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Father to My Children!, A

Karen Zerby

GN 1140 FD/MM/FM

"I will care for My Own!"

By Maria FD/MM/FM 3547 3/05

Dear Family,

1. I recently received a note from a dear SGA mother, and in it she expressed her fears and concerns regarding any future persecution possibly stirring up child welfare agencies to take action regarding our children. This is, of course, probably a disturbing fear and concern for many of you dear parents—and especially for some of you SGAs.

2. Although you know your children are safe and well cared for within the Family, and that even if they were taken away to be examined by any authorities, they would be returned to you, since there is nothing abusive about their lives—in fact, they are some of the most well-cared-for, happy, well-educated children in the world—still, just the thought of having something troubling like this happen to your children is naturally a very difficult thing to deal with.

3. When I received the letter from this mother, I had one of my channels pray about her question and concerns, and when we did, the Lord said that He had allowed her to write in so that we could receive His answers and comfort not just for her benefit‚ but for the benefit and strengthening of the whole Family. (This mother also sent in two encouraging personal messages that she received, which I'll also include for you in this GN.)

4. The Lord said that this is an issue on the hearts of many of you Family parents, and whether or not anything like this ever happens—which, as you'll see, the Lord clearly says is according to the choices of man and according to our prayers—the Enemy is trying to fight you even now through fear. He knows that if he can make you parents in the Family fearful, rather than trusting in our Husband, then he has already won a big victory for his cause.

5. This issue is something that I would really rather not have to address, and I'm sure you would rather not read about it either. To even think about the possibility that anything would happen to our precious children is troubling and difficult. We all desperately pray that our little ones will never have to go through anything like many of our Family children went through in the early '90s. But in order to face our fears and receive the Lord's comfort and promises, we have to talk about the issues.

6. I'm also concerned that in bringing this topic up of future persecution affecting your children‚ I risk generating thoughts in some of your minds that might not have already been there. But the Lord said that for the sake of those of you who are fearful or pondering the possibility that this could happen in the future, it is wise to get His Words to you. He said it's better for you to be prepared and ready for every eventuality, and most of all, that you receive His Words, so that you can remain full of faith and confident in Him.

7. I pray that the messages within this GN will be an encouragement and blessing to you. As you'll see, they're packed with powerful promises that you can stand on and claim as your own! Our wonderful Husband's promises are your insurance, and facts that you can depend on.

8. With our wonderful Protector and Deliverer on our side, you have nothing to fear, dear parents. No matter what we or our children go through, He will be with us to keep us‚ protect us, deliver us, and win the victory!

Promises of protection and deliverance

9. First of all‚ to start off on the right foot‚ I'm going to begin by sharing with you the two prophecies that were received by the above-mentioned SGA woman during the time when we were receiving some negative media publicity after Angela's and Ricky's deaths. These are the wonderful answers the Lord gave her when she prayed about her fears regarding her child. They are encouraging and applicable, and filled with wonderful promises not only for the mother who received them originally, but which you can claim as well.

10. Remember, whenever you're hit with fears or concerns of any kind, dear Family—regarding your children or anything else—the most important thing you can do is to take those fears to the Lord. There is nothing more powerful than the Lord's personal words to you to allay your fears, to impart faith for the future, and to give you His perspective and promises you can stand on.

11. Our Husband knows what you're going through, and the thoughts and feelings of your heart, better than anyone else ever could, and He longs to comfort you. No matter what you're facing and regardless of how the Enemy tries to attack, if you receive from Jesus the facts from His personal words to you, these will steady, strengthen, and encourage you.

12. (Jesus:) Are you afraid? Be strong! Fear not! Call upon the power of the keys and I will come with a vengeance to defeat your Enemy and to save you. That's a promise you've memorized‚ and even if you only knew one key promise, or one Bible verse, for this difficult battle, know that that one promise would be enough to draw Me in front of you to defend you.

13. Hold on to Me and don't let the Enemy tell you that you're not prepared, that you don't have "enough Word." You have Me. I am the Word. I am your voice of prophecy. When you call on the keys of full possession and heavenly thought power, not only do you have the Word, but the Word has you. Don't underestimate My ability to bring My Words of strength and comfort to your mind when you most need them.

14. This is a ferocious battle. All the demons of the netherworld have rallied to watch, and they are cheering at the seeming territory that has been gained in their goal toward the destruction of My Family children. But I will have the last laugh, and you will be cheering long after they are gone. You must remember this: I have already won. Satan tries to gain ground on Earth, but it is only temporary ground, and I only allow it so that the end of time can come and My rule can be set up, once he has run his course.

15. Your focus right now is on your son‚ because the lies being aired are focused on the children in the Family being at risk of abuse. But remember that regardless of the rhetoric, you're suffering for My Name's sake. If you were in a country where it was a crime to be a Christian, your enemies wouldn't have to stoop this low to attack you. They might just accuse you of what the Enemy is truly angry about—the fact that you are Mine and that you're winning others to Me. So in some ways, although you have to go proactive about these specific abuse issues and lies, don't lose sight of the fact that if it wasn't this tack, it would be another one. This just happens to be one of the most sensitive issues, one which has great potential to incite or inspire sensationalism in the media‚ and so this is the tack your enemies are taking.

