.

72. Joan of Arc, for example, found strength and power in the keys, and the keys of the Kingdom helped her defy the impossible, to lead men's armies and to fight and win. And there have been many others, simple folk, yet men and women of faith who simply went ahead by faith and trusted in Me and My power.

73. They didn't always know they were empowered by the keys in the way that you are. They didn't have as much detail and insight into the keys as I have given you, but because of their simple faith to trust in Me, and knowing I gave power to bind and to loose even when they didn't understand every single detail, the keys stood by them. They knew that they had power—My power through them—to bind Satan's power on Earth and to loose the power of Heaven to work for them.

74. Other Christians down through the ages have tried to fit the keys into a box. They have theorized and agonized over the true meaning of the keys; theologians, supposed scholars of My Words. These have held on to the letter of the law and have not followed My Spirit, and because of this they have conjured up twisted interpretations of what the keys are, what they do‚ what their function is.

75. But you, My insatiable queen Maria, have asked. You have sought diligently after Me and sought to know the meaning of the keys. You have come to Me over and over and over, always returning for more, always hungry for more. And I have not sent you empty away. I have given the children of David full access to the keys‚ and I have answered your questions about the keys, as I will continue to do. For unto you it is given to have the full power of Heaven at your side in these Last Days.

76. You've taken other things by faith, and you must take the keys of the Kingdom by faith too. The proof will be in the results. Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but those who put their trust in Me, and in the keys, they will rise above, and there will be no impossibilities to them. (End of message.)

77. (Jesus: ) Others who stand with you in mind, heart‚ and spirit, who become one with you and with the doctrine that I have given to the children of David, will also be blessed with access to the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to varying degrees. It is a matter of heart, of trust‚ of faith, of belief and acceptance. The keys will not yield themselves to those of impure hearts and wrong intentions. The keys cannot be tricked, nor duped.

How do we explain the keys to those outside the Family?

78. (Question:) How would we explain the keys in a Statement of Faith using Biblical references as a basis to substantiate our emphatic belief and practice of the keys?

79. Should we witness about the keys?

80. Should we claim the keys out loud with people we've just met who've asked for prayer? In the Family‚ often when we pray together for something we say, "Please, Jesus, we claim the keys and ask You to do this miracle," for example. Should we also do that if let's say we meet a lady while postering and she asks us to pray for her son who has cancer, right then and there? Do we mention the keys and claim them as we pray, or just claim them silently in public and aloud only when we're with others who actually know what this means?

81. (Jesus:) Whether and when to claim the power of the keys with those outside the Family, especially those you have just met, will have to be judged on a case-by-case basis‚ but there is certainly a time and place for doing so. You will want the power to be understood, and you will have to explain it to them somewhat.

82. The best way to explain to outsiders your calling on the keys is to keep it as simple as possible. The term "keys of the Kingdom" should not be completely foreign to sincere practicing Christians‚ for it is written in My Word of old. Therefore‚ you can simply quote them Matthew 16:19. You can explain that I have shown you to take this promise literally, to claim the power I have given you, the very power of Heaven, and use it, by faith, to receive answers and miracles.

83. You can use this scripture in its entirety, for it indicates that I have given the keys of the Kingdom in order that you might bind and loose power according to the need. It will be best, in most cases, not to get into a lengthy explanation, but simply explain that you are reminding Me that I have given you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, and that by this authority you are able to bind powers and loose powers to work on your behalf, to claim My promises and miracle-working power. There will be some cases where I will lead you to give a more in-depth explanation to others who are particularly close to you. Seek My guidance as you hear from Me on the matter and I will show you how much to say, to whom and when.

84. Certainly you will want to teach those you are following up on and feeding regularly about the power of the keys. As you have been instructed numerous times, you should not hold back in teaching your converts and outside members about the meat of the Word‚ the radical or different beliefs of the Family. It is not wise to refrain from such instruction for long‚ because if you begin relatively soon in teaching your friends about some of the unorthodox beliefs and truths of the Words of David, it will become obvious early on if those friends have what it takes to stick with you for the long haul.

85. So seek Me about how to feed your sheep‚ but know that it is My will to teach them about the keys eventually, just as it is My will that you teach them about hearing from Me in prophecy, teamworking with spirit helpers and spirit beings, the full truth of the Law of Love, and the basics of loving Me intimately. They will find out about these beliefs eventually, so do the loving thing and trust your converts with the truth‚ presented in love and wisdom, rather than letting them be hurt and stumbled by hearing about it from your enemies or from those who do not share such things in love and wisdom.