16. Don't lose sight of the fact that this is a religious persecution issue. You're suffering vilification and slander not because of some supposed widespread wrongdoing on the part of the Family‚ but because you're fulfilling My commission to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."

17. So be of good courage! Look unto Me and I will strengthen your heart—all you who hope in the Lord. You are suffering right now; the stress alone that you mothers and fathers are feeling is difficult. But it's driving you closer to Me, and together we will make it through.

18. I won't tell you that your little boy will never be taken away. Think of all the Christians through the ages, and even now in modern times in places like China, who are suffering for My sake. They're going to prison, leaving children behind to fend for themselves, or being separated from their children because they've been sent to labor camps. Yet through it all they look to Me, and this gives them strength.

19. This world is not your home; it's only temporary. I know your love for your son and your feeling of horror at the thought of ever being separated from him, and I tell you, I will protect him. I will be with him. I will spare him and hold him ever so gently in My arms, day and night. Even if you aren't within arm's reach, My arms will be wrapped around him.

20. I'm not saying he will be taken from you, but you have to establish in your heart that no matter what happens, you trust Me that I love him more than you do. He is a very precious creation in My sight, and great woe will befall any who have a hand in harming or disrupting his life. You have to trust Me that just as I gave you perfect peace and faith and grace when your brothers and sisters were taken in past raids, so I could give you the "peace that passes all understanding" once again, even if it was concerning separation from your son.

21. This is your "but if not, I'll keep on trusting Him" clause. Once you settle this with Me, you will find a place of perfect peace, because then the Enemy cannot taunt and tempt you with fear, or tempt you with thoughts of being left defenseless by Me. I will never leave you defenseless or comfortless. I will never forsake your little boy. Regardless of the outlook, the uplook will always remain bright and heavenly.

22. This does not mean you are to resign yourself to the fate that the Enemy would wish for you. To the contrary, having fixed your heart firmly on Me, I call you to suit up and to go and make war on the Enemy, armed with My keys and My truth. When Satan bombards you‚ stand up and fight!—And you will prevail. The darkest hour always comes just before dawn, but the dawn is so bright. There will be victory; you will see justice done to those who seek to harm you and My work.

23. Just remember, if you're tempted to cave in to emotion, this is a time of war. You won't be able to speak the truth if you're busy sobbing, so remember that there is no defeat for you if you use the keys. There is no defeat, so don't start crying like you're already defeated or are going to be defeated. This is impossible, because I am in you and I have already won—2,000 years ago.

24. Give My sheep a chance to hear the truth. Don't talk to the Enemy, but do earnestly seek to tell the truth to those who are undecided, to those who need a fair chance to hear the other side of these slanderous tales. Do it to glorify Me, for if I am lifted up‚ I will draw all men unto Me. Remember to preach not just your humanitarian good works, but your spiritual work of giving faith and hope and comfort and love to people who have none.

25. Don't be afraid to witness. Almost better than trying to explain that this is religious persecution, just witness wherever and however you can about your faith and how precious it is to you, how it's changed your life and you've seen it change others. My sheep will hear My voice and they will follow Me‚ through your testimony‚ sincerity‚ and conviction.


26. (Jesus: ) The greatest threat is not the threat of having your children taken away but the fear of it, which you must face down and dispel through My power. When you can fully say, "Jesus, I trust Your loving power, that You will never allow anything to happen to me or to my precious children but what is ultimately going to work out for good," then you will find great empowerment such as you have never known.

27. Fear is crippling. It's like a disease that sucks your fight out of you. Fear is a big tactic of the Enemy, but one you can disable and render useless by being filled with My Word, being filled with heavenly thought power and full possession.

28. Your child is Mine, and no power or institution anywhere in the world can separate Me from your baby. This is a power you can rest in. This is a power you can trust in. This is a power that can help you to rise above, to praise Me in the face of heartbreak, to fight on without skipping a beat, so that the day that the Enemy tries to touch the precious apple of your eye is the day that you give him such a whomping in the spirit that it leaves him and his forces reeling from the blow!

29. Do not underestimate the power I give you for the spiritual warfare, for that power can be felt and seen in the natural. That instant assistance I've promised can be very present, that heavenly thought power can be an invaluable asset, the weapon of praise can fight for you, and the gift of prophecy and "Ask Me Everything" can be a lethal weapon to bring down every machination of the Evil One.

30. You can never know how it would be best to act in any given situation. You have to rely on Me for My up-to-the-minute, direct, and current directions and instructions. I am a very present help in time of trouble. So be assured, and have full faith, that I would show you exactly what to do the second you would need to do it. You don't have to fear "being befuddled" or being in shock, or reeling and being slow to act. Your senses would be heightened, your spirit helpers would be ever-present, and My mighty power would be released at the slightest touch of your pleas in prayer.

31. So be of good courage, My soldiers, who now cherish and carry with you these little ones I've blessed you with. Do not fear the hot breath of the Evil One, no matter how close it comes. I am the Victor and I will show Myself strong on your behalf, and Satan will suffer pain the day he tries to inflict any kind of suffering on your little ones.

You don't need to fear

32. (Mama: ) When it comes to thinking about the possibility of a visit from a child welfare agency‚ you shouldn't be fearful. If you love your children, if you're taking good care of them, if you're educating them sufficiently, and all of the other things that go into raising happy, well-cared-for children—which I know is the case in our Family Homes—then you don't have anything to worry about. If you are ever visited by any authorities, the sample they will see in your children will quickly allay any concerns or misinformation they may have received.

33. You don't have to worry about doing this, that, and the other to prepare. If you're doing your best in caring for and raising your children, if your Home is endeavoring to live the CP/FED criteria to the best of your ability‚ and if your children's care and education is documented faithfully with up-to-date school records, and anything else the Lord shows you is important, then you can trust Him for the rest. You're not doing anything wrong. You're not doing anything illegal. Your children are growing up in a safe and happy environment. The CP/FED criteria outline an excellent standard that will certainly stand up under scrutiny.

34. You also don't have to be especially gifted in the area of PR, public speaking, or interacting with authorities. If you're doing your part to raise your children well, then the Lord will do His part to protect you and your children. So if you're doing all that you can in the physical, and yet you're still feeling fearful or worried, you can be sure that it's the Enemy making you feel that way. The Lord is going to be your defense, and your obedience to His Word is your—and your children's—greatest assurance of safety. If you do your part, and commit everything to the Lord, trusting in His care and protection‚ He will take care of you and yours.

35. (Jesus: ) All that I ask you to do, My dear parents, is to raise your children with love, care, and according to the standard of the Word. Fulfill their needs, as I have instructed you, and which is now laid out more clearly than ever in the CP and FED criteria. Then, as you do your part‚ you can trust Me to do Mine. As you pour into your children and care for them in accordance with the guidelines of My Word and the laws of the land you live in, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

36. If the Enemy ever tempts you to worry or fear, remind yourself of the excellent upbringing you are giving your children—emotionally, physically‚ educationally, and spiritually. And if your children should ever come into contact with child welfare agencies—or any other authorities, for that matter—you can be sure that the excellent training they have received will speak loudly in your defense. There will be no denying the fact that your children are loved, well cared for, and in good hands. If you're doing your part in the physical‚ and most of all claiming your protection in prayer and claiming the keys, anything the Enemy tries to do will be turned into a victory for you and your little ones.

37. Your children are the greatest witness and testimony you have. They're the proof of the pudding. They are My lights of love and purity, and will shine brightly for Me, as a sample of the heritage and upbringing of the Family.

Perspectives on child welfare agencies

38. (Mama:) Another important point I want to mention about child welfare agencies is our attitudes toward them. Because some of our Family children have been taken away by such agencies in the past, it's natural to feel like they're the "enemy," or that they're all "ungodly," or tools of the Enemy to harm our children. But it's important that we don't have this outlook on those who work within these agencies. Even though some have made mistakes in the past and taken away our children, it was usually because they were simply doing their job. They received misinformation via our apostates or concerned citizens‚ and they were acting on that information. They didn't want to hurt our children, for the most part. But since they thought our children were in danger, it was their duty and responsibility to ensure that this was not the case.

39. The policy of child welfare agencies is that if they consider a child to be in danger, they take immediate action. In the Family's case, in some situations these agencies have acted too harshly or without knowing the full picture. But in other situations over the years they have been caring, understanding, and cautious in their actions. Some of our Homes have even been visited very recently, and have had good experiences. The child welfare agencies were satisfied with what they found, and were pleasantly surprised by our wonderful children.

40. So it's wise to cooperate with child welfare agencies, because they're just trying to do their job. Work with them as much as you can. Provide them with the information they need. Be rational and prayerful. Don't be unnecessarily confrontational, as this can backfire on you. If you're open and forthright, which you have no reason not to be, they will see that your children are well cared for and completely free from any abuse.

41. Remember that child welfare agencies are not just big bad ogres. For the most part‚ they do a great work in the community. They help to protect and save a lot of children in the world who are suffering true abuse, so respect that. They are trained to spot when a child is abused, and when they see your children they will clearly see that this is not the case. So it's wise to give them a chance, let them see your children, do their job, and find out the truth. You have nothing to hide. Just let your light—and the light of your children—shine‚ so that the child welfare agencies may see your "good works," and know that all is well.

42. When preparing this GN, one of our media teams wrote me the following observations on this point:

43. (From media team:) We would suggest that in cases of visits from child protection agencies, we shouldn't operate under the assumption that all child welfare agencies are "the enemy," as for the most part, they are just doing their job and responding to a complaint by our apostates or a concerned citizen. For example‚ in 1993 when social services first paid one of our Homes an official visit (they came back two more times after this!) due to a complaint from ill-intentioned apostates‚ one of the adults' first reactions was to get confrontational and tell them they couldn't come in unless they had a warrant. This didn't go over well at all, and they met him in kind, telling him to move aside or they would just take all the children without interviewing them.