86. It is according to your faith as to when you offer an explanation concerning the keys, but there will be many times when you should definitely do so and when it will boost your witness‚ as well as strengthen your own faith. It will make those you are ministering to seek and hunger after the truths of My Word and the power of My Spirit. It goes right along with the ministry of miracles. They will see both the miracles and how they are brought about. That is a very important part of your witness, not just the fact that you can do miracles in My Name, but the fact that you are humbly acknowledging that it is completely My power, not your own; that it is the power of Heaven, spiritual power, through the keys of the Kingdom, which are activated only by faith in Me, and not by anything of yourself.

87. The power that will be manifested through you because you call on the keys of the Kingdom will not be hidden. It will be no secret that you walk with Me. My power will be seen in you; there will be no denying it. In this sense, the keys will speak for themselves, because those you pray for and claim the power of the keys with will know, for My Spirit in you will bear witness. Often little explanation will be needed, because of the authority by which you pray, and because the proof will be in the answers to prayer that you receive by calling on the keys.

88. There will be some who mock and scoff. Just as I told My immediate followers when I walked on the Earth‚ even though I raise one from the dead, there would be those who do not believe. So will it be with you; yet those who are open in heart and mind will recognize My Spirit working in you, and they will accept your simple explanation. To those who mock, for the most part, anything more than a simple explanation will only complicate matters; therefore give them the scripture and let the chips fall where they may. (End of message.)


89. (Jesus:) The Family should witness about the keys. They should use the keys in their witness and tell others about this beautiful gift. I will show you the time and place and how much to witness concerning the keys.

90. The keys are a part of your life and you're living them and using them; you can't leave this very important and beautiful part of the spirit world out of your witness. You not only should witness about the keys, but you will want to talk about them; in fact, it'll just be natural to do so. You'll find that as time goes on it'll become second nature to pray and claim the keys even when praying for or with those you're witnessing to.

91. Questions will come up and people will ask you what you mean by the keys. Simply explain it and use it in your witness. Not all will receive it, just as not everyone receives Me or other deep truths of the spirit world. But it's not your concern to worry about who will believe and receive the truth; your job is simply to be My messengers and witnesses, to be sensitive to My Spirit, and try to present things wisely and in My timing. I will do the work of giving them faith.

92. Even if you try to avoid openly talking about the keys initially until the person you're witnessing to is ready to receive more, there will be times when it'll just slip out‚ and you'll say "the keys." Don't worry about it. If that happens, it's because I've allowed it to happen. The keys aren't something you need to hide or be fearful of others finding out about. I've given the keys to the Family as a special gift of the spirit to help My disciples in the days ahead. You need this spiritual weapon for the battles to come. You'll need the keys to help you to witness in the days ahead. It might seem like a stretch of the imagination today to some people, but the time is coming when the world will be so polluted with strange doctrines and spirits that the keys will be as water to a thirsty soul. They will be as pure light, and many will receive them, for their spirit will bear witness. I will use the Family to teach many about the keys, to show them how to use them and be blessed by their power.

93. The full power of the keys is a special gift to the Family‚ but they aren't reserved only for the Family. Right now you're the main Christians using them, but the time will come when others will use them as well. Today the Family uses them more fully because of your faith and because you've had a head start, but you must teach others to have faith in the many truths of the spirit world that I've revealed to you. Others will benefit from the power of the keys in their life. The Family will benefit from the power of the keys in witnessing and winning others to Me. The keys will open doors to witnessing in places that you wouldn't otherwise go; they'll give you access to the hearts of many. Many will believe and receive because they'll see your testimony and the manifestations of the power of the keys. (End of message.)


94. (Jesus:) Right now, the power of the keys and belief in this power seems like a major Family doctrine or emphasis. But in reality, when put in perspective with everything else that I have shown you and that you believe and stand for, the keys are only one of many important beliefs. As important as the keys are for this time, it's not like you've started a new religion or belief system based around them. They are a part of Me and My Spirit, and the things I have revealed to you about them are an expansion of basic Biblical principles.

95. The power of the keys is based on the scriptures in Matthew where I told My disciples that I was giving them the power of the keys of Heaven, that nothing was impossible to them, that all power was given to Me in Heaven and in Earth, and that whatever they would bind on Earth would be bound in Heaven, or if they loosed it on Earth, it would be loosed in Heaven (Matthew 16:19, 17:20, 18:18, 28:18). If you take these promises literally, everything else that I have shown you about the keys merely expounds upon that foundation.