44. Needless to say, he let them in, and they took some time to interview the children and meet them all, and left on a positive note, saying that they had to leave to go investigate some "real abuse" claims. One point that made a very favorable impression in this situation was that one of the children, a 12-year-old girl, really went on the attack and boldly told the social workers with conviction about how they (all the children) were happy, loved their parents, etc. This settled the issue for the social workers and they ended their interview (which lasted all of 20 minutes). (Later, when these apostates kept filing complaints, resulting in ensuing visits, our lawyer sent a letter of complaint to the sheriff, who in turn sent a letter of apology, effectively closing the issue.)

45. We know of other Homes in recent years that have had similar experiences, and the visits from social services ended on a positive note and provided an opportunity for the children to contend for their faith and let their light shine boldly.

46. Of course‚ if the officials have been misled by horror tales and allegations from our apostates, and thus enter our Homes in a confrontational manner, assuming the worst to the point that the rational approach doesn't make a dent‚ those involved could then pray about and consider taking a more aggressive stance, in counsel with their lawyers. But we would suggest that starting off with that tone could be quite defensive and work against us. In most cases, the complaints these authorities have been required to investigate have been totally neutralized by our openness, Christian sample, and the beautiful sample of our children, and after a short visit, the case is closed.

47. We've learned over time that an aggressive stance is not always the best one, and can alienate rather than endear people to our cause. Instead of being proactive, it can be viewed as defensive. So it seems that, as in all cases, we really need the Lord's (and our lawyers') counsel on such issues.

48. In raids in the late '80s in one country, we served coffee and witnessed to the officers and ended up gaining a very key friend through this (a member of the secret police), who later gave us advance warning of subsequent raids a few months before they happened. Had we not met him‚ we would have missed a golden opportunity of witnessing to a special person. The kids were a shining example to him. On top of this, the social services people, whom we also witnessed to, ended up leaving the kids in the care of a few adults (who stayed in the Home with the kids instead of going to jail with us) rather than taking them with them. This was a super blessing‚ since we were in jail for a couple of weeks, but the kids were well cared for at home with the brethren.

49. We would suggest that our enemies are more often the ones responsible for filing these claims and inciting authorities to act, often forcing their hand through a barrage of very negative information that paints a pretty horrifying picture. Basically, with what the child welfare agencies are exposed to, they'd probably be considered irresponsible if they didn't investigate.

50. Another factor to bear in mind is that child welfare agencies can be very different in third world countries than in westernized countries. Third world countries often place more value on the parental bond and keeping families together without disruption than westernized countries. In many cases, child protection agencies are not separate entities in third world countries, but simply an arm of the courts that oversee issues pertaining to minors, and their authority is much more limited. Each country and region of the world differs as far as the power that certain government agencies wield.

51. (Mama:) For more on this topic, the Lord said:

52. (Jesus:) The world is full of abusive people, and for many of those working in child welfare and protection agencies, it is a very sad business. Many try to do good and save the weak and helpless. However, for some it is simply a job, and they grow hard and callous. And then there are some who even enjoy the power it gives them over people. It is important to realize that the child welfare agencies are made up of people doing their jobs—some well, some not so well.

53. So don't look at these agencies as the "enemy," for in most cases they are performing a very difficult job in a wicked world. They have the worst and most pitiful cases to deal with, so they need a lot of understanding. However, while you can be understanding of their difficulties‚ you can also be strong in your convictions. Be firm but kind. As you seek Me, I will show you how to conduct yourself in any given situation.

Preparation for your children

54. (Mama:) It's also important to be aware that it's not uncommon for new religious movements, and especially communal religious groups, to be scrutinized by child welfare agencies. This trend has been documented by a number of academics, and isn't something particular to the Family. In the Family we're bringing up our children in a different environment than society at large, and this can catch the attention of the child welfare agencies, who want to be sure that the children are well cared for. Sometimes they're even just intrigued and interested by the aspects of communal living‚ the way we homeschool our children‚ etc.

55. So because it is not uncommon for child welfare agencies to be curious because of the way new religious movements live and the way they raise their children‚ you and your children should be prepared that a visit of some kind is a likely possibility at some point. And by "prepared," I don't mean to have a list of things to say and not say, or to plan out a possible visit scenario from A to Z. I mean to simply be sure to ground your children in the Word‚ care for them well, ensure their education is up to par and that they are knowledgeable about such things as their grade level, their homeschooling program or the course they're studying, and all of the rest. Basically, as I said before, you just need to fulfill the CP and FED criteria‚ put your faith and trust in the Lord, and that's all the preparation you really need. And if you think you need more help in knowing how to "prepare," you can ask the Lord for more practical tips for your situation, or possibly even contact your FED and CP board if you have questions.

56. Depending on your children and how they view authorities, it might be a good idea to pray about how to instill in them a balanced and healthy respect for authorities. In other words, you want your children to respect the authorities for the jobs they do in the community‚ but at the same time you want to ensure that they're not fearful of them. It's important that they're not afraid, and would feel comfortable in "letting their light so shine" should they ever be visited by police officers or child welfare agencies, for whatever reasons. You could even take them to the local police station for an excursion, if they haven't done this before, so that they get to know the policemen and learn about the job they do in helping to keep the peace and stop troublemakers.

57. In the past, the Family may have gone a little overboard in preparing their children for visits from authorities and social services. But I don't think we have to be so concerned about whether they know exactly what to say or not. If your Home is visited, your children should simply speak the truth from their heart, and be honest and open with the authorities and child welfare agencies, because there's nothing to hide. Your children's sample will speak much louder than their words.

How to handle a visit from child welfare agencies

58. Following is an excerpt of an advisory that the media team in North America sent out to the Homes in their area in 2003. Although the specific counsel is tailored to the needs of that area of the world, the general counsel and principles apply in all areas of the world. It would also be worthwhile for you to be abreast of the laws of the land you live in, so that you know what sort of authority child welfare agencies have (as westernized countries and third world countries often handle things very differently‚ as mentioned in paragraph 50), so that you can pray further about your conduct in the event of a visit.

59. Of course, the most important thing is to be prayerful and a good sample if you are ever visited. Hostility doesn't usually bear good fruit, and can often backfire on you. Honesty and openness is generally the best policy in these types of situations.

60. (Excerpts of advisory to North America:) In most states/provinces, social services have quite a broad range of authority, and as such, need to be handled with some tact and diplomacy. Some questions have arisen in our area as to how to respond to any inquiries from social services, due to the counsel published on the Home School Legal Defense Association's (HSLDA) website (, suggesting that you not open the door to social services, that you demand a warrant‚ etc.

61. After researching the different laws and authority granted to social services in some states, we would suggest that this is a point your Home handle with a lot of prayer and discretion, asking the Lord how to handle this. Although HSLDA's counsel is valid in principle, it is not complete, particularly considering that the situations we Family members face are often not limited to homeschooling issues.

62. Your Home may be led of the Lord to simply open your doors and confirm the fact that you have nothing to hide, being open‚ courteous, and confident in the wonderful environment provided for your children. Social services have examined hundreds of our children and never found any kind of concern. They can be somewhat intimidating at times, which is their job due to the incidence of real abuse suffered by children in society at large. But the facts are facts: Our children are not abused, they have a great education, people love them and care for them, and they are happy, well-adjusted and well–socialized. This has been confirmed by courts around the world.

63. If you have a concern about this point‚ you could research the laws in your local state. We're including one state's laws regarding the authority granted to social workers responding to accusations of neglect or abuse. As you will see, although the individual can refuse to cooperate, child protective service workers are actually required to pursue with or without the individual's permission, although they may have to file with the court to enforce cooperation.

64. Of course, if they are required to take that extra step, it may render such investigations more hostile than they would have originally been. So it is important to weigh that in the balances when deciding how to respond to such inquiries. Of course, much also depends on the degree of animosity of those knocking on the door.

65. It's also important to remember that in most cases, they are simply fulfilling their obligation to respond to allegations of abuse, to investigate and ensure the safety of the minors. Again, we can only emphasize the importance of praying and asking the Lord about your personal situation and faith.

66. Following is an example of the laws in the state of Virginia regarding the authority granted to child protective service workers:

The Code of Virginia gives child protective service workers certain authorities to assist with conducting the family assessment. Each type of authority has limits and conditions. Generally‚ power to enforce the worker's authority lies with the courts. For example, if an individual refuses to allow the worker to conduct the family assessment or refuses to talk to the worker, the worker may file a petition requesting that the court require the individual to cooperate. It should be emphasized that an individual's refusal to cooperate does not relieve the local department of the responsibility to pursue completion of the family assessment, because it has been initiated due to a valid report of abuse or neglect. (VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES 96 of 285 Child Protective Services Volume VII, Section III, Chapter A January 2003.)

22 VAC 40-705-60 (1). [When responding to valid complaints or reports, local departments have the following authority] To talk to any child suspected of being abused and/or neglected, or child's siblings, without the consent of and outside the presence of the parent or other caretaker, as set forth by ¨ 63.2-1518 of the Code of Virginia. (VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES 95 of 285 Child Protective Services Volume VII, Section III, Chapter A January.) (End of excerpts of advisory.)

"Arm of the flesh" tactics

67. (Mama:) I can't stress enough the importance of really hearing from the Lord if you're ever visited by child welfare agencies, or if they take your children in for examination. There is no other possible way to operate. If you act according to your own plans and what you think is right, and operate in the arm of the flesh, then you'll probably just make a bigger mess of things. You probably have ideas of things you think you might do to "fight for your children," but remember that even the grandest intentions will fall flat if the Lord isn't in them. If you get angry and riled up, and allow your emotions to get the better of you, you won't be able to think clearly or do what the Lord wants you to do. So it's very important to be prayerful about what you do in such a situation, and not just follow your instincts—unless you're sure they're within the Lord's will.

68. Don't worry if you fear that you'll be befuddled and won't be sharp enough to act quickly and do the right things. If you're in tune with the Lord, if you're looking to Him, He'll show you. He will make His will abundantly clear to you when you are faced with a trying situation like this. You don't need to know what to do beforehand; if and when you need the help and guidance to weather such a storm‚ He will give it to you. The Lord and the truth are your defense.