96. I have said that I chose to reveal the secrets of the keys of the Kingdom to the children of David, and that I had reserved this knowledge for you. This does not mean, however, that you are the only ones who can use it. I want you to teach others about it as well. The full power comes only to those who yield their all, who give all their hearts to Me, and there are many conditions for its use, which I have laid out to you in previous messages. There are others, those not within your circle, who will be drawn to you, and who will want to be one with you in spirit, and who will be willing to give their hearts and spirits to Me, and to whom I will grant the use of the power of the keys, all to varying degrees.

97. I have said that you will be known as the people of the keys, and the only way this will come about is if you tell others about this power, teach them its meaning, and teach them how to use it. This is the destiny of the children of David—to become those who hold the power of the keys‚ who are known for its power, and who teach others to believe and accept and use this power.

98. It is through this power that you will become the leaders of the Christian world in the Last Days. They will need this power to make it through the Tribulation, as you will, and they will know and see that you are the ones well versed in it, who understand it, who have experienced it, and they will come to you to learn of you. As those who are My children and who are worthy of the power of the keys humble themselves to learn about it from you, I will grant this power unto them as well. (End of message.)

(From "Call on the Keys," ML #3368:80-81:)

There are conditions attached to using the keys:

1) We have to be obeying the Lord and asking for something that is within His will.

2) "I will only give it to those who are respectful of My Words, and who are willing to be taught and instructed."

3) "The keys are only activated through sincerity of heart."

4) "Without the quality of a deep love for Me, dedication, and yieldedness to Me, the keys give no power."

5) "The gift of the keys is only for those who go further, who love Me, who live for Me, and who give their lives for Me."

6) "The gift of the keys is for My Endtime disciples. So seek within your own heart for the desire to be a disciple."

7) "The power of the keys will equal your commitment to discipleship, and not only your commitment‚ but your day-to-day living. As you dedicate yourself, and live your dedication daily, the power will come to you in the same measure. Then you must harness it and utilize it."

99. (Question:) Lord, in the list above, You said, "The gift of the keys is only for those who go further, who love Me, who live for Me, and who give their lives for Me." Can You please explain that a little more, because we've heard of friends and Active members using the keys and seeing miracles, but they don't seem to have met all these conditions?

100. (Jesus:) When I speak of those who live for Me, who give Me everything, I judge on a case-by-case basis. I look at how much they have, how much they have been given, how much they are holding back from Me. It's hard for you to look at this and see it as fair or accurate, because you judge by earthly standards. But I look at the heart, and when I say it's for those who go further, who give their lives for Me, I mean it's for those who give more than they think they can, who are indeed willing to give Me everything. But that is something that only I can see and judge.

101. So you can know that if the keys are working for someone, it's because I know they are worthy of using them, or I know that they need that in their life. It's the same with those whom I give gifts of the spirit. Sometimes I give them to babes who need them or will use them for My glory‚ or are already using everything they've got. The gift of the keys is for those who give Me everything they can‚ who go further than just the minimum, who are willing to use the power for My glory alone. (End of message.)

(From key promises: )

There is no stopping those who use the keys of the Kingdom in conjunction with My will, in desperation of heart and humility of mind and spirit.

When the conditions are right, the keys will always bring you victory. Claim what is rightfully yours.

How much can new converts and friends have access to the promise of the keys?

102. (Question:) How much access to the promise of the keys do our new converts have, if they aren't giving You their all?

103. (Jesus:) The more you give to Me or the more you fulfill the conditions‚ the more you can stand on a promise. "No good thing will I withhold from them that walk uprightly" (Psa.84:11). If those you're ministering to are endeavoring to walk uprightly, I will give to them as they claim the key promises. The keys won't be as powerful in their life as they are in the lives of those giving their all to Me‚ but they are still powerful.

104. You must teach your new converts and your friends about the promise of the keys. They too must go through the Endtime, so they too need knowledge of this new weapon, this new gift I've given that will empower them to make it through the rough days ahead.

105. However, in order for your friends and new converts to have full faith in Me and My Words for today, they must have the rock foundation of the Bible‚ which again shows why they need to be learning and leaning on the Bible promises as well. (End of message.)

Can others have access to the keys of the Kingdom?

106. (Questions: ) Can others outside the Family, who have not been exposed to the Family, have access to the keys of the Kingdom?

107. (Jesus:) I first gave the keys of the Kingdom to My early disciples, and as I have since explained, I was talking not only to them, but also to you. The keys of the Kingdom are for those who love Me, follow Me, and need that extra power in their lives. However, there are few in the world today who are aware of their power, and there are few who stop to listen and seek Me diligently enough to learn the secrets of their power, and how to use them.