69. All of your "arm of the flesh" tactics will fall flat if you're not depending on the Lord and using your spiritual weapons. You'll need to pray like everything depended on prayer. You'll need to use the weapon of praise to defeat the Enemy. The weapon of praise is most effective in difficult situations. It will defeat the Enemy and help you to rise above and be victorious. You'll need to depend on the powerful keys in your hands. You'll need to employ the weapon of prophecy, as you hear from the Lord about every move you make. Using your spiritual weapons is the most effective way to go on the attack! These weapons will immediately pave the way for victory!

70. (Jesus:) Don't depend on your own ideas to save you or your children. Your ideas are puny compared to My power. Your ideas and actions—if they aren't condoned by Me and confirmed by Me—will just set you back. What you think is a great idea and will really give you the upper hand in a situation like your children being detained by child welfare services could backfire on you and make the fight even more difficult. So you've got to depend on Me and Me alone. You've got to ask Me before you make a move. Ask Me how to act, what you should do, and how you can best defend and fight for your children.

71. Don't let your emotions overtake you and influence you. Ask for My power to help you to rise above and to make prayerful, wise decisions without being influenced by your emotions. You wonder how you will be able to do that, because right now you don't feel like you have this ability. Trust Me that you will have this ability if you ever face a situation like this. I will give you the grace, if and when you need it‚ but not before.

72. The most important thing to remember today is that I am your only salvation. Trust in Me and My plans and ideas, and not your own. Don't plan to do things in your own strength. Trust in My strength, and at the time appointed I will fully possess you.


The importance of praise

73. (Excerpt of a letter from an SGA mother:) Mama, naturally I get emotional when I think about my baby being taken and placed in a godless institution for even one hour, much less a day or a week or—God forbid—a month or more. Amidst all my thinking about what I would do in the practical, I think a lot about how I would use the weapon of praise. Talk about a huge challenge—since it's one of the worst things I can imagine actually happening, I think using the weapon of praise if it did happen would be so empowering. It would also take supernatural grace. I'd have to have the grace‚ because being the mom, I'd have to keep my head on my shoulders, and Jesus of course would be my number one priority, praying and pleading with Him and also getting instructions.

74. (Jesus: ) Praise will see you through every battle and difficulty, for it's My undefeatable weapon. When you praise Me in the face of adversity and trial, it boosts your confidence in Me; it helps you remember that I'm the One Who is in control, and I will be there to see you through every battle. The Enemy loves to get your mind dwelling on the worries and the concerns, because it's hard to praise Me when your mind is confused or fearful. But through praising Me you immunize your mind against the fears and worries and lies of the Enemy. You take on the heavenly perspective in difficult situations through praise, seeing the circumstances—as grim as they may seem—with an outlook of hope, trust in Me‚ and faith that I'll bring out the good in the situation.

75. When fear and worry seek entrance to your mind, regarding your children or other fears of persecution, lift up a standard of praise against the Enemy. Remind yourself that I am your Husband and Father to your children; I care for My Own. Praise and confidence in My Word and the keys will give you the wings of faith to rise above difficult times and attacks of the Enemy. Praise allays fears and worries, so wield this weapon offensively; it will be your lifesaver in times of persecution. Praise will give you the proper perspective in any given situation, because it will dispel the Enemy's vaporous lies and help you stand on the truth of My promises to you.

[End of box]

The Lord is your defense

76. (Mama: ) Remember, dear Family, that no matter what happens, the Lord is in control! There is nothing—absolutely nothing—that He will allow to touch your life, or the lives of your little ones, that isn't going to work together for His good, and yours. He cares for you. He loves you. He's watching over you, and as long as you're being obedient to His Word and doing your best to serve and love Him, and train your children to do the same, you have nothing to fear. I can't emphasize this point enough: You have nothing to fear!

77. And when I say, "as long as you're being obedient to His Word … you have nothing to fear," I don't mean that you have to be perfect in order to be assured of the Lord's protection and safekeeping. None of us are ever 100% obedient all the time. We all fall short and have a number of areas we need to pull up our socks in. But what I mean is that as long as you're doing your best to be obedient, to make steps of progress‚ and to stay within the force field of our dear Love's protection, you don't have to worry. He will take care of you and yours.

78. God is in control. He's in control of your life, and He's in control of everything that concerns you. He's your Strong Tower‚ your Defense‚ your Protector, and your Deliverer. He's going to take care of you and your children; that's a fact you can stand on solidly. He's not going to forsake you; that's a promise you can count on. So don't live in fear, but claim the keys of peace and stability so that you can maintain an attitude of faith and trust.

79. I'll close this GN with another message from our Lover, which is not only encouraging, but also instructional. And following it, I'll include some new key promises we can stand on now—and use in the future‚ if we should ever need them.

80. I'm proud of you‚ dear parents, for your faith and fighting spirits, which I know will see you through any future obstacles or challenges! Your children are the Lord's! He is their Heavenly Father, and He will care for His Own!

Love in our strong and defending Lord and Deliverer,


More promises of protection for our children

81. (Jesus:) Remember that the Enemy plays dirty, he plays hard, and he plays by his own rules. You can be sure that if one of his attacks doesn't work, he'll try another. If he can't get at you through the media war, he'll try a different approach, and he would love nothing more than to touch your children, to rile up the child welfare agencies in different countries in order to goad them into action.

82. But regardless of the Enemy's plans, regardless of what I may allow in the future in order to pave the way for the final victories, you have to remember that I am your Lord and Deliverer. I am not only your loving and caring Husband, but I am a Father to your children. I care for them. I love them. I am more concerned about keeping them safe and secure and protected than you are, so you have absolutely nothing to fear.

83. When you feel your motherly and fatherly instincts burning hot‚ that's just a fraction of the way I feel when thinking about your children. When you feel a strong urge to protect your children from any harm or danger coming to them at the hands of anyone, that's just a fraction of how I feel and how vigilantly I will protect your children. They are not just your children, they are My children.

84. Remember that I am in control. Even if I allow the Enemy to goad child welfare agencies into taking some action against you and even taking your children for a time, the end result is that you and they will be witnesses for Me. Through it all, I will be able to spread the truth. Through the difficulties and trials you experience, My sheep will hear My voice. Some of the people who see you and get to know you—as well as some of those who hear about you via the news, if it goes that far—will be drawn to Me. You and your children will win the admiration and respect of others through your sample of faith‚ positiveness‚ perseverance, love, fighting spirits, and conviction. Many will come to know Me through you.

85. And in addition to the witness that will be spread abroad if something like this should ever befall you or your children, I will also use it to speed up the process of your enemies' cups of iniquity being filled to the brim. I do not take kindly to anyone messing with My little ones, and those who do will be judged according to My righteousness. If they take away what is dearest to you for a time and therefore break your heart, they are also taking away what is dearest to Me and breaking My heart, and I will not stand by idle.

86. Unlike you, My Family, who must abide by the rules of the world and remain subject to the laws of man, I am not subject to their laws. I do not care how much power the world gives child welfare agencies. If anyone acts maliciously against My little ones, if they touch even one hair of one of their heads, then they will move Me to immediate action. I will do whatever is necessary to see to it that your children are returned to you, and that swift and adequate judgment is meted out to those who played any part in the action. It would be better for them to have a millstone hung about their neck and be cast into the sea than for them to touch one of My little ones!

87. I cannot promise that your children will never be touched. I cannot promise that your children will never be taken away for a time or examined. I cannot promise that your children will never be subject to any injustice at the hands of child welfare agencies. Because I cannot override the choices of men, things like this may happen in the future. Although most governments and child welfare agencies should be smart enough by now to leave the children of Family members alone, since other attempts in the past to take children away from the Family have ended in failure for them and a victory for you, you shouldn't put it past the Enemy to inspire something like this again. I am not saying it will definitely happen, but I am saying that it's a possibility and you should prepare.

88. You can prepare by hearing from Me. Receive My faith-building promises for you personally if you're fearful about this possible eventuality, which is only a natural feeling for you who dearly love and care for your children, and desperately pray that no harm will come to them. I can give you My personalized words of encouragement and instruction that you will be able to stand on if or when you are ever faced with such a heartbreaking event as having your children detained by child welfare agencies.

89. Prepare by strengthening your faith in general. Read about My victories of deliverance for all of My children throughout the ages. Study the results of all of the Family's court battles, and let the victories I have won in your past give you faith for the victories I will win in your future. Read My promises of deliverance, of rise-above power, of instruction in how to defeat the Enemy in any battle‚ and be brave fighters. Read about endurance, praise, faith, trust, and victories.


Letter links

[ ]"Fear Thou Not, For I Am With Thee," ML #2591, Lifelines 19

[ ]"Praising Through Persecution," ML #3535:6–38‚ GN 1124

[ ]Statement: "Religious Freedom on Trial"

[ ]Statement: "Religious Persecution: The Test of Religious Freedom"

[ ]"Don't Fear Persecution," Parts 1-3‚ FSMs 210-212 (excerpts)

[ ]"Victory in Babylon"

[End of box]

90. You can also ask Me specific questions to see how prepared you are, and then receive My answers in prophecy. You could ask Me questions such as, but not limited to: Should I be doing more to document my children's upbringing, care, and education? Are there areas of the CP/FED criteria that our Home could stand to improve in—or that I, as a parent‚ could personally improve in? The counsel I give will vary depending on your personality and that of your children, what you have the faith for, the country you live in, and other particulars. And if you're doing well, I will simply encourage you to keep up the good work!

91. You do not need to worry that you don't know exactly what you'll do today‚ because if and when the time comes, I will make My plan clear. The gift of prophecy will come alive to you like never before. I will give you clear instructions about what to do and what not to do. You‚ as parents‚ will hear My voice more clearly than you have ever heard it before. That is how intimately involved I will be, and how determined I will be to lead you aright in such a trying time, in order to bring your little ones back to you.

92. I will also call you to fight actively with the other new weapons of the spirit. Using the keys will bring about miracles. The weapon of praise will help you survive and rise above the initial heartbreak of having your children taken away from you‚ even for a brief time. I will pour out upon you supernatural grace, amidst your tears and the testing of your faith. I will help you to be strong for the sake of your children, and will supernaturally empower you to show them faith, even though you will be weeping inside. I will help you to translate to your children the peace that passes all understanding, the peace in knowing that everything is going to be okay, and that I'm going to work all things together for good.