108. So while I don't rule out that others can use them, in accordance with their measure of discipleship, commitment, and dedication to Me, there are few who are desperate enough with Me that they have stopped and listened and learned the full truth of the keys' power. In fact, at this point in time there are none, save you, the children of David‚ who have received so much about the keys and how to use them.

109. However, in the days to come, the word of the keys will spread. You, My intimate brides‚ will be known as the people of the keys, and the keys will be given due credit for the role they play in the miracles performed. From this, word will spread, and many who do not know you will be interested in the keys and how to also learn to use their power. Some will seek you out‚ and you will teach them of the life of disciples, and through their commitment to Me, they will also gain access to the keys.

110. However, there will be others who will not have the opportunity to meet you and be fed at your hand, but if they seek Me diligently and act on what I tell them, I will also entrust them with knowledge of the keys, and will begin to reveal secrets to them. Again, this will be a rare case, for there are not many who desire to live their lives with such dedication that they can call freely on the keys. Most of those who do, I will bring into your fold in some form or another, so that they might be taught and trained by the Words of David. But there will be some for whom that opportunity is not possible, and to them, if they desire and listen, will I give a measure of understanding of the keys, and they will start to use them.

111. In all cases, the keys will glorify Me and will be given to those who are My intimate brides in spirit. So in that sense, they are one of you even if they have never known you. (End of message.)

How many keys are there, and how do we know which one to use?

112. (Question:) The following quote from "More on the Keys—Part 1," and two quotes from personal prophecies, indicate that there are different keys for different uses. Can You please explain more about that? How many keys are there, and how do we know which one to use for what purpose?

113. (Jesus: ) My precious ones, now is not the time to relax or to let down your guard. Don't become complacent, knowing you possess the keys to unlock any door. For though they will unlock any door for you, you must learn the skill of turning the keys in the locks. You must learn which key opens which door. I will not hold back the approaching night of gross darkness much longer, so it is high time to realize and then release the power that I have placed within your hands and to practice with the keys. For in the darkness you will need to be masters of the keys. (ML #3349, GN 942)


114. (Jesus: ) I have given you each the gift of faith and the keys of the Kingdom. This is a perfect time to begin using the keys of the Kingdom, and even delving into the spirit world deeper to find what specific keys I've given you, and what their particular features are.


115. (Jesus:) This new age for My children has placed many new gifts in your hands. I have opened the heavens, the very gates of My Kingdom, and given you the means to avail yourselves of all that you need to face the difficulties of this day and age. I placed the keys to My Kingdom in your hands, and each one of My brides must find out exactly which keys I will teach them how to use. Often My loves find out which keys are theirs to master by present tribulations they face, for through these tests they are able to reach up and find that I have granted them the solution through a gift of My Spirit.

116. (Jesus: ) Yes, there are many keys. The keys of the Kingdom are not just one key with one use, nor even one small key ring with several important uses. If they were to be pictured in earthly terms, they would comprise a huge, massive, powerful key ring. For every impossibility, there is a key that is perfectly designed to transform it into a possibility. There is a key for everything. This is why there are no impossibilities, because for each seeming impossibility there is a spiritual law put into effect by the keys, which renders that impossibility void. There are an unlimited number of keys, because I can continually make new ones if needed—although I have a mighty grand collection already covering just about any scenario.

117. For every evil opposing spiritual force‚ there is a spiritual solution through the keys. For every negative, there is a positive. Sometimes because of the problem you face, it will be apparent what type of key to use. For example, if you are battling doubts or fears, you would call upon the key of faith. If you are struggling with health problems, you would call upon the key of healing or relief from pain. If you have a desperate need, you would call upon the key of supply or miracles. If you are being besieged by bitterness or resentment, you would call upon the key of forgiveness or freedom.

118. If it is not clear which key to call upon, then use your gift of prophecy, which works hand in hand with the keys, to ask Me specifically what key to call upon. I will show you. I will put the answer within your heart.

119. There is a key of answers, and this will be one of the keys that you can call upon and activate, for it is the key that allows you entrance to the more inner chamber, and within this inner chamber you find the next key. Sometimes you will have to call on the keys two or three or more times until a situation is completely resolved. You may have to first call on the key of answers, then the key of healing, then the keys of spiritual deliverance, or others as the case may be. But remember that there is an answer key‚ and when you know you need to use the keys but don't know which key to use, call upon that key and from there all will be revealed.

120. Even if you just call on "the keys of the Kingdom" or "the power of the keys" you are unleashing great and mighty spiritual power. But as you hone your gifts of using the keys and learn what specific keys to use, you will unleash even greater power, and you will also have the satisfaction of seeing specific answers to specific prayers, which will strengthen and increase your faith. The keys can be used to varying degrees, but I want you to use them to their greatest power. I want you to hold them within your grasp and learn the beauty and power of each one; to become masters of the keys, skilled in their arts, opening each and every door that you desire to enter. (End of message.)

121. (Mama: ) Following are a few "definitions" of various keys that I compiled from GNs and prophecies given over the last year or two. Of course‚ we know that this is just barely scratching the surface, but it's a good example of how each key does have a specific purpose, and the more we ask and listen and learn and practice, we really will become more accurate and effective in our use of the keys. It's not just a "hit and miss" type thing‚ but a true science of the spirit that the Lord is expecting us to become experts in!

122. …There is a key of prayer, which you can claim to help you be more fervent in your prayers and a better intercessor (ML #3440, GN 1027).


123. …Claim the keys of all-knowing love, of seeing beyond the natural and all that surrounds you, of basing your life on My Word and My promises, even it if touches your own heart and requires you to make certain sacrifices in order to live it. Claim the power of the keys of keeping your heart and mind fixed upon Me and My Word above all, your feelings subservient, and your spirit and heart transcending all that this Earth possesses (ML #3434:65, GN 1017).

More on the keys of all-knowing love:

124. This key has the power to help you and all your children see things as they really are, to see beyond emotions, beyond the heart of man to the very heart of God. This is the key of all-knowing love. You will need this key in the coming days. Its power lies in its magnitude, its foresight, its ability to see beyond human love and emotions to what lies ahead, what lies within the realm of the spirit, which is so far beyond the flesh and earthly life. Just like love, it has an extra spiritual eye which sees beyond the flesh and the carnal, and transports you instantly into the realm of the spirit and how the Lord sees things (ML #3443:40, GN 1024).


125. Claim the keys of consecration that you may give yourselves to Me fully. ... When your hearts are open before Me and you lay your all at My feet, holding nothing back, fearing nothing, then I am able to empower you in a wonderful way. You become superhuman, possessing strength, resolve and faith beyond human capabilities. You are linked to Me in yieldedness, and we are one. This is the state where you can be the most effective in your prayers.

126. It also effectively blocks out the Enemy's thoughts, fears, worries, and distractions. You have just given everything to Me, so there's nothing he can use against you to pull you away or distract you from your mission of fighting in prayer. Claim the keys of consecration‚ My loves, and be fully Mine (ML #3449:69, 74, GN 1034).


127. Claim the keys of focus, so that you can direct your prayers accurately and that they will hit the mark in the spirit. If you focus with your spiritual senses, I am able to punch through and bring to mind important details that you would never have thought of or known or become aware of otherwise—details which could mean the difference between a quick victory or a long, drawn-out battle; a speedy resolution or a more roundabout solution; a victorious soldier or a wounded casualty (ML #3449:77, GN 1034).


128. Ask for the key of adventure to help you to look forward to new horizons (ML #3412:81, GN 998).


129. When I ask you to call on the keys of imprisonment, this has a dual meaning. Some of these lesser demons can indeed be cast out and bound elsewhere‚ whether it be in the depths of the sea or the heart of the earth, where many are prisoners already. For others, when you use the keys of imprisonment, you lock the doors around yourself or around others, so that demons cannot enter to harass you and hinder your work. In a manner of speaking, you imprison yourself in a force field which is impenetrable to the attacks of these evil ones, or erect an invisible wall in front of them when they would come toward you. It is much like you act out in your box skits, where the unwary person bumps into an invisible wall when he goes the wrong way. Thus it is with unwary demons who would come your way when you are protected by these keys—they run smack into an invisible wall‚ or a very visible fireball, if need be! (ML #3434:16, GN 1017).

More on the keys of imprisonment:

130. The keys of imprisonment have the specific jurisdiction of guarding My Word from attacks of Obstacon in your personal life. When you claim the keys of imprisonment in relation to your quality Word time, they seal you as if behind closed doors and prevent any attacks of the Enemy from hindering the flow of My Word. These keys not only seal you behind My invisible force field of protection, but they also lock out the Enemy from influencing you. You hold the keys, and just like a gatekeeper or custodian, you must guard the key wisely and keep it safe. You must use the key in order for it to be effective (Unpublished).