93. You must remember that your reactions when or if something like this happens have a big effect on your children. If you're ever in a situation like this, no matter how you feel inside, no matter how angry you are at those who are taking your children away, you need to encourage your children in the faith. Tell them that everything is going to be okay, because it will be. Tell them that Jesus is going to help and deliver them, because I will. Tell them that you, as their parents, are going to do all you can to get them back, because I will anoint you for this. Tell them that I am big and strong and powerful and will be with them, because I'll be right by their sides. Tell them to stay close to Me, to talk to Me‚ and that I will answer their prayers, because I will.

94. It breaks My heart that tribulations must come to you, My brides. The thought of your children possibly being taken into custody and examined for a time breaks My heart as well, for they are Mine and I love them with an everlasting love. But if these things must come to pass, you can be sure that I will be with your children. I will uphold them when you cannot. I will comfort them when you cannot. I will give them peace when you cannot. I will be their father and their mother when you cannot. I will be their protection and defense when you cannot. I will never leave them nor forsake them—this is a promise that I will not and cannot break.

95. If such an event as this must come to pass, you can be sure that I will use it to accomplish My will. I will use it to show the world the truth. I will use it to prove to the world, yet again, that the Family is a safe and wonderful place for children to live. I will use it to show the world, and the authorities, including the child welfare agencies, that Family children are some of the best educated, well-adjusted, articulate, smart, loving, creative‚ well-cared-for children in the world. I will use it to fill many cups of iniquity. I will use it to vindicate you and proclaim your goodness and righteousness throughout the world. And I will keep you and your children through it all.

96. My brides‚ trust in Me! People in the world may fail you, child welfare agencies may fail you, but I will never fail you. I have more authority and power than all of the governments and protection agencies in the world put together. Even though some seem to have unrestrained power in your world, they are puny and powerless compared to Me. They will have to report their actions to Me and account for every misdeed toward My little ones and My Family.

97. Pray for the protection of your little ones, My brides. Pray that I will keep the hearts of those in social service agencies favorable toward you. Pray that the negative publicity you are presently facing does not stir them to action against you. Pray that I will be able to protect you and keep you and your little ones in peace for as long as possible. Pray that I will be able to vindicate you and proclaim the truth without allowing the Enemy to take action in this way. Pray that the right choices will be made. But if in the end things turn out differently, determine that you will still trust Me. Some of the details are fluid, but the end result of your children's safety and protection and the Family's vindication are guaranteed.

98. I am your awesome and unfailing God. I will champion your cause no matter how hard the Enemy fights you, and no matter what dirty tricks he pulls out of his bag. He might have a laugh or two, but I—and you—will have the last laugh. He might think he is winning, but at the time appointed I'll set him right back on his heels. He might think he can harm you, but he will not be prepared for the spiritual empowerment I will give you to fight back and completely defeat him and his machinations. He will try his best to defeat you, My Family‚ but his best will never be good enough. He will be humiliated and his plans will come to naught.

99. Trust Me, no matter what happens. Tribulations will come; you will face hard times. I never promised you a life of ease or a trial-free existence. But I do promise you peace in the midst of every storm. I promise you joy in place of sorrow. I promise you the power to rise above even the most difficult situations. I promise you the ability to fight the Enemy and defeat him, even when he throws you a nasty curve ball. I promise you victory, even if the odds are against you. I promise you miracles when the Enemy seems to have the upper hand. I promise you My care and protection and love every step of the way, no matter what ill befalls you, and that is what will see you through anything.

100. Don't let the Enemy scare you with his "boo!" His "boo" is all he's got. You've got Me on your side! I have given you Myself, My Word, and My keys. I am the greatest force in the universe. So trust in Me. I cannot be defeated, and I afford you the same guarantee of victory. You and your little ones are in My hands. No matter where you are or what "fiery furnaces" you must pass through, you will come through without the smell of smoke. Believe this promise, bind it upon your heart, because you can stake your life—and the lives of your little ones—on it. (End of message.)

Key promises

101. My power to protect your children from the Enemy's attacks is at its peak when you use the keys.

102. Call on My strong keys of protection, and I will be your children's bodyguard. I won't let anyone or anything touch them, unless I allow it for some very good reason and will use it somehow for My glory.

103. The keys of protection surround your children, keeping them from harm and danger‚ and they will turn into sharp swords to defeat the Enemy if he ever touches even one hair on their heads.

104. If someone touches the apple of My eye—My little ones—I react instantly, automatically, and strongly. My keys of deliverance will go to work right away to bring victory and vindication.

105. Your children will receive grace to act and endure with a maturity beyond their years, peace amid trying times, and comfort in the midst of adversity, if you claim the power of the keys to give them strength.

106. I give great peace, endurance, and comfort to those who depend on Me and call on the keys of My deliverance and victory.

107. Your children are Mine‚ and I will keep them through anything they will ever go through in their lives. My keys will surround them, and My arms will support them and deliver them.