131. The keys of commitment make you proud of your calling and determined never to lose your crown (Unpublished).


132. There are keys of empowerment‚ and they are somewhat different than other more specific keys, which is why their name—that of empowerment—is what you might call a general one. In one case‚ calling on the keys of empowerment might give you more love, in another case more boldness, in another case the ability to yield more easily. They supply you with more power to perform that which you wish to do, calling upon other keys as necessary (Unpublished).


133. The keys of containment work by setting up boundaries in any situation, whether it's for your security and safety, a defense against attacks of the Enemy, against sickness and natural disasters, any situation that needs control beyond your human means. The keys of containment prevent the Enemy from proceeding further than My highest will when you call upon them. They work by standing guard, by surrounding you like an army of warriors, to protect and keep back attacks of the Enemy, or to keep things from going any further. For example, you can claim the keys of containment against bad media coverage and negative publicity. You can control situations and keep events from escalating to your harm through the keys of containment (Unpublished).


134. The keys of inspiration specialize in imparting to you hot-off-the-griddle, workable ideas and solutions when you feel like you're at the end of your rope and have exhausted all your resources (Key promises).


135. Call on the keys of progress and all spiritual barricades will weaken, and as you continue to call on the keys, they will crumble into dust (Key promises).


136. The keys of anointing can provide you with any physical or spiritual strength or power you need for a task. They also hold discernment, understanding, insight, vision into the future, the enhanced gift of prophecy, and the key to things spiritual (Unpublished).


137. The keys of deliverance and protection: In the days to come, you will find the need to call upon Heaven and the keys for deliverance and protection. These keys will not only be used for your personal safety, such as release from captivity or protection from dangerous situations. They will also be used to deliver you and others from the influences of the Evil One, or the spiritual strangleholds that will bind many in the Last Days. These keys contain a spiritual sword to cut the bonds of Satan, to set captives free (Unpublished).


138. The keys of healing hold the gift of not only healing, but relief from pain, the touch of power through the hands, and infusion of strength, health, and youthfulness. While the need for healing is great now, it will be even greater in the days to come (Unpublished).


139. Many miracles will be seen in the Last Days as a testimony of your Husband's power and your place as His Endtime brides, and the key of miracles will provide you with the power and wisdom to know when it is His will that a miracle is wrought. This is a key that you will not only call upon for its power to be given, but it will also instruct you in its use. The power to perform miracles is passed on to the receiver from this key. It is a special power‚ a gift from God. I ask that you begin to call on it for the miracles you seek now, so that you will be prepared in the Endtime when it will call on you, when you will feel the undeniable tug on your heart which tells you that it's time for God to work and demonstrate great miracles, signs, and wonders (Unpublished).


140. Every need you are faced with can be provided through the keys of supply. In the Last Days as your resources begin to dwindle, you will find a haven of wealth in these keys. Use them now for your every need so that you can become well acquainted with the use and functions of the keys of supply (Unpublished).


141. The keys of testimony and conviction will provide you with the boldness and spiritual strength that you need to be the Lord's Endtime army, His warriors, His brides. These keys will empower you to be the testimony of the Last Church, to deliver the Words of David. Calling on these keys will enhance your sample and testimony in every area (Unpublished).

More on the key of testimony:

142. The key of testimony is to provide you the power to give My word, My message‚ the words of David, what you commonly refer to as the meat of the Word. That key gives you power, it affects you. It doesn't affect those you're witnessing to; it is primarily to give you the faith and conviction to not compromise the truth and to be the sample to others that is needed. You who give the words of David to the world are those who benefit from the power of this key. This is for your personal strengthening and conviction (Unpublished).


143. The keys of witness and fruitfulness were created to win the souls of mankind. Call on these keys every day as you witness‚ as you win souls, as you share the Gospel and the love of Jesus with those you meet. These keys can make each look, each touch, and each work supernatural. They can convict and change hearts, open eyes, turn lives around, and irresistibly pull seekers from the System to become new children of David (Unpublished).

More on the key of witness:

144. The key of witness directs its power to those you witness to. It moves them, helps them to let down their guards‚ gives them grace to humble themselves and say yes. This is the key that will work in the lives of potential disciples, helping them to break free of the System (Unpublished).

145. (Mama:) It's a big help to have the names of keys in order to focus better when we call on them. Here is an important snippet from the Lord with more interesting insight into the keys:

146. (Jesus:) Take care that you don't try to put the keys in a box. The keys are fluid, supernatural, and changing. It is very important that you get to know the keys and call on them by name. Calling on specific keys for your specific needs will help you get more powerful answers to your prayers. When you need supply, call specifically on the key of supply, when you need wisdom, call on the key of wisdom, and so on. But don't limit yourself. The keys' powers overlap and join forces at times. It's obvious that a miraculous healing or deliverance would require not just the key of healing and deliverance, but also of miracles. So don't hesitate to let the keys join forces for you when needed, by calling on the appropriate ones for your specific needs.

147. I'm trying to help you see the keys from a human point of view‚ by attaching names and specifications to them. But that is a very shallow depiction of the full power of the keys. When you finally see the keys in all their glory, as they are in My Heavenly Kingdom‚ you will laugh that you tried to figure them out in such a narrow way. For they are much, much more than the mind of man can possibly understand.

148. It's very necessary that you open your mind, expand your understanding, and let Me help you to be flexible, fresh new bottles in your acceptance and application of this spiritual gift. Trying to box in the keys will only lead to frustration and questions, for they are not earthly, they are heavenly; they are unbridled power, and they will not be controlled by the mind of man.

149. Still‚ I do want to make it as easy as possible for you. I want the keys to be something easy for you to relate to and handle. I want you to feel comfortable and familiar with them, like an inspirationalist with his guitar, or a computer expert with his mouse, or a chef with his favorite knife. I want you to feel that you know the keys and that you are confident in your use of them. (End of message.)

Keys for many different needs … how do you know which one to use?

150. (Question:) There seem to be keys for many different needs, but sometimes it's hard to put into words exactly what key needs to be claimed. Is it okay to just "generally" claim the keys if you don't know which specific key to claim?

151. (Jesus:) The keys are there to make it easy for you, and they're not complicated to use. I have given you the keys because I love you‚ and I want you to use them, so I've made it simple for you.

152. Just like with prayer and salvation and the other gifts of My Spirit, you only need to ask in faith and it will be given you. Your prayers don't need to be long or eloquent to be heard and answered, they just need to be prayed in faith. And so it is with the keys, they just need to be claimed in faith. My keys of the spirit are so simple that even a child can use them. Just say the words and the door will be opened.

153. I'm teaching you about the various keys and their functions, but remember that the keys adapt according to the need. It's helpful if you learn about them and work on using the right ones at the right times during these times of "practice." But the main thing is to just call on them in faith. Even if you don't or can't remember all the details, the keys will be there for you when you call on them. Do your part to study and learn about them now, and I'll bless you for that.

154. But don't get worried if you can't always remember everything. Simply do your best, practice and learn what you can, and know that the keys are perfect—they are a living, adaptable‚ miraculous source of power—your link with all the power of Heaven, and when you need something and call on them in faith, they will be there for you. Having the various keys and their roles defined as well as all the specific promises is more for your sake, to build your faith and to remind you of all that they can do. Quoting a specific key promise or calling on a specific key helps you to visualize the miracle, the change, the power manifested. And visualizing that and claiming it is an act of faith which releases the power. (End of message.)

155. (Ellya:) Continue calling on the keys. Do not let the phrase "we call on the keys" become a meaningless ritual, words without faith behind them, which will not call forth the power! Do not become weary of saying this, and do not take this power for granted. There is real power available to you through the keys as you appropriate it in fervent faith; calling on it in a lazy‚ lackadaisical way will lessen the power.

156. According to your faith it will be done unto you. As you have been told, the power of the keys is given most freely to those who have believing hearts, ready minds‚ and who are living the life of a disciple. So take a moment to meditate on whether you are meeting all the requirements for receiving the power of the keys. If you aren't‚ then work toward improving in those areas.

157. The full power of the keys is given to the children of David. It is also given, in part, to those who are close to the children of David, to those who are being drawn in, to those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness, and who are receiving feeding at your hands. So do not fear to explain about the power of the keys to those close to you, who you are feeding and witnessing to. The power of the keys will be one of the signs and wonders of the Endtime.

158. The power of the keys will‚ in time, come to be known by the world. There will be impostors and imitators who attempt to display the power of the keys, but only the Lord's children who love and know Him can access this treasure, for it is a thing of the spirit and a gift and reward to those who come to Him. There will be varying degrees of the power of the keys manifested. Those who are children of David‚ or those who are receiving feeding at your hand and are believers in the Words of David, will be able to manifest the full power of the keys.

159. (Question:) What does "living the life of a disciple" mean in this case?

160. (Jesus:) In short, living the life of a disciple means living the Word—whatever Word you have available to you, whatever knowledge and training I've given you, that's what I hold you to. That's why the keys can work for those who know very little or are babes in Me, if they are using everything they know and are living it. That's what determines whether or not you're living the life of a disciple. (End of message.)

Can we create new keys that weren't there before by simply claiming them?

161. (Question:) There literally seems to be a key for everything. I guess this is because Jesus' Spirit is all-powerful and can do anything, right? Therefore He has power sources or keys for every single need—unlimited‚ in other words. Can we create new keys that haven't been created before by simply claiming them?

162. (Jesus:) I am the Creator of the keys; they are in essence an extension of Me and My power. Many of them I have created or perfected especially for you, My Endtime brides. They're tailored to the specific needs you face in this day and age, and are specially designed to counter the Enemy's weapons and attacks against you.

163. Although many are already perfectly made and formed and ready for your use, I don't limit Myself to that. If there is a situation in which you feel the need for a specific key, don't hesitate to call on it whether you think it exists or not—because if it doesn't exist already, the moment you call on it‚ it's made for you!

164. So, basically, the answer to your question is yes—there is a key for everything! More keys than you could ever call on are in existence for you already, and if you need a new one‚ or one that's more specifically tailored to a particular situation, don't hesitate to call on its power, knowing that I am the Creator of the keys‚ and also your Husband who anticipates and loves to provide your exact needs, and I'll see to it that you have precisely what would do the trick in your situation. (End of message.)

165. (Ellya:) The keys are alive, moving, and spiritual. They can transform and morph and multiply as needed. The keys can be many places at once, for they are a part of God's Own Spirit, being the Word, being our Lover. They are one with our Creator‚ and therefore have special powers of movement and presence. So don't limit yourself by concentrating on a certain number of keys. While the keys take on the visible appearance of a mere handful of keys while in the hand of God, at other times, when called into action by someone's fervent prayers, they can multiply into any number. For example, they can surround a Home with an impenetrable ring of keys, providing protection and safekeeping.

How important is it to use the right key promise?

166. (Question:) How important is it that you get the right key promise when you're claiming a promise in prayer? If it's not important, then why are we learning all these specific key promises? If it is important, how can we make sure we get the right one?

167. (Jesus: ) I've given you many key promises for several reasons. There are promises designed specifically for each personality. Certain ones speak more to one heart than another. They hit the mark of your faith and activate your faith. When you read a certain key promise and it speaks to you, it gives you faith and makes it easier for you to pray and believe. That's because that particular promise is meant for you personally to wield. It's designed to work together with your faith to do miracles. It's often several promises, and as your faith grows, it becomes more and more. It might just start out as one or two, but as you wield them and use them, your faith grows and you accumulate a whole arsenal of key power at your side.

168. Other key promises are designed for certain battle areas, for different categories of the spiritual or physical battle. When you pray‚ you have a choice of many different promises within a specific category. I've given you key promises on certain topics to make it easy for you to find them and use them when you need a promise in a certain category. They all have power and effect, and whichever one you claim will work.

169. It's not that one promise is the only one for that need, and if you don't claim that particular key promise the victory won't be won. Every single key promise, just like My promises in the Bible or GNs, is real and has active power. Every one will work to the maximum as you claim it. One isn't stronger or better than others; they're all powerful and specific and strong.

170. It's up to you which one you want to claim, which one hits the mark of your faith. They all work and open the door to spiritual power. You don't have to feel like you have to claim the perfect key promise for a given situation, because all the keys are powerful and there are a variety of keys appropriate for every situation.

171. It's not My will for the keys to be complicated and require a high level of knowledge and understanding in order to use them. I want all of My children to have full access to the keys and to be able to use them easily and freely. The more you use them, the more you will want to use them, the more your faith will grow, and you'll find power and strength in every key promise I've given you.

172. Having many promises gives you variety and inspiration. It's like a treasure chest that you'll never find the bottom of. It'll never become boring or routine because there are so many new promises that will inspire you to keep stretching your faith and expecting answers, victories, healing‚ and miracles. That's the point—to teach you to call down the power of Heaven, to teach you to use your faith to the full.

173. The important thing is just to call on the keys in faith. When you quote the key promises in your prayers, it's like reminding Me of My promises, and it increases your faith to expect miracles. But the keys will work for you as long as you call on them in faith, no matter what words you use. The keys are at your disposal and are always ready, and as you call on them, they will instantly be given to you.

174. So remember, the keys are easy to use. I have made and designed them that way, so use them! (End of message.)

(Jesus: ) Now, My loves, you are accountable for their use. What will you do with this tremendous gift I have given you? Will you use the keys to unlock the doors and release the power? Will you draw on the power that is available to you? Will you claim My promises and put Me to the test? Are you willing, dedicated, and brave enough to move forward and go through the doors of the unexplained? (ML #3351:12, GN 946).

Continued in GN 1182.

